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66-2017 -6th Ray - Ray of Peace, Ministration and Service

The Ruby Buddha
All Persons working upon the Sixth Ray are part of
the World Servers they are working with the Ruby Buddha

The Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Ray persons give Healing, Comfort or Ministration and Freedom - in other words, they all take some form of action that gives service to others.  And in doing so, expand their own field of awareness while opening all of their Chakras over a certain period of time.  These lower three Rays connected to the three lower Chakras are transformers, in that they forge the person into an expansion of consciousness, just by their action

          The Solar Plexus Chakra    Seat of  the Soul                      The KundaliniChakra
6th Ray Emotional Body         

4th Ray - Resurrection & Ascension
7th Ray - Freedom & Mercy
Note:  All Chakra Illustrations are from Summit Lighthouse
especially if those actions are coming from the Heart.  The Heart Chakra which lies along the spine behind the physical heart is the energy center where the crystal cord connects to the left ventricle within the physical heart.  The heart must be strong in order to beat continually during a whole lifespan — twenty-four hours a day, every day of the week and year after year until the Higher Self calls the Soul home.
The Heart Radiating Light From Crystal Cord
to All Seven Chakras
If we can but remember that we dwell within this physical vehicle and it is a temporary vehicle that allows the Soul to be present during a certain period of time allocated to us by our Higher Selves; and because it is temporary, we should take proper care of it so that we can accomplish the work we were sent here to do.  BUT, we should also remember that our REAL SELF is ETERNAL  and is a visitor to the planet.

The Spirit Dwelling Within the  Physical Body

Note:  Both these Illlustrations are from Summit Lighthouse
In the picture above we see the "Crystal Cord" coming from above down through our Crown Chakras, Third Eye Chakras, Throat Chakras, Heart Chakras - as the light reaches the Heart Chakra, it continues on down through the Solar Plexus Chakra to the Seat of the Soul Chakra and finally ends at the Kundalini Chakra at the base of the spine.

But, where does  that light come from? — That light that beats our Hearts, pumps our blood and works with the spinal fluid, lymph glands and nodes as well as the very breath pumping our lungs,  opens and closes the sphincters placed throughout our body to regulate our blood flow, our digestion and body temperature — all working without our being conscious of the tremendous work that is taking place moment to moment every second of our lives.  

It comes directly from the Higher Self - the Real Self that resides in the Etheric Plane far above our heads - Hierarchy tells us that we are in the Etheric Plane when we are traveling by airplane at high altitudes — this will give you some idea of how far we've separated from our Higher Selves and why so many people are not even aware that we are functioning in multiple states of consciousness.

The Higher Self With Solar Angel and Physical Man
The Solar Angel or Holy Christ Self resides in the Center of the Chart
It is known as the Soul, Solar Angel and Holy Christ Self.

Jesus took on the Christ Body during the Transfiguration

The Sixth Ray person is definitely the devotee, the monk or priest, minister, Imam, Rabbi or Lama. He is the one who feels the devotion, studies the ancient wisdom, the religious texts, philosophical treatises and the ancient scrolls.  In the mundane world, he would be the faith healer, shaman,  the medicine man; the psychologist and counselor; also one who is devoted to a cause, a leader or the arts; but unlike the First Ray Person who uses the will and the mind to bring about a certain action or goal; the Sixth Ray person comes from the heart and feels with all of his being his devotion whether to a military leader, a religious leader or the leader of a country, he will give all of his energies to the cause and to the person without a thought to himself.

The negative side of the Ray is this devotion could be a complete waste of energy, especially if the leader is a dictator or the religious leader is misinterpreting the words of the Master Buddha, Jesus or Mohammad or Abraham. 

If you look at religion today you will find that thousands have left their religions because they can no longer find in them the answers that they seek.  It's not the fault of the Masters who brought forth the teachings to begin with; but it definitely has become watered down to the degree that people find themselves reaching out and searching for the Truth; because their religious leaders are not answering their questions. 

6th Ray Fading and Leaving the Planet

There are two very good reasons for this, the first has to do with the Sixth Ray - remember in the Ray Five Lesson we talked about Jesus coming into the Earth during the age of Pisces, even the Fish is His symbol.  This Sixth Ray lasts for 2500 years; and the Sixth Ray is all about devotion to a leader, a religion, a cause; but for the past Five Hundred Years we've been moving slowly into the Aquarian Age and the Seventh Ray and the Seventh Angel has already made himself known. What does this have to do with people leaving their places of worship and seeking to find something that resonates with their souls?  It has everything to do with the passing of time, the expansion of consciousness the incoming Seventh Ray energy brought in the Industrial Revolution, the airplane, telephone, telegraph, computers, rockets, space vehicles, submarines, internet - evolution and the finding of very ancient peoples, as well as ancient cities, where a high form of civilization was established and then lost (probably with the great deluge).    

The Seventh Ray - Violet
7th Ray Violet Flame is rapidly coming into the Planet, changing the
Way we think, feel and act.  It's about Brotherhood, Alchemy,
Mercy and Forgiveness, Group participation in government and religion

The seventh Ray also brings about wanting FREEDOM thus the United States was prepared over thousands of years and would be known as the 'land of Freedom, Liberty and Justice'; but also the Seventh Ray is all about Brotherhood, Service to Mankind, and working in Groups and Councils rather than under a single leadership - therefore, we're seeing before our eyes those dictators are falling off their thrones (especially in the Middle East), and you will see those groups standing up for their Freedom, they will no longer listen to the dictates of leaders that do not have the welfare of everyone at stake.  They rise up in groups and create something unique like Plato's Republic which is run by a non-bias group of people.   Note "Republic  for which we stand" was the original motto for the United states and then Democracy and Capitalism took over and now like our religions is no longer working for the people.  It is at this point that change begins to occur not only within our governing bodies but within every religion that is not meeting the needs of our intelligent populace.

We are also witnessing people searching for the Truth and since the beginning of this Century along came Theosophy a Philosophy of Truth encompassing all religions while at the same time, bringing back much of the ancient arcane knowledge that has been hidden for thousands of years because mankind was not yet ready to understand or comprehend its doctrines. 

                               Yogananda's Lineage
The direct line all the way back to Krishna, the Christ Jesus and BabaJi

 Sixth Ray GREAT AVATA BabaJi Reappearing

Mahavatar Babji as he appeared in the 1980's
 Sixth Ray Mahavatar Babji devotee to Krishna and Jesus Christ 
Babaji as he appeared in the 1800's

 Sixth Ray Lord Bhagavan Krishna
He was Sixth Ray and Taught Self-Realization
Wrote the Bhagavad Gita highest spiritual teaching in India

  Sixth Ray  Jesus the Christ

  Sixth Ray - Devotee to the Father Who Art in Heaven


Sixth Ray Devotee to Krishna and Jesus Christ
Yoganandya was disciple of Swami Sri Yuketewar Giri who was a disciple of Lahiri Muhasrya

Sixth Ray Swami Sri Yuketewar Giri devotee to Babji
Krishna and Jesus

Swami Sri Yukatewar Giri was Guru to Yoganandya and disciple of Lahiri Muhasrya
                                                 Lahiri Maharya nee 1828 Sixth Ray               Devotee to Babji
Lahiri Mahasrya was Guru to Swami Sri Yukatewar and
Disciple of Mahavatar Babaji

 Then Yogananda arrived and introduced the Eastern Hindu doctrines to the West and since that time, we've had the great privilege of sitting at the Feet of the Masters- some have come back through the veil to give the teaching directly to the students; while others telepathically channeled their doctrines through highly advanced disciples such as H. P. Blavatsky, Alice Bailey,
Helena Roseich, Guy and Lotus Ballard and Geraldine Innocente  (there are pictures of all of these High disciples in former lessons). Mahatma Babji has passed through the veil many times His last appearance was in the 1980's in India.  When asked if He would  come again, He said no you need to now look for the Divine Mother, Lachmi. 

The Hindu Goddess Lachmi
Goddess of Fortune - the Giver of Abundance
and prosperity

St. Germain Chohan of 7th Ray
The Seventh Angel of Revelation, God of Freedom
Retreats in Hungry and Washington, D.C. USA

St. Germain, the Seventh Angel and Chohan of the Seventh Ray has passed through the veil over and over again since He embodied as Sir Francis Bacon in England.  He was instrumental in setting up the foundation for the United States of America, and was known as "the Wonderman of Europe" during the reign of King Louis XV and Marie Antionette in France and has appeared at Rosacrucian meetings throughout Europe while appearing to Guy Ballard at Mt. Shasta in California in the late 1920's to start the I AM Activity with Guy and his wife Lotus.  

People have grown very intelligent and they do not want to be lied to, bullied and kept from moving freely and creatively wherever they live.  They are on the move, no longer willing to accept the status quo; but to revolt and bring about change for the good of all people. 

Because we're in the "Transition Period" it's a very difficult time as both Rays are still here although the 6th Ray is fading away and will dissipate altogether in the near future. Then mankind will be moving rapidly into the Seventh Ray.

Jesus the Sixth Ray Devotee
Jesus was a devotee of Our Father and the
Ancient of Days, Sanat Kumara, our Father/Mother God's First Born Son
One of the Seven Original Sons of God

 - the 7 Holy Kumaras

Jesus was was a Sixth Ray Devotee of the Father/Mother and came to earth with His Divine Plan mapped out for Him before He was born.  His former lifetime as Apollonius of Tyana, gave him the opportunity to heal the sick and raise the dead and preach the parables, He was a strict neopythagoen and ascetic; and he was known far and away as a charismatic teacher and miracle worker.   His miracles were renown and many said that he did not die but was raised up to Heaven.  A temple was dedicated to him. 

The Sixth Ray Chakra
The Solar Plexus Chakra
Found just below the heart between the ribs
Organs affected by Chakra,  is the esophogus,  gall bladder,
stomach, spleen 

The Sixth Ray Chakra is the Doorway to the Emotional Body
This is the hardest Chakra to control as it is constantly moving like a pendulum
back and forth - In order to discipline it you must control the emotions and this can be accomplished
by meditation and doing the following mantra.

My Solar Plexus Chakra is a Chakra of Violet Fire,
My Solar Plexus is the Purity God desires (15x's)

Sixth Ray -  Friday - Color Ruby and Gold

Elohim:  Tranquility and Pacifica
Sixth Ray Chohan - Ascended Lady Master Nada
Lawyer,  Third Ray Ascended Master - Stepped in as Chohan when Jesus was
Moved to World Teacher

Sixth Ray World Teacher, Master Jesus the Christ

He will reappear again and could be any race.
He definitely will not be born into a certain family;
but will appear in full body along with his disciples
and some of Hierarchy

Sixth Ray - Lotus and Guy Ballard
He is known as Godfre Ray King
 He was George Washington in former life.
They brought in the I AM Activity under the Sixth Ray

Sixth Ray Archangels Uriel and Donna Grace
Representing Ministration, Comfort, Grace and Peace
They have the largest Legions next to Archangel Michael's that work in our World as 
Guardian Angels, Ministering Angels, Cherubim
and Seraphim over all Religious Buildings, Hospitals
and War zones.

Prayer for the Sixth Ray:
Let the Flame of Peace and Grace Charge!  Charge! Charge! The Christ Conscioiusness and Nature.  Teach me the highest Truth there is so that I may teach others the Truth that shall  make them free!  May there be Peace on Earth, and May it Begin with Me!

Pray as an Invocation For the Hierarchy of Sixth Ray:

I call to the Elohim, Beloved Tranquility and Pacifica, Godfre and Lotus, beloved Jesus the Christ, Beloved Lady Nada, Beloved Archangel Uriel and Donna Grace, and the ministering angels on the Ray of Peace.

 Prayer and Song to Jesus

Jesus, I give my heart to You,
Come fill me, with love my soul renew.

Oh Blessed Savior show me the way  to go,
Love's only purpose I would know.

Dear One, send forth Your Light divine,
The ladder of love I climb, into Your heart.

Oh my Beloved, hear my resounding words,
Forevermore echo that I love you.

Note:  You can use any of Hierarchy's names and do this mantra/song to Them. 

End of Lesson on Sixth Ray - 3/10/17

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