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The Master Djwal Khul, World Teacher

NOTE: All writings in black font are from the Master Djwal
Khul to his students - a step by step intro to attain mastery
over the material, emotional and lower mind while at the
same time syncing the Physical, Mental and Spiritual Bodies
through Concentration and Consecration of daily meditation.
Meditation the Need For Concentration and Consecration
An Introductory Guide to Meditation

A. Introductory Remarks

The present widespread interest in the subject of Meditation is an evidence of a world need which requires clear understanding. Where we find a popular trend in any direction, which is one-pointed and steady, it may be safe to assume that out of it will emerge that which the human race needs in its onward march.
When the Master speaks of "one-pointed" He is speaking about concentration - Here's a specific Melchizedek technique given for a particular meditation that is absolutely correct for your meditation:

"As you become physically calm, enter your attention toward the Tabernacle of the Hosts by looking inward and upward and with a desire to behold  the radiance of the white light, in the foremost part of your head; in the forehead, just above and between your physical eyes.  You may not behold it immediately, it may take a little time.  Whether it becomes a conscious realization to you or not, in prayer proceed in this manner". 

That meditation is regarded by those who define it loosely as a "mode of prayer" is, unfortunately, true. But it can be demonstrated that in the right understanding of the meditation process and in its right adaptation to the need of our modern civilization will be found the solution of the present educational impasse and the method whereby the fact of the soul may be ascertained – that living something which we call the "Soul" for lack of a better term.
Years ago, in the '70s I happened to study "Mind Dynamics" that was
a training in the ability to concentrate by going into the REM mode and
then learning  to digest large volumes of information through the mind.
This was very helpful in Pharmaceutical Training learning chemistry,
anatomy and biology and pharmacology in a very short period of time.
I found out later that the man who introduced this concept to students
in the USA had learned the principles from the Tibetans - We were also
taught to heal people who were either in front of us or at a distance - I
was corrected in this technique by the  Hierarchy as I wasn't asking
permission from the individual's Higher Self first and also not asking
permission to pass through the Auric and Etheric Bodies - much of
the disease is associated within the Etheric Body, sometimes from
past lives.  So,under the right adaptation to our modern civilization,
meditation will be the solution to the problems that is of great concern
that is impeding the education of the masses. - mf
Down the ages there has been a steady progression of the evolving human consciousness, and a steady growth of awareness of nature, of the world in which we live, and an increasing grasp of the Whole, until now the entire world is knit together through the radio, the telephone and television. Humanity is omnipresent, and the mind is the main factor in the bringing about of this apparent miracle.
Again, the Master notes here how creative the mind of man really is; and
that much of our inventions, research and astronomy research is because
of the concentration of the mind, the singular purpose in finding answers,
finding cures and exploring our universe; but remember, this is what the
Master calls being "single-minded" "one-pointed" in determining ones
goals - yet, none of the above miracles can compare to making the at-one-ment with the Soul and/or the Oversoul, which is the Mediator between
the Higher Self and the Physical Four Lower Bodies and this can only be
accomplished through Meditation - Inventions and Research come  through
to mankind through the higher mind, while the Soul contact comes through
the Highest Mind, called the Jiva or 5th Dimension of the Mind, that all
true disciples strive daily to accomplish. - mf
"We have arrived at an understanding of the laws which govern the natural world, and some of those which govern the psychical. The laws of the spiritual realm, so-called, remain to be scientifically discovered and utilized. A few have known these laws and spoken to humanity about them.... Among these few who stand out as the eminent Knowers, are the Buddha, the Christ, Plato, Aristotle, Pythagoras, Meister Eckhart, Jacob Boehme, Spinoza – the list is long.
Buddha taught "the Middle Way" which is walking and talking as the
Christen One, from the Soul Level of being; not left, not right but straight
down the middle; while the Christ spoke in parables but remember He 
used his physical being as an example of how to become, to attain, to 
abstain, to meditate in the desert, to Transfigure, to Resurrect and to 
Ascend all in one short 33 year lifetime(only 3 of which were in public life).
Pythagoras (Master Kuthumi) found both the rhythm and the music of
what makes up our universe - and it was through his numbers that he
discovered the "Music of the Spheres"and showed mankind that numbers
are related to language - each letter having a numerical significance, while
great calculus gave us the answers to how our Universe is governed by 
math and music as well as symphonies.
"We are now beginning to ask the pertinent question: Is it not possible that many thousands now are at the point where they can co-ordinate the brain, the mind and the soul, and so pass through the portal of mental awareness into the realm of light, of intuitive perception, and the world of causes? The Knowers say that we can, and they tell us of the way."
This is probably the most important statement - if only there
were not so many material distractions that lure many into
the realm of "acquisition" the need to satisfy all their earthly
needs while neglecting the great opportunity being presented
to them during this time in Kali Yug. -mf

B. Some Pertinent Questions
What are the objectives of meditation?
The purpose of meditation is soul contact and, ultimately, union with the soul; its whole object is to enable one to become in outer manifestation what one is in inner reality. Through the practice of meditation one is enabled to identify with the soul aspect and not simply the lower characteristics of the personality.
As explained above, anyone who is working in research, science and the
stars, is in deep concentration - this gives them a "heads up" in that they
already have found a "quiet place" to do their research; and know that 
their one-pointedness will eventually pay off - so they are already far
ahead of most of us who are struggling to stop the little mind from wandering - most of us who are on the path, are spending each and every
night working in a classroom, retreat or healing ashram in our finer bodies,
this is why it would be beneficial for each and every one of us to move
immediately into a mantra like I AM THAT I AM the name of God do
this at least  100 x's while at the same time try and visualize your Solar
Angel - I could give you the pictures I painted but then you wouldn't
have the wonderful experience of finding your own Solar Angel - that's
what it's all about - so go for it.  First thing in the morning, if you want,
set your alarm for 20 minutes earlier than normal- this will give you
five minutes to prep, empty bladder, sip some water, and light a candle.
Find a chair that's comfortable, keep the back spine straight and chin
slightly tucked in, follow the opening information on looking inward
and upward - you can also say "BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I 
AM GOD 36x's" while concentrating on the center of your forehead. mf 
Through meditation,...the powers of the soul are unfolded. Each sheath or vehicle through which the soul expresses itself (on physical, emotional and mental levels) carries latent within itself certain inherent potencies, but the soul, which is the source of them all, has them in their purest and most sublimated form....
This is self-explanatory! JUST 15 MINS! NO LONGER! YOU ARE NOT
READY! As you concentrate on a daily basis, same time
same station, same mantra (If it works for you) or else try another one
like the OM 108 times works for me - Day after day you will begin to
both see and feel changes - don't jump to the ego, when encountering a 
voice telling you how great you are - ignore this as it will set you back
and keep you in the psychic astro belt - KEEP GOING!  Allow yourself to be pushed a little each time; and you'll will find yourself moving more and
more into the light - as you pass from the physical lower mind, to the emotional, etheric and than finally into the spiritual Jiva mind which does
not happen overnight and might not happen for quite awhile; but don't
give up, for the Soul is now beginning  to become aware of your determined
pursuit and will begin to open the light and expand it little by little within
you. MF
The soul powers unfold normally and naturally. This they do, not because they are desired and consciously developed, but because as the inner God assumes control and dominates His bodies, His powers become apparent upon the physical plane and soul potentialities will then demonstrate forth as known realities....
YOU!.  The rewards are worth the effort and who says you can't spend at
least 15 mins a day with God the Father, God the Mother and God the Son?
...The testimony of the mystics and initiates of all the ages can be brought in corroboration of them. The fact that others have achieved may encourage and interest us but it does no more unless we ourselves take some definite action; for this process for the unfolding of the reasoning consciousness must be self- applied and self-initiated.
No one can do the process of meditation for you, the Master can explain it
others can guarantee that if you follow all of the RULES, you will reach
the Soul; but again as He says it must be self-applied, self-initiated and
I'll add self-disciplined in order to move forward into the light. mf
This involves the development of the mind as a synthesized, or common sense, and governs its use in relation to the world of the earthly life, of the emotions and of thought. It involves also its orientation at will to the world of the soul, and its capacity to act as an intermediary between the soul and the physical brain.
When the Master speaks of the development of the mind as a synthesized vehicle He's directing you to allow the physical, mental and spiritual bodies (excluding the emotional body) to become one - what happens then is
your intuition begins to formulate rapidly and you realize that as you
plan your work and work your day, things just fall into place more easily.
For now, your soul is involved and acts as a direct intermediary between
itself and the brain - mf
The first relation is developed and fostered through sound methods of exoteric education and of training; the second is made possible through meditation, a higher form of the educational process.
When working with Hierarchy and your own Higher Self, you are
working at the level of Mahatma or Soul Level, therefore, you are no
longer working in the material world, you are working from the level
of the Soul - this makes one omniscient,  and at the same -
omnipresent - able to be working in several dimensions at the same
Can anyone, who has the desire, profit by and master the technique of meditation?
...It should be remembered, at the outset, that the very urge itself to meditate can be taken as indicating the call of the soul to the Path of Knowledge. No one should be deterred because of a seeming lack of the needed qualifications. Most of us are bigger and wiser, and better equipped than we realize. We can all begin to concentrate at once if we so choose.
We, mankind are of a planet of "free will" and it was our free will that
separated us from our Higher Selves to begin with; and now we the
prodigal sons and daughters must find our way back to our own I AM
THAT I AM and the first step along that path is through knowing 
oneself and then to begin to become Self-Realized by expanding the
light within the dense physical body, overcoming the emotional body, and
dwelling within the light of the Soul - this comes about through the
daily diligent practice of meditation. - mf
We possess a great deal of knowledge, mental power, and capacities, which have never been drawn forth from the realm of the subconscious into objective usefulness; anyone who has watched the effect of Meditation upon the beginner will substantiate this statement....
Today we are blessed with more refined equipment - not only in the
physical body; but also our mental bodies are more refined - we are
seeing even greater advancement in those new souls that are arriving on
our planet representing the next root races; our greatest problem seems
that we are enmeshed in materialism tranquilized by television and movies.
We have moved away from family - children are living in their rooms
instead of playing outside and joining the family at dinner - There seems
to be no order or discipline regarding the spiritual development of the 
soul.  Children today are under a great deal of stress - not only from what's
expected from them but also their inability to face a crisis - A  relative of
mine, a yoga instructor saw the problem and began a program for all 
children and she has brought this program into many, many schools 
around the country - educators cannot believe the difference in the
students who have entered the yoga program compared to those students
who have not participated in the program - the first thing they noticed is
that the students lost all of their anxiety and fear and seemed to live a
stress-free existence just by practicing yoga on a daily basis. mf
The results of the first step in the Meditation discipline, i.e., of Concentration, are often amazing. People "find" themselves; they discover hidden capacities and an understanding never used before; they develop an awareness, even of the phenomenal world, which is, to them, miraculous; they suddenly register the fact of the mind, and that they can use it, and the distinction between the knower and the instrument of knowledge becomes steadily and revealingly apparent.
The most amazing things happen when you become still and at peace - the
first thing you realize is that there's a whole beautiful world of nature that
is singing and living all around you.  When the weather permits and 
if you have a chance to meditate in nature or near the ocean or river you
will become a part of the nature kingdom.  But just by meditating 15
minutes every day your life will change, your attitude will change, your
stress will disappear and you will realize that you are  never alone - the
Soul is always a heartbeat away. - mf
At the same time there is also registered a sense of loss. The old dreamy states of bliss and peace, with which the mystic prayer and meditation had dowered them, disappear; and, temporarily, they experience a sense of aridity, of lack and of an emptiness that is frequently most distressing. This is due to the fact that the focus of attention is away from the things of the senses, no matter how beautiful.
Again we are reminded that as we enter the inner realms through very
rigorous training, we at first, feel the loss of those things of this world
that make us somewhat happy; but this too was a fleeting experience
as the need for "more and more" overtakes the finer qualities of the senses.
Yet once that focus of attention is at-one with the Higher Mental Plane;
then we will no longer place our attention on the material sense world; but
instead, infuse our minds and hearts with the light of the Soul, which will
bring us to the expansion of our light and ignite out minds and hearts with
the awareness of the Divine Presence within our very hearts. - mf

The things that the mind knows and can record are not yet registered, nor is the feeling apparatus making its familiar impacts upon the consciousness. It is a period of transition, and must be supported until such time as the new world begins to make its impress upon the aspirant. This is one reason why persistence and perseverance must play their part, particularly in the early stages of the meditation process.
The Master makes it very clear that during the beginning of the Path of
Meditation, you must remain true and faithful to daily meditation and
concentration on being faithful to be in meditation at the same place and
at the same time each and every day; otherwise there is a tendency to
slip and fall back to old habits - as you continue to make the transition 
from existing only in the material realm; you'll begin to register the
greater intelligence, the inner light and the knowledge that the God
within you is now in the drivers seat. - mf 
One of the first effects of the meditation work is usually an increased efficiency in the daily life, whether lived in the home, the office, or in any field of human endeavor. Mental application to the business of living is in itself a concentration exercise and brings notable results. Whether we achieve final illumination or not through the practice of concentration and meditation, we will nevertheless have gained much, and greatly enriched our life; our usefulness and power will be enormously increased and our sphere of influence widened.
All things in this new world of meditation and concentration will change
your life for the better - in every area of your life, you and others will
witness the change in you and your attitude towards your work, your life
and especially in interaction with others.  You might not reach Masterhood
in this lifetime; but you will certainly will enrich your life and influence
others - a life that is now filled with light and keen awareness. mf
...Anyone who is not purely emotional, who has a fair education, and who is willing to work with perseverance, can approach the study of meditation with good courage. One can begin to organize one's life so that the first steps can be taken on the path towards illumination, and this organization is one of the most difficult of steps. It is well to remember that all initial steps are hard, for the habits and rhythms of many years have to be offset. But once these have been taken and mastered, the work becomes easier.
Two important references the Master declares in the above statement - the
first:  Anyone who is not purely emotional, who has a fair education and who is willing to work with perseverance, can approach the study of meditation with good courage.  He's speaking of us, the average person,
who doesn't flit from one course of action to another while reacting to
everything that disturbs their equilibrium; but understands at the onset
that anything worth having, must be organized and mastered with diligence
and perseverance.
Two:  The habits and rhythms of many years can made it difficult at first
to change ones life.  Most of us have been brought up in one form of 
religion or another; have been schooled both by our parents as well as our
educators to do things in an outward action, rather than in a meditative
pondering.  These are the habits and rhythms He is telling us about; yet
he is confident that we have now reached the point in our evolutionary
path, that we can clearly overcome and achieve anything our minds and
hearts set out to conquer.  Therefore, like any new study, new endeavor,
new position, we have to put our minds and hearts into gear, and make
daily strides towards the goal of illumination. - mf
To sum up, therefore,...the answer to our question is as follows:
First:We accept the hypothesis that there is a soul, and that that soul can be cognized by the person who can train and control the mind.
This is the time that we put away the things of this world and concentrate
of the "finding our way home to our Father/Mother God.  And by recognize-
ing the presence of our Solar Angel - we can begin our homeward journey.

My Solar Angel
by Margaret Mary

You are my Solar Angel,
The one I love,
You’ve entered my Sacred Center
From Heaven above,

You are the Christed One
Whom I adore,
Each day I Come to you,
Like never before,

If I can be just like you,
loving all life free;
working with my group,
loving all humanity.

What is it I can do,
To understand God’s Plan
Daily I will ask 
Until I understand

You are my Solar Angel,
The One I love,
Great Mediator
Sent from Heaven above.

I Am Thine,
And You are Mine,
Is my Mantra every day,
To bless all humanity
As I walk the “Middle Way”.
Second: Upon the basis of this hypothesis, we begin to co-ordinate the three aspects of the lower nature, and to unify mind, emotion and physical body into an organized and comprehended Whole. This we do through the practice of concentration.
By concentrating upon the goal of making contact with the Solar Angel
and/or Soul on a daily basis, we are at the same time aligning the mind
emotional and physical bodies into a synchronized whole; and it all
becomes in perfect accord while in the process of making contact
with the Soul.  Of course, you can also become spiritually oriented by
learning more about the teachings that are given out to the public
from Hierarchy that has never been so easily attainable. -mf
Third:As concentration merges into meditation (which is the act of prolonged concentration) the imposition of the will of the soul, upon the mind, begins to be felt. Little by little the soul, the mind and the brain are swept into a close rapport. First, the mind controls the brain and the emotional nature. Then the soul controls the mind. The first is brought about through concentration. The second through meditation.
The entire process from finding a quiet space that you can call your own, to
sitting with spine straight and chin slightly tucked in, and beginning to
murmur the mantra of choice for at least 36 to 108 times - this synchronizes the three lower bodies into conformity, while at the same time this act of
concentration aligns the three lower bodies -  its the action of Willpower
through concentration.
As you proceed to meditate upon a daily basis the mind will control the
brain & the emotions; but as you move further along with your meditation you will indeed make contact with the Soul; and it is at this point that the Soul will take over and control the mind - remember it is only through
meditation that you can reach the Soul while at the same time the Soul
is reaching you. mf
Out of this sequence of activities, the interested investigator will awaken to the realization that there is a real work to be done and that the primary qualification needed is perseverance....The organization of the thought life at all times everywhere, and, secondly, the practice of concentration, regularly, every day, at some set time, if possible, make for the one-pointed attitude, and these two together spell success.
As we've indicated from the beginning of this lesson, it is concentration
and consecration on a daily basis that brings about the awakening and
realization that concentration, regularly every day at the same set time
with determined perseverance and a one-pointed attitude that spell success. mf
End of be continued.
(Ibid., pp. 199-206)

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