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Lesson 155 - The Externalization of the Hierarchy-See Groups In the New Age



Alice A. Bailey, March 1934



(NOTE)  All printing in Black are the writings by the Tibetan through Alice Bailey

All printing in Blue are comments by MMF


Earlier I gave you some thoughts anent the new groups which come into functioning activity under The Law of Group Progress.  This law has a peculiarly close relation to the new Aquarian Age.* (A Treatise on the Seven Rays, Vol. II and Esoteric Psychology pp. 174-194)

Groups have always existed in the world as for instance the family group unit, but they have been predominantly third ray groups with, therefore, a dominant outer expression and control, and originating as the result of desire. pg 26

Their focus has been outstandingly material, and that has been part of the intended plan.  Right objectivity and expression has been the goal, and still is, of the evolutionary process.  But the groups now forming are a second ray activity and are building groups--building the forms of expression in the new age.  They are not the result of desire, as the term is usually understood, for they are founded basically on a mental impulse.  They are subjective in fact and not objective in nature.  They are distinguished by quality more than by formThat they may eventually produce potent objective effects is to be desired and such is their intent in our minds, but --at the present stage which is that of germination--they are subjective and (occultly speaking) they are "working in the dark."  At some distant date, groups will emerge which will be first ray groups, animated by the will aspect and consequently still more subjective in nature and more esoteric in origin, but with these we need not concern ourselves. pg 27

The family unit (and/or Third Ray Group) stems from desire and they are united but caught up in the world of illusion - the material world, although right objectivity and expression has been the goal, and this still, the evolutionary process.

In 1937 the groups that were forming were Second Ray (that of love/wisdom and illumination).  These groups formed as a result of expansion of consciousness through the "desire now to seek wisdom" as the old Piscean influence was no longer supporting their beliefs - they were working through the mind and were founded on a mental impulse.  As part of the Divine Plan on our evolutionary homeward path they were and are distinguished by quality--again seeding the God Quality of Wisdom/Illumination and the Expansion of Consciousness. At the present time, many, many groups have gathered understanding that a New Age is dawning and that although they are "working in the dark" they  realized that they would not move forward if they continued to work under the Third Ray of "desire" rather, they began working from a mental impulse.

Now let us look at the results of this evolutionary process - i.e. moving from the Piscean Age through the God Quality of Desire to the Aquarian Age working through the mental impulse to the present in the year 2022, when the First Ray God Quality is now in its germinating stage, under the Divine Plan of God and through the power and determination of Sanat Kumara and all those working from Shambala; and let us not forget the beloved Avatar of Synthesis who has volunteered to work under the Will of God (First Ray Impulse) to aid and abet all those who are now presently working in First Ray formation in a worldwide effort as predicted by our beloved Master Djhwal Khul back in 1937 - 85 years ago.

These seed groups are embryonic and therefore, like germinating seeds, their activity is at present dual.  Every seed demonstrates its life by putting out two outward evidences of its internal life and activity, and these seed groups are no exception to this universal law. Their activity is evidenced in a relation to the Hierarchy and their relation to each other.  Not yet have they succeeded in emerging into outer plane activity. Their inner life is not adequately strong, but they are, as says the scripture, "taking root downwards" in order to "bear fruit upwards." pg 27

When Master D. K. speaks to these new seed groups as embryonic and therefore still on the "inner planes" He tells us that we, the New Group of World Servers, were not yet embodied and when we did come into being we came with dual intent, i.e. to work as a group, to work in dual activities, that is, to work directly under Hierarchy as well as working in relation to each other.  You notice He qualifies this by stating that "not yet have they succeeded in emerging into outer plane activity."  And I love how he describes our eventual downward journey into the earth plane by "taking root downwards" in order to "bear fruit upwards".  This is exactly where we are in the year 2022.  All the souls who have come together, gathering together in a worldwide formation, in the Triangles and Twelves, all acting as "One Soul" attuned to the Star Retreat and Hierarchy while at the same time attuned to one another - pretty amazing how the Divine Plan is working out right where we are on Earth as it is in Heaven.

Should these groups develop as intended, should the corporate life of the members persist in right integral relation and should continuance be their keynote, then these seed groups, tiny as they may be, will come to flower, and--through an eventual "scattering of the seed," succeed finally in "covering the earth with verdure."  I am speaking here in the language of symbolism which is, as you well know, the language of truth. One small plant which, in its turn, succeeds in producing a seed, through rightful fruition can thus reproduce itself in multiple order.  Be not therefore unduly impressed by the smallness of the effort.  A tiny seed is a potent force--if duly tended, rightly nurtured and ripened by sun and water within the soil-- its potencies are unpredictable. pgs. 27-28

Note well here what the Master speaks of:  it is through "right integral relation and should continuance of their keynote, then these seed groups... will come to flower" and then there is "the scattering of the seed," while finally "covering the earth with verdure" that would be the "light of the soul" and turning the squares into "Triangles of Light" all around our world. 

He further declares that "One small plant which, in turn, succeeds in reproducing a seed, through rightful fruition can thus reproduce itself in multiple order." This is exactly what is happening in our spiritual groups throughout the world. How is this accomplished? It must be duly tended, through daily prayer and service, nurtured and ripened by sun and water (the Sun of our system and the waters of Aquarius with our earth), and are unpredictable as to how far and wide the Word of God can spread.

Certain germ ideas are emerging into the human consciousness.  These differ peculiarly from those of the past, and it is these widely different ideas which are the distinctive characteristics of the new age, the Aquarian Age.  Hitherto the great ideas which succeeded finally in controlling a race in any age, have been the gift of the intuitive sons or men to their generation.  Advanced human beings have then seized upon the intuited idea, subordinated it to the process of mentation(mental activity-MMF), made it desirable, and then have seen it come into being through the "agency of recognition," as is is occultly called.  One illumined mind would sense the divine idea, needed for the growth of the racial consciousness and then would give it form; the few would recognize it and thus foster its growth; the many would eventually desire it and it then could manifest experimentally and sporadically all over the civilized world of any age, wherever culture of any kind made itself felt.  Thus the idea was manifested.

In the Age of Aquarius, the keynote of this age is the expansion of the mental plane from the "lower mind" to the 6th jiva of the "mind" the highest plane that leads directly to "soul awareness."  Thus, what has been happening over the past 85 years is that Hierarchy planted seed thoughts into the minds of the advanced human individuals, who then would expound upon it explaining that this idea would be needed for the growth of the racial consciousness, this in turn gave it form through the "agency of recognition," thus the few would recognize it and foster its growth (in other words spread the word). Others would desire this idea until eventually it would spread all over the civilized world - thus the idea was manifested. Herein, is a great example of the "keynote of the Aquarian Age" through the mental process and the intuition, the seed thought spread first of all through a few but eventually scattered throughout the world.  This, is what we call progress.

Two ways in which these determining ideas in the past came into being and played their part in leading the race onward might be mentioned. One was through the teaching of some teacher who founded a school of thought, thus working through the minds of a chosen few, and through these eventually colored the thoughts of the men of his time. Of such a teacher,  Plato, Aristotle, Socrates and many others are outstanding examples.  Another method was  the evocation of the desire of the masses for that which is deemed desirable and their mass reorientation towards a fuller life expression. This life expression, founded on some voiced idea, was embedded in an ideal life.  Thus the work of the Saviors of the world came into expression, and this brought about the emergence of a world religion. pg. 28

It was always thus, two ways in which new ideas in the past came into being- One was through the teaching of some teacher of which a school of thought would be established and the ideas would spread to the men of his time.  The other method was through the desire of the masses to more forward in their evolution founded on some voiced idea which became embedded in an ideal life.  When mankind cries out for intervention the Christed One appears once more and thus the world moves forward once again upon the evolutionary Ladder of Jacob.

The first method was strictly mental, and even today remains so:  the masses for instance, know little of Plato and his theories in spite of the fact that he has molded human minds--either through acquiescence in his theories or through refutation of them--down the ages. The other method is strictly emotional and so more easily colors the mass consciousness.  An instance of this was the message of the love of God which Christ enunciated and the emotional reaction of the masses to His life.  His message, and His sacrifice.  Thus the need of the mental few and the emotional many has been met down the ages.  In every case, the origin of the work effected and the medium whereby the race has been guided has been a human-divine consciousness; the medium has been a Personality Who knew and felt and was at-one with the world of ideas, with the inner world order, and with God's plan.  The result of these two techniques of activity has been the emanation of a stream of force, coming from some layer or level of the world consciousness--the mental or the emotional planes--which are aspects of the consciousness of the manifesting deity.  This impact of force has evoked a response from those who function upon one or other of these levels of awareness.  Today, as the integration of the human family proceeds and as the mental level of contact becomes more potent, there is to be found a powerful human reaction of schools of thought and a lessened reaction to the methods of orthodox religion.  This is due to the fact that the trend of the human consciousness is (if I might express it) away from the emotional to the mental levels of consciousness, and this, as far as the masses are concerned, will go on increasing. pgs. 28-29

As we read the above works of  the Master D. K., we come to a better understanding of the interaction of Hierarchy and humanity.  As both methods (emotional and mental) played out and continue to do so at a higher level of awareness today, we can see that when mankind evokes to God of their pain and heartache. Hierarchy responds and lo and behold the teacher arrives with complete understanding of the human consciousness. As an example, when mankind evoked their pain 2000 years ago, the Christ appeared on Earth in answer to their calls.  He brought the teaching of God's love and raised women up and it was through the emotional reaction of the masses to His life, His message, and His sacrifice, that benefited all of mankind through the emotional many and the mental few up to the present time through all the ages. Remember that it was the saints, those who entered the earth with a portion of God's Divine Plan embedded within their souls that allowed them to bring forth the "ideas from Hierarchy," who had the ability to execute their ideals upon others and as divine leaders lead groups of souls with schools established that would expand the consciousness of man.

The time has now come when there are enough people to be found who--having themselves made the religious and the mental approaches to truth definite factors in their consciousness in some small measure, and having established enough soul contact so that they can begin to touch the world of ideas (upon the intuitional levels of consciousness)--can employ a new technique.  Together and as a group they can become sensitive to the incoming new ideas which it is intended should condition the new age that is upon us; together an as a group they can establish the ideals and develop the techniques and methods of the new schools of thought which will determine the new culture; together and as a group they can bring these ideas and ideals into the consciousness of the masses, so that schools of thought and world religions can be blended into one, and the new civilization can emerge.  It will be the product of the mental and emotional fusion of the techniques of the Piscean Age, and it will thus produce an eventual manifestation upon the physical plane of the plan of God for the immediate future.  This is the vision which lies behind the experiment being carried on in the new seed groups. pgs. 29-30

Although the year was 1937, we see that Hierarchy was already working behind the scenes with certain individuals who were seeking Truth and were looking for something beyond their religion.  These changes were very gradual; but definitely changes in ideas and thoughts and ideals were catching on; causing many to leave their orthodox religions seeking the new schools of thought which then determined the new culture. This is when people began acting as a group, which enabled them to quickly bring forth new ideals into the new schools which in turn would bring in the new thoughts that would lead eventually to the new world religions, which in turn in a few decades would blend into one and a new civilization will emerge. We, at the present time are still in the embryonic stage but the seed has been planted and the new group of world servers are coming together under the Star Retreat which will bring it eventually into the physical plane.  No new ideas can happen in the twinkling of an eye, that is why all the "seed  groups" were established, thanks to the Master D. K. who was instrumental in bringing them forth into the world from the year 1931 and He is still working as one of the World Teachers to continue God's Divine Plan for these new ideas and ideals to be grounded in the Physical Plane in time for the Aquarian Age to be anchored into the atmosphere of Earth.

Looking at the whole problem from another angle, it might be stated that the effort of the past has been to raise the consciousness of humanity through the pioneering efforts of its foremost sons.  The effort of the future will be to bring down into manifestation the consciousness of the soul through the pioneering efforts of certain groups.  It has therefore, as you will readily understand, to be a group effort because the soul is group conscious and not individually conscious; the newer truths of the Aquarian Age can only be grasped as a result of group endeavorThis is relatively a new thing.  In the past, a man had a vision and sought to materialize it with the aid of those whom he could impress and influence to think as he did; a man sensed an idea or intuited an idea and then tried to give it form, later calling in the help of those who saw his idea as an ideal; a man had a great ambition which was, in reality, a dim grasping of a part of God's general plan, and he then became a group leader or a ruler, with the assistance of those who succumbed to his power or to his right to guide, lead and dominate them.  And so, progressively, the race has been led from point to point and from stage to stage of unfoldment until today many are seeing the vision, sensing the plan, and dreaming dreams which they can work out together.  This they can do because they recognize each other, because they are beginning to know themselves and each other as souls, because their understanding is united and because (and this is of prime importance) the light of this intellect, the light of knowledge, the light of intuition and the light of understanding is evoked within them; it enters not from without; and in that light, together, they see Light.  It is a group activity, a group recognition, and the result of group at-one-ment. pgs. 30-31

This entire paragraph is awakening us to the fact that although God's Plan was planted as a seed during the Piscean Age, it became the foundation upon which the new group of world servers began.  This seed group was first of all an experiment in seeking those among mankind who would work as group souls. The Masters quickly found out that this experiment, although in its embryonic stage, was rapidly taking hold among the minds within this group and, that as a result, the Divine Plan was quickly working out.  It was because this group was working at the "soul level" as one unit, as one activity, as one group recognition that brought this about.

All this is, however, so new and relatively so rare that these groups remain as yet in an embryonic stage.  We call them the seed groups of the new age. There are many such, as I told you before, but all as yet so small and so undeveloped that the success of their effort remains for the future to decide.  This applies also to the groups which I began to build in 1931 (Discipleship in the New Age, Vols.  I and II). pg. 31

Yes, it was new and it was rare, but it has grown from the seed stage to the embryonic stage to a full blown method of working at the soul level. Not only are the new group of world servers working on the new ideas and techniques that Hierarchy is giving them at the inner levels, they are working at the "soul level." They are now interacting with Hierarchy and bringing forth the Light  from Hierarchy and directing it into all areas of the World on a daily and weekly basis, through the work of Triangles. They are expanding the light in every area of the planet.

It will be apparent to you therefore why it was necessary for the initial or first group to lay the emphasis upon telepathic rapport, because upon that rapport, understandingly cultivated and developed, the success of these seed groups must depend.  It does not mean that their success depends upon the established success of the first group, but upon the comprehension by all the groups of the meaning and purpose and techniques of telepathy. (See Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle). pg 31

From the time that Madame Helena Blavatsky, Helena & Nicholas Roerich, Guy and Pearl Ballard, Alice A. Bailey and Geraldine Innocente all came into the Planet to bring us various documents from the Ancient Wisdom through the Mahatmas and St. Germain.  This was the first time that mankind was introduced to telepathy from Tibet to Russia; from Hierarchy (St. Germain) to America; from Tibet to New York (The Arcane School); and from Hierarchy (El Morya and various other Masters of Wisdom) to America. Madame Blavatsky and Helena & Nicholas Roerich wrote out everything they received by hand, while Guy and Pearl Ballad and Geraldine Innocente received it both through the spoken word as well as through the typewriter. When certain centers within the Etheric Body are opened then and only then can a clear channel be established between the two parties.  Many people today are working towards that same goal; but because they are working from the mental plane, they are not receiving the pure knowledge like those who have opened the Etheric Body so that there is a pure rapport between the two parties.  The other groups are the military (especially Russia and many within our military) are advancing along the lines of mental communication; but because they are not working from the "soul level" are not always accurate in both sending and receiving information.

The founding upon the inner planes of a school of telepathy to which humanity can become sensitive, even if unconsciously so, is part of the task which the first group, the Telepathic Communicators, has undertaken.  They are the custodians of the group purpose, and work on mental levels.  The second group, the Trained Observers, has the objective to see clearly through the use of the intuition; they serve on astral levels.  The third  group, the Magnetic Healers, has the objective of working with forces on the physical plane.  The other six groups will be mentioned later. pg. 31

I have discussed these "seed groups" in former lessons at some length and I will give a quick overview of why and for what purposes they have been established here on earth.  First of all, D. K. mentions that these schools were founded on "the inner planes" meaning that they are not even in the "seed stage" for most of us.  This is why one particular group are working with this school and are working on the mental plane. When the Master mentions that this group is working as custodians of the "group purpose" this could only mean that they are the seed group that will prepare mankind for the future when all of us are expected to communicate telepathically (and this will be established during the Aquarian Age).

The second group, the Trained Observers, will be working through their intuition, sending and receiving thought-forms but especially receiving from inner planes ideas and information that must be given out to mankind during this period and beyond, this will become established as a link with Hierarchy in the very near future.

The third group, the Magnetic Healers was brought forth in the  20's and 30's as an experiment, Homeopathic Medicine works along the same lines, re-energizing the entire body.  When working with forces from the physical plane, it means working with energy and magnetic fields as well as flowers and herbs in order to heal the body.  Here again, we should mention the Elemental Kingdom, that can work with mankind in finding which plants and herbs work for any particular disease.

You have become somewhat accustomed to the concept of these groups.  The novelty is dying out and you are apt to ask yourselves whether there is, in the last analysis, anything really new in them.  I will give you further on three reasons for the fact of their being a step in advance of anything hitherto possible on the physical plane.  This may reestablish their importance in your minds and enable you to carry forward your work with fresh ardor.  I have stated that these groups constitute an experiment and that they are connected paramountly with the work of the new age as it will express itself through the coming civilization and the future culture.  It might be of value here if I pointed out the distinction which exists between a civilization and a culture.

A civilization is an expression of a mass level of consciousness as that consciousness works out in physical plane awarness, physical plane adjustments, relationships and methods of living.  A culture is essentially an expression of the intellectually and vitally mental significances and the state of consciousness of mentally polarized people of the race, of the intelligentsia or of those who constitute the link between the inner world of soul life and the outer world of tangible phenomena.  In those words the raison d'etre of the mental plane is concisely stated.  Its function in this connection will be increasingly understood during the next few decades. pgs. 31-32

So, civilization is the expression of the consciousness of the masses that consciousness being worked out on the physical plane in methods of living.  While a culture is an expression of the intellectually and vitally mental understanding and also the "state of consciousness" of mentally polarized people of the race - in other words the highly intelligent people who are the link between the inner "soul" world and the outer world of tangible phenomena. This means that culture stems from those who set the standards and ideals of the race through their connection with their soul and its ability to contact the Hierarchy on inner levels and bringing those ideas and ideals to the outer material world. 

The masses are negative to the plane of desire and of feeling, and the civilization of any age is largely the exteriorization of that particular level of consciousness.  The intelligentsia are positive and their positive mental orientation produces the culture of their time, or their race or their community.  We have therefore in the human family: 

    Masses ...   Negative...    responsive to desire...    Civilization 

    Intellectuals... Positive... responsive to mind...    Culture pg. 32

Its indicative in the above example of where the Masses are compared to those Intellectuals who bring forth the culture to the Masses, while the Masses only respond to desire; but the blending of the two will result eventually in opening up the consciousness to a higher awareness of the higher mental plane during our present time and on into the future. 

In these you have the two poles which distinguish the race, and it is through the interplay between these two that human activity, progress and development is generated and carried forward. pg. 32

As stated above gradually there will be an interplay between these two poles that will bring progress and development to the masses carrying them forward into the Aquarian Age.

There is another grouping which should not be overlooked.  The spiritually minded people of the world are negative to the higher spiritual world as it expresses itself through or calls forth the higher type of desire which we call aspiration.  This produces those exponents of the spiritual nature who constitute--in the aggregate--the Church of Christ or the world religions in the exoteric sense and in any race or time.  Positive to this group and giving them the keynote of the culture of their particular age on this higher turn of the spiral are the esotericists and aspirants throughout the world.  These are responsive to the mind aspect.  In this way the spiritual culture and the resultant civilization comes into being and to it the lower becomes responsible.  You have, therefore, the masses and the intellectuals together negative in their turn to the positive impression of the deeper civilization and culture as it is expressed through the religions of the world and the groups of idealistic esoteric seekers after reality.  These latter are the glory of every age and the positive germ of the subjective unfolding impulse which is basically the source of all current phenomenal appearance.

This group of religionists and esoteric aspirants in their turn constitute the negative pole to the positive impression and energy of the planetary or occult Hierarchy.  Consequently, we have:

        Negative Groups                                    Positive Groups 

The Masses                                        The Intelligentsia

The Churches and religions            The Esotericists, aspirants

                                                                and occultists

The Esotericists, in their turn         The Planetary Hierarchy

Broadly speaking, these groups divide themselves into the extroverted groups and the introverted groups, into the objective and the subjective levels of consciousness, and into the major divisions of the phenomenal world and the world of spiritual realities.

The problem before the Hierarchy at the beginning of the new or Aquarian Age was how to fuse and blend these two distinct groups, attitudes or states of consciousness so that from their fusion a third group could emerge which would be exterior in its activity and yet consciously alive to the interior values; they should be able to function upon the outer plane of appearances and at the same time, be equally awake and active upon the inner plane of reality and of spiritual living. pgs. 32-33

I would like to say here from the standpoint of living through the subsequent years that from the time I graduated from high school there began to be significant changes within the churches, both Catholic and Protestant; Pope John the 23rd brought about many changes within the Catholic Church and he also reached out to all the Protestant Churches in such a way that there was a greater interaction between all Christian faiths (I can't give testimony to the Muslin and Jewish Faiths as I wasn't familiar with their traditions) but I can say that since the mid-sixties there has been a much better interchange of ideas and theosophy. When you look at the Two Groups both at different polarities; we can see how mankind has gradually moved into the (seeking of Truth - 5th Ray) and has left the old orthodox religions because they were no longer serving the intelligentsia and therefore, in seeking many of the intelligentsia found the Truth lay in accord with the spiritual Hierarchy and their theosophical schools.  This is the blending that Master D. K. talks about in this book.

This type of dual functioning is the easiest activity for the Members of the Hierarchy and constitutes the sine qua non* (means "a thing that is absolutely necessary and/or without which not....) prior to association with that Hierarchy.  It was realized that many people could be trained in the appreciation of this possibility and slowly developed to the point where theory could pass into practice.  Yet these people would not be equipped throughout their natures in such a way that they were ready to become part of the occult Hierarchy even in the stage of accepted disciples. pg. 34

Again, at the time of this writing, people were in the embryonic stage and like Hierarchy they were willing and able to become trained and developed wherein theory became practice; but they were still coming out of the emotional state of consciousness and were not ready to become a part of the occult Hierarchy. This is not where we are at the present time, many are moving rapidly through group soul consciousness into interaction with Hierarchy both giving and receiving the forces of light that can now be distributed to various regions of the world.

It was the realization of the need for a bridging group which would be neither entirely negative nor entirely positive which prompted some of the Masters (Who are connected with the Hierarchy) to form the New Group of World Servers.  These people belong to neither group and yet they can function more or less in relation to both. This as you well know, has been done with quite a measure of success and this large group now exists and is magnetic enough to draw forth response from the mass of world aspirants and servers (who represent the current civilization and current culture) and at the same time to absorb and thus transmit knowledge, wisdom, force and light from the Planetary Hierarchy.  pg. 34

Well look how far we've come from the late 1930's, the New Group of world Servers don't affiliate with either of the former groups and we can function in relation to both (this is in order to maintain the connection between the Piscean Age and the Aquarian Age and the mass consciousness of much of mankind.  The Masters are now working and interacting with this group and are realizing how successful the bringing forth of this group upon the stage of life is at this point. It all points back to the formulation of this group that now exists and is magnetic enough to draw forth response from the mass of world aspirants and servers( who represent both the current civilization and the current culture) and at the same time  they can transmit knowledge, wisdom, fore and light from the Planetary Hierarchy. 

It has now been deemed possible to form groups within the new group of world servers whose members can begin to prepare  themselves to express both the phenomenal and the impulsive, the negative and the positive, the material and the spiritual with such a measure of success that, in due time, there can exist on earth a replica of the Hierarchy, its methods and techniques of work.  Such is the purpose of the groups which I have formed, and of other groups throughout the world who--in a different way and form, and employing perchance a different phraseology--yet are motivated and actuated as are the seed groups for which I have made myself responsible. pg 34

So, from these "seed groups" which are formed within the new group of world servers, we can now see what has come forth from this experiment started by the Master D. K.  They have already expressed themselves both the phenomenal and the impulsive the negative and the positive, the material and the spiritual with such a measure of success that already there exists on the earth a replica of the Hierarchy, its methods and techniques of work. We are now working worldwide on the Triangles, the Twelves and even other groups that Master D. K. has formed that we are not yet aware of.

The  three reasons for their importance might therefore be stated as follows:

1.  They constitute the germ of life which will result in the emergence of the Hierarchy at a later date upon earth, coming forth from the seclusion of the ages to function again in the light of physical day.  pgs. 34-35

Yes, within the next few years--and already some of the Hierarchy have already externalized and are scattered throughout the world - they are preparing the way, the truth and the light of the Coming One as well as the lowering into the atmosphere of Earth the New Jerusalem.

2. They are a bridging group, bridging between the negative mass of mankind and the positive agency of the Hierarchy . That is the reason why, in these groups, emphasis is laid upon service because that embodies response to the mass and its need, and upon soul contact because that embodies response to the world of souls, as typified for us in the occult Hierarchy. pg. 35

It is through meditation, prayer and service that the New Group of World Servers will work as bridges - mediators between Hierarchy and Humanity - through the Twelves and the Triangles a worldwide network of tangible light and knowledge is being given  to the masses and as that light force enters the planet the darkness is dissolving and many of those who work and live in darkness are now being brought into "light, illumination and love forever". 

3.  They also hold within themselves as a group the seeds of the coming civilization and the germ of the new culture.  The germ of the life of the new age is there, within the husk of the old age and the old forms.  Hence the opportunity, the service and the problems of these groups. pg 35

There you have it, the seed within the nut shell - these light-bearers carry the seeds of the coming civilization (the Aquarian Age) and the germ of the new culture (the Externalization of Hierarchy on Earth) Who will be working directly with these groups to bring about the awareness to the masses who are still living within the husk of the old age (Piscean Age) and the old forms (religions).  This is the opportunity (open door to unity with God), the service and the problems of these groups.  Now when we speak of problems, we are talking about those who are still clinging to the old religions and who will rebel at any changes to the old ways - this will be an ongoing problem for some time to come. 

Let me endeavor to indicate to you in what manner these groups can measure up to the threefold demand or opportunity mentioned above. 

 1,  They conceal and nurture the germ or seed of the new civilization of the Aquarian Age.

As working with the Hierarchy is always accomplished through the soul of the aspirant, they are responsible for carrying within them the germ or seed of the new civilization of the Aquarian Age.  They will bring it forth when the time is right and Hierarchy has established themselves in every area of the planet and when the Coming One is entering the atmosphere of Earth.

2.  They bridge between the old groups and the new group, between the mass of men (of whom the foremost find their way into the new group of world servers) and the Planetary Hierarchy.

Again, it is sometimes through the teaching of the schools established to bring forth the Wisdom of the Ages; but often times it is through the actions of these groups, the service to mankind and the example of individuals living in the soul that attracts and forms the bridge between the mass of men and the group souls. 

3. They will constitute in the future an aspect of the Hierarchy and its work upon the outer physical plane. 

As the Master D. K. speaks about the future when Hierarchy and its work is established upon the outer physical plane, then we will see major changes in every part of life. Especially those coming into the planet from each of the seven rays - Each God Quality bringing with it a powerful force of energy that will shift the thinking of the masses bringing them into a higher consciousness and more soul awareness.

You will note that the first opportunity concerns  the spirit aspect of the vital impulsive life aspect of divinity; that the second concerns the soul aspect or the subjective consciousness aspect of divinity; whilst the third concerns the body aspect or the physical expression, through consciousness, of the divine life.  The first three groups which I have formed are intended to be small reflections of these three aspects from the angle of modern need and the meeting of that need.

The reason the Master D. K. brought forth these various seed groups was to give an opportunity for mankind to experience the spiritual aspect and vital impulsive life aspect of divinity; while the second concerns the soul aspect (once the masses feel comfortable with the spiritual aspect, they will then move into contact with their own souls) or the subjective consciousness aspect of divinity; thus the third concerns the body aspect or the outward physical expression, through the lower mental plane of the divine life. The reason that D. K. brought forth these particular seed groups is for them to be the reflections of these three aspects from the angle of modern needs and how to meet those needs.


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