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113 -Lesson 33 -The Meditation Techniques Continued:

The World Teacher Master Djwal Khul

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Visualize Three Triangles Representing
The Physical (Lower Triangle) The Soul (Middle Triangle)
The Higher Self/ I AM THAT I AM (Upper Triangle)

visualize three centers of vibrating energy receiving stimulation from a higher and more powerful center; others imagine the soul as a triangle of force to which is linked the triangle of the lower nature linked by the "silver cord" mentioned in the Christian Bible, the sutratma, or thread soul of the Eastern Scriptures, the "life-line" of other schools of thought. Still others prefer to preserve the thought of a unified personality, linked to and hiding within itself the indwelling Divinity, Christ in us, the hope of glory.
It is relatively immaterial what imagery we choose, provided that we start with the basic idea of the Self seeking to contact and use the Not-self, its instrument in the worlds of human expression, and vice versa, with the thought of that Not-self being impelled to turn itself towards its source of being. When this has been done we can continue with our meditation work. The physical body and the desire nature, in their turn, sink below the level of consciousness, we become centered in the mind and seek to bend it to our will.
Visualization helps to draw the Soul through the Mind into the
brain.  One thing to keep in mind is to FEEL, the Presence of
the Soul, to visualize in whatever way feels comfortable to you;
and to hold the image for as long as possible in complete 
concentration and attunement to the Soul.

This is an excellent example of the Crystal Cord
Connecting the Three Bodies also
One can see the physical body, Soul, and Higher Self

It is just here that we find our problem confronting us. The mind refuses to mold itself into the thoughts we choose to think, and rushes all over the world in its usual quest for material. We think of what we are going to do that day, instead of thinking upon our "seed-thought", we remember some one we must manage to see, or some line of action which calls for attention; we begin to think of some one we love, and immediately we drop back into the world of the emotions and have all our work to do over again.
So we re-collect our thoughts and start afresh with much success for half a minute, and then we remember some appointment we have made, or some piece of business that someone is doing for us, and again we are back in the world of mental reactions, and our chosen line of thought is forgotten. Again we re-collect our scattered ideas and recommence our labor of reducing the wayward mind to submission. But with practice we eventually become able to hold a mental one-pointedness with some degree of effectiveness.
Just a quick note here, if you begin your meditation with a 
mantra and I'll give you the ones I do prior to deep meditation,
Using the above picture of the Three Bodies, visualize the middle figure as you do the following mantras:
First:                            OM -  108x's
Then:  This Mantra:  Holy Christ Self above me
                                      The Balance of my Soul,
                                      Let Thy Precious Radiance,
                                     Descend and make me whole. (9x's)
Also this Mantra:      
                                     Holy Lifeline to my Presence,
                                     Friend and Brother ever Dear,
                                     Let me keep Thy holy vigil,
                                     Be Thyself in action here. (9x's)
Final Mantra:        
                                     I AM Light Thou Christ in Me,
                                     Set my mind forever free,
                                     Violet Fire forever shine
                                     Deep within this mind of mine.

                                     God Who gives my daily bread,
                                      With violet fire fill my head,
                                       Til Thy radiance heaven like,
                                       Makes my mind a mind of light. (9x's)
These are especially helpful for those whose minds tend to wander, they will definitely keep you on track. 

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