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16-2014 -The Heart Chakra -Volume 1, Lesson 8 = 9/30/14


The Heart Chakra is the 4th Chakra
coming up from the Root Chakra and is the
Center and most dynamic Chakra.  It has
12 Petals a Star of David and the White
Light that surtounds the Three-Fold Flame
This is the Chakra that contains the three flames of God, making us truly Children of the Most High God - Sons and Daughters of God.  These Flames are also the original Rays contained within the Holy Trinity - the Pink Flame represents Love - The Yellow Flame represents Wisdom - and the Blue Flame represents Power - Love represents the Divine Mother or Holy Spirit - Wisdom represents the Son (All Sons and Daughters of God), the Blue Flame represents Power - The First Aspect of Divine Power - the Active Principle - the Giver of all life in manifestation -  the Supreme Divine Principle of the Universe.


The Hindu version of Heart Chakra
Chakra Four - called Anahata Chakra - 12 Petals
Again note the Double Triangle Star of David
representing the descent of Spirit and the
rising of Matter to meet in the Heart

This Chakra is the center of all life within the physical form.  The blood flows both into and out of the physical heart - the beat of the heart has nothing to do with the physical world, as it is the Crystal Cord that extends down from the I AM Presence to and through the Holy Christ Self or Soul into the Crown Chakra and on down through the Third Eye Chakra, Throat and finally connecting within the left ventricle of the heart - the pulse that beats the heart rhythmically for the entire life on earth comes from the Heart of the I AM Presence this force of energy comes in waves and all of the Universe pulses with this same dynamic beat including all of nature.  When we are out of alignment with the Universe, our heart no longer beats within the "divine rhythm". The Masters say there are 
The four "D's":
          Dis-ease (out of rhythm with the Universe),
          Disharmony, (out of sync with the Law of Harmony), 
          Disintegration - (The breaking away or breaking down of physical cells,          
          Death- the Extinction of Life.  

"As above so below" is the keynote of this 4th Chakra for it is the integrator between spirit and matter, all energy is fed through this Center chakra and dispersed throughout the body. 

Heart Chakra with Crystal Cord
Three-Fold Flame and Star of David

Ray III, Ray of Active Intelligence

Helen S. Burmester is the author of Seven Rays Made Visual from the original
works by Djwal Kjwal and Alice A. Bailey on "The Rays and Initiation"
"Ray III is the expression of the Third Person of the Trinity, the Holy Ghost or Holly Spirit.  On cosmic levels it is the inherent intelligence in matter.  The Lord of Ray III is responsible for the actual working out of the Plan and bringing into objectivity the divine creation of the entire visible worlds, using the mind and all means needed to materialize the divine idea.  According to Djwal Kjwal, this third ray activity of impregnating matter with intelligence was dominant in our solar system during the first manifestation of our Solar Logos.  He is now in His second phase of manifestation on the second major Ray of Love-Wisdom and in His next manifestation the first Ray of Will and Power will be dominant".

The Dove as Representative of Holy Spirit

Painting by Dana Mahaffey
Dove Representing the Holy Spirit

The Maha Chohan
In the Office of the Holy Spirit
The Maha Chohan
Working with all Seven Rays also with
The Planetary Logos, and  He is over the Seven Chohans of the Rays

Lady Liberty
Lady Liberty is also on Ray III as well as
a member of the Karmic Board.  She was responsible
for bringing Liberty onto Staton Island as her Temple
is in the Etheric right above the statue.  
Picture from the I AM Group, Shasta, CA

Paul the Venetian aka Paolo Callari,
known as Paolo Veronese (1528-1588)
Now Chohan of Ray III with his
Retreat in Southern France Lady
Liberty was once His Mother
Paul the Venetian was a Italian Renaissance painter based in Venice.  He was famous for His Wedding at Cana and The Feast in the House of Levi - Today if you request it,He will bring you to His Retreat in Southern France and inspire you to paint - He is definitely a Third Ray Master and during His life He was most appreciated for "the chromatic brilliance of His palette, this is because He used gemstones ground into His pigments - I was in Venice in May and viewed room after room of His beautiful paintings all were as bright as the day He executed them.

Self-portrait of Paolo Callari aslo known as
Known for his most famous works of elaborate narrative cycles,
 executed in a dramatic and colorful style, full of majestic architectural
 settings and glittering pageantry.  His large paintings of biblical feasts, crowded with figures, painted for the refectories of monasteries in Venice and Verona are especially famous - he was also the leading Venetian painter of ceilings.

Archangel Chamuel
Archangel Chamuel & Charity Angels of Ray III
They work with the Human being between Spirit
Soul and the Personality.  His complement Charity worked
with Ascended Lady  Master Nada on "Unconditional Love"
She was placed continuously in situations of hatred and jealously and had to
unconditional love for all involved as part of her initiations.

This Fourth Chakra was understood by people long ago, as you can see by the paintings of the Sacred Heart of Jesus or the Immaculate Heart of Mary,  There was an understanding by the artists and sculpturers far back in time that we had something beyond the physical flesh body.  The 3rd Eye seen on the statues of the East and the blossoming Crown Chakra depicted on the statues of the Buddha or the Halo or Auric Field painted around saints and angels.  Definitely, there was awareness back then as there is today.

Please note that in each painting both Mother Mary
and Jesus have the heart chakra exposed.  Also
They both have auras - Jesus around His head and
Mary around her entire body.

The Heart represents LOVE in our physical world.  On Valentines day one can receive a card, cake or box of candy in the shape of a heart or roses all of these are usually red or pink (like the Chakra).  More music, poetry, operas and stories have been written about LOVE - also, more crimes suicides and family feuds have occurred because of what one presumes to be LOVE - but IS IT LOVE we are talking about here?

There are many kinds of love the love of family, the love of children, the love between two people, the love of friends, the love of country - these are all qualified as love.  Yet, there are those who "think" they are in love but instead of the fourth chakra, they're working out of the third chakra - the emotional body and/or the second chakra the "seat of the soul" or sexual chakra.  Sometimes one thinks they're in love; but in reality, they are attracted to another either sexually or emotionally.  You can usually define this type of feeling by their behavior.  When it's not true unconditional love, than it quickly descends into jealously, possessiveness, control, anger and finally separation - this is also considered Karmic Relations - when two people are drawn together through the Law of Attraction so that they can work out past karma together.

The couple who really love one another have to work at it. Having respect for one another is one of the major reasons that some marriages will last a lifetime.  While communication is the key to keeping the doors open, making sure that "the Winds of the Holy Spirit" can still separate the two so that they still maintain their own identity and not become what the other partner would like them to be is another hurdle that must be met with early on in the relationship.  Trust is vital and keeps the flame of love burning - it's when one partner does not keep the vows of love, that love can die. Remember, unconditional love is the Love that God has for His/Her children no matter what.  Unconditional love is what the fourth chakra represents, whether it's your partner, God, your children, family, friends, your country or planet - we were made in Love and it is the Lack of Love that destroys our relationships.
Close your eyes as we do this meditation.
From the Guru Yogananda's Mantras

Door of my heart,
Open wide I wait for you (3x's)

Will Thou Come,
Will Thou Come,
Just for once come to me (3x's)

Shall the days pass away
Without seeing Thee My Lord (3x's)

Night and Day Oh
Night and Day,
Just for once come my way (3x's)

Door of my heart
Open wide I wait for you
OM       OM          OM

Now let us sit within the heart chakra with the Buddha in the Lotus

This Buddha represents your Soul or Causal Body
Let's sit with Him as we cleanse the Heart Chakra.

My Heart Chakra is a chakra of violet fire,
My Heart Chakra is the purity God desires (12x's)

My Heart Chakra is a chakra of Pink Fire
My Heart Chakra is the purity God desires (12x's)



Holy Christ Light within me,
Come expand Thy Triune Light,
Flood my being with  the essence,
Of the pink, blue, gold and white (3x's)

OM      OM       OM

End of Lesson - Heart Chakra, Vol 1, L.8 


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