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DECEMBER 21, 2020

NOTE:  as of the  16th if the night is clear, look to the southwest and

you will be able to see Saturn and Jupiter  

THE Grand Conjunction is when Pluto is hanging out with Jupiter.  The last time it was this close together was at the birth of Christ over 2000 thousand years ago - in a recent article my friend Karen sent me some information that really describes what's happening in our skies on the 21st of December:

Another note to remember is that Pluto also is "hanging out with Jupiter and Saturn, adding to the mix.  

On December 21, we have a major astrological event occurring. It’s called the Grand Conjunction, charting our collective astrological path for the next two decades. Astrology-heads are keying into this date because it could be a bumpy ride when Saturn and Jupiter move into airy Aquarius and out of earthy Capricorn.

Before we get into what this all might mean in detail, first a few notes on terms. 

A conjunction means the lining up of together--either for enhanced good or ill depending on the combination. For example, a conjunction of Saturn (Planet of Time) and Pluto (Darkness) – something hidden, tends to be rough and malefic, while Venus (Love) and Jupiter (Expansion) tends to be auspicious.

A Grand Conjunction is what happens when the planets of Jupiter and Saturn in particular meet up. (Because they are very large planets and also part of the outer planets). Together they are known as the Great Chronocrator, meaning the Markers of Time, and they have always been associated with epochal social change when they coincide on their orbital perambulations.

Part of the reason for the “social change” aspect of this conjunction is that the energies of Saturn and Jupiter are a massive case study in tensions. Saturn is the task-masker and father-figure who taps us on the hand and wants us to play by the rules. Jupiter is our expansive, charming, slightly intoxicated uncle at family dinner who inspires us to be more, do more and share more. 

The last time Jupiter and Pluto met up in Capricorn was in 1771, during the Russian Plague (yep). This transit happens every 13 years in a different sign and serves as a marker for cultural changeConjunctions of Jupiter and Pluto recur in periods of 12 to 13 years. The previous Jupiter-Pluto conjunction happened on December 11, 2007, and the one before that on December 2, 1994. After 2020, the next Jupiter-Pluto conjunction will occur on February 4, 2033, and the one following that on April 12, 2045.

My friend Elizabeth also gave us more  information on this the New Moon on December 14th 2020 @ 8:16 a.m. PST. The New Moon is in Sagittarius and what's important about the New Moon placement in Sag is having to do with our beliefs and what we judge and what to expand. The New Moon is important because at this New Moon is conjunct Mercury which is asking us to speak simply but at the same time being precise about what you are asking for because at this particular New Moon one can manifest anything in our lives; but it must be specific, while at the same time being specific and simply stated.  Most of the time we do a lot of talking but our intention must be clear and not convoluted. The Sun, Moon and Mercury and the South Node can bring things from the past into the present and/or you can leave them in the past. Again, you must be clear about what you want as this sextile also includes the North Node in Gemini.

On December17th the New Moon moves away and will move into Aquarius and will conjunct Saturn.


Exact on Decmber 21st

December 19th is the actual day that Jupiter joins Saturn in Aquarius.  This is a big deal - we've been in the dawn of Aquarius for the past 400 years (since 1623) and at that time it wasn't exact. This time December 21st at the Winter Solstice is exact (Saturn 00.8 

degrees while Jupiter is 00.8 degrees) forming the Grand Conjunction of two large outer planets. This will occur at 7:51 a.m. PST. What this means is Jupiter equals "Expansion"

while Saturn equals Restriction - Jupiter is the gas while Saturn is the brakes which equals "checks and balance" within our government and those governments throughout the world also our personal lives as well. 

Right at the beginning of the month we see Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto conjunct (the Three Planets forming the "Star of Bethlehem" over 2000 years ago).  Jupiter is expansion, Saturn is restriction while Pluto is the exposure of something hidden that must come to light).

So what we're seeing here is reconstruction:

Let me give you an example of how this works out in corporations. Facebook right now is facing an Anti-Trust lawsuit against them because their too big (restructuring) - not only are they too big but they have been guilty of harboring foreign agents with nefarious agendas (Pluto - something hidden); while at the same time they also have two other companies and (Saturn) will not allow this to happen.

The Point of this Grand Conjunction: Checks and Balances

Now let's look at our government - the current President and his cabinet have thrown out all of our freedoms, and set up a dictatorship if people speak up against this government - they are threatened with death by hanging - they have allowed certain groups to plan the 

kidnapping of Michigan's governor and have threatened leaders in Georgia as well as members of their own party who do not see "eye to eye" with this President, who still believes he was cheated. 

While for the past four years, we've seen the tearing down of all our protection, for our parks, our air quality protection is gone; and the rich get all the tax breaks while the middle and lower classes get nothing.


The president elect will change all that - he plans on bringing all our problems to the table and to RESTRUCTURE our economy, our health care; racial issues; and at the same time he has brought into his cabinet people of color - even the vice-president is first of all a woman and is a woman of color (EQUALITY)- he will reach out once again to all of our allies around the world and work on a global agenda, including all countries (BROTHERHOOD).  

While the current president didn't address the pandemic - not once issuing condolences to the thousands who have lost their loved ones; the president elect already met with the scientists, doctors and researchers in order to be ready on day one to move supplies, vaccines and ventilators and whatever else is necessary to every area in the country. This is what these three planets are helping to bring about - structural changes.

Remember, Pluto looks for honesty and exposes things done in secret; while Jupiter says "you're too large - need to reconstruct and Saturn, will not allow a company to form a monopoly or a President to become a dictator. A perfect example of these three planets is "cheating in the elections" and corruption within the government now being exposed. (Pluto) Capricorn is ruling over governments as well as corporations you can't have too much power. (This will now change as we move into Aquarius.)

These two planets (Jupiter and Saturn Conjunct) are the harbinger of the New Age. This brings about a sense of wanting to be traditional, again we must have restructure in order to bring about harmony and peace.

Uranus in Taurus squaring Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius by 6-7 Degrees right at the time they cross over from Capricorn to Aquarius .


Attachments area

Uranus in Taurus rules our economy with this square we see businesses closing, people out of work - sitting in Taurus we see an unstable economy- The square acts as a catalyst and this will become more intense; but at the same time the square makes one take action - so we will see by the end of the month the stimulus package will pass (but will not be enough).

Venus rules money, and will be in Sagittarius, which means we will end up being in more debt as a county as well as individuals.  The 21st of December will see Venus square to the Moon, this will manifest as "problems with pandemic - and especially the vaccine (not enough to go around - this administration did not take the offer that Pfizer gave them back in June.)

Sagittarius is our ideals and because Jupiter rules Sag we will see expansion.

The Sun on the 21st will still be in Sag and will be in Capricorn on the 22nd - close conjunction to Venus - lots of stuff going on behind the scenes. It's got to do with the vaccines (not enough for everybody - slower in getting to the people than expected.)

Uranus in Aquarius is destructive and sudden - will see severe weather patterns and Uranus rules "earth, wind, water and fire" Uranus in Taurus is disruption of your values and things as well as homes, lots of movement, people being displaced either by fires, floods, tornadoes, loss of jobs, loss of life - but remember that reconstruction will be happening at the same time.

Large corporations find that people working from home and having zoom meetings is working just fine and so they will be selling their large buildings while teachers will find that they can teach within as well as outside the classroom, making education available to those who are housebound.

This is a time of restructure not only within our economy but also within our government as well as our educational systems. Don't forget that we, the people will also be moving in new directions, whether because of a job offer changes one's location; or because moving is for economic reasons - we will be seeing a lot of movement, that was unplanned and, in many cases unforeseen.



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