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124 - Lesson 44 - The New Seed Groups - No. 6 - The Workers in the Field of Religion


6. The Workers In the Field of RELIGION
Their work is to formulate the universal platform of the new world religion.  It is a work of loving synthesis and it will emphasize the unity and the fellowship of the spirit.  This group is, in a pronounced sense, a channel for the activity of the second Ray of Love- Wisdom - that of the World Teacher - an office held at present by the Christ.  The platform of the new world religion will be built by the many groups, working under the inspiration of the Christ and the influence of the Second Ray and these - in their totality - will constitute this sixth group.  

As you can see from the title of this lesson that since He wrote these lessons, he too, became a "World Teacher" along with
 His teacher, Kuthumi as well as the Christ all three are under the Planetary Buddha, Lord Maitreya.  All of these World Teachers are on the Second Ray of Love - Wisdom and therefore they will be responsible for this particular group.

In the last lesson we not only introduced the meaning of the Rays; but also their influence on the three aspects making up the human being i.e. the dense physical body, the emotional body and the etheric body and how each of the rays influences  our four lower bodies.  Now let us look at the Second Ray in order to have a clear understanding of what is required of this group in their endeavor to bring into manifestation the new world religion.

The Rays of Aspect
Ray  1, Ray II and Ray III

Ray II - The Lord of Love-Wisdom
From: "Seven Rays Made Visual" by Helen S. Burmeister
In our solar system, this Ray is the expression of the Cosmic Christ. He is the embodiment of pure love who instills into all forms the quality of love and is in our solar system the most potent of the Seven Rays.  He expresses Himself primarily through the planet Jupiter, which is His body of manifestation.   Originating in a star of the Great Bear, this Ray-Life transmits its energies to our solar system through the constellations of Gemini, Virgo and Pisces.  At this time the controlling factor is Virgo, which produces the increased activity of the Christ principle in the hearts humanity.

Here is an explanation of the Cosmic Christ by  a Franciscan nun, Margaret Pirkl, OSF

The Cosmic Christ
The Cosmic Christ

The Cosmic Christ can be defined as that aspect of God which pervades all of creation, the Christ who "fills the universe in all its parts" (Ephesians 1:23).  The Franciscan teaching of this is based firmly in the theology of Bonaventure and Scotus that flows from the spirituality of Francis and Clare* and their early followers.   It is basically Trinity-centered and Christ-centered.

Bonaventure brought new insights of a Trinity theology, building on the work of some great minds of the past.  For Bonaventure, the First Person of the Trinity the Father-Mother Person - is Love, the Source of all that is good, and Font of all goodness. This God wants to express Godself, and so the Word - the Second Person - expresses the overflowing goodness and love of God.  The self-consciousness of this love, Love aware of itself, is the Word expressed inwardly; the Word expressed outwardly IS God's creation of the world out of Love. The Third Person - the Spirit Person - is the mutual love between the Father-Mother Person and the Word and is God living and active in this world.

Franciscan theologian Zachary Hayes, OFM, states that when God's Word, Love aware of itself, comes pouring into nothingness, the universe happens.  Revelation really begins not with the Bible but with creation. If the universe is the external embodiment of the Inner Word of God, says Hayes, "There is something Incarnational throughout the whole of creation."

 Bonaventure's teaching leads us to an almost incredible conclusion. Every leaf, cloud, fruit, animal, and person is to be seen as an outward expression of the Word of God in Love!  Thus each creature has its own identity, integrity, and dignity.  Each is sacred because it holds something of the Word of God, Christ, in a unique way.  According to Hayes, the thrush that serenades us, the water that quenches our thirst, you and I - "each creature is a word of God (with a small "w"), spoken in love, by Love itself!

Scotus asserted that Jesus Christ was God's perfect creation, who in turn would love God perfectly.  This perfect creation existed in God's intention before the world was created; that this Word was "the first-born of all creation" (Colossians 1:15); that "all things came to be through (this Word)" (John 1:3); that the Word became human out of love, not primarily to make up for our sin.

 What does this have to do with Franciscan eco-spirituality?  Today, it is rather common to speak of the earth-spirit, the earth as a living organism (Lovelock's Gaia Theory), the innate rights of all creatures, and so on.  In the nineteenth century, Gerard Manley Hopkins, a Jesuit with a deeply Franciscan mind and heart, referred to a similar reality: "There lives the dearest freshness deep down things."

I like to think THAT the "dearest freshness" in all creatures has to do with the Christ who "fills the universe in all of its parts," the aspect of the Cosmic Christ that determines each creature's being and unifies all that is, bringing differentiation and union in the universe (Thomas Berry). For me, this is where the meaning of the "new cosmology" (Brian Swimme's "Hidden Heart of the Cosmos") resides.  This is how the "relational universe" of today's physics comes close to the "sister-brother" world of Francis and Clare and where a living tradition and new thought come together.  I believe that all creatures are intimately linked, cosmically connected, for, as Thomas Berry has said, "Nothing can be itself without everything else."

The ramifications of this kind of spirituality for the WORLDS of nature and human society are obvious.  If every being somehow carries the divine, (the Cosmic Christ in the Franciscan tradition), every being is basically sacred.  If we truly believed this, we would change our ways, be more thought-full, walk with a lighter step, and show our love and gratitude and concern for sister thrush, brother cloud, sister water, sister star, and the rest of the family.  Such is the sometimes difficult but always life-giving challenge placed before Earth's people and, especially, those of us who are Franciscan at heart. 
-- Margaret Pirkl, OSF

NOTE:  I like the Franciscan interpretation of the Cosmic Christ because it is my belief and that of millions of people in the East that everything in creation is part of God  and  that through His love and His Sons and Daughters (as we are also the WORD)  than all that God Father/Mother created is evolving continually towards their own Godhood - thousands have already climbed Jacob's Ladder into the Heart of God - as Christ promised "I go to prepare a seat for you at the right hand of the Father"  He never said we were less than Him but only that He was far more advanced upon the path to Ascension - in fact, He had only a tiny amount of Karma left which enabled Him to still reside in this 3rd Dimension - the Earth Plane - just long enough to give us a complete picture of what it is like to complete your Karma, become the Office of the Christ through His Transfiguration in the Desert,  Then through the Resurrection he was able to stay among his apostles for 40 days in order for them to understand what it truly means to "be on the Path and to complete the Divine Plan." Finally as was witnessed by His apostles and His disciples he made His  Ascension into the Light of the Creator - (this is the prodigal son returning home to his Father/Mother God). -MF

* Francis and Clare are of course, St. Francis and his sister Clare of Assisi, Italy, who started the Order of St. Francis - mf

In these two Rays of Will and Love we have the two main characteristics of the divine nature that lie latent behind all the myriads of forms. Human beings are the custodians of that wisdom which will enable them to further the divine plan and bring it to fruition.  That certainly puts a great responsibility upon each one of us and humanity as a whole, but we also have the honor and privilege of being co-workers with our Logos* in objectifying His plan of Creation. 

* Our Planetary Logos is the Ancient of Days, Beloved Sanat Kumara, one of the Seven Original Sons of God

The Ancient of Days

This is  a Picture of  Sanat Kumara
The Ancient of Days

Ray II is the Ray of the Master Builder who is occupied with the first formulation of the plan upon which the forms must be constructed and the idea of the Most High materialized.  Through Him the blueprints come into being with their mathematical accuracy, their structural unity, and their geometrical perfection,  which then makes the work of the actual builders possible. 
In the Cosmos, all that exists throughout our Universes is brought about through the power of Love, in our own Planet during its birth and coming into form over 4.5 Billion years ago, it took the Elementals over 900 years to bring forth the vegetable, mineral and water elements in preparation for the incoming First Root Race.  They worked continually with great love and devotion so that when mankind began to incarnate they entered a pristine perfect planet. 
The First Three Rays are what make up the Holy Trinity - Father Mother Son - the First Ray represents the Father it is Blue in color and its God quality is The Will to Be, while Ray II Represents  the Son, its color is Yellow (it's also known as the Resurrection Flame),
this ray's God quality is Love/Wisdom - many of the Buddhas, the World Teachers and the Christed Ones are on this particular Ray.
The Third Ray reps the Holy Spirit (or Divine Mother) its color is 
Rose Pink and its God quality is Active Intelligence - it is the inherent intelligence in matter - the Lord of this Ray is responsible for the actual working out of the Divine Plan for this Manvantara.
Each individual has an exact replica of this Triune Flame within the Heart Chakra and this is what is meant when reference is made to our being  made in the image and likeness to our Father/Mother God - not the physical vehicle but the fiery Flame that connects us to the Soul and Higher Self.  Below is a very good illustration of the physical body at the base of the Chart, the Solar Angel and/or Soul; and then the Higher Self of I AM THAT I AM, which is the divine blueprint of our Father/Mother God - I AM THAT I AM

The Threefold Flame
Within the Heart Chakra

Specific qualities that Ray II represents are: love divine, radiance, attraction, the power to save, wisdom, expansion and inclusiveness.  The mystery of Ray II is found hidden in the significance of the perfume of flowers.  Ray II is one of the three Rays that are responsible for the development of consciousness in the vegetable kingdom, whose highest development is attractiveness magnetism and perfume.

Think about it, when you love someone, you send them flowers and/or perfume - in India it's Incense - I wrote a whole ceremony recently for a wedding on the Law of Attraction - I have removed the names so that you can see how powerful this Ray can be, again it all has to do with attraction, magnetism and these two usually result in co-creation the bringing forth new life from these God qualities.
The Law of Attraction

Most everyone believes that the Law of Attraction is all about abundance, which is true to a certain point; but what is missing here is the fact that you are constantly creating and imagining what you desire.

At some point you will attract someone into your life – this attraction is the magnet that draws one to another.  It can be for a positive loving relationship and/or it can be for the destruction of another – why?  Because thoughts are real and if your thoughts are positive, true and loving, you will attract someone who will compliment you, a soul mate or twin soul.

This union of two souls results in co-creation becoming one in all things, not only two bodies but two souls and two spirits. When this union occurs, a clan is established, two souls, two families , and two people’s friends make a village.

From this day forward, you are bound to one another, through the Sacrament of Marriage, through the acceptance of both of your families and witnessed by all of your friends. 

The Law of Attraction created the “union” which is built of love and fire, and the desire to reach for the stars. Your circle supports you in all your endeavors and it is this uniting of yourselves that makes your life useful and meaningful.  Just think for a moment what you two have accomplished on your own; and now imagine for a moment what will happen when together you unite your desires, your goals that will motivate you and prompt you into activity. 

Do you realize how God understands his beloved sons and daughters – he expects you to attract to you all that you need – to aim high – is it true that He allows us to have all the things of this world?  Yes, because He filled the world with desire as part of the Path of Evolution.  He allows the desire for the things of this world in order for us to slowly unfold the God within us – this is the Father at play with His children.

This ancient and powerful Law of Attraction is what makes life worth living; and at some point in the future, the Law of Attraction will draw unto you that soul or souls who have chosen you as their guides – at this point you will learn what it is to have unconditional love – not only for each other; but for what you created through this dynamic Law of Love. 

-- Margaret Mary

This group uses the following enters in their work; The head, heart and solar plexus centers (this is necessarily the same as in Group

Ever since Pope John XXIII began to "outreach" through the ecumenical council back in the early 1960's; we've seen a dramatic change in how people of different faiths interact with each other.  In the late  1980's I happened to be at a meeting with the Dali Lama in San Francisco and seated at the table with him were Cardinals, Bishops and  Pastors of  various faiths, all gathered under the same roof to hear this great being who has incarnated 14 times as the Dali Lama of Tibet.  His Tibetan Philosophy is the word and actions carried forth by Compassion, Love and Wisdom, as a World Teacher he is recognized throughout all nations as an inspiration for Liberty, Brotherhood and Peace.
  Then in 1986, there was a meeting of all the leaders of the main religions of the world at Assisi in 1986. This conference gave each leader of a religious sect  an opportunity to highlight what their particular religion had to offer to support their particular congregations, communities and the world itself.
Today, we have the friendship and fellowship between Pope Francis and the Grand Imam of the Azhar which is helping to transform centuries of misunderstanding and hostility between their two faiths.

Pope Francis and The Grand Iman of the Azhar
signs Peace Declaration on "Human Fraternity"
again this is what the Master is speaking about
Fraternity/Britherhood in all areas of life

Again, Pope Francis advising us to all

End of Lesson - to be continued....

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