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21-2014 -The Third Eye Chakra - Chakra Six, Volume 1, Lesson 10, 10/22/14

The Third Eye Chakra
The Third Eye consists of  96 Petals, It connects to
the 5th Ray of Healing, Concentration & Consecration.
The Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary are on this Ray, as is
the All Seeing Eye, Cyclopea-Vista the Elohim

The Third Eye or Pineal Chakra is located between the eyebrows in  the 
center of the forehead.   
Note that the  Pineal is located in the center of the brain and 
"the eye part" is looking directly through the forehead.  This is
because the Third Eye used to be located physically between the eyebrows and
over time and neglect, has receded to its present position within the 
center of the brain.
The Pineal Gland

Indian Version of Third Eye

 Note:   The Indian Version of Third Eye Chakra is called Ajna and is
quite different - they show only two (2) petals rather than
96 but their interpretation is quite different - they see
this (EYE) as Two - one, the outer vision and two the
inner vision - the real world where Brahma and Sarivata dwell
the figure at the top represents both Shiva and Krishna - they in turn,
represent the Suns, and this chakra represents "light".

In the Advanced Class, I have given a Review already and so they are one lesson ahead of us.  I felt that we should finish with the Chakras before giving a review to those in the Beginning Class and so we will continue to examine and study the chakras.  Today, we are looking at the Pineal or Third Eye Chakra.  As we move away from the Heart and Throat Chakras we find that the Petals begin to increase alarmingly.  The reason for this is that most people are only working within the range of the heart and lower chakras - this having to do with the "material world" or things of this world.  Yet, there's another world that, although unseen to our physical eyes, is of much greater light and quite frankly beyond our highest dreams.  This world has been sealed off from mankind in general and frankly, mankind had everything to do with the veiling of the Great Mysteries - mainly because mankind got distracted eons ago and has forgotten his greater and Higher Self.  Today, we find ourselves searching lo here and lo there for all the answers, while we are carrying within us the Keys to the Kingdom of God.  Not only are we blind to the fact that we are Divine Sons and Daughters of the Most High God; but our physical bodies are the temples that contain His Triune Flame of Love, Wisdom and Power,  If we say that the Heart Chakra is the Engine of the Chakras where the "pulse of God" sustains us,the Third Eye Chakra is the Doorway into the Inner and Higher Realms.

It is more difficult to enter this Chakra as it demands that one concentrates and contemplates with the "inner eye".

Many people writing or talking about the Chakras have called this Chakra Indigo; but I have always seen Emerald Green like a christmas light bulb when its turned on - that shade of green electrified with electric light when in the process of healing someone.  I remember when my daughter fell from a balcony and broke here wrist when she was seven years old.  The orthopedic doctor who was working on her wrist was intently looking at the x-ray and then at the many tiny bones involved in the accident.  I heard her say to him distinctly:  "Doctor, you have a beautiful shade of green around you". and he said to her:  "Thank you, many children tell me that".  He was a true healer and was actually sitting within his healing aura while working on my daughter.  This Chakra is definitely Green.

Now, let's discuss the Third Eye Chakra.  We're aware  that this chakra is located in the middle of the forehead, between, and just above the eyebrows.  We've seen pictures of the "bump" or "bubble" on many of the statues especially those of the saints and buddhas  in the East.

We've even read the words of Christ when He said:  "become single-eyed and go within your closet". And anyone trying to become single-eyed becomes "cross-eyed" in the attempt to hold the concentration on the center of the forehead.
The two physical eyes coming together also bring the two lobes of the brain together and that "nugget" known as the pineal gland which is located dead center within the brain is then activated - or course, this activation occurs over a period of time.

The old saying "if you do not use it - you'll lose it" also applies to the Pineal Gland.  The Third Eye has been closed off for many eons because we, mankind found the things of this world more interesting than keeping the door  to the inner and higher realms open through this Chakra.  The pineal gland is most active when we're young and if not used (through meditation), will also become calcified  MRI's has shown people's pineal gland, shaped like a pine- cone covered in a milky looking substance (calcification) within it especially on the elderly; but on looking at the pineal gland of a elderly guru find that it is larger than normal and like the seven year old, is healthy.  So we could say, it pays to meditate.  It is also true that it is the pineal gland that connects to the autonomic nervous system which is still a mystery even to researchers - this nervous system beats the heart, blinks the eyes, pumps the blood throughout the body and is over all the sphincters both within the esophagus, arteries and veins, and throughout the alimentary canal.  It also produces Melatonin the new wonder drug for sleep, good health and staying young.  We must not forget that visualization is the most important part of meditation and both Einstein and Telsa said that what they imagined and concentrated upon would come into manifestation eventually.  This Chakra is the Chakra of visualization and imagination.  

The Scientific way we are taught to meditate is through visualization, concentration and contemplation - all connected directly to this Chakra. The Master directs us to concentrate high up in the  head once we've connected to the Third Eye Chakra - this is where you will eventually see the light of the Soul, if you are patient, loving and willing to sacrifice a portion of your life to "Group Service to the World" - this will eventually lead to "walking and talking with the Angels and Hierarchy".  As man is the mediator between the Three Higher Worlds and the Three Lower Worlds, he is the instrument that the Masters want to work with in initiating a greater portion of light into the World of Man and a greater understanding by man of the Will of God and His Plan.

Further, I would like to make you all aware that the  2nd Ray as well as the 5th and 6th Ray and their chakras are also involved in the opening of the Third Eye Chakras.  When we speak of the stream of light that continually flows from our Higher Selves or I AM  Presence, through our Holy Christ Selves or Atman Buddha and on down into our Crown Chakra (2nd Ray Chakra) on into our 5th Ray Chakra or Third-Eye Chakra and ending at the center of our physical life, the Heart Chakra (4th Ray ). This continual Cosmic Flow of light is coming into and through our physical bodies moment to moment even though we are mostly unconscious of this "gift of life".  But, as we become aware of and begin to develop our light bodies through initiations, devotions, meditation and service to life, the 6th Ray Chakra or Solar Plexus Chakra begins to unfold its petals.  The more we meditate the more petals begin to unfold.  As there are ten petals to the Solar Plexus Chakra when we begin to unfold the "sixth petal", we are now moving into the opening of the higher chakras and most importantly the Third Eye Chakra.

As we've observed through our lessons from the Elohim and the Archangels to the Chohans of the Rays,  all of these great Beings agree that we need to consecrate our lives to devoting a certain amount of time each day (preferable in the early morning) to concentration through meditation.

Master Kuthumi tells us that we need to spend at least half and hour a day in meditation - Master Djwal Kjwal agrees and has set the meditation up so that it should be completed at the most within 15 to 25 minutes a day.  Jesus further explains that we need to go to the "font of God (our I AM Presence) to renew our spiritual energy in order to carry on the work of helping others - this is what the Master Jesus did every day.

The Elohim of Peace tells us that in order to find Peace, we need to meditate daily for He said that it does not matter how diligently we apply ourselves to service, doing mantras, prayer and devotion - if we do not have Peace as our sustainer, we will never make our Ascension as well as electrifying through the currants, the many brain cells that now lay dormant.

So how do we achieve the opening of the Third Eye as well as the opening of the Five Secret Chakras?

From everything I have read it all comes down to stilling the "little mind" and outer bodies.   In this stressful world, our bodies are bombarded with every type of energy - both good and bad, healthy and sick, and much that passes through the screen of our minds does not even come from us; but from someone else's thoughts. We are in a world whose population in many areas is very dense.  Therefore, we pick up the thoughts of the mass consciousness.

In order for us to stay in God Harmony with peace as our goal, we need to come apart and separate ourselves from the cacophony of noise and disharmony that abounds in every area of our space.

Find a corner of your room, a closet, make it a sacred center, place a spiritual image there or several images.  Have candles (pink = love, blue=power, yellow=wisdom) white = purity;   purple=compassion, mercy and freedom; green = healing; red or ruby= peace and harmony within self and upon the earth.
Dedicate this space to the "Great I AM" Father/Mother God - ask the Angels to come and be with you.  Set aside time to exercise your spiritual bodies. Tune in and meditate upon the Third eye - feel the pressure once you are in meditation of the Crown Chakra and Third Eye Chakras.  This is an indication that you are exercising the pineal gland.  Always clear the Three Lower Bodies by doing the AUM or OM - First OM for the Mental body to clear the channel, Second OM to clear the channel and thin the emotional Body so that the I AM can reflect within it these channels need to be cleared both above and below the Emotional Body, Third OM Clears the Etheric Body and Protects the Physical Body clearing the channels all the way from the Physical/Etheric to the Emotional, to the Mental, to the Soul or Holy Christed Being, to the Higher Self or I AM Presence.

Master Kuthumi tells us to call upon the Flame of Wisdom, Illumination, Perception and Discrimination until you become that Flame.  Call to
Master Serapis Bey to release the Resurrection Flame so that it surrounds you.  Ask St. Germain to expand your own Three- Fold Flame within the Heart Chakra so that you become quickened in readiness for Ascension.

Master Djwal Kjwal had us do an exercise wherein we must pick an image, it could be our own Three-Fold Flame, The Twelve-Petaled Lotus, the Star of David, an image of our own Soul or Christed Being  within the Heart Chakra - now breathe deeply and rhymatically as you move deeper within your body vehicle.  The need now is to learn how to concentrate and hold sustained the above image for at least two minutes, without losing the image.  You will then begin to appreciate how difficult it is to hold your concentration on a particular object.  This is how our very planet was created, through a series of seven steps, but nothing would have been created unless visualization and concentration and consecrating towards accomplishing that  goal was continually adhered to with all the mind and heart.

This exercise has a goal which is to allow both lobes of the brain to come together, opening the pineal gland to the inflow of "light from the Soul".  The more we concentrate the more we make this a daily habit - a way of life - the more we will become filled with light within the head.  We will become at Peace and in God Harmony and at the same time begin to open the Third Eye and expand the consciousness, i.e. by expansion of consciousness I mean, looking beyond the liglht into the greater light.

Today the scientists talk about quantum physics and the "field" or reaching the field.  I would like you all to realize that by doing the above exercise on a daily basis you will be in the "field", which in fact, is the realization of the real self as well as the Soul within you is also within all your fellowmen - we are all One, we are all Sons and Daughters of the Most High God - and our goal is to enlighten and light up the world so that we can "walk and talk with God" once more. 
What is the field?  The field is a zone or plane that can be reached through meditation - the Master says that our goal is to reach the Buddhic Plane which is quite a ways above our heads, we cannot be lulled into believing that this Master or that Guru is telling you a prophesy - that is where many a student falls off the ladder on the Path.  When you feel yourself going down a side corridor instead of steadfastly concentrating on the image you have chosen, say the following mantra:

I am the Light of the Christ
Shining in the darkness of being
And changing all into the
Golden Treasury of the Mind of Christ.

I AM  projecting my love out into the world,
To erase all errors,
And break down all barriers,
I AM the power of Infinite Love,
Magnifying itself until it is victorious,
World without end
I suggest that you memorize this prayer and any time you feel like you are
beginning to wander, just say it while visualizing that Lighted Christ Being that is the REAL YOU in the Zone coming towards you filling your entire head and being 
with light.
Mother Mary Archii on the 5th Ray

With Her Complement
Archangel Raphael
Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary are Twin Rays
Both are on the 5th Ray of Healing with Beloved Hilarion
and the Elohim Cyclopea (the All Seeing-Eye)

For over thirty years I have been an instrument of  healing with these Beloved Beings of Light - the Emerald Light of the 5th Ray.  We of ourselves do nothing, the Light of God through His Elohim Beloved Vista, and His Chohan, Beloved Hilarion (who was the Apostle St. Paul), The Master, Beloved Jesus, and His Archangels Raphael and Mother Mary have been healing this Planet the Earth.  Archangel Raphael spends much of his time just outside our Ring-Pass Not clearing the Astral Plane and Mother Mary has been everywhere upon Planet Earth through Her many appearances and at the present time She is still in Yugoslavia with the eight young people who have had the pleasure of Her company since the eighties.

A simple exercise to do when someone needs healing even though they are far away is  to first of all, say "According to their dharma and karma and God's Holy Will, may I have permission from their Higher Self to do this healing?  Await  the Answer from your own Higher Self.  If the answer is Yes, then visualize them laying on a bed - see Beloved Master Jesus at their head, Beloved Archangel Raphael on their left, Beloved Mother Mary on their Right and Beloved Hilarion at their Feet - Now see the All-Seeing Eye, Elohim Vista pouring His powerful Emerald Ray through Jesus, Raphael, Mary and Hilarion - now see  the Emerald Ray coming down through your Crown Chakra, Third Eye Chakra, Throat Chakra into the Heart Chakra - now raise your hands sending the Rays into the body of the one who is ill, seeing the Emerald Ray pouring through your heart into the fohats in the center of your hands and out into the inflicted one.  Hold the thought until you no longer see the Emerald light.

Now do you understand how important the Chakras are - I hope so, most people meditate upon themselves and that is good for them while they are learning to understand who they are and why they are here; but once one has made the connection with their own Higher Self and their Soul, then as a Child of Light, their whole being wants to give service to life. 
Speaking of Quantum Physics, if you make meditation your daily life, you'll find that one of the most difficult exercises is the sheer willpower it takes to concentrate without letting the "little mind wander" as it will readily do without any warning.  By daily application, you will eventually make the quantum leap into the "field, where one become omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent.

End of Lesson 10, Volume 1  10/23/14

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