Monday, October 6, 2014

19-2014 -REVIEW - Advanced Class, Volume I, L.10

For several weeks we have been studying about Creation, How the Solar Systems and Galaxies were created - even how our planet Earth and all thereon was brought into manifestation - so this is a brief Review of what you've learned so far:

1.  If there are 7 Planets in our present Galaxy, how many were in  the past System of Worlds?

2.  Who did Brahma and Sarisvata choose to be over our Great Central Sun?
      Where is this Sun located?

3.   Who are the Cosmic Beings governing our Physical Sun at the present time?

4.  In looking at the Charts and studying Creation, can you tell the difference
     between The Cosmic System,  the Solar System and the Planetary System?

5.  You hear the words Macrocosm and Microcosm can you define the difference

6.  In the creation of the Planet Earth the Seven Mighty Elohim came forth and volunteered out of love, to create - over great aeons of time, our planet as well as the six other planets - can you give a brief explanation of how they accomplished
the great task?

7.  What is the name of the Planetary Watcher?

8.  Who is the Great One known also as "the Ancient of Days?"

9.  When we speak about Spirit, Soul and Personality what are we talking about?

     How are they related?

10.  Give a brief explanation on "The Days and Nights of Brahma">

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Next week we will continue with the lesson on Meditation.

Review:  Volume 1, L.10 -  10/6/14

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