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126 - Lesson 46 - Ten New Seed Groups - No. 8 - The Psychologists


So far we've been introduced to seven of the New Seeds Group -
1.  The Telepathic Communicators
       Who are receptive to the impressions from Hierarch and
       from each other - their God Quality is Group Purpose
2.  The Trained Observers
       Their objective is to see clearly through all events through
       space and time through their intuition
3.  The Magnetic Healers
       They work intelligently with the vital forces of the "etheric 
       body" and seek to bring about the right healing of the
       personalities all aspects of their nature.
4.  The Educators of the New Age
       Their work is to bring in the new type of education and their
       emphasis will be upon the building of the antahkarana by 
       opening the use of the mind in meditation.
5  The Political Organizers
       They concern themselves with the political life in every nation
       and they also deal with the problems of civilization and with
       relationships existing between nations.
6.  The Workers in the Field of Religion
       They will be working on formulating the universal platform of 
       the new world religion. Its emphasis is on the unity and the 
       fellowship of the spirit. 
7.  The Scientific Servers
       They will reveal the essential spirituality of all scientific 
       work which is motivated by love of humanity and its welfare. 

8.  The Psychologists will be today's lesson
This group will be concerned with the revelation of the fact of the Soul and with the new psychology which will be used upon the seven ray types and the new esoteric astrology.  Their major task will be to relate, through approved techniques, the Soul and the personality, leading to the revelation of divinity through the medium of humanity.
When we think about it, this will be a major challenge, as we look upon humanity today and realize that 98% of humanity is only concerned about things that are happening in their mundane world.
Things like their immediate needs, their families, their work and or projects, their talents, their friends and associates; but at this point they have little regard for the expansion of consciousness and what is required of them in order to move forward and upward along the chain of evolution that most of the other planets in our solar system and universe have already accomplished - as has been stated - we have a long way to go in order to catch up with the other planets.
They will act as transmitters of illumination between groups of thinkers and as illuminators of group thought.  They transmit energy from one thought center to another and, above everything else, they transmit the energy of ideas.  The world of ideas is a world of dynamic force centers.  Let this not be forgotten.  These ideas have to be contacted and noted and their energy has to be assimilated and transmitted.

Lord Lanto Student of Confucius
Keeper of the Flame of Illumination
Second Ray Master of Wisdom

Lord Lanto in the Ascended State

Lord Confucius
Great Teacher From China
He and Lord Lanto Were Responsible 
For Bringing the Illumination Flame to America

The Second Ray Illumination Flame has been transported from China to the United States and the keepers of this Flame are located in the Grand Tetons Mountains in the Etheric Plane - these powerful Lords of this particular Illumination Flame are Lord Lanto and Lord Confucius who work at inner levels with all great thinkers and inventors.  Much of what Tesla and others brought forth came from their connection to these two Lords of the Illumination Flame.

Mighty Cosmic Being Victory
Whose Keynote is "The Ode to Joy" 
The Ninth Symphony of Beethoven

The Great Cosmic Being Mighty Victory came to America at the
Request of the Seventh Angel and has chosen to stay at the Illumination Retreat at the Tetons even since.

The Psychologists Group uses the following Centers in their work.  The head, heart, solar plexus and throat centers (this group of disciples will be the first to use four centers in their work as they are in a curious sense, the mediators of thought between the other groups.  They are peculiarly a linking group). 

Head Center or Crown Chakra

Throat Chakra

Solar Plexus Chakra

Heart Chakra

The  following information comes from the Arcane School  "Ten Seed Groups" Catalyst for the New Age.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Most of mainstream psychology is still rooted in a mechanistic behaviorism that sees consciousness as a by product of the electrical and chemical activity of the brain.  However, the work of this seed group can be clearly seen in the many initiatives that are promoting a more transpersonal approach.  Outstanding examples are the work and writings of Roberto Assagioli, Viktor Frankd, Erich Fromn, Abraham Maslow, Carl Jung and Carl Robers, to mention only a few.  Taken together this pioneering group is helping to develop the understanding that consciousness is the primary and causative factor in every human being.  If we work with the consciousness aspect then the patterns and problems in the personality which distort the ability of the Soul to shine through can be seen and dealt with by transmutation and a divine sublimation that will make all things whole.  Trends in this direction can be seen nowadays in the conscious use of Mindfulness as a therapeutic tool.  Much research is being done in trying to understand the interrelationship between body emotions, mind, which has led to the recognition of the power of thought over the personality  The efficacy of psychology will be markedly enhanced when it absorbs the science of the seven rays with an experience of  their conditioning qualities and attributes.
All the above teachings are taken from "Discipleship in the New Age" by The Tibetan and Alice Bailey.
Although the Master doesn't mention a particular ray, He does mention all Seven Rays coming into play - as we've only given an
introduction to the three "Primary Rays" I, II and III I will give you a brief summary of the Seven Ray types.
Again, all my information on the  Seven Rays are from the Book  by  Helen S. Burmeister "The Seven Rays Made Visual

Lord of the Fourth Ray
The Master Serapis Bey

Ray IV, the Ray of Harmony, Beauty, and Art - 
"This Ray has for its function the creation of beauty through the free interplay of life and form, basing its design of beauty upon the initial Plan as it exists in the mind of our Solar  Logos.  Its keynote is harmony through conflict harmony between the desires of the form (or personality) and the desires of the indwelling life  Its purpose is to produce at-one-ment, unity, beauty and balance.  This makes the fourth Ray energy essentially a force for a wholeness and healing as it helps all forms to achieve an ultimate perfection through the power of the inner life.  (Most people that are on this Ray are working on their Ascension - this Ray continually challenges one to become a conduit for the indwelling spirit and to live and move and be in the spirit of Godliness).
Ray IV is essentially the refiner, the producer of perfection within the form, and the prime manipulators of the energies of God.  It works in such a way that the Temple of the Lord is indeed known in its true nature as that which "houses" the Light.  It is primarily expressive on the plane of intuition and is the way of the seeker, the searcher, the sensitive reflection of beauty.
Like the three major Rays of Aspect (I, II and III), each of the four Rays of Attribute has its origin in one of the seven stars of the Great Bear.  Fourth Ray energy comes through Taurus, Scopio, and Sagittarius, of which Scorpio is today the controlling factor.  Through Scorpio comes the testing of humanity as the world disciple.  Mercury is the sacred planet through which the Lord of the fourth Ray expresses Himself primarily.
Because humanity is the fourth kingdom of nature, existing between the three lower kingdoms  animal, vegetable and mineral - and the three higher kingdoms - that of the Soul,  the Monad (or Higher Self), and Divinity - it stands at a point off balance between opposites, between the world of the personality and the world of the soul, between objective and subjective forces, between illusion and reality.  This balance and harmony that the fourth ray energy promotes and produces is beautifully stated by D. K. in the following tantrum":
Color and yet no color now is seen.
Sound and the soundless One meet in an infinite point of peace
Time and the timeless One negate the thoughts of men
Form is there found, and yet the psychic sense reveals that which the form is powerless to hide - the inner synthesis...
Form and its soul are merged.
The inner vision watches over the fusion, knows the divine
relation and sees the two as one.  But from that point of
high attainment a higher vision blazes forth before the
opened inner eye  . . .
Pass on, O Pilgrim on the Way.

This Information was given out in order for all of us to recognize which group we would fall under.  As you read each lesson, you should look at your own patterns of behavior and try and recognize which "seed group" you would be most likely to fall under.  All children of light are working on one or more Rays but in this particular case, there's a direct connection to the Soul in each of us.  By reading each lesson, all of us have an opportunity to connect to one of these ten seed groups.
End of Lesson - to be Continued.....

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