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10-2014 -The Chakras - Beginning Class, Volume 1, Lesson 6 - 9/17/14

Seat of the Soul Chakra
Six Petals-7th Ray-Aquarian Age



The seat of the Soul Chakra consists of Six Petals of Freedom's Powerful Flame. This is the Chakra that is attuned to our present time and space.  Jesus gave the prophecy to John the Beloved in the Book of Revelations:  "Look for My Water Bearer" - the Seventh Angel in those days.  As you know, the "Water-bearer is the Age of Aquarius and the Seventh Angel, is the 'European Master, St. Germain".  He was St. Joseph and the father of Jesus, two thousand years ago. Aquarius which is represented by the Water Bearer that consists of both elements, Air as well as Water.  Jesus was the great Master, who brought in the Piscean Age, a good reason why the fish is His Symbol as it represents the Water Element.  Jesus brought in the Piscean Age which is a cycle of two thousand years; and now the Chohan of the Seventh Ray, the Master St. Germain is bringing in the Aquarian Age.  Think about it, since His reign began in the Seventeenth Century, how much the world has changed -  Aquarius has brought us the Industrial Revolution, the inventions of electricity, telephone, telegraph, underwater cable, television, computers, airplanes, air travel, space travel all under the vibration and stepped up frequencies of the Aquarian Age.  The Piscean Age was the age of Mystics, Monasteries, Convents, and on the dark side, those who would keep us in Fear and Death,the Inquisition,  dictators, conquerors, war mongers, gangsters and of course the religious fanatics of every century. St. Germain is  the Chohan of the Seventh Ray and the God of Freedom for this Planet.  The reuniting the soul with the four lower bodies is connected to the Seventh Ray - Self-Realization in knowing that we are Sons and Daughters of God must become a reality as we move away from Doubt and Fear of the Piscean Age into the Age of Liberty, Fraternity and Equality for all mankind. This Chakra represents our Freedom and is the Doorway unto our Victory in the Light.

The Master St. Germain,
Chohan of the Seventh Ray
God of Freedom for the Aquarian Age
As the Father of Jesus He learned humility and obedience to the Cosmic Laws and the Voice of God, speaking through the Archangel Gabriel when He asked Joseph to take Mary, who was already with child as His wife.  At that moment, He placed His feet upon the Path of Freedom and He has come back time and again to bring forth Freedom for the children of light.

St. Joseph with young Jesus
former life of St. Germain
 As Merlin He taught Arthur how to be Free and to make a sacred place for the children of light in Avalon.  As Samuel, he was over the School of Prophets in the Old Testament.  As the monk, Robert Bacon he reached beyond the earth to discover the planets and their rotations and was burned at the stake for spewing blasphemy according to the Catholic Church in those days. 

Roger Bacon, Docter Miribilis (Lat. Wonderful Teacher)
Lichester, Eng. 1212-1294

  As Sir Francis Bacon He spent much of his time at Grey's Inn in England composing  the Shakespean Plays.  It was during this lifetime that He quietly made his ascension in the Freedom of the Light.  

Sir Francis Bacon
Philosopher,Lawyer,Statesman, Essayist
Former Life of St. Germain
It was shortly after this that He entered France as the Count de St. Germain and tried to bring about a United States of Europe through His chela, Napoleon, only Napoleon's ego got in the way and he made himself Emperor and at the same time lost the opportunity for Europe's lower classes to have their Freedom.  Time after time St. Germain pleaded with King Louie and Marie Antoinette and warned them of the terrible bloodbath that would occur if they didn't pay heed to the poor, who were starving while the elite wined and dined with golden goblets and jewels on their clothing, shoes and in their hair. He tried countless times to avert a catastrophe; but no one heeded His words until it was to late. (See Memoirs of Madame de Pompadour re. Le Comte de St. Germain.) As Uncle Sam He was at the signing of our Declaration of Independence in Philadelphia.

Le Comte de St. Germain

As the Comte de St. Germain He bcame known
throughout Europe as "The Wonderman of Europe"
He had several identities and was friend to both Kings and
the Common Man. He was an Ascended Master, Wh
tried to bring about a United States of Europe. He was truly
a Seventh Ray Master. Master of Alchemy, Cultured Gentleman,
secret agent for Kings, 
St. Germain comes again, bringing with Him the Violet Flame that will free us from all perversions and liberate the Soul so that it's Godliness can shine forth the way it was originally .  It is through these six petals that make up this chakra that we see the Six Pointed Star of Victory - the Victory each of us must claim in order to be ascended in the light and FREE!  These six petals govern the flow of light and the karmic patterns in the genes and chromosomes and in the sperm and egg of man and woman.

St. Germain from the "I AM Discourses"
In the Ascended State

Let us now ignite the Flame of Freedom within us  Allow the little Buddha to glide down and become seated within the six petals of this beautiful chakra located at the navel. FEEL the violet, living freedom flame as we begin to cleanse this chakra and bring it into alignment with the I AM.

God expresses Himself/Herself as Unconditional Love, willing to FORGIVE all who come before them with humble hearts and ask their forgiveness.  In order for us to expand the flame of freedom, we need to forgive all who have harmed us in any way and we mainly have to forgive ourselves for any part of life that we have harmed.

Let us start by saying:  "I forgive all those who have ever harmed me or the light for which I stand,
Whether consciously or subconsciously, whether in thought, word or deed;
whether in this lifetime or any other lifetime, all the way back to my separation from the Kingdom.

And I ask forgiveness for myself,

For any harm that I may have brought upon any part of life,
Whether consciously or subconsciously, whether in thought, word or deed,
Whether in this lifetime or any other lifetime, all the way back to my separation from the Kingdom.

And so it is, and so it is, and so it is."

My Seat of the Soul Chakra is a Chakra of Violet Fire,
My Seat of the Soul Chakra is the purity God desires (12x's)

My Seat of the Soul Chakra is a Chakra of Violet Fire,
My Seat of the Soul Chakra is the purity God desires (12x's)
(Because this chakra already is the color "violet" we are making sure that
it is purified and is the pure color of violet fire by doing this mantra.)

Mantra: Forgiveness/ Seat of the Soul Chakra

I AM Forgiveness acting here,
Casting out all doubt and fear,
Setting men forever free
With wings of cosmic Victory.

I AM calling in full power
For Forgiveness every hour
To all life in every place
I flood forth forgiving Grace.


End of Lesson 6, Seat of the Soul, Vol.1, 9/17/14

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