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Now that you've had a chance to review what we've learned so far, and had a week off to refresh the mind and clear away old patterns, it's now time to become serious and make a conscious decision to make time for your meditation - you've had over a week to prepare a place where you can go and be with your Higher Self, without interruption or distractions - so let us begin.

Before the review, we explored the Four Lower Bodies - Mental, Emotional, Etheric and Physical in that order.  We will also want to reconnect to the Soul in the same manner.

The one comment I would make before resuming our studies is concerning the Physical Body.  Not only is our physical body a receiver of various ideas, energies and information, it is also the receiver of the misuse of the other three bodies - let me give you an example:
  Mental Body - if you dislike someone and think of ways to hurt them - plan through your mental body on ideas on how to make them suffer or embarrass them in front of others, this very act will boomerang back at you and manifest as dis-ease, within your own physical body.  This is why it is said: "Thoughts are real".

Emotional Body - if you feel hatred for someone to the point that you become nauseous and want to "strike out" at them - You are allowing your emotions to rule your good sense to the point that you will have trouble with the Chakra within range of the Emotional Body, the Solar Plexus Chakra which is the center for,  the esophagus, stomach, spleen, pancreas and gall bladder - one of these organs will be affected by your "spleen"  or (anger).

Etheric Body - if you are in contact with someone from your past life and immediately feel fear, hatred, anxiety, or any unpleasantness when in their presence, more than likely they are setting off the old "wounds and scars" from your former lives as a soul memory.  Rather than let it fester within you, forgive them and do the violet flame for that the etheric body i.e. "My Etheric Body is a Body of Violet Fire, My Etheric Body is the purity God desires" 15x's daily and see this old wound or scar completely dissolve with the power of the "love of God" erasing the cause, effect, record and memory of this past life wound forever.

Physical Body - Sometimes you feel like you are going to get physical with someone because you do not like them, this body is the receiver of all the above misuse and you need to do the mantra for the Physical Body just like the above example with the Etheric Body, this will stop the disease (which is out of harmony with the Universe) and will heal you not only physically but in all your other bodies.

Whenever you look at anyone, I don't care who it is, with the idea of "you and them" or "them against you" you are continuing to foster separateness which is why we're so far removed from our "Soul or Christed Selves" at the present time.  So part of your meditation practice will be a "review" of your actions on a daily basis, just before bed is the best time,  See how many times during the day you are doing the "them and me" or "I'm more important, more confident, more intelligent than they are" - it takes five minutes but you can begin right away changing your life for the better and reconnecting at the physical level with all souls who are our brothers.  Not only do you have to reconnect with your own soul but once upon the "path of Attainment", all souls are One Soul, One Son of God, all working out the Plan of the Father here on Earth - the more people who realize how right this Plan is, the faster the light will spread around the World until all mankind are one light, one son, awaiting the Reappearance of the Christ*, Who will return when there is enough of mankind at Peace throughout the World.
* Christ could be Jesus Christ, Krishna, Buddha, Lord Maitrya, Zarathurtra and many others who have come to Earth to teach us "the Way, the Truth and the Light".

You may ask:  "What about the criminal, the bigot, the racist, the murderer"?  And I say "There but for the Grace of God go I".  They are still young souls who are still in the lower reptilian consciousness and the "I" consciousness and have not been on the wheel of karma very long.  The best thing we can do for any soul is to pray for them and ask that they be taken to the temples of learning during their sleep so that they can begin to awaken into their expanded consciousness, for they are as Jesus described them when He said:  "Let the dead bury the dead" - they have not awakened to their spiritual selves and like the "cave man" want to club  their way through life.

Meditating with spine erect, legs crossed. Please note-
For those of you with back problems, sitting upright in a
chair with feet crossed at ankles in a relaxed position is
perfectly fine.

To begin meditating, pick a time of day (preferable early in the morning)

when you will be rested and the mind is at ease.  Try and make it a habit

to be in meditation at the same time each and every day - there is a reason 

for this, you will be steadily building a "light center" within the area that you pick

for meditating.  

Warning:  there are many who claim that "this master or that has given them a message" - the message is usually dire, with disaster lurking around the bend" - please realize that you are working scientifically with a formula for contacting your soul and the precise goal is to align the four lower bodies with the soul.  This process takes a number of years of dedication and sacrifice of time but in the end, you have expanded your consciousness to the point where the lower concrete mind no longer is in control.  If you are a serious student and want to advance up the ladder of light into the realm of the Masters; then you must take one step at a time, allowing only 15 to 25 minutes a day for meditation and at least one half hour a day studying the works like "The Secret Doctrine I and II" or any of the Tibetan's books by Alice Bailey - there are about 30 in all but in the A.A. Bailey books, the Master Dwal Kjwal is in charge of meditation and the expansion of consciousness so you will be actually working directly with this Master's works Who gave us this very instruction; and don't forget to do the "review of your negative thoughts" before going to sleep every night - this is  the formula - this is the regimen that will bring the Soul and three lower bodies into alignment, if done with love, dedication and a willingness to serve all of mankind.

These instructions are taken from several of the Tibetan's Books, i.e.
Discipleship in the New Age I & II; Esoteric Psychology I; The Rays and Initiations 

In order for us to stay in God Harmony with peace as our goal, we need to come apart and separate ourselves from the cacophony of noise and disharmony that abounds in every area of our space.

Find a corner of your room, a closet, make it a sacred center, place a spiritual image there or several images.  Have candles (pink = love, blue=power, yellow=wisdom) white = purity;   purple=compassion, mercy and freedom; green = healing; red or ruby= peace and harmony within self and upon the earth.
Dedicate this space to the "Great I AM" Father/Mother God - ask the Angels to come and be with you.  Set aside time to exercise your spiritual bodies. Tune in and meditate upon the Third eye - feel the pressure once you are in meditation of the Crown Chakra and Third Eye Chakras.  This is an indication that you are exercising the pineal gland.  Always clear the Three Lower Bodies by doing the AUM or OM - First OM for the Mental body to clear the channel, Second OM to clear the channel and thin the emotional Body so that the I AM can reflect within it these channels need to be cleared both above and below the Emotional Body, Third OM Clears the Etheric Body and Protects the Physical Body clearing the channels all the way from the Physical/Etheric to the Emotional, to the Mental, to the Soul or Holy Christed Being, to the Higher Self or I AM Presence.

Master Kuthumi tells us to call upon the Flame of Wisdom, Illumination, Perception and Discrimination until you become that Flame. (2nd Ray)

Master Kuthumi
Master Kuthumi was Chohan of 2nd Ray
and in the mid-fifties was raised to World Teacher
He and the Master El Morya were working with Madame H.P

Call to Master Serapis Bey to release the Resurrection Flame so that it surrounds you.  Ask St. Germain to expand your own Three- Fold Flame within the Heart Chakra so that you become quickened in readiness for Ascension.

Master Serapis Bey
Master Serapis Bey Chohan of 4th Ray 

Master Djwal Kjwal had us do an exercise wherein we must pick an image, it could be our own Three-Fold Flame, The Twelve-Petaled Lotus, the Star of David, an image of our own Soul or Christed Being  within the Heart Chakra - now breathe deeply and rhymatically as you move deeper within your body vehicle.  The need now is to learn how to concentrate and hold sustained the above image for at least two minutes, without losing the image.  You will then begin to appreciate how difficult it is to hold your concentration on a particular object.  This is how our very planet was created, through a series of seven steps, but nothing would have been created unless visualization and concentration and consecrating towards accomplishing that  goal was continually adhered to with all the mind and heart.

Master Djwal Kjwal

Master D.K. was the author of thirty books under
the "Tibetan" by A.A. Bailey

This exercise has a goal which is to allow both lobes of the brain to come together, opening the pineal gland to the inflow of "light from the Soul".  The more we concentrate the more we make this a daily habit - a way of life - the more we will become filled with light within the head.  We will become at Peace and in God Harmony and at the same time begin to open the Third Eye and expand the consciousness, i.e. by expansion of consciousness I mean, looking beyond the liglht into the greater light.

Today the scientists talk about quantum physics and the "field" or reaching the field.  I would like you all to realize that by doing the above exercise on a daily basis you will be in the "field", which in fact, is the realization of the real self as well as the Soul within you is also within all your fellowmen - we are all One, we are all Sons and Daughters of the Most High God - and our goal is to enlighten and light up the world so that we can "walk and talk with God" once more. 
What is the field?  The field is a zone or plane that can be reached through meditation - the Master says that our goal is to reach the Buddhic Plane which is quite a ways above our heads, we cannot be lulled into believing that this Master or that Guru is telling you a prophesy - that is where many a student falls off the ladder on the Path.  When you feel yourself going down a side corridor instead of steadfastly concentrating on the image you have chosen, say the following mantra..


Raise the consciousness into the head to the etheric center between the eyebrows and then do the  "seed thought" for 5 to 10 minutes but not
more than 10 minutes.  Seek to expand your understanding of the seed thought according to the values and wisdom of the Higher consciousness which is the Soul, the First Master in the Heart.  
Seed Thought
I AM the light of the Christ
Shining in the darkness of being
And changing all into the Golden Treasury
of the Mind of Christ.

I AM projecting my love out into the World,
To erase all errors, break down all barriers,
I AM the power of infinite Love, 
Magnifying itself until it is victorious
World without end.

I suggest that you memorize this prayer and any time you feel like you are
beginning to wander, just say it while visualizing that Lighted Christ Being that is the REAL YOU in the Zone coming towards you filling your entire head and
being with light.

Imagine your Soul with all the World Servitors around the World, sending the Christ love out into the World, especially the three lower kingdoms, i.e., the Animal, Plant and Elemental kingdoms.  Now send a beam of light up into Hierarachy, the Center of Love, the Christ, and on to the Great Ashrum of Sanat Kumara, and on into Shamballa where the Will of God is working out.

Now visualize the All Seeing Eye of God (as the Mind of God in the following invocation) streaming forth light from His Mind. 
    Say the Great Invocation, seeing the energies of Light, Love and Power
awakening the Higher Consciousness of humanity as a whole.


From the Point of Light within the Mind of God
Let Light stream forth into the minds of men -
Let Light descend on Earth

All Seeing Eye of God

 Using your imagination, see this Eye Streaming light into the Minds of Men

From the Point of Love within the Heart of God
Let Light stream forth into the hearts of men -
May Christ return to earth.

Causal Heart of God

Using your imagination, see this Causal Heart of God
Streaming Love into the Hearts of all Mankind

From the center where the Will of God is Known,
Let purpose guide the little wills of men -
The purpose that the Masters know and serve.

From the center which we call the Race of Men,
Let the Plan of Light and Love work out and may it
Seal the door where evil dwells.

Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth!

Closing the Meditation

Close the Meditation by sounding the OM three (3) times; imagining as you do that you are breathing forth energy through the group and out into the world to strengthen the New Group of World Servers in every country as they work towards establishing right human relations.

End of Lesson  11, Meditation, Vol.1,  10/21/14

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