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11-2014 -The Kundalini of Root Chakra Continued - Beg.Vol. 1, L.5

Root Chakra - Kundalini a.k.a. White Cube
Crystal White - 4 Petals- Base of Spine- 4th Ray
Archangel Gabriel & Hope, Serapis Bey, Chohan
4th Ray of Purity and Ascension

The Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel is the Angel of Annunciation
He is the Archangel of Purity and Ascension

Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel is often depicted with His 
Trumpet.  Remember at the End Times He will blow
His Trumpet.  You can read about him in the Book
of Daniel in the Bible, He was coming to Daniel and
His friends and couldn't get through the Astral Plane.  He
had to call Archangel Michael to clear the way for Him.

The Ascension Angels
These Ascension Angels accompany those who are
making their Ascension into the Logoic Plane.  They are
like the Honor Guard.  When a person ascends, everyone
below him is raised up a rung higher on the Ladder of Jacob,
All life benefits from His Mastery.
Serapis Bey, Chohan 4th Ray
 Serapis Bey is over the Ascension Temple in the
Etheric Plane over Egypt.  He worked with El Morya &
Kuthumi with Madame H. P. Blavatsky also wrote
some of the "Mahatma Letters"

This chakra not only connects you to the Divine Mother, Mother Mary and the female energy BUT it is a direct link to the Fourth Ray of Ascension.  So you are now preparing seriously for your ascension once the Kundalini Flame has been ignited we are no longer "dead".  When Jesus said:  "Let the dead bury the dead" this is what He meant.  Those who will continue to come in, lifetime after lifetime, on the Wheel of Karma are dead to the realization of their own Godliness, and the potential, right where they are, to move into the Path of Initiation.

Mother Mary reappearing at site where she
stayed in Egypt when they fled from King Herod
 after the Birth of Jesus.
This is what is meant by omnipresent.   People could
see her night after night standing on the roof of church.

This Chakra is the "final key" to the Kingdom of Heaven through the Mother Ray.  So we can say that God experiences His/Herself right within us.  The fiery energy of these two serpents of wisdom reverses the role we have had up to this point within the chakras.  Instead of God experiencing, we now find that WE are experiencing God at every level of our being.  If you wonder why some people think this is too arduous a task to undertake, they may be right.  It's not "right" for all people if they have not yet gained inner self-realization, therefore this door is not open to everyone, but only those who have proved themselves worthy to "Stay the course" and endure the initiations.  After all you must remember dear hearts, that initiation comes only to those who have karmic history.  If you are pure, then Ascension is yours for the asking - minus initiation; but then you would not have to reincarnate if this were the case.  We are all here because Cosmic Law dictates that we shall endure the wheel for as long as we remain dead to the reality of our true potential.  Once we set our feet upon the path, no matter how long we take or how many side tracts we wander into, we all will eventually Ascend into the Light and be Free forever.
Mother Mary at Medjugorje, Bosnia Yugoslavia
Appearing to 8 Children since 1981 to Present
Again, she is omnipresent
Let us experience God through this chakra, by closing our eyes and breathing deeply, let the Divine enter your heart.  "Be Still And Know That I AM God" now again see yourselves as the little buddha sitting before the Three-Fold Flame within your heart:  Let us decree a thing:  
OM Brahman, OM Mother, OM -
 Peace, Peace, Peace. OM TAT SAT OM (12 x's) 
Now we will sit upon the White Lotus and place the golden triangle around us as we make our descent through the Solar Plexus Chakra, the Seat of the Soul Chakra and Finally we are seated within the Four White Petals of the Kundalini Chakra.  Because this is the Mother Chakra we will first of all Call to the Divine Mother Omega to place her Electronic Presence around us as we sing to her:

             The Divine Mother

Divine Mother - White Tara
Photo from the series.Dharma in the West - Tashi Coling
Bea Arestad, Photographer
Divine Mother
Divine Mother
Divine Mother
My Divine Mother
Let the Seed of my mind concentrate
On your Blue Lotus Feet!   (3 x's)(12 x's)

We ask  that She enfolds us through the Mighty Elohim God Purity and Mighty Astrea, the Maha Chohan,  the Holy Spirit.

Mighty Astrea Goddesss of Purity
Photo by Marius Michael George

O! Mighty Astrea,
May God Purity
Manifest here for all to see
God's Divine Will
Shinning Through
Circle and Sword of Brightest Blue.

Maha Chohan - Office of the Holy Spirit
He is over Seven Chohans and the Seven Rays

Mantra For Kundalini Chakra
My Kundalini Chakra is a Chakra of Violet Fire
My Kundalini Chakra is the purity God Desires! (12x's)

Note:  This mantra cleanses this chakra with Violet Fire which is the
Combined Blue Flame of the Divine Father & the Pink Flame of the Divine Mother
Through the step-down action of Mighty Astrea and the Maha Chohan

My Kundalini Chakra is a Chakra of Pure White Fire
My Kundalini Chakra is the Purity God Desires! (12x's)

Then we bring the Chakra back to its Ray Color which is
Pure Crystal White

We will only cleanse these chakras with the protection of Hierarchy but not meditate upon opening the
Chakra - by meditating within the mind this Chakra along with the others will begin to unfold without causing
any harm.

End of Lesson 5, Beg.Vo1 l, L.5- The Chakras  9/9/14

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