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LIFE in the world and life in the spirit are not incompatible. Work, or action, is not contrary to knowledge of God' but indeed, if performed without attachment, is a means to it.  On the other hand, renunciation is renunciation of the ego, of selfishness -----not of life. The end, both of work and of renunciation, is to know the Self, within and Brahman** without, and to realize their identity.  The Self is Brahman, and Brahman is ALL. (Quoted from the Upanaishads -mf)
** Brahman
Brahman, in the Upanishads (Indian sacred writings), the supreme existence or absolute reality. The etymology of the word, which is derived from Sanskrit, is uncertain. Though a variety of views are expressed in the Upanishads, they concur in the definition of brahman as eternal, conscious, irreducible, infinite, omnipresent, and the spiritual core of the universe of finiteness and change. Marked differences in interpretation of brahman characterize the various schools of Vedanta, the system of Hindu philosophy based on the writings of the Upanishads.
According to the Advaita (Nondualist) school of Vedanta, brahman is categorically different from anything phenomenal, and human perceptions of differentiation are illusively projected on this reality. The Bhedabheda (Dualist-Nondualist) school maintains that brahman is nondifferent from the world, which is its product, but different in that phenomenality imposes certain adventitious conditions (upadhis) on brahman. The Vishishtadvaita (Qualified Nondualist) school maintains that a relation exists between brahman and the world of soul and matter that is comparable to the relation between soul and body; the school identifies brahman with a personal god, Brahma, who is both transcendent and immanent. The Dvaita (Dualist) school refuses to accept the identity of brahman and world, maintaining the ontological separateness of the supreme, which it also identifies with a personal god. -mf

The Release of Atomic Energy
Prophesized by the Tibetan AKA
The World Teacher - Master Djwal Khul

"I would like at this time to touch upon the greatest spiritual event which has taken place since the fourth kingdom of nature, the human kingdom appeared.  I refer to the release of atomic energy, as related in the newspapers this week, August 6, 1945, in connection with the bombing of Japan.
Some years ago, I told you that the new era would be ushered in by the scientists of the world, and that the inauguration of the Kingdom of god on Earth would be heralded by means of successful scientific investigation.  By this first step in the  releasing of the energy of the atom this has been accomplished, and my prophecy has been justified during this momentous year of our Lord, 1945.  Let me make one or two statements anent this discovery, leaving you to make your own application and deductions.  Little as to the true nature of this happening is as yet known, and still less is understood.  Certain ideas and suggested thoughts may be of real value here and enable you to see this stupendous event in better perspective.

1.  It was the imminence of this "release" of energy which was one of the major subjective factors in the precipitation of this last phase of the war.  This world war started in 1914; but its last and most important phase began in 1939. Up till then it was a world war.  After that date, and because the forces of evil took advantage of the state of war and belligerency existing on the planet, the real war began, involving the entire three worlds of human evolution and a consequent activity of the Hierarchy.  Man's attention is normally focussed on the externalities of living.  Nevertheless, all great discoveries, such as those made in connection with astronomy or in relation to the laws of nature, or involving such a revelation as that of radio-activity, or the epoch-making event announced this week concerning the first steps taken in harnessing of cosmic energy, are ever the result of inner pressure emanating from Forces and Lives found in the high Places (Hierarchy, in the Etheric Plane -mf) and  not just under what you call natural law; they are the result of the third aspect of divinity, that of ACTIVE INTELLIGENCE, and are concerned with the substance or matter aspect of manifestation.  Such activities are motivated from Samballa.  This activity is set in motion by these Lives, working on Their Higher Plane, and it gradually causes a reaction in the various departments of the Hierarchy, particularly those working under the "third, fifth and seventh Ray Masters. 
(He's speaking about the ascended Masters, Paul the Venetian, 3rd Ray; Master Hilarian (the former apostle, St. Paul, 5th Ray); and the Master St. Germain, 7th Ray -  the Seventh Angel in Revelations - mf)
Eventually, disciples upon the physical levels of activity become aware of the inner ferment, and this happens either consciously or unconsciously.  They become "impressed" and the scientific work is then  started and carried through into the stages of experimentation and final success.

One point should here be remembered, and that is that this phase applies to both the great White Lodge (Heavenly Saints and Angels) and the Black Lodge(Satanists, Warlocks and witches) - the White Lodge dedicated to the beneficent task of purifying and aiding all lives in the three worlds of material evolution, and to the release of the soul in form, while the other, the Black Lodge is dedicated to the retardation of the evolutionary process and to the continuous crystallizing of the material forms which hide and veil the anima mundi*.  Both groups have been profoundly interested and implicated in the matter of the release of energy from the atom, and the liberation of its inner aspect; but their motives and objectives were widely different. 

Albert Einstein
Theoretical Physicist

The White Lodge sponsored the great scientist  Einstein, who came into the planet to bring nuclear energy as a form of fuel but mainly as a medical breakthrough for healing; he was the instrument used by our scientists in the USA into creating the Atomic Bomb  that literally changed the course of history from utter materialism, destruction, fear and chaos to Freedom, Liberty and Global interaction to prevent the Black Lodge from taking over the planet at that time - mf 

Allied Powers
The above nations were all part of the Allied Powers

Leaders of the Axis Powers WWII
The Black Lodge lost WWII because of those great beings from Shamballa, who for the first time, helped mankind win the war against the Black Magicians.  The Black Magicians wanted the Atomic Bomb to keep people in fear and to cause much destruction and chaos to the earth and mankind. -mf)

2.  The imminence of this release - inevitable and under direction - produced an enormous tension in hierarchical circles because, to express the idea colloquially, a race was on between the Dark Forces and the Forces of Light to acquire possession of the techniques necessary to bring about this liberation of needed energy.   

 Had the Dark Forces triumphed, and had the Axis Powers obtained possession of the needed scientific formulas, it would have led to a major planetary disaster. The released energy would have been used first of all to bring about the complete destruction of all opposing the forces of evil, and then it would have been prostituted to the preservation of an increasingly materialistic and non-idealistic civilization...

The Lords of Liberation took certain unexpected steps,  This They were led to do owing to the invocation powers of humanity (prayers of humanity for help) used consciously by all those upon the side of the will-to-good and unconsciously by all men of goodwill.  Owing to these steps, the efforts of those fighting in the realm of science for the establishing of true knowledge and right human relations, were aided. The trend of the power to know and to discover (a definite form and energy) was deflected away from the demanding evocative minds of those seeking to destroy the world of men, leading to a form of mental paralysis. Those seeking to emphasize the right values and to save humanity were simultaneously stimulated to the point of success....

3.  When the sun moved northward that year (1942), the great White Lodge knew that the battle had been won.  Their preparations were halted, and the Masters then organized for renewed effort (through their disciples) to bring about those conditions wherein that which was new and that which was in line with loving divine purpose, could freely move forward.  The war was won not only by the surrender of Germany.  That was only the outer result of inner happenings.  The war was won by the Forces of Light when the mental potency of the forces of evil was overcome and the "energy of the future" was directed or impelled by Those Who were seeking the human values and spiritual good of mankind....

4.The release of the energy of the atom is as yet in an extremely embryonic stage; humanity little knows the extent or the nature of the energies which have been tapped and released.  there are many types of atoms, constituting the "world substance";  each can release its own type of force; this is one of the secrets which the New Age will in time reveal but a good and sound beginning has been made. I would call your attention to the words, "the liberation of energy".  It is liberation which is the keynote of the New Era, just as it has ever been the keynote of the spiritually oriented aspirant. This liberation has started by the release of an aspect of matter, and the freeing of some of the soul forces  within the atom.  This has been, for matter itself, a great and potent initiation, paralleling those initiations which liberate or release the souls of men. 

In the process of planetary initiation humanity has carried its work as the world savior down into the world of substance, and has affected those primary units of life of which all forms are made. (He's talking about primary energy as fohat from which all life forms are made -mf)

5.  You will now understand the meaning of the words used by so many of you in the second of the Great Invocations: "The hour of service of the saving force has arrived".  This "saving force" is the energy which science has released into the world for the destruction,  first of all, of those who continue (if they do) to defy the Forces of Light working through the United Nations.  Then - as time goes on - this liberated energy will usher in the new civilization, the new and better world and the finer, more spiritual conditions.  The highest dreams of those who love their fellowmen can become practical possibilities through the right use of this liberated energy, if the real values are taught, emphasized and applied to daily living.  This "saving force" has now been made available by science, and my earlier prophecy substantiated.
As I said above, the first use of this energy has been material destruction; this was inevitable and desirable; old forms, obstructing the good, have had to be destroyed; the wrecking and disappearance of that which is bad and undesirable must ever precede the building of the good and desirable and the longed-for emergence of that which is new and better. 

The constructive use of the energy and the harnessing for the betterment of humanity, is its real purpose, this living energy of substance itself, hitherto shut up within the atom and imprisoned in thee ultimate  forms of life, can be turned wholly into that which is good and can bring about such a revolutionizing of the modes of human experience that, from one angle alone, it will necessitate and bring about an entirely new economic world structure.

. . .It is a "saving force" and has in it the potency of rebuilding, of rehabilitation of reconstruction.  Its right use can abolish destitution, bring civilized comfort ( and not useless luxury) to all upon our planet; its expression in forms of right living if motivated by right human relations, will produce beauty, warmth, color, the abolition of the present forms of disease, the withdrawal of mankind from all activities which involve living or working underground, and will bring to an end all human slavery, all need to work or fight for possessions and things, and will render possible a state of life which will leave man free to pursue the higher aims of the Spirit.  The prostituting of life to the task of providing the bare necessities or to making it possible for a few rich and privileged people to have too much when others have too little, will come to an end, men everywhere can now be released into a state of life which will give them leisure and time to follow spiritual objectives, to  realize richer and cultural life, and to attain a broader mental perspective.

But, my brothers, men will fight to prevent this; the reactionary groups in every country will neither recognize the need for, nor desire the new world which the liberation of cosmic energy, even on this initial tiny scale, can make possible, the vested interests, the big cartels, trusts and monopolies that controlled the past few decades preceding  this world war, will mobilize their resources and fight to death to prevent the extinction of their sources of income that will not permit, if they can help it, the passing of the control of this illimitable power into the hands of the masses, to whom it rightly belongs.  The selfish interests among the big stockholders, the banking forces and the wealthy organized churches will oppose all change, except in so far as it will benefit them and bring more financial gain to their coffers.

. . . World decisions must therefore, in the future, be based upon  a steady determination to further right human relations and to prevent selfish control, financial or ecclesiastical, by any group of men, anywhere, in any country.

These few suggestions will give you much food for thought and ground for happy confident, forward-thinking.  Organize now, for the goodwill work.  The future of the world lies in the hands of the men and women of goodwill and in those who have unselfish purpose everywhere.  The release of energy will eventually make money, as we know it, of no moment whatsoever; money has proved itself, owing to man's limitations, a producer of evil and the sower of dissension and discontent in the world.  This new released energy can prove itself a "saving force" for all mankind, releasing from poverty, ugliness, degradation, slavery and despair; it will destroy the great monopolies,  take the curse out of labor, and open the door into the golden age for which all men wait.  It will level all the artificial layers of modern society and liberate men from the constant anxiety and grueling toll which have been responsible for so much disease and death.  When these new and better conditions are established, then men will be free to live and move in beauty and to seek the "LIGHTED WAY".

(4) The great scientific discovery, called colloquially the "splitting of the atom", will be turned eventually to the production of those conditions which will enable mankind to follow the good, the beautiful and the true.  This men will then be able to do, freed from the dread presence of purely materialistic thinking.  This is no idle vision or vague dream.  Many scientists today (written 1946/49), and particularly  those who love their fellowmen, are to only visioning the non-destructive aspect of atomic energy, but are already engaged in harnessing - for the good of humanity - some of its products and its radio-active properties.
(Again, D.K. prophecies the future of Atomic Energy and Cosmic Light enabling some of mankind to take the 5th Initiation - mf)
Curiously enough, it is the wise, controlled use of the results of this scientific adventure in connection with the atomic bomb, which will eventually bring about a specific revelation of the nature of certain forces in relation to light, this event will transform world thinking and lead to a new type of transmutative process, as far as man is concerned.
It must not be inferred from the above that humanity, as a whole, will be taking the "fifth initiation, for such is not the case.  Many advanced souls, perhaps amounting to many thousands, may and will take this initiation, but the masse of men everywhere, constituting the sum total of the world disciples, will eventually take either the first or the second initiation.  The effect, however, of hierarchical happenings, in conjunction with Shamballa, will lead finally to the great stimulation of the fifth Principle of mamas, the intelligence principle in man.  A revelation which is not perceived, which remains unrelated and unexpressed, is of no true service to mankind except from a purely subjective standpoint; nevertheless, through the proposed stimulation, through the efforts of those who have taken or who will take the fifth initiation, and through the new direction of first ray energy from Shamballa, the mental plane will receive such an inflow of energy that the thinking principle, the reasoning factor within humanity, will reach new heights.  Thus will the"light stream forth into the minds of men."(Quoted from the Great Invocation - mf) and the first stanza of the  Invocation prove that it can and does receive an answer to its invocative appeal.

It would be good to let your spiritual imagination look forward into the future, and then vision - if you can - what is the true significance of the tremendous activity of the Hierarchy. One of the signs of the coming of this new Light and energy inflow, is a definitely curious one, it is to be found in the instability of the human mental mechanism and the human thinking processes at this time.  This is due to their premature response to the new incoming potency.  It is a mass reaction, and therefore the statistical returns are somewhat misleading.  It is the unready who thus react, and this entails no possible, reflection upon those thus distressed.  Rebirth will take care of this reaction, and in the next incarnation these same people will enter a physical body with a better equipment.  In  reality, it is this energy from Shamballa in its third and destructive aspect, which is acting upon certain members of the human family and unfortunately evoking a ready response.  I tell you this
 for your encouragement; destruction always evokes questioning in minds attuned to human welfare, and in those thinkers who are apprehensive of the suffering to which  their fellowmen are subjected.

One of the most difficult things for the average  thinking man to understand and to interpret is the destructive processes of what he, for lack of a better name calls "the Will of God."  This is one of the results, and only one, of a purely materialistic civilization which has laid all its emphasis upon the form side of  experience and thus regards physical well-being and physical comfort, plus material possessions, as the true goal of all human effort. It is upon this widespread attitude and reaction that the new incoming light will concentrate itself, as the light reveals reality, the world of phenomena and the world of spiritual values will enter into a better directed relation.

From all the above you will note that some of the effects upon humanity as a whole and the skeleton structure of the new and beautiful future, will take place as a result of the new incoming first ray activity.  No details can yet be given, but enough has been written down anent the basic, predisposing cause to enable you who read, to ponder upon the possible effect, spiritually speaking.  What is coming is a civilization of a different yet still material nature, but animated by a growing registration by the masses everywhere of an emerging spiritual objective, which will transform all life, and give new value and purpose to that which is material.

As this prophesy was given between  1946-49, we can appreciate that there has been a tremendous leap in how mankind views religion and spirituality since these words were published. Mainly, beginning with the "flower children" of the sixties calling for love instead of war, to the Hari Krishna's of the '70's spreading mantras and meeting and greeting people in the airports, bus terminals and on the streets.  As the Third Aspect penetrated the mamas or mental plane of all of humanity, there arose dissatisfaction among people of all faiths, who began seeking truth while questioning the doctrines of their own faith, that no longer satisfied them.  There were not only changes from  the religious to the spiritual minded; but along the lines of everyday living, people began to change their diets with less animal protein while introducing mediation and retreats into their lives to combat the increasing stress of daily coping with long working hours, long commuting and less and less time to unwind and spend quality time at home with family and loved ones. 

With the introduction of computers and the internet, mankind is no longer separated by land or sea because within a few "clicks" one can reach others living though out the world in seconds.  In other words, we have become globalized citizens of the world.  As Children of Light or Light Bearers, we should begin immediately  to educate ourselves and our children to become globally adaptable. We should begin by becoming familiar with those living in other countries, how they live, how they survive and what interests they have.  It will be imperative that we familiarize ourselves with the "world view" - not only through the news but also through their individual cultures, religions, mores and attitudes towards ourselves and the rest of humanity. Hierarchy is also called "The Brotherhood of Light" because Brotherhood is the keynote that they work under - One Cosmic Law and the power of LOVE to overcome any obstacles.

It is time for us to put aside all those ugly thoughts, words and deeds that keep us Separated from anyone who seems different, whether it's because of their religion, their race or their finances because at the center of ALL LIFE is LOVE.  God is LOVE and we are part of GOD and so is everyone else, therefore at the center of each being there is a great need for LOVE.  Can we begin now to make the necessary changes through the power of LOVE??????-mf
End Lesson Three 8/15/17

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