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Life is not as simple as it seems.  In fact, we begin to realize as we follow these lessons that we, as individuals are very unique, very complex and not at all what we appear to be in our physical bodies.
First of all, we are NOT just our physical bodies — we've discovered that we are a composite, collective, combination of many bodies — all existing at various levels, planes and connected one to the other through a vast network of nerves, threads, force centers — all forming what the ancients called "the Tree of Life".

The Tree of Life
This is the Symbolic Rendition of
Our Four Lower Bodies 

Russian Nesting Dolls

Example of Four Lower Bodies Separated

Example of How Our Bodies Are
Interconnected, Interrelated and
The Standing Doll Would Be Our Physical Body

Four Lower Bodies Surrounding the Physical Body

Notice that the Pink Body is the Etheric
Black is the Physical
Green is the Emotional Body
Violet is the Spiritual Body

Now let us find out what Master D. K. informs us about

Etheric Vision and the Third Eye
Etheric Vision
(1) The etheric web, separating the lower physical consciousness of the brain from the astral plane, begins to undergo a lengthy process of destruction, and the first "rents" in the web occur.  It is through these that the student becomes aware of the inner planes, and becomes conscious in the physical brain of the inner happenings.

Here, the Master D.K. refers to the separation of lower physical consciousness of the brain through a series of rents in the veil (a tearing away of the veil that surrounds each of us upon birth) this would occur through conscious meditation and contemplation — also the dedicating of a certain segment of time on a daily basis to the consecration of ones life to inner contemplation (always upon the solar angel and/or the soul — this is why He gave us the daily meditation to the Soul in Lesson Six - please refer back to that lesson and print  out the meditation and prayers, including the rendition of the Solar Angel or Soul) What happens as a result of daily dedication is the rending of the veil of separateness and the first glimmer of the inner light — eventually a realization that one is looking at the "inner and upper planes". — mf

The higher head center (Crown Chakra) increases

its activity and becomes capable of receiving flashes of illumination from the higher planes.  This happens only occasionally at first; but with increasing frequency as the years progress, and the "rents" become more numerous.

Angel Devas From Etheric Plane

(2) The etheric levels of the plane will be full of an increased activity and slowly but surely as the decades slip away, man will become conscious of these levels, and aware of their inhabitants (the devas).  The immediate effect of this greater etheric energy will be that a numerically larger number of people will possess etheric vision, and will be able normally and naturally to live consciously on etheric levels.  The majority of men only function consciously on the three lower levels of the physical — the gaseous, the liquid, and the dense — and the etheric are as sealed to them as are the astral.   In the coming centuries man's normal habitat will be the entire physical plane up to, though not including  the second sub plane.  The fourth and third etheric levels will be as familiar to him as the usual physical landscape to which he is now accustomed. 
Note here that the Master mentions our consciousness mainly dwelling in the 3 lower levels of the physical plane i.e. the gaseous, liquid and dense are all part of our existence; but the etheric and astral  are"sealed" from us. How?  Through the web or veil that keeps us on the wheel of karma having to be reborn again and again. This is truly what the separation is all about — we have reached at this state of evolution as low as we can go; now that our planet and all four kingdoms are moving into higher and higher frequencies and vibrations, many changes are occurring within our planet, the four kingdoms and mainly ourselves.  The majority of mankind is now seeking change, not only in their physical bodies but in their quest for more spiritual information, more interest in finding the keys to the kingdom of God.  No longer are we satisfied with the status quo, we're all on a quest for the deeper meaning of life, for peace on Earth and Goodwill to all mankind, for treating each other as brothers and as we begin to become global in our thinking and humanitarian in our actions towards those in great need; we realize that our hearts seem to open more and our vision seems to clear and once we're connected to the greater Good; then the Journey of the Soul begins to shine forth within us and we suddenly know that we're on the right path, doing what is right and good, and at the same time rending those webs that have kept us separated from the Divine since the beginning of the Fourth Root Race. mf

(3) (The time is approaching) when etheric vision is a fact, and the reality of the existence of an etheric double of all that is in manifestation will be recognized by scientists.  This fact will be demonstrated towards the close of the century, and during the early part of the next century, a revolution in astronomical circles will occur, which will result in the study of the "etheric planets".  As these bodies are organs of energy permeating the dense form, the study of the interaction of solar energy, and the occult "give and take" of planetary bodies will assume new significance.  Certain planetary bodies — both greater and lesser — are "absorbers," others are "radiators," while some are in the stage of demonstrating a dual activity, and are being "transmuted".

Master D. K. prophesizes concerning the discovery of etheric vision and also of the existence of the etheric double this is in the research stage at the present time and through the study of the dark holes, and dark space as they are now exploring they will discover that all life has an etheric double.  They already realize that the dark holes are possibly absorbers as well as doorways or shortcuts into deeper space and that there are other planets that are upon a different trajectory than our universe, in that they move outward at great latitudes and their elliptical courses are many times greater than our own. We can only watch and see as it develops before us.
For we are now within the time frame of His prophesy. mf


(When soul energy is transmitted via the physical brain, and directed towards subjective spheres, the eye of the Thinker, the "Third Eye" opens.) Until the eye is functioning  it is not possible for men to comprehend the nature of the energy which they will then wield or direct.

The Third Opens When All the Chakras
Are Opened and Aligned, then
The Kundalini can Rush Towards 
the Crown Chakra Unobstructed 
And especially when the soul energy
is transmitted via the physical brain 
and directed towards subjective spheres*

. . .One of the fundamental rules back of all magical processes is that no man is a magician, or worker in white magic, until the third eye is opened, or in process of opening, for it is by means of that eye that the thought form is energized, directed and controlled, and the lesser builders or forces are swept into any particular line of activity.  Among the coming discoveries, and among the next revelations of materialistic science, will be one which will concern itself with the force-directing faculty of the human eye, alone or collectively, and this will indicate one of the first stages towards the rediscovery of the third eye, or the 
"Eye of Shiva".
The Eye of Shiva is positioned
at the Center of Forehead
Between the Eyebrows

The "Eye of Shiva" in the human being has its position in the center of the forehead, between the two physical eyes.
It is not to be confounded with the pineal gland, which is distinctly a physical center or gland. The third eye exists in etheric matter, and is an etheric center of force, being made of the substance of the  ethers, whereas the pineal gland is formed of matter of the three lower sub planes of the physical plane.  The latter, nevertheless, has to be functioning more or less before the "Eye of Shiva" becomes in any degree active. .  .
Many teachers have given the example of the "pineal gland" receding back into the brain causing us to lose our third eye vision; yet, Master D. K.  makes it abundantly clear that the Third Eye is Etheric (made of substance from the Ethers) while the Pineal Gland is formed within the physical  sub plane matter (He does also mention that the Pineal Gland must also be functioning before the Third Eye can become active....  *When He speaks of concentration upon inner "Spheres" He's refering to the Solar Angel/Soul and/or the Higher Self - mf

(With the opening of the third eye) the pineal gland simultaneously begins to function.  At first the sight is dim, and the gland is only partially responsive to vibration, but gradually the eye opens fully the gland is fully active, and we have the "fully awakened" man. 
When Master D. K. speaks of the "fully awakened man" He is referring to one who has reached the "Mahatma" or Christed state of consciousness, one who is omminiscent, omnipresent and working and communicating within all five kingdoms, with the devas, angelic beings and Hierarchy. mf
...The Third eye is the director of energy or force, and thus an instrument of the Will or Spirit; it is responsive only to that will as controlled by the Son-aspect (Christ), the revealer of the love-wisdom nature of gods and man and it is therefore the sign of the white magician.

. . .It is the eye of the inner vision, and he who has opened it can direct and control the energy of matter, see all things in the Eternal Now, and therefore be in touch with causes more than with effects, read the akashic records, and see clairvoyantly.   Therefore its possessor can control the builders of low degree . . .

When Master D. K. speaks of one being in touch with causes, He is informing us that one can determine their own destiny once the "Third Eye" is open. One is no longer subject to Karma (the effects).  And he can also control the elementals of air, earth, water and fire.  As to reading the Akashic Records, this is the records of all of our past lives, which is a sacred trust; and one has to be an Adept or Mahatma in order to open the Book of Life.

It is through the medium of this "all-seeing eye" that the Adept can at any moment put himself in touch with his disciples anywhere, that he can communicate with his compeers on the planet, on the polar opposite of our planet, and on the third planet which, with ours forms a triangle, that he can, through the energy directed from it, control and direct the builders, and hold any thought form he may have created within his sphere of influence, and upon its intended path of service; and that through his eye, by means of directed energy currents, he can help
and stimulate his disciples or groups of men in any place, at any time.

I know that we are very connected to the planet Venus, as many of our Masters come from that planet including Sanat Kumara - we are also connected to Mercury and many of us originally came from Mercury or Venus and so I'm assuming only that from past studies these just might be the "triangle" Master D. K. is speaking about, and then again, I could be wrong and so I will be sifting back over His many books to see if I can find a reference to this particular "triangle".  There are great elementals who are know as the "builders of form"  our own Body Elemental helped with our own Holy Christ Self/Soul in the building of our physical forms for each of our embodiments.
Master D.K. has also written a book called "Telepathy" wherein he explains how he transferred through directed channels or currents, twenty four of His books through His annunesis, Alice Bailey from 1926 to 1950.  He also explained that eventually we'll all be using telepathy as a means of communication. — mf
End of Lesson Nine - 9/26/17

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