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In the last lesson Patanjali emphasized the importance of Union - He gave examples first of all, making the connection and/or Union between the "Little Mind" and the "Soul" - He also showed that the common man is only connecting with the material world and has little interest in making any connection to the soul; but on the other hand, the Soul has little interest in making the acquaintance of man while he dwells in the mundane world - This results in quite a problem - because in order to move forward according to the Divine Plan, as a Fifth Root Race individual and/or a Fifth Sub Root Race individual it is actually expected of us to make that very contact with the soul.  Remember, the East has already passed their initiations and there are many among the East, who are now and have been for the last one hundred years, moving towards the West - for according to Hierarchy, it is we, the Fifth Root Race, the Aryans, who must now pick up the baton and run towards the finish line.  We have no choice, it has been set in stone, according to Cosmic Law, and the last opportunity for this Root Race to make the grade and graduate.

He further went on and gave us some steps on "how to"  reach the goal set for us.  Number one, we've got to stop desiring things of this world, rather, we need to concentrate on finding ways to subjugate the "little mind", because without this first step all else will fail.  The simple act  of putting time aside once a day, to give complete concentration and become "single-eyed" in looking for the Solar Angel or Soul, which not only dwells within each of us; but actually resides about  25 feet above our heads in the etheric plane.  From what I understood about the last lesson is....we must have "union between the manus of mind, with the soul or Solar Angel".  The fact that the Solar Angel has no interest in getting in touch with us, unless we can put aside our preference for the material and emotional toys; and take control of this "little mind", this takes daily meditation, fifteen minutes first thing in the morning would be the perfect time, as we are just coming back from being in the retreats with the Hierarchy and therefore ready and able to reconnect with the soul.  This will take many days and months of concentration and devotion with only a gradual flashing of light within the head; but due diligence pays off over a period of time, when the light begins to be there when you begin your meditation and you know at once that now the Soul is ready and willing to unite with the lower vehicles of the mind.  
So, let's find out what the next steps He will give us as we make our way onward and upward in our homeward journey...
There are certain lines of least resistance in the spiritual life and along them certain forces or energies are released.
a.  Emotional intuitional        monadic    to the heart of the aspirant.
                     (or buddhic)      (Higher Self)
b.  Mental    spiritual            logoic        to the head of the aspirant.
                     (or atmic)
  The student is therefore given the WORD of restraint or control as a key to all his endeavors.
  The chitta is the mind, or mind-stuff, the mental body, the faculty of thought and of thought-form making, the sum total of the mental processes; it is the material governed by the ego or soul out of which thought forms are made.
It is the WORD that he is trying to reach, and again, it must come through the mind; but not the lower mind; but that mind which is hidden from us until we can control and restrain the little mind, then and only then will the real faculty of thought come through as now the Soul can communicate directly to the aspirant.
The "psychic nature" is kama-manus (is the desire mind), the emotional or astral body, tinged faintly with mind, and is the material clothing all our desires and feelings*.  Thereby they are expressed.
So, one can see why we're stuck here in the lowest plane of existence - *because we continually working between our desire body and our little mind, they keep us prisoners to our own desires for things and/or people.
  These two types of substance have their own line of evolution to follow and they do so.
Again, we need to understand that what He is telling us is that at the present time, we are all following our natural instincts, to gather material things, wealth, world travel, the best of everything, and we've been allowed to get away with it; but to our great cost, as it keeps us on the "Wheel of Karma" having to return again and again,  until we finally reach a point where we draw the line and say "ENOUGH" I want out of here once and for all; well, we're given an early opportunity to do exactly that, if only we'll take the time, have the patience and with determination, make the giant leap on our evolutionary path - the Hierarchy has set it up for us, now, all we need do, is follow instructions - step by step until we reach the "goal post" that They have set up for us, in order to make that "more perfect union" with our Souls.
  Under the logoic plan the spirits or divine sparks are imprisoned by them, being first attracted to them through the mutual interplay of spirit and matter.  By the control of these substances and the restraint of their instinctual activities, these spirits gain experience and eventually liberation.
  So, our spirits are attracted to that which is in matter; and at the same time, our very spirits are imprisoned by their connection or union.  It is only when we take control of our lower mind that we can experience liberation (freedom from all sickness, limitations and death - what a gift they are offering us at this time - and we only have until 2025 to accomplish what has been set forth as our Divine Plan for this Fifth Root Race)!
  Thus union with the soul is brought about.  It is a union known, and experienced in the physical body upon the plane of densest, manifestation through the conscious intelligent control of the lower nature. 
  We can have it all, right here in the densest plane of matter, while we're still residing in a material body - all this can be ours if we are willing and able to comply by the Cosmic Law set for us as the Fifth Root Race and give our all to try and make the necessary changes that will bring about our freedom.
    3.  When this has been accomplished, the Yogi knows himself as he is in reality.
  This might be described in the following way:  The man who knows the conditions and has fulfilled them as indicated in the preceding sutra, 
1.  Sees the self,
2. Realizes the true nature of the soul,
3. Identifies himself with the inner Reality,
and no longer with the concealing forms (lower mind and emotions)
4. Dwells in the center and no longer upon the periphery,
5. Achieves spiritual consciousness,
6. Awakes to recognition of the God within.
  In these three verses, the method and the goal are described in clear and certain terms and the way prepared for the more detailed instructions to follow.  The aspirant faces his problem, the clue to its solution is given to him, and the reward...union with the held before his seeking eye.
We speak here of the seeker, who sets his eyes on the goal, and obeys the cosmic law to "know thyself" the real person, the self, once this is accomplished, he then realizes that there's a whole new world out there, he discovers the true nature of the soul and its power to completely change a person from ordinary to super-human just by making the Soul's acquaintance.  Now this makes the aspirant ready and able to identify himself with this new Reality and at this point he no longer wants to identify with the material world with all its glamour and illusion.  This forces him to dwell in the center of this new reality, union with the Mighty Soul, the Solar Angel; and by so doing this centering he no longer dwells on the periphery, no longer willing to incarnate over and over again, he gets it.  At this point he achieves spiritual consciousness.
Once he climbs the ladder into this new reality he awakens to the recognition of the God within; and his whole life becomes one of service and interaction with Hierarchy.

  The past is briefly covered in the next verse.
  4.  Up till now the inner man has identified himself with his forms and with their active modifications.

  These forms are the modifications mentioned in the various translations, conveying the subtle truth concerning the infinite divisibility of the atom; these are the veiling sheaths and rapidly changing transformations which prevent the true nature of the soul becoming manifest.  The light of the inner God from shining forth, and which are occultly spoken of as "casting a shadow before the face of the sun". 
"Through this veil I see darkly" no truer words were ever spoken; for we have fallen a great ways from the Source; and now we must find our way back to our Soul; the journey is not easy as we have to dissolve each sheath or veil in order to allow the light of God to shine through; and this is not an easy task; in fact it requires our complete concentration on a daily basis for as long as it takes until the light begins to peak through the veils "that cast a shadow before the face of the sun". 
The inherent nature of the lives which constitute these active versatile forms has hitherto proved too strong for the soul (the Christ within, as the Christian puts it) and the soul-powers have been prevented full expression.  The instinctual powers of the "animal soul," or the capacities of the aggregate of lives which form the sheaths or bodies, imprison the real man and limit his powers.  These lives are intelligent units on the involutionary arc* of evolution, working towards self-expression.  Their objective is, however different from that of the Inner Man and they hinder his progress and self-realization.  He becomes "enmeshed in their activities" and must free himself before he comes into his heritage of power and peace and bliss.  He cannot attain "unto the measure of the statue of the fullness of the Christ" (Eph 4:;13) until there are no modifications to be felt, until the forms are transformed, their activities quieted, and their restlessness stilled.
  The student is urged to bear in mind the nature of this aspect of evolution which is proceeding concurrently with his own.  In his right apprehension of this problem comes realization  of the practical work to be done, and the embryo yogi can begin his work.
   The lower forms are constantly and ceaselessly active, endlessly assuming the forms of impulsive desires or dynamic mental thought forms, and it is only as this "form-taking" is controlled and the tumult of the lower natures stilled that it becomes possible for the inner ruling entity to liberate himself from the thralldom and improve his vibration upon the lower modifications.  
   This is achieved through concentration - the concentrated effort of the soul to hold steadily the position of observer, or perceiver and of seer.  When he can do this to lower"spectacle" of the rapidly changing forms of thought and desire fades away, and the realm of the soul knowledge, can be seen and contacted. 
The constant bombardment of the mind with these impulsive and dynamic mental thoughts is what now need to be controlled - as they have had full control over the lower mind for thousands of years, it will take a great about of Concentration and consecration to the Path of Return that has been set out for us by Hierarchy over the next five years.  It will take up at least fifteen minutes a day to modify our life style in order to make room for this "vital and time-sensitive" role we all need to play in order to get us to the next step up on the "ladder of Jacob" .  It is NOW that we need to take control of the lower mind, It is NOW that we need to set aside time for a daily meeting with our Soul.  Each day as we concentrate and dedicate a small measure of time to quieting the yammering and impulsive thought-forms that clamor for attention and tend to distract one from accomplishing what that need to overcome in this stage of our Path.  
The Adept/Mahatma El Morya gave us a mantra that He used in order to gain His liberation from the lower mind and its controlling influence on our lives.  He takes us through all of the Chakras in order to connect at all levels with the Solar Angel and/or Soul:


Violet Fire Thy Love Devine,
Blaze within this Heart of mine,
Thou art mercy forever true, 
Keep me always in tune with you. (3,X'S)

I Am Light Thou Christ in me,
Set my mind forever free,
Violet fire forever shine,
Deep within this mind of mine.

God who gives my daily bread,
With violet fire fill my head,
Til Thy Radiance Heaven-like
Makes my Mind a Mind of Light. (3 x's)

I Am the Hand of God in Action,
Gaining victory every day,
My pure soul's great satisfaction
Is to walk the Middle Way. (3 x's)

Beloved I AM Presence Bright,
Round me seal you tube of light,
From Ascended Master's Flame,
Called forth now in God's own name,
Let it keep my temple free,
From all discord sent to me.

I Am calling forth Violet Fire
To blaze and transform all desire,
Keeping on in Freedom's name,
Til I Am one with the Violet Flame. (3 x's)

I Am forgiveness acting here,
Casting out all doubt and fear,
Setting men forever free,
With wings of Cosmic Victory.

I am calling in full power,
For forgiveness every hour,
To all live in every place,
I flood forth forgiving Grace. (3 x's)

I Am free from Fear and Doubt,
Casting want and misery out,
Knowing now all good supply,
Ever comes from realms on high,

I AM the hand of God's own fortune,
Flooding forth the treasures of Light,
Now receiving full abundance,
To supply each need of life. (3 x's)

I Am Life of God Direction
Blaze your light of Truth in me,
Focus here all God's perfection,
From all discord set me free.

Make and keep me anchored ever,
 In the Justice of your Plan,
I AM the presence of perfection,
Living the life of God in man. (3's)

I Am Changing All my garments,
Old ones for the bright new day,
With the Sun of Understanding,
I AM shinning all the way.

I AM light within without,
I AM light is all about,
Fill me, free me glorify me,
Seal me, heal me, purify me,
Until transfigured they describe me,
I AM shinning like the Sun,
I AM shinning like the Sun (3 x's)

I Am the Flame of Resurrection,
Blazing God's pure Light thru me,
Now I AM raising every atom,
From every shadow I Am free.

I am the light of God's full presence,
I Am living ever free,
Now the Flame of light eternal,
Rises up to Victory. (3 x's)

I AM Ascension Light,
Victory flowing free, 
All of good, won at last,
For all eternity,

I AM light all weights are gone,
Into the air I raise,
To all I pour with full God-Power,
My wondrous song of praise. 

ALL HAIL,  I AM the living Christ,
The every loving one,
Ascended now, with full God-power,
I AM A BLAZING SUN ! (3 x's)
In the above mantra, El Morya gives us a step by step unfoldment of the act of "transformation" and transfiguration through His beautiful rendition of the Self coming out of imprisonment into the light eternal. 
First:  He enters the Heart Chakra and asks for the Violet Fire of I AM THAT I AM to fill the chamber of the heart so that He will always be "in tune" with the God-head.

Second - then He asks for the light of the Soul to fill his entire brain within his head with Violet Fire (remember that Violet Fire is the Light of the Father (Blue) combined with the Light of the Divine Mother (Pink) Together They become the Violet Fire which by the way is only used when we're in the receiving light of the Seventh Ray during the Age of Aquarius).
Third- Then He asks for His hands to be blessed so that He may serve God by blessing others through the labor of His hands.
Fourth - He asks that the I AM seals Him in a Tube of Light,
so that He stays centered in seeking the Soul - He even asks the Soul "I AM Light Thou Christ in set His mind
Forever Free...this is when His complete concentration and dedication is anchored in the light of the Christ...
Fifth   Now He asks for "forgiveness" which we all must do so that we are dissolving past karma and obeying the"Law of Forgiveness" for example: I AM Forgiveness actions here, casting out all doubt and fear....." were letting go of our Karma and allowing more light into the brain.
Sixth -  Then He lets go of all His fears of not having enough and let's God take care of His every need - it's this doubt and fear of survival that keeps us from moving forward into the light, because the "little mind" constantly keeps us in a state of imprisonment by our own fears, which now have to be given to God as He will supply our every need.
Seventh - As soon As He "lets go and lets God" His life begins to change and He can now freely seek the Truth and reality as He begins to see the light fill His brain and He now knows that the Soul is paying attention to Him and He can now communicate with this Mediator between I AM and our Four Lower Bodies.
Eighth - Now comes the time of Transformation and Transfiguration He begins to see that His body and brain are filled with light He is transferring his physical body into a light body, while the Transfiguration is the Soul in Union with the physical man, making Him a Child of Light, filling all of His body down to the cellular level with the "Light of the Soul" this is what Jesus went through so that we could witness His becoming the Christ right in front of His chosen apostles and those Who came from Hierarchy to also witness His Transfiguration. When He says "I AM changing all My garments, old ones for the bright new day.... He can experience first-hand the tremendous change that is happening at all levels of His being.
Ninth - At this point He works at the level of the Christ and can now prepare for his eventual ascension in the light; but first He has to release the "two serpents" from the While Cube at the base of the spine - they will travel upwards through the 33 knobs of the spine, passing through all of the seven chakras attached there at the spine, and connecting to the "Resurrection Flame within the Secret Chamber of the Heart, which catapults Him through the rest of the chakras right up and through the Crown Chakra to the Soul and/or Holy Christ Self, the mediator between Heaven and earth.  Jesus experienced this after going through the crucifixion  and death when He descended into Hell and Rose again on the 3rd day...and for 40 days thereafter walked and talked with His apostles until He met them in the upper room where He gave them all the "gift of the Holy Spirit"  - the Soul that we all have as our mediator between Heaven and Earth.
Tenth - Here He is exalted in His Victory  - His liberation from the Wheel of Karma (having to incarnate over and over again) He has completed His Initiations for this Earth and has now Victory over death - He can choose to move onward and upward into the cosmos and/or He can choose to stay awhile and bring His younger brothers and sisters out of the shadows into the light - of course He stayed and is sill with us ever present and continually working towards our liberation.

The Involutionary and Evolutionary Path
Mankind takes into the density of Earth
And then the ascending evolutionary path out of it.
Note:  The Earth is the Bottom of the Involutionary Arc 
Note Globe D and so this is mankind's Fall into Matter
The Earth
We ascend upward toward Globe G  (the Fohatic) on our 
Evolutionary Path back to the Source
The Great Central Sun of
Alpha and Omega

*The involutionary Arc is that of man's downward journey illustrated as a descending arc from the Great Central Sun, the Physical Sun through the mineral, plant, animal and than mankind coming into his/her human development from the animal kingdom, there are still humans on the planet that have human bodies but still act with the animal mind, they haven't quite made it into the evolutionary side of the arcs, which has been occurring for the past 3,000 years. So when we speak of Jacob's ladder (the vision Jacob had of people ascending and descending the ladder) it has to do with our continual incarnating and leaving the planet and it also has to do with our evolutionary process on the "ladder of Jacob"  where are we on that ladder has everything to do with where we are on our spiritual journey back to the Father.  When we meet a "soul mate" whether male or female, it means literally that we are meeting someone who is on the same "rung of Jacob's ladder" they have reached the exact same level of consciousness as we have, therefore they connect with us and there is a deep soul understanding of where we are on our homeward journey.  This is the difference between a "soul mate" and a "Twin Flame".  The soul mate can be anyone including a family member, while there is only one Twin Flame, who was created by God as your "other self" and the Twin Flame usually dwells in the Etheric Plane while we are embodied unless they are to play some major part in ones present incarnation, like being the leader of a country and/or playing a major role in the government and/or bringing forth some art form that will benefit humanity, piano concertos, art, poetry, discourses that bring about dramatic changes in how people think would be some of the examples of having the Twin Flame embody with their other self. We usually work with our Twin Flames when we are asleep and working in our finer bodies in the retreats and inner classrooms of light.  

Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy
Twin Flames

Jennette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy were Twin Flames who came together during WWII to lift the hearts of all people in the free world from the oppressive dark clouds over Germany Austria and Poland. They had beautiful singing voices and they made quite a few movies during this dark period .
End of Lesson - to be continued. . .

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