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4-2014 -Advanced Class - Volume 1,Lesson 1 "The Creation Story"


     The following lessons presented is a compilation of collective knowledge given from the Ascended Masters which were documented in the following books:  The Secret Doctrine Volumes I & II. published in  1888, The Law of Life by A.D. K. Luk in 1958; Man, His Origin and Destiny, by Werner Schroeder in 1984; and also from various teachings of world religions that are inclusive of but not exclusively from Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism, Christianity and other teachings of Ancient religions and beliefs. 
     In the beginning, before there were solar systems, galaxies, universes with their suns, stars and planets, before something called time, there was an omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent Force.
   This Force was indescribable and unimaginable to our human awareness.  Yet this Force was the Supreme Divine Principle of the Cosmos -the Divine Principle who was about to create all life in manifestation again.  This Divine Principle was also know as Father/Mother of all because from Them, all life everywhere, on all planes and dimensions, even down to the cellular and atomic levels was created . The ancient Greeks would not put a name to such Beings and therefore called Them "Causeless Cause".  Others named Them Cosmic Creator, Brahama & Sarisvata; Geometry of Divinity; Divine Energy or Universal Divine Being; while the rest of us call These Great Beings God - I AM THAT I AM.
  I AM was both male and female as He/She was ONE BEING.  They had now lain dormant during Pralaya, where all was at rest after a former Manvantara* - this "resting period" lasted for millions of years before Brahma would create anew.
"Before the beginning, all was darkness and all was void
The face of the cosmos was deep and unmanifest,
Indeed, not a face at all but endless nothing.
No light, no sound, no movement no life, no time
All was null and the universe was not yet created,
Not even conceived.
For there was no form in which to conceive or be conceived".

Brahma & Sarisvata in Pralaya
   All was still upon the waters of the deep (space); but at the same time, the MIND of God was now free to develop and create the the Divine Plan for the new era of Manvantara.  These two "Great Beings" dwell in Cosmic Deep Space, in what Hierarchy calls "The White Lodge".
The following class was given in   2010 on the Pralaya and Creation from the Secret Doctrine.  The symbology is important because it explains the very complicated process in simple symbols so that we can get a grasp upon our beginnings and how the whole process is continually evolving and expanding.-mf

  Just beneath the "White Lodge" dwell "The Three Divine Contemplators" known also as three of the Seven Holy Kumaras - The First-Born Sons". These three Holy Kumaras are the messengers from Brahma and Sarisvata (Father/Mother God) to Alpha and Omega in the Great Central Sun.

The Three Divine Contemplators
 Out of this Creation came forth Twelve Great Central Suns. These Great Central Suns are at the center of each of the twelve galaxies.  In this lesson we will only concern ourselves with our "Great Central Sun" and our particular galaxy (See chart of  Twelve Great Central Sun making up Solar System - also, see our Great Central Sun, Physical Sun with our seven planets).

The Great Central Sun Alpha & Omega - with Seven 
Solar Systems- 7 Suns Surrounded by 49 Planets
forms a GALAXY- Our Sun & Earth are in one of these.

The Physical Sun-Governed by Helios & Vesta
is Surrounded by 7 Planets
forms a Solar System 

   It was not the first time that They slept in the waters of deep space, nor would it be the last.  With each Great Slumber there is always an awakening unto the new day. And with each awakening came consciousness and thought.
   From that thoughtform, all that there is and will be was conceived in the Great Plan, which would be set into motion with the outward breath of Brahma (the active male principle).  It was His voice which spoke in musical harmonies across the waters of the deep.  The deep represents the Female Principle, or the womb of Divine Mother, Sarisvata.
  While all life slept Divine Father, Brahma began to formulate His Divine Plan within His mind, the "mind of God" and when everything was conceived within His Plan, He sent into motion the action of creation by speaking, "Let there be light"

The Big Bang - Creation
   In speaking these words, the male aspect of the God Force sent forth a Ray of Light) to the female aspect of Himself.
   Divine Mother held the seed of thought in her womb, with the image and the action, until the out-breath of the Forces gave birth to life from Their consciousness.  We call this outbreath the "BIG BANG!"

Yin Yang Symbol
of Father/Mother God

  Who are these Great Ones?   All that has ever been written about them is in the form of "symbols" as no one has ever come face to face with them, as far as our understanding goes.  Yet, they are intricately enmeshed in every atom and cell of our beings - as LIGHT emanation (the Seven Rays).

  The . represents the symbol of Brahma.  The o represents Sarisvata, Divine Mother.  The    o dot within  the Circle represents Father/Mother God.  The    o Line through the center of the circle dividing it represents the ripple across the deep  when Brahma, spoke the words "Let there be light" The triangle within  the  o represents the first creation that formed the Holy Trinity i.e. Father, Mother and Son. (Note: You'll have to imagine the . within the circle and the  --- dividing the circle in half , and the /\ representing the Holy Trinity -Father-Mother-Son. This post doesn't have a drawing application.)

   Perfected forms are found everywhere in God's creation  They are perfect because their formation consists of harmonious musical sound.  There is a symphony whose song rings out throughout the Cosmos and every form of creation has his or her individual keynote that comes directly from the heart of the Creator.  These tones or keynotes have their own wave-length. This "keynote" sent out by every life-form flows outward and upwards forming part of the symphony known as "the music of the spheres".  LOVE is the driving force that allows the coalescing of the tiny electrons of these individuals spinning at various frequencies forming "the note" or "tone" that will blend into a cosmic harmonic sound.

   The fiery core of every electron within its creation allows the individual to choose to combine the tones and frequencies to formulate a nucleus i.e. that could form a new life-form, an acorn that will form a future tree an idea that will blossom into some future art form.

  All this information came down to us from the most ancient scrolls kept in the hall of records hidden deep within the mountains of Tibet.  The scrolls are called "The Book of Dyzan".  We know that the Archangels, angels, Seraphrim, and Cherubim (also known as Dyani Chohans and Devas) were all created at the Cosmic Level, along with the Seven Holy Kumaras who were the "First Born" Sons and Daughters of God.  They are also called "The Word" in the Old Testament.  The Cosmic Silent Watcher was also created at this time.  From these most ancient scrolls we learn that when our Great Central Sun was created, the call went out from Brahma and Sarisvata for two Great Beings from "other systems of worlds" to come forth and reside within this sacred Sun. (They came from the time before during the last Manvantara (consisting of billions of years divided into Yugs.  We presently are in the last Yug of the present Manvantara, a time of the "Great Inbreath of God" or Kali Yug, where all planets must return to the Great Central Sun". mf)

      The Great Central Sun is where the God and Goddess of our Galaxy live.  This Sun is the "Giver of Life" to everyone and everything within our galaxy.

This is a "hand-drawing of mine showing both
the Great Central Sun, with the 7 Suns and 49 planets
forming  a Galaxy.
Also, this is our 1 Physical Sun, 7 Planets that form
a Solar System
It is often called the sun behind our physical sun.  The Names of the Divine Beings occupying this sacred space are Alpha and Omega, who are perceived by most people on earth as God.  The fact is that they are Gods, Son and Daughter of the great Divine Beings, that have come from other systems of worlds, and were incarnated during some past era, many billions of years ago during the last Manvantara.  At the call of the "Supreme Godhead", Brahma and Sarisvata, who dwell within the White Lodge in deep Space they came at once to fulfill the role of God and Goddess of the Great Central Sun.  Because we have only the word from the Ascended ones of these great beings, it is all that we are given at this time concerning our Great Central Sun.

   Besides the Great Central Sun, there are seven solar systems that form our Galaxy.  Each solar system consists of one sun and seven planets. All together our galaxy consists of one Central Sun, seven suns, and forty -nine planets. Galaxies are in constant motion and move in a spiral motion.

   In order to understand how a galaxy is formed and how it will end, we must first understand something about the Rhythmic Breath.  This Rhythmic Breath is used in order to create all life, whether it is a galaxy, solar system, universe, physical sun or planet.  The following basic steps are used.
              1)  Inbreathing
              2) Pause, also called absorbing the breath
             3)  Breathing out, also called expansion of breath
             4) Pause, also called projection of the breath
Steps 1 and 2, magnetization occurs.  Steps 3 and 4 radiation takes place.
On the Outbreath (step 3), the Central Sun breathes forth first the suns, and then these suns in turn bring forth their planets into their pre-designated orbital positions.
During the Pause (step 4), individual life (that of mankind, angels, and elementals) is given the opportunity to develop and fulfill its divine plan.  After this has been accomplished, the Inbreath takes place.  The Inbreath occurs in reverse order of the Outbreath.  First each sun magnetizes (draws in) its planets.  Then the Central Sun absorbs the suns, together with the planets. Note:  In  1955, without any previous warning, Alpha & Omega gave a fiat that Beloved Sanat Kumara must return to His planet, Venus, as the whole Galaxy is preparing  to move forward and upward.  At that time, they gave a dispensation for mankind that those who were born before July 1959 this would be their final lifetime.  Those born after July 1959 would be able to  re-embody one more time;  and the condition being that they led exemplary lives during their present lifetime.  This information came from "the Bridge of Freedom" where Geraldine Innocente, was the messenger under her Twin Flame, the Master El Morya.  Archangel Michael gave more information during this time with a dispensation that anyone desiring to make their Ascension at the end of this embodiment would now be able to do so, as we needed only to complete 51% of our Karmic debts  rather than the full 100% up until this time.  This came with the added bonus of not having to bring the physical body up into the etheric plane.  All of these dispensations are given by the Grace of God so that mankind can move quickly forward on the evolutionary path. - mf

End of Lesson One Adv.,Vol.1, L.1 8/1914


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