Friday, August 15, 2014

1-2014 -Beginners Class Volume I - Orientation

The objective of the Course is to answer the basic questions:
   Who am I?
   Why am I here?
   Is there a reason for my existence?

1.  The first several lessons will be all about you and your reason for being.
I suggest that you download these lessons and any charts and pictures and place them in a folder or you can place a folder on your desktop entitled "Beginners Class" and keep the lessons on hand.
2.  After establishing who you are the journey back through time to the Creation will give you a picture of where our planet is within the solar system and where we are in relation to the Cosmos, the Solar and Planetary systems.
3.  Once you familiarize yourself with the charts, then the focus will be centered on the different planes and how all life is connected; and especially how all souls are connected making us truly "our brothers' keeper".
4.  Further study will involve the connection between Spirit, Soul and Personality and what is the relationship to the various kingdoms; also how these three bodies are interwoven, interconnected in various ways with one another.
5. An introduction to the Elemental Kingdom, Nature Kingdom and Animal Kingdom and the importance of working with these Three Kingdoms.

6.  Once a month, we will have a short review of everything that you have learned during each thirty day period
6.  Later on an introduction to those "Great Souls" who are teachers behind the veil.  Those Mahatmas' who have completed all the initiations required to make their Ascension; these wonderful teachers, who could move on to other systems of worlds but because of their love for mankind, stayed behind in order that we could also find our way home.

7.  Let me assure you, I am not a prophet I am just a teacher who was most fortunate to have found these Ascended Beings and my role is to bring those teachings to your attention so that all of you can at some point become teachers as well;  that the Light from these Great Souls which They have conveyed to us through these teachings can expand into the hearts of all mankind.

8.  The Path is established through three steps - Meditation, Study and Invocation or decreeing.  In order to become less self-absorbed, it is always an excellent idea to step outside yourself and help your brothers.  We have established the "World Service" which is a prayer group for our planet and mankind.  I have set up the entire World Service on the website, and you can download it; print it out and begin doing it; or better still, to form a group in your area and do the World Service once a week together (you can do it daily or whenever you want to help the World). There will be an audio tape for the World Service in the next two weeks.

I hope that you will join with me on the Path to Attainment
Margaret Mary

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