Saturday, August 16, 2014

2-2014 -Advanced Class - Orientation -August 16, 2014

It you decide that you would like to take this Advanced Course, you should already be aware of your four lower bodies, your seven chakras and their location, Spirit, Soul and Personality and how they are connected, interrelated, and woven into the tapestry that makes you a divine being living in the World but not part of it.  You should know who makes up Hierarchy, the Seven Rays and their God qualities.  You should already be familiar with the three lower kingdoms and what role we play between the Spiritual Kingdom and the Three Lower Kingdoms.

If you feel you are not qualified for the Advanced Class, then go to "Beginning Classes" and you will find all you need to know during the course of the coming year to make you familiar as well as ready to then begin the Advanced Classes.

The first Class will be the Creation Story.  I must apologize to my advanced students for being redundant; but consider this a review, as others have not had the opportunity to learn about the Universe, our Solar System, Hierarchy, the various Planes, and the billions of years that our Universe has been in existence while the Earth itself, has only existed a few billion years.

This class will bring the student from the "macrocosm"  which contains the Cosmic and Solar Systems,  down into the Planetary System; and finally to the  "microcosm", our own Higher Selves, our Soul and Personalities - even extending to the three lower kingdoms - again, a review to make you aware of your place in the Divine Plan; but a very necessary place, as all of us are Sons and Daughters of the Most High God.

Classes will be ongoing with a review of what you have learned every so often.

In order to become self-realized, you must be willing to do three actions:
     1.  Daily Meditation - should be done first thing  each morning no more than 15      to 25 minutes.
     2.  Study of these lessons at least one half hour a day every day.
     3.  Give Service to the World.  You can do Community
service, working towards a cause that will help mankind; and/or do the World Service, which is Prayer for the entire world and all its kingdoms ( see World Service Decrees on the Website).

Remember, the Hierarchy are looking for those souls who are  willing to sacrifice a little of their time in order to work with the Spiritual Beings in Their Great Divine Plan to rescue this Planet and her people from disaster. As we begin to realize that we are Sons and Daughters of the Most High God, who are willing to perform a labor of love;  we will be the ones They can depend upon for support and this can only be accomplished by making contact with Them through Meditation, Study and Service.  It is through these three acts that we can expand our consciousness enough so that we can become instruments for the Divine Plan here on Earth.

I am hoping that you will join me on the Journey of Discovery - the discovery of your own real self.

In the light of service,

I Am Margaret Mary

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