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143- A Treatise On Cosmic Fire- Sect 1 Div B - 4//1/2021


I  The work of the three rays.

1. The personality ray.

2. The egoic ray

3. The monadic ray.

II.  The personality ray an the permanent atom.

III.  The personality ray and karma.


We here touch upon a matter of wide general interest yet which is withal very little comprehended.  I refer to the subject of the permanent atoms.*  Each body or form wherein Spirit functions has, for its focal point on each plane, an atom composed of matter of the atomic  subplane of each plane.  This serves as a nucleus for the distribution of force, for the conservation of faculty, for the assimilation of experience, and for the preservation of memory. These atoms are in direct connection with one or other of the three great rays in connection with the microcosm:_

                        a.  The Monadic Ray, the synthetic ray of the


                        b. The Egoic Ray.

                        c. The  Personality Ray

*  H. P. Blavatsky explains that the atoms are transferred from one being or object to other, and that this fact is the cause for the teaching in some religions about reincarnation of human beings into lower forms of life:

The esoteric meaning of the Laws of Manu (Chap. XII, 3 and 55), of the verses that state that “every act, either mental, verbal or corporeal, bears good or evil fruit [Karma], the various transmigrations of men [not souls] through the highest, middle, and lowest stages, are produced by his actions”; and again that “A Brahman-killer enters the body of a dog, bear, ass, camel, goat, sheep, bird, &c.,” bears no reference to the human Ego, but only to the atoms of his body, of his lower triad and his fluidic emanations. It is all very well for the Brahmins to distort in their own interest, the real meaning contained in these laws, but the words as quoted never meant what they were made to yield from the above verses later on. The Brahmins applied them selfishly to themselves, whereas by “Brahman,” man’s seventh principle, his immortal monad and the essence of the personal Ego were allegorically meant. He who kills or extinguishes in himself the light of Parabrahm, i.e., severs his personal Ego from the Atman and thus kills the future Devachanee, becomes a “Brahman-killer.” Instead of facilitating through a virtuous life and spiritual aspirations the mutual union of the Buddhi and the Manas, he condemns by his own evil acts every atom of his lower principles to become attracted and drawn in virtue of the magnetic affinity, thus created by his passions, into the forming bodies of lower animals or brutes. This is the real meaning of the doctrine of Metempsychosis.[3]

D.K. Gives the following Explantions on Permanent Atoms, Rays, and Triads: 

Permanent Atom:  An appropriated point of atomic matter.  A tiny center of force which forms the central factor and the attractive agency around which the sheaths of the incarnating Monad are built.  These are strung like pearls upon the Sutratma or thread. 

Ray:   A stream of force or an emanation.  The Solar Logos, or the Macrocosm, manifests through three major rays and four minor rays.  The Monad or microcosm likewise manifests through three rays as mentioned in the text above.  All rays express a peculiar and specialized type of force.

Triad:  This is literally Atma-buddhi-manas, (Atma=exalted being.

Buddhi = control of personality via mental plane- attainment by man

Manas = form through higher principle makes itself known).  The expression of the Monad, just as the personality is the expression of the Ego.  The Monad expresses itself through the Triad, and in its lowest or third Aspect forms the Egoic or Causal body, the infant or germinal Ego.  Similarly, the Ego expresses itself through the threefold lower man, mental, emotional and etheric (these being the reflection of the higher Triad) and these three give rise to the dense physical manifestation.

The following explanation  of the Monad (I AM Presence) the Buddhic - The Holy Christ Self or Soul - and the Personality and/or Manas - Remember the I AM Presence and Soul manifest through our physical just like ideas manifest through the brain.



The I AM Presence

         The I Am Presence is our own real self. Yogananda and others said:  “I Am Self Realized” this means that they have joined with their own beloved I AM Presence and have made their ascension to become one with this beautiful Presence.

         The I Am Presence is also known as the Higher Self and The Eternal Body of every individual.  The reason it’s called the Eternal Body becomes clear when you realize that once you make your Ascension, this beautiful Eternal Presence will be your true reality for Eternity – for it is your real self.

         In the beginning, when the Father/Mother God created us in their image, it was this Ethereal Body that came forth, a beautiful being of fire, with an exact replica of our Divine Parents’ Threefold flame from Their Hearts.  This is what truly makes us Sons and Daughters of the most High God, for they gave us from their own Heart Flames the Three-fold flame that still exists within our I AM Presence as well as a miniature version within the sacred chamber of our hearts.

         The I AM Presence is surrounded by a Causal Body. Before our first embodiment when we were ready to descend into matter.  We had to pass through a schoolroom of sorts made up of seven spheres that surround our physical sun in concentric circles.  Each sphere carried a different Ray with all its God qualities.  The Rays are made up of seven colors.  We could spend as much time in each sphere as we wished but once out of the sphere we could not go back.  Once we graduated from a Ray the color of that ray was imprinted as a concentric ring within our Causal Body that surrounds our I AM Presence.  If we really liked a particular sphere and the quality of service that it offered, when we graduated, our band of color for that particular sphere would be much larger than the other six bands.  For example, if you liked spending time on the fifth sphere, you would be learning how to heal others, and you would be researching and creating plants as medicines to help heal others.  When you finally arrived on earth, you would immediately begin to heal and grow medicinal plants to help with the healing of others. Look around you at all those who are nurses, doctors and researchers for finding cures for disease today, you can be assured that they spent most of their time on the fifth sphere and when you look at their auric field it would be predominately Green as this is the color for the fifth sphere of healing and research.

         Your Causal Body is referred to in the bible as “the treasures stored in heaven”.  The Causal Body, does in fact store all the positive energy for good that you accumulated during all of your lifetimes.  When one places his attention continually on the I AM Presence, this great Storehouse of Energy will be given back to that individual.

One of the greatest gifts given to mankind today is the awareness of the I AM Presence and its ability to protect the physical body. By giving your attention to the I AM Presence, you begin to increase the light within the charkas as well as every cell and atom within the body.  And by consciously asking for the expanding light from the Presence, this calls the I Am Presence into action by forming a “Tube of Light Protection” around the individual.   If the momentum is kept up on a daily basis and is maintained, it becomes an invincible wall of light completely surrounding you so that no human effluvia can penetrate this shield of radiating light. This is the need of the hour for all mankind today. 

The saying “Look Up and Live” should be applied here on a  daily basis.  In order to find our way back to our Father, we need to begin today reuniting with our Beloved I AM Presence 


This picture below is a very good image to meditate upon as it gives the feeling of penetrating to the inner chamber of the heart and once there, you begin to envision other bodies and other worlds within.

There is heart meditation that we love to do that brings us into the heart and eventually out of the body. I like to meditate upon the heart with the melody Pacabel playing softly in the background. 

Remember the I AM Presence is connected through the crystal cord to both the Holy Christ Self that resides about twenty four feet above the Crown Chakra  and terminates in the left ventricle of the physical heart.  When one passes over in death, The crystal cord is severed by Archangel Michael and your last breath is inhaled by the Holy Spirit (Just as the Holy Spirit breathes into you your first breath at birth).


NOTE:        The picture below is a rendition of the heart chakra so that you can envision how the heart chakra should look.  

The Heart Chakra






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