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7-2014 -The Creation Story Continued - Adv.Vol.1, L.3

In the last lesson we learned that two Cosmic Beings from eons before were called to take the initiation to become the Sun God and Sun Goddess and were endowed with the power to create a system of worlds.  They design within their own consciousness the entire plan for their particular solar system, the number, type, size and formation of each planet with all the details; also the number and type of life-streams (beings: human, animal and elemental also the nature spirits- mf) to evolve or develop upon each planet.

Next, they draw to themselves through cohesive power (love) a  Cosmic Silent Watcher who offers to hold within His/Her own consciousness and Being the light pattern for the planets of the solar system.  They also draw to Themselves the Elohim of Creation* (also known as the builders of form), who offer to build the planets, each in its appointed time. The Swastika is the symbol for the "Builders of Form"  this sign is found in the Pyramids and all over India as the sacred symbol of good fortune. This symbol is especially important because it is part of the creation story - the Fourth Root Race and the separation from the Kingdom of God.

These are Swastika Cuff Links
The Swastika represents those powerful "Builders of Form, the Elohim" moving from the center of the Solar System outward and clockwise building under the direction of a greater force, that of the Solar Silent Watcher, who holds the design and vision of the entire structure, foundation and type of Solar System to be built - all of these plans originate in the minds of the Sun God and Goddess, who were summoned by the most High God to execute His original Divine Plan- mf.

Creation of a planet takes place by the Sun God and Goddess who formulate the design.  The design is then given to the Mighty Elohim, in cooperation with the Silent Watcher, Devas, the Directors of the Four Elements and beings of the elements. Note: * I will be giving a complete class on the Seven Mighty Elohim and how each of them work under one of the Seven Rays and follow their specific laws and specifications in the process of creation. -mf

Elohim - build the form of the planets and represent the mental activity or radiation.  By projecting the Twin Flame Rays of the Elohim - or the Three-fold flame around which is drawn the electronic light substance creating the planet. These two rays are the permanent Rays to that planet. ( What needs to be remembered here is that  the Elohim represents the "Mind of God" while the Angelic Kingdom represents the "Grace of God".-mf)

The center of the planet is the magnetizing focus, a similar action as the Three-fold Flame in the heart, that hold the atoms of the physical body together.
This forms the cohesive power for the electrons or atoms of the earth, water and air elements.

This is representative of our Three-Fold Flame
within the Heart Chakra - There is also a
Three-Fold Flame in the Center of the Earth called the magnetizing focus-mf

There has to be a natural gravity- a magnetic pull for a planet to hold things and mankind to it; that is controlled by the Rod of Power which is kept at Shamballa.  Along with this magnetic pull, mankind have tied their energies with earth substance by human desires and appetites through the senses, which makes the heavy gravity pull of Earth, thus preventing levitation** which should be a natural activity. (This heaviness has weighed the axis to the point that it has reached a dangerous tilt, that could result in either a crustal and/or complete shifting of the Poles.  The Earth is so heavy, that its keynote no longer resounds throughout the Universe.  This is part of why we do the World Service each week.  The good news is, that the Archangels and Ascended Beings have been able to slowly and carefully raise the axis a bit at a time without a great loss of life. 
** Levitation is the lifting of the physical body by the Soul and Higher Self of a person, at the present time, very few people can levitate as the physical body is so dense. - mf)

Earth was created through the rhythmic release of the outpouring of the Seven Elohim over eons of time until reaching a point of completion (many millions of years -mf)  Once complete the Three-fold Flame in the center of Earth began its function and the Earth began to revolve upon its axis. (The rhythmic release is the invocation through harmonic sounds and rhythmic breathing with GREAT CONCENTRATION for millions of years until the planet is in readiness to inhabit. -mf) 

                                     The Sun God  & Goddess 
The Sun God - Helios

The Sun Goddess - Vesta

Sun Goddess Vesta

Sun God Helios

Here, we are speaking of our physical Sun, whose radiation causes a planet to rotate on its axis and move in its orbit around the Sun. (We can begin to see here that all life throughout the Cosmos works in perfect harmony and accord - each segment of Creation is brought about by the Good Will, Illumiination, Cohesive Love, Pure thought, consecration and concentration, Rhythmic release and finally sealed in the Light of Peace, by these Seven Mighty Elohim.  There is no disharmony in the Universe - can you imagine if someone among our Hierarchy suddenly decided they didn't want to do their job any longer?  Immediate Chaos would result with planets crashing into planets, comets demolishing anything in their path, and especially if the Sun decided to take a sebatical, we'd all freeze to death within a matter of hours - it's not a pretty picture, yet we are guilty of not completing things; and not thinking what the consequences might be to others -mf)

POLARIS AND MAGNUS  offered their service to formulate the axis.  They sustain the axis for the Earth at the present time.

This would be like the aura of Polaris and Magnus around
the Poles
Once the elements have been drawn together, then the light energy from the Sun (the fire element) interpenetrates the planet, establishing the fecundating power of the fire element, and the various Cosmic Beings give Their specific elements - virtues which make the planet a habitable place for individualized Flames in physical form. (Note:  It is the four elements that we need to be concerned with at the present time.  As you can see these specific elements GIVE THEIR VIRTUES WHICH MAKE THE PLANET HABITABLE - the problem is, they have been giving their "virtues" to mankind for millions of years, and mankind, most of mankind, is unaware that these beautiful beings are supporting their very lives.  The Sylphys of the air, clean the air around us while we're sleeping otherwise we would die from the air quality presently in our atmosphere; the Undines of Water, had to be relieved as they could no longer support this planet - at the present time we have Undines from other planets who have come to assist these Undines, this is due to the pollution of our waters by oil spills, sewerage, garbage, smog and chemicals - not to mention the war games that are playing out in the Pacific Ocean.  The Nature Spirits of Earth i.e. fairies, elves, gnomes, nyiads, devas are exhausted - angry, and no longer want to support this Earth and its ungrateful hordes, who pollute, bomb, violate the soil with chemicals, junk, garbage, dead bodies
when they no longer can support an area, they shake it off and plates move, earthquakes happen.  The Sylphs and Undines combine their anger with an increase in Tornadoes, Typhoons, Hurricanes- mf)

Ring of Fire

The Ring of Fire starts in New Zealand as an Arc along the Eastern edge of Asia, North across the Aleutian Islands of Alaska; and South along the coast of North and South America.  The Ring of Fire is composed of 75% of the worlds most active and dormant Volcanoes.  This huge ring of volcanic and seismic (earthquake) activity is because it is at the borders of the Pacific Plate and other Teutonic Plates.
The Fire element supports us through the heat that they maintain in various areas of the planet.  The Ring of Fire is probably one of the most visible manifestations of the fire element at work - right now it has increased in volume and there are more earthquakes and volcanoes heating up around the planet and especially along the Ring of Fire.  This is a major part of our World Service work to pray for and support and love our Nature Kingdom. -mf)
                                                                     Middle Falls at Shasta - Tree Deva

At Pluto's Cave, Shasta with Orbs

                                                 VIRGO AND PELLEUR
These are the two beings of Light who volunteered

their services to produce the substance of earth element, which would hold form for the water
element as well as provide (stationary) substance, or substance of a vibratory rate that would support the weight of the bodies of mankind, and upon which they could live.  The earth substance was created from the atoms formed by drawing (pure) electrons around a central core.  The substance of Earth in the beginning was completely pure and of a more rapid vibratory rate than now, not nearly so dense.  It was similar to what we know as the ethers.  All other planets function at more rapid vibrations on the original plan.  The earth element was originally pure substance and the colors of the seven rays played through it producing an iridescent radiance. Pelleur's radiance from the center permeated the entire Earth.

Helios is director of the fire element (God of our Physical Sun with Vesta) with their beings of the elements (elementals), the Gods of the Mountains, of the Sea, Amaryllis (the Goddess of Spring) and the various Devas then created the mountains, rivers, valleys, minerals and plant life, trees, shrubs, flowers and all that goes to make up a beautiful planet.  Gold and gem stones were placed in the Earth to give out radiation.  They grow similar to plant life from great Beings Who direct these activities. (NOTE:  The Great Directors are :  Virgo & Pelleur, over all of the Elementals of Earth
Neptune & Laura: over all  the elementals of Water, the Undines; Aries and Thor: over all the elementals of air - the Slyphs; Helios was directing the fire element at the beginning of creation; but Prince Oromaris and Diana: are normally over the Fire Elementals - the Salamandas.  All creation takes place to the RHYTHM OF MUSIC- mf)

Surrounded by Orbs

                                  CREATION OF MANKIND
The Sun God, Helios and Goddess, Vesta, draw forth Individualizations to populate the planet.
Each individual's life does not begin at the birth of  a physical body but with the projecting forth of a light ray from the hearts of the Sun God and Goddess, at the end of the ray a flame comes into being, a Three-fold Flame, around which coalesces light substance and the creation of the Divine Presence takes place, thus forming an individual God-Flame.  The awareness of "I AM" by the Three-fold Flames makes It an Individual with free will.  The God-Flame is then an Individual Creator - a Co-Creator with God, the Cosmic I AM Presence

The I AM Presence and the Three-fold Flame within
the Heart Chakra
These individualized God-flames abide in the aura of the God Parents for the time being. Some stay within a particular concentric ring surrounding the physical sun rather than go on to become a human being.   (Those that stay become teachers of all in-coming Individualized I AM Presences. They remain as they were created whereas those that choose to embody upon a planet have a second self, or Twin Flame, an identical twin with the same blueprint.  Like our fingerprints no one can change the Twin Flames.  Originally the Twin Flames incarnated together but after the separation they moved apart from each other - today,  it is very rare that Twin Flames embody on a planet together.  It would be heads of countries like Kings and Queens where they need complete support.  Most of us have no idea who are Twin Flame is and; we could pass them by in the street or work with them in a job and have not a clue of who they are.  This is because during the course of thousands of years, we've moved upon the evolutionary path through our own "free will" so we could be placed upon one rung on Jacob's Ladder*** and our Twin Flames could be above or below us.  Most times, our Twin Flame is on the other side when we embody.  The difference between a Twin Flame and a Soul Mate is that the Twin Flame is your "Other Self" no one can duplicate your Twin, whereas a Soul Mate is one who is on the same rung of Jacob's Ladder as you are - in other words, they have attained the same light and expansion of consciousness as you have - they could be male or female, family or friends, boyfriend or husband - they always feel comfortable to be around. -mf)

Each Root-Race** has a cycle of fourteen thousand years (we've really  overstayed our welcome here on planet Earth - we should have exited the Earth millions of years ago and ascended back home to our Father/Mother God. -mf)
*  Concentric Rings - when we study the Rays and Initiations we will become familiar with them.  When we first became Individualized God-Flames, we journeyed through Seven Rays surrounding our physical Sun.  Each of these Rays has a Virtue or Talent, and we can spend as much time as we like on each one of them. They each have their own color and are like classrooms where you learn all about that particular Ray.  Say, that you like healing people or doing Research to find a new medicine - you'd be working on the Fifth (5) Ray of Healing and Research. We'll go into much greater detail  when we have a lesson on the Rays
Concentric Rings Around A Sun

**  Root Races are connected to the Rays in that the first Sons and Daughters to incarnate on the planet were from the First Ray, they would have all the God Qualities of this particular Ray - although there would be some from each of the other Rays as well who would incarnate, the predominate Ray for that period would be the First Ray.
*** Jacob's Ladder -Jacob had a vision of angels ascending and descending up and down a ladder - this vision went on all night long.  This is the vision of mankind ascending back to God after completing a lifetime and returning back down the ladder to become reborn once more, a continual journey on the Wheel of Karma.  When we've completed our Karma and garnered enough light within every cell and atom of our physical body, we will have no more desire to remain here - nothing here that would draw one back - time to ascend into the Light.- mf
End of Lesson 3,  9/2/14 
Adv Vol1,L.3

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