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9-2014 -The Creation Story, Adv Class,Vol.1, L.4

 But let us go back to Helios and Vesta our God Parents, who are the focus for our Physical Sun. ( I think I should explain that it is their Twin Causal Bodies that forms our Physical Sun.  In the past Manvantara they were a planet under the direction of Alpha and Omega who at that time used their Causal Bodies to form the Physical Sun for the twelve planets within their Solar System.- mf)  So when we say the Earth is a living being we are absolutely correct.  When Helios and Vesta volunteered to be our God Father and Mother of our Solar System, they had to prove through the directing of light rays, that they could radiate enough concentrated energy to first create a Solar System then to maintain its planets in a certain orbital position, and to sustain life thereon.  Helios and Vesta passed the initiation, thus Alpha and Omega vested them with the authority for such a Solar System. (When  thinking of the little initiations we're having to pass in order to expand our consciousness, and then seeing what's expected of us as we advance ever upwards to becoming a Sun and even a Great Central Sun, we realize that we're not just floating around on a cloud once we've made our Ascension, it appears that there's a continuous challenge to move and expand into greater and greater light beings.-mf)

Again, Helios and Vesta issued the very first fiat for their solar System which was "Let There Be Light!"  Through thought and feeling, Helios and Vesta determined the size of the planets, their locations, and the number of lifestreams that would abide on each one.  When the light pattern was completed, Helios and Vesta placed the blueprint into the hands of the Cosmic Silent Watcher, who is responsible for holding the pattern of our galaxy.  The name of the Cosmic Silent Watcher is Serculata, a feminine being.

Cosmic Silent Watcher holding Light Pattern
For all Planets, Stars, Satallites within her.
Illustration from "A Cosmic Body Map" by Bobby Clennell

Now Helios and Vesta drew forth the seven Elohim and the Devas who would be directing the Builders of Form. Meeting regularly at specific time intervals, together they started to manifest the Earth into physical form, using the light pattern given by the Cosmic Watcher and using the standard system for the creation of a planet, a process called "the seven steps to precipitation" by the Mighty Elohim, which will be given in a future study group.  We will just cover a portion of the Seven Steps to Precipitation here.


Using primary, electronic, light substance, the Elohim, or Builders of Form, create all planets through this process. If you would like an example of precipitation read about Jesus feeding of the five thousand, with three loaves and fishes, as recorded in the scriptures.


We know that there were Seven Sons and Daughters created by Brahma and Sarisvata, who were given dominion over our galaxy as well as acting as mediators between the White Lodge where Brahma and Sarisvata reside in "deep space" and the Great Central Sun of our Universe.  Three of the Holy Kumaras reside at the COSMIC level just below the White Lodge and they transmit all messages coming to and from the White Lodge to our Great Central Sun in the center of the Pleiades.  These Holy Kumaras are also known as the Three Divine Contemplators.  In the ancient texts they are referred to as the "Fiery Dyani Chohans" who created from their essence the very seed of life known as the monad (I AM PRESENCE OR HIGHER SELF) and the "three-fold flame" within every child of light upon this planet.  Therefore, we can truly say, 'WE ARE SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF GOD" as both Moses and Jesus reminded us of in the Old and New Testaments.

To review our limited information concerning the Cosmic Level we find that our FATHER/MOTHER GOD, Brahma and Sarisvata reside in deep space within what is known to the Ascended Ones as the "White Lodge".  We also know that the Three Holy Kumaras or Three Divine Contemplators reside somewhere below the White Lodge and above our Great Central Sun in the Pleiades.  We also are informed that the Cosmic Watcher resides in the Cosmic deep space and that she was the receiver from Helios and Vesta,  of the Divine Plan for our particular galaxy, that she held this sacred plan within her breast until all those who were to formulate the Solar System were called into action.  Helios and Vesta  called forth the Seven Mighty Elohim who would be responsible for the building of our galaxies planets with their satellites and moons that currently reside within our galaxy. 


Alpha and Omega became the Great Central Sun and then called forth Helios and Vesta, great beings from somewhere deep in space who then volunteered to place Their Causal Bodies together forming our physical sun (we speak of the sun that rises each day in the East and sets once again in the West at evetide -mf).  This Physical Sun masks the Great Central Sun seated at the center of our galaxy within the Pleiades.  This sun also is a daily reminder of what our own "Causal Body" surrounding our I AM Presence looks like.

When Brahma and Sarisvata called forth the light in the beginning, they created the Twelve Etheric Central Suns that are located in each of the Universes - in other words these twelve suns brought forth the first light.

Once Helios and Vesta formed our physical sun, then they called forth the Seven Mighty Elohim both male and female to build our planets and to bring forth all life upon each sphere.  Now these builders of form with their "twin flames" would send
forth rays from their hearts and where ever the two rays crossed, a planet would be born - this process took millions and millions of years. 

At this point the Three other Kumaras set up their abode just below the Great Central Sun of our Universe.  They also act as mediators sending and receiving messages from Alpha and Omega to Helios and Vesta.  The Seven Mighty Elohim, the Ancient of Days, the Planetary Watcher, the Manu of our Universe, the Karmic Board, The World Buddha, the World Teachers (all three) the Maha-Chohan, the Seven Chohans of each Ray, The Archangels and Archai as well as our own Mighty I AM Presence (or Monad), which is located at the bottom of the Hierarchal Chain.

   The Great Central Sun                        Home of Alpha and Omega
   The Three Divine Contemplators        Sons & Daughters of God
   (The Holy Kumaras)
   The Cosmic Silent Watcher                Seculata, a feminine being
   The Seven Mighty Elohim                   And their Twin Flames
   The Manu of Earth                              Varisvata Manu(He is responsible
                                                               for 5th root race (ours))

   The Physical Sun                               Goverened by Helios & Vesta
   (masks the Great Central Sun)              Our God-Parents
   The Ancient of Days                           Sanat Kumara (7th Holy Kumara)
   The Planetary Silent Watcher             Immaculata
   The Regent of Planet Earth                Gautama Buddha
   World Buddha                                     Lord Maitreya
   The Karmic Board                               Seven Beings who administer
                                                               Justice. mercy, and mete out karma
   The World Teachers                           Jesus, Kuthumi and Djwal Kjwal
   The Maha Chohan                              Wields the Seven Rays, is over the
   (Office of Holy Spirit)                             the Seven Chohans
   The Seven Chohans                           All recently Ascended Beings
   (Each on one of 7 Rays)
   The Seven Archangels                       Cosmic Beings, original Chohans
                                                                working with Chohans for mankind

All the above beings reside in the etheric plane at thirty-seven thousand feet and  above the Earth.  Although they are in the etheric, they work constantly on a Planetary Level, helping mankind to find their way back to the Source or Kingdom.

Within this system we find the following:

The Physical Sun                               Home of Helios and Vesta.  It is the
                                                           radiation of the Sun that causes a planet
                                                           to rotate upon its axis and move in its orbit
                                                           around the Sun.

All of our Planets                               As seen by the physical eye or
                                                           a telescope

All of the moons                                Our moon is actually a satellite

The many moons                               Surrounding other planets

The stars                                            All that we see in the night sky

The constellations                              According to where you live and
                                                             the time of year they may change 

Asteroids & Meteors                          Most of this debris is the result of collisions
  & Comets                                           and the breaking away of pieces of 
                                                             Planets or Stars

Black Holes                                      They clean up (or suck into themselves) the
                                                           Debris within a universe.  They also suck 
                                                           whole Stars into their holes.  We have
                                                           recently found that our Pleiades Universe
                                                           has seven Black Holes.

Rod of Power                                   The natural gravity or magnetic pull for every
                                                           planet to hold all life including mankind to it.             
                                                           This is controlled by the Rod of Power kept                                                                        
                                                            at Shamballa (in the etheric plane over
                                                            Gobi Desert).

The Four Elements                          The center of our planet has a "heart" or  
                                                            the"Great Central Sun that holds the atoms                                                              
                                                            as the Three-Fold Flame does in the heart
                                                            of us, that holds our atoms of the physical 
                                                            body together.  This forms the cohesive 
                                                            power for the electrons or atoms of the 
                                                            earth, water, fire and air elements.

Polaris & Magnus                          Offer their service to formulate the axis of our
                                                         earth. They sustain the axis for the Earth at 
                                                         the present time.
End of Lesson -Adv.Vol 1,L4 9/8/14

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