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3-2014 -Beginning Class - Lesson One - August 19, 2014- "WHO AM I"

The first lesson will consist of the answers to the age-old question "Who AM I?"
No matter who you are or what you have done, you are a son/daughter* of God a child of the light, who exists in all planes, and all levels at once.  What does this statement mean?

That you are Spirit. Your Higher Self also known as the Monad or I AM Presence, dwells above you in the Etheric Plane.  The Etheric Plane is approximately thirty eight thousand feet above your head. The spirit was created by the Divine Supreme Principle of the Universe, who created all life in manifestation.  Because you are His/Her Son, you are a part of The Holy Trinity. Father, Son* and Holy Spirit (or Divine Mother).

The Mighty I AM Presence - let all of earth keep silent before It and be at
 peace, in humble, grateful, loving, adoring obedience unto that Blazing Light
 our Supreme Source.
There is a "Presence" in man and the Light from That Presence
is his Understanding.  That Presence, That Light, and That Understanding is "I AM" and I AM THAT I AM
Mantra to I AM THAT I AM

I Am Presence
Thou art Master,
I AM Presence
Clear the Way,

Let Thy Light
And All Ty power,
Take possession
Here his hour.

Charge With Victory's mastery!
Blaze Blue Lightening!
Blaze Thy substance!
Into this my form descend!

That perfection
And it's glory,
Shall blaze forth
And Earth transcend! (3x's)

You are a Soul, also known as the  Solar Angel of the Presence, the Divine Mediator between the Higher Self and the Personality, who dwells above your physical body. Yet, as a Soul, you are one with all your fellowmen, linked together as points of light, throughout the world, therefore you are never alone.

Mantra to the Holy Christ Self
Holy Christ Self above me,
The balance of my Soul,
Let Thy Precious Radiance,
Descend and make me whole.

Envision the Triune Flame Surrounding Your
Entire Physical Body

(Say after each verse)
Thy Flame Within Me Ever Blazes!
Thy Peace about me ever raises,
Thy Love protects and holds me,
Thy Dazzling Light enfolds me,
I AM Thy Threee-Fold Radiance
I AM Thy Living Presence,
Expanding, exanding, expanding. Now!

Envisoin the Threefold Flame Expanding Within You

Holy Christ Flame within me,
Come, expand Thy Triune Light
Flood my eing with the essence
Of the Pink, Blue, Gold and White.
Holy LIfeline to My Presence,
Friend and Brother ever dear,
Let me keep Thy Holy Vigil,
Be Thyself in action here.

As a human being, you are the mediator between the Higher Kingdoms and the three lower kingdoms i.e. the animal, plant and elemental kingdoms - all this you are.

Now even your physical being consists of four bodies:

Each body surrounds your physical body.  
   The Etheric body is often mistaken for the auric field which also surrounds the bodies. These four bodies are all interconnected and are seated like the Russian Nesting Dolls, one within the other.
Etheric Body

Etheric Body Being Cleansed by the Violet Flame
The Mental Body is the instrument where the Higher Self and the Soul make contact with the Personality - all our ideas come through this body and the brain is the receptacle for all information being transmitted to the outside world.  It is also the Lower Mind within the Mental Body that can create and design any art form; or research and bring in new inventions in every field of endeavor; but it is also this Lower Mind that can be deceptive, plotting, revengeful and devious - it is the Lower Mind that needs to be held at bay so that we can make contact with the Soul, which is in the Higher Mind. We accomplish this through meditation.
      The Mental Body, consisting of the "five jivas" or Planes of Matter, the Holy Christ Self or Soul exists in the fifth plane also know as the astral plane.  It is often referred to as the fourth dimension while the lower mind, or personality exists here in the third dimension - the lowest plane of matter.  Mainly what we are trying to accomplish through Meditation, Study and Service to Life is the control of this lower mind in order for the Soul to integrate with the four lower bodies. Picture this body like an ovoid balloon surrounding the entire physical body - see it about three inches out from the body. The Mental Body is integrated from the Etheric Body through the Crown Chakra and Third Eye Chakra.

Mental Body
The Mental Body being cleansed 
by the Violet Flame.

 The Emotional Body is slightly fuller than the other bodies - it is about 6 inches from the physical body.  This body is known as the feeling body.  All of our emotions are centered here, whether loving or hateful, harmonious or revengeful, the whole gambit of human drama plays out within this body.  One of the Masters said that it is one of the hardest bodies to control as it connects to the "emotional chakra" the Solar Plexus Chakra, located just below the heart between the ribs in the center of the chest. This Chakra acts like a pendulum swinging back and forth reacting  and acting out all the dramas of daily life.  Here's where we must learn to control our emotions through God Harmony.  Sounding the sacred AUM every morning, brings all seven chakras into alignment as well as the four lower bodies, so this is a good habit to begin each day.  

All of the four lower bodies are ovoid and are widest just below the feet while swinging upward and over the head. 

The Emotional Body
Being Cleansed by the Violet Transmuting Flame

The Etheric Body is the longest body, and it is closest to the physical body.  This body many people see when a person is dying and the spirit is lifting out of the body.  This body follows our Soul back to the I AM Presence at the end of each embodiment and returns with it when we enter the earth once again.  It carries with it all the wounds and scars from every preceding life, and it is this body that we spend a lot of time with each and every day when we cleanse our four lower bodies with the Violet Transmuting Flame, given to us by our Father/Mother God as their gift to help us remove all the effluvia of our many past lives.  With most of us, this body can be seen as the "Dweller on the Threshold" which is a very unpleasant vision to have; but at some point along the path, all of us will run into our own garbage that we accumulated over the past many thousands of years.  This is why we were gifted with the tools to clean up these bodies through the Grace of God.  Once we've cleared this body it's like rending the veil that makes us see through this glass darkly, for we'll be able to once again see the angels, devas, the elementals and the Hierarchy.

The Etheric Body - This body leaves with
the Soul at the end of an embodiment and returns when the 
Soul reincarnates

    The Physical Body  receives the cause, core, record and memory of everything that we've ever done in this life as well as other lifetimes.  Guard what you think, feel and say and especially how you act towards your Brother of Sister.  When we are out of harmony with the Universe, we create dis-ease,dis-harmony, dis-intergration and finally death.  We are the Tree of Life and it's by our "fruits" that we are known.  If we've sowed the seeds of knowledge and loved our fellowmen than our fruits will be plentiful and ripe; but if we've lived in darkness and selfishness; only interested in the things of this world, than the tree bears little fruit and that fruit is bitter.  The other destroyer of the physical body is fear and doubt.  When we allow doubt and fear to rule our lives, we are not acting like Sons and Daughters of the Most High God, instead we have allowed our fears and doubts to shut down our chakras and dim the light of our auras.  Throw off the cloak of fear and begin each day in allowing the Christ within you  to walk with you and before you know it, you will feel full of energy and wanting to do service for others. Fear does not allow you to move forward, doubt, especially self-doubt is like a fist clutching your crystal cord that runs from your I AM Presence into your physical heart - it shuts off the Light of God that Never Fails you. 
There are Seven Centers of light within the etheric body, these centers are tied to our glands within our Physical Body.  When we bring enough light into our heads through meditation, these wheels of light or Chakras began to open.  Once we begin to integrate the physical,  etheric, emotional and mental bodies with our soul (which is a process accomplished through daily meditation) than these chakras began to unfold, causing the auric field to expand over a period of time.
Our next lesson will be concerned with the chakras.

The Physical Body - with its seven chakras is the
recipient of Light from the Higher Kingdoms; but
also is damaged by the misuse of our mental, emotional and the
wounds and scars in our etheric bodies.

Today the World is full of stress, and we as Children of LIght, must make it a habit to call upon the Soul within us and to the I AM Presence above us to protect us.  We also must protect ourselves by guarding our thoughts, words and deeds - if you can't say anything nice about someone, don't say anything at all.  Become quiet and learn to be still, find a place to walk and contemplate or pray - this is like taking a vacation.  Turn off the loud music, the TV and give your ears a rest. Go out into nature and really listen to life that exists all around you, open your eyes and see what God has given to you and learn to be grateful.

*Son as "Father, Son and Holy Spirit means both male and female, so when I'm speaking of the Son or of a Brother I am referring to both genders.
End of Lesson 1 - Lesson 2 - 8/26/14

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