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8-2014 -Why AM I Here Continued - Beg. Vol1, L.3

In the last lesson, we learned that we are not alone in the Universe - even the Bible* tells us that we were visited by the Nephlim also known as the "fallen angels" that destroyed their own planet and were about to go into extinction except for the benevolence of the Elders of planet Earth at that time.  

Much of what we hear about ourselves as a duality, as both spirit and matter, filled with both darkness and light, and that we're guilty of "original sin" all seem to originate from the time of this invasion by these aliens (for that's exactly what they were).  Referring back to the "Secret Doctrine" mankind was androgenous and hermaphrodite up until that time.  This means both the male and female were united, of one mind and physically one being. Not only were we one being but we were completely tied to our Higher Self -- it surrounded us completely and the three-fold flame* that is now 1/16th of an inch within the center of our heart chakras, used to completely envelop our entire beings. 
* See Genesis VI of the Bible

Standing within 3-Fold Flame
Courtesy of Summit Light House
So, you might say that the separation of the male from the female came about first during the Fourth Root Race - this is when the Nephlim appeared on the scene.  As it stated in the Secret Doctrine from the previous lesson,  The Fourth Root Race was the first root race that took on a "human form" - this could only mean that the former three Root Races were not in "flesh bodies".  We can then realize that the "Fall" was a natural occurrence - as the planet cooled and solidified so did our bodies become more solid.  At the same time,  the planet Earth was moving in its course further away from the Sun.  It has now past its furthest point and is now returning towards the Sun.  All these situations seem to have aided in our departure from our more spiritual natures. Remember, there was no "Original Sin" we were innocent victims of an older, smarter and more devious race of people, who still live and move and cause havoc even today.

In review, we learn that before we were more of a spiritual androgenous being and gradually we separated from our other self an also from our Higher Selves.  I think here's where the culprit lies as all the other Root Races must have gone through similar experiences yet they never lost contact with their Higher Selves and after fourteen thousand years or so, ascended back to the Kingdom.  We had the Nephlim embodied right along side of us and they intermarried with us and slowly but surely pulled us away from our true purpose for being on Earth - that purpose was to become co-creator with God and  to
Notice All 7 Chakras are in center of body
Petals of Chakras
Energy Field From
Chakras forming Aura

Kundalini Energy Rising from Base of Spine 

Chakras open when Light Fills Head Center

   bring forth our talents here on Earth in the Glory of God, instead we began to pay attention to earthy things - the gathering of material things and the making of money - It is  the desire body that kept wanting more and more while our spiritual goals became less and less as the eons flew by.
Crossing Legs Keeps
Energy Moving Up
Towards Crown Chakra

So here we are today, still wanting material things, still desiring the things of this world and; as  the old saying makes very good sense "you can't take it with you".  We come into this world naked and alone and we'll leave this world naked and alone.  Unless, we take a different route while we're still here - a route that will bring us back into alignment with our Higher Selves.  The following lesson will help to bring this about:

There are Seven Suns in the Galaxy and Seven Planets in our Solar System, Seven Mighty Elohim, Seven Chohans of the Rays,  Seven Archangels and there are seven days to the week.  We also have seven doorways along our spines that connect to the glands within our bodies.  These doorways are located in the Etheric Body that is closest to our Physical Body.  They are known as Chakras.
These Chakras are another route for us to take by passing through these doorways we enter the Seven Planes of matter.  Lets look at the Seven Chakras first of all so that we know where they are located within us.

Main Chakras with Nadir Showing the
Electrical Currents Running throughout the  body

I do not believe in meditating upon any of the centers, for at the present time they are partially closed in most people - the point of teaching about the chakras is to make one aware of how intricately we are made.  I will be giving you the entire presentation of the chakras and how they connect to the various planes of matter; but, the real meditation should be conducted within the mind .  Meditation is a science and should be followed exactly as prescribed by the Master of Wisdom, otherwise you can become overstimulated, nervous and nauseous, as energy follows thought there could be stimulation to any particular center you begin to meditate upon.  Therefore, we will follow the Master's advise and only meditate "from the throne between the eyebrows" and then for only fifteen (15) minutes at a time.  It is from this 'throne' that we control all aspects of the lower nature.  Remember, all of the chakras and especially the heart chakra will open up naturally once you begin meditation from the head center.  It is  the "head center" that needs to fill with light.  Common sense will guarantee how long you can meditate.  Remember, these physical vehicles have not been opened before, therefore it is always wise to proceed along the lines of caution.
Here are some of the requirement in meditation:
Know thyself
Proceed slowly and with caution
Study effects.
Cultivate  the realization that eternity is long and that that which is slowly built up endures forever. 
Aim at regularity*
Realize always that the true spiritual effects are to be seen in the exoteric life of service.
Remember likewise that psychic phenomena are no indication of a successful following of meditation. 
* Strive to meditate every day and the first thing upon arising, as you are still coming from the sleep state without the cares of the world sitting upon your shoulders.                                                                         The Master D.K.



From "Charkras Wheels of Life"
by Aanodea Judith, Ph.D.


Also known as the "White Cube" in the bible, consists of only four petals.  It is the bud that will eventually flower into the Mother Flame within the four bodies of man (Mental, Emotional, Etheric and Physical).  It represents the foundation of the physical body.  Our entire physical body is a manifestation of Mother because it is Spirit's point of focalization in the material universe.  It is from this point that man rises for the reunion of Mother with the Father in the Crown Chakra, which brings forth the Christ in the center of the heart (no longer sitting several feet above our head).  This is what is known as the Transfiguration.  When Man's physical body becomes endowed with the Atman Buddha (or Father, I AM THAT).  In other words , when we have garnered enough light in each of our chakras there will come a point in time when the Kundalini ignites the two fiery serpents within the Kundalini Chakra and they awaken the Mother within us, who speeds forth entwining on either side of the spinal cord until they reach the Heart Chakra. 
Once they enter the Heart Chakra the serpents ignite the Sun Flame within the Solar Plexus (which is the Resurrection Flame) which will catapult forward straight up through the Crown Chakra and beyond to unite with the Atman (or Father
Kundalini Energy Rising from Base of Spine 

Atman Buddha) at the level of the Twelfth Chakra.  This is known as the Marriage Feast when Mother (Kundalini unites with father, Atman Buddha) and the two transfigure man into "Super humans" or Mahatmas.  This is when one becomes omnipresent, omniscient, able to be in several places at once, as well as image something and it is immediately manifested.  This is considered the "Seventh Initiation before Ascension"  Jesus gave us this gift of His Transfiguration so that we would remember his words: i.e. "Everything that I do you shall do greater than I".  He gave us the blueprint; all we have to do is follow the Path of Initiation.  We have been handed the Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven. Each Chakra is a Key that opens the door to the reality of our true destinies.  When you have the mastery of this chakra, you attain the consciousness of Mother Mary, of being omnipresent.  And it is the energies of the power of the Fourth Ray* through this chakra which gives one the power to be everywhere on earth simultaneously.
* The Fourth Ray is the Ray of Purity and Resurrection to the Ascension

End of Lesson 3, Beg.,Vol 1; L.3 -  9/3/14

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