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5-2014 -The Creation Story Continued - Adv.Vol.1,L2

Before we continue with the "inbreath and outbreath" or birth of our suns and planets we should have a little understanding of the Days and Nights of Brahma, in other words, the cycle of the appearance (manvantara) and disappearance (pralaya) of our Universe.
When the Universe awakens, it passes out of Pralaya, its resting state, into Emanation and onto the First Plane of Manifestation, of which planes there are seven. With each plane it passes downward and becomes more dense until it reaches this material plane - the plane of existence that is the only one we are aware of and understand in its physical composition by Scientists is this Planetary Plane or Solar System.

The active period of the Universe is the Manvantara, when Brahma awakens from Pralaya (resting state) and states "Let There Be Light".  During this active period (or Day of Brahma)  all suns, planets, galaxies, solar and planetary systems are created within the Universe.  Added to this fact is that this  active period lasts for 183 Trillion and Quadrillion years, a cycle of the Universe which emerges periodically for a "cycle of life" that is divided into "yugs" and like our physical sun that appears each morning and disappears each evening, there's a time when Universal Night sets in and the Universe goes to sleep in Pralaya (or the Nights of Brahma).  During the Night of Brahma, ALL is in ALL -every atom is resolved into one Homogeneity.  (Note:  we are in the last cycle of Manvantara which is called Kali Yug - or the Great Inbreath - Don'y worry, we have two more Root Races to bring in and they will be coming in together because we have taken so long to get our act together - we should have ascended back to God after 14,000 years here - instead, we've remained and remained for millions of years and have caused delays within the entire Solar System while we try and lighten up ourselves and our planet which is currently known as "the dark star". mf)
In the last lesson we went through the Steps of the "Inbreath" and "outbreath" that the Great Central Sun used to bring forth the suns and in turn, the suns that would use the same method of "inbreath"and "outbreath" to bring forth the planets into their pre-designated orbital position.
Today's lesson will continue on this theme by making the analogy that the breath at the cosmic level is therefore similar to the breath we take on the physical level.  Right now our breath is only a two-step process.  We breathe in and we breathe out.  Originally, when mankind first came to Earth, man utilized the rhythmic breath, which includes a pause between each inbreath and outbreath.
There are millions of suns in the universe, all with their own planets circling around them, differing in number and size, but all following the same pattern of rhythm, of harmony, and of ever-expanding perfection.

This only happens during Manvantara 
It was during the "Outbreath" that our particular galaxy was born.  Please note that the Outbreath consists of two parts:

During Part I the seven suns take their place in the Galaxy and during Part 2 the planets of each Sun take their positions. Each part is subdivided into seven individual steps, as follows (See Figure 1)

Fig 1 - Orbital Position of Planets
Our Galaxy

Great Central Sun
Outbreath -Part I = 7 Suns

The seven steps of the Outbreath are first performed by the Great Central Sun.  At each step a new Sun is breathed forth.  This is accomplished in a vertically descending order until all suns have reached their pre-designated positions.  For example, at step one Sun Number Seven (7) breathed out first, at step two Sun Number Seven moves to the second position and Sun Number Six (6) moves into the first position.  This sequence is repeated until at the last step Sun Number Seven is farthest away from the Great Central Sun.

Part 2 - Individual Suns Outbreathe their Planets
Helios and Vesta outbreathe our Seven Planets

Now it is up to the individual suns to perform the function of the Outbreath.  They now become co-creators with the Great Central Sun and begin the next sequence of breathing out their planets.  Thus, at step one, the first sun (in reference to distance from the Great Central Sun) breathes forth its planet Number 7; at the same time Sun Number Two breathes out its planet Number Seven and the remaining suns do likewise. (Again refer to Orbital Chart Above)

At step two, Sun Number One moves its Planet Number Seven into the second orbital position (in reference to distance from the Physical Sun) and Planet Number Six into the first orbital position.  Simultaneously, the remaining Six Suns perform the same operation as Sun Number One.

(At the End of Kali Yug)
This "inbreath" is in Preparation for Pralaya

Now we will see that the opposite action occurs during the seven steps of the Inbreath. Remember, during the Outbreath all the planets moved to their assigned positions.  If you look at the position of Mercury in Figure No. 1, you'll note its position.  because of its position it will be the first to ascend back to the Sun (our physical Sun) . When all the planets have ascended back to their physical suns, then the physical suns will ascend back to the "electronic belt" of the Great Central Sun.  This belt is enormous in Size.

It should be noted here that when the planets return to the aura of the Central Sun, all individual lifeforms, such as mankind continue to exist quite comfortably for there is no heat within the Sun itself; in fact it is quite cool.  It is only the suns currents of energy passing through the ether belt of the earth that manifest heat.  The sun is the electronic pole; the Earth is the magnetic pole.  The ether belt is the element through which the currents are diversified.

Once the Inbreath is completed a meeting will be held to decide if Helios and Vesta (God and Goddess of our Physical Sun) wish to become Central Suns (like Alpha and Omega -instead of physical suns).  this information describes briefly the principles that govern the "divine plan" for our galaxy.  Remember, the cosmic Law is precise, impartial and uniform in its application, it may be safely assumed that the same procedures apply also to other galaxies.  The Masters of Wisdom explained the formation of the galaxy that was the predecessor of our galaxy.  The principles used for the formation of that galaxy were exactly identical to the ones just given for our galaxy and will now be described:

The Hierarchy has explained the formation of our galaxy and now will give more details concerning the origin of our galaxy, where our God-Parents, Helios and Vesta came from, as well s the origins of our Great Central Sun governed by Alpa and Omega.   They will also explain the number twelve and seven that definitely influence our entire galaxy, our solar system and even our individual lives.

According to a dictation from the Goddess Vesta (from our Physical Sun) our present galaxy evolved from a former galaxy, headed by two Divine Beings, most closely spelled in English as Elohae and Eloha.  Elohae represented the masculine aspect, and Eloha the feminine.  There were twelve suns in this former galaxy.  Each sun was responsible for twelve planets.  Our present Central Sun  (governed by Alpha and Omega at the present time) was part of that former galaxy; It was the fourth sun in distance from the Older Central Sun.

Our physical sun (governed by Helios and Vesta)  was  also part of that former galaxy; it was the fourth  planet relative in distance from the former (physical sun) governed by Alpha and Omega.
The former galaxy completed its divine plan.  All of mankind ascended and all planets were absorbed into the aura (electronic belt) of the Sun, a Sun, or planet then decided how they wanted to progress.

Seven of the twelve suns decided to become Central Suns.  Alpha and Omega were among these.  They became responsible for a galaxy consisting of seven suns, each sun having seven planets.  The choice of these seven suns to become Central Suns established the number seven as the governing number for the galaxy of which we are a part..

The Zodiac of each of the suns of our galaxy consists of twelve signs, each expressing one God-virtue, and radiating that quality for about thirty (30) days.  The twelve signs represents the twelve SUNS of our Parent Galaxy..

The number of keys in an octave on a piano, including both black and white keys equals twelve.  The seven white keys represents the seven suns who elected to, and were found qualified to become Central Suns. The five black keys represent the five other suns who did not accomplish this goal.  All individualizations of the former galaxy, Helios and Vesta included, have a causal body consisting of twelve (12) concentric bands.  All individuals belonging to the galaxy of which the Earth is part, have a causal body consisting of seven concentric bands.

Concentric Rings Around A Sun

 7 Concentric Rings Around Causal Body of Every Individual's I AM Presence

Concentric Rings Around a Dying Galaxy

End of Lesson Two, Vol.1;L.2 -8/25/14

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