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31- 2015 - Advanced and Beginning Classes - DAILY WORK ON THE PROBLEMS OF HUMANITY - MARCH 4, 2015

Preparation for the Return of the Christ:

The Tibetan, the Master Djwal Kwal, has given us a great deal upon this subject and He would ask you to re-read with care and interest the His book: The Reappearance of the Christ .   He explained that despite the banalities of the past and the stupidities of a narrow sectarianism, the New Group of World Servers must lay a sound, serious and scientific foundation for the spirit of expectancy which is creating a ferment in mankind at this time.  Humanity awaits something.  The approach of this theme will necessarily vary according to the country and the religion involved; this must be borne in mind by students; the various nationalities contacted must work with understanding of national and religious trends, traditions and cultures.

Djwal Kwal makes the following statements:

"The preparatory work has to be done by humanity itself and by the world aspirants.  There  is little that the Hierarchy can do, save make its own specialized preparations.  This work is not a matter of announcing that the Christ is on His way; it is the implementing and the stating of those conditions which will facilitate His coming -  the establishing of right human relations, of correct economic dispersals and of a true spirit of religious unity-a thing sadly lacking today in the Christian Church. It is MEN who must get ready for the coming of His Feet by producing those right conditions which will make possible His abiding among men.

This work in the immediate present - as outlined by Me for the students involves two factors:

  1.  The intensive attention of the individual student as he studies world problems, familiarizing himself with the teaching given by the Buddha and the Christ, and learning to know about those things which MUST be straightened out prior to the coming of the Christ.

  2.  A task of intensive work with the general public familiarizing them with the nature of the world problems and with the possibility of right solution being found. They must also be made familiar with the fusion of the Eastern and the Western approach to God by the acceptance of the Buddha and the Christ as the two major exponents of the character of God, and with the work to be done which will make possible the return of the Christ - His return into the consciousness of men as a vital, present Person; this is NOT yet the case.

Such is the work of the student - a work for which you are well trained and prepared and which you can do.  But - again I would reiterate-if the time factor permits .  Think carefully what those words mean; read your newspapers with care and with an acute discrimination and hasten your efforts if the needs of humanity and the demands of the Hierarchy (on behalf of Humanity) mean anything real to you.  If they are not real, then we shall have to look elsewhere for help.

There is also a fourth task in which the student can be of great service; it is a task which must have its initial "try out" in the United States, even though the activities and the attitudes which it may initiate will be worldwide.   It is perhaps a far harder task of studying world problems, spreading the knowledge of the Wesak Festival* and doing what can be done to prepare men's minds for the coming of the Christ. It is, however, something which must be undertaken prior to that coming because upon its success will depend the right and correct inauguration of the coming civilization.  I do not say that this lies in the hands of the Arcane School membership, I am not so unintelligent or so sectarian in my attitudes.  I do say that you can greatly help in a line of work which is engrossing the attention of the Master R (St. Germain)- and all the Masters** upon the third ray.  It is the task of the regenerating of MONEY.
*Wesak Festival celebrated every year at the first full moon in May, honoring Gautama the Buddha who brought forth the eight-fold path and under the 2nd Ray of Love-Wisdom worked with the Mind of God - The first line of the Great Invocation refers to His role in bringing forth the Light of God to the minds of men.
The Easter Festival is celebrated every year honoring the life of Jesus the Christ and His great gift of Love to every man, woman and child on the planet.  He was overshadowed by Lord Maitrya who has appeared many lifetimes as Krishna and still holds the office of the Christ and is now arisen to the office of World Buddha under Gautama.  Jesus and Maitrya represent the 3rd Ray of Love in the Great Invocation as they bring forth from the Heart of God Love into the Hearts of all Mankind and the Reappearance of the Christ as well. - mf)
**   All Masters upon the 3rd Ray are:  Lord Maitrya, Jesus, Sanat Kumara, the Ancient of Days, Lady Master Venus, Lady Meta, Lady Liberty, Paul the Venetian, Archangel Chamuel and Charity - These are the ones known to us at the present time, there are many more that we are unaware of. - mf)
The Regeneration of Money in the World

Master D.K. says: "  I have already taken steps to bring this question to your attention and I did so with deliberation. I knew not only what I was doing but I realized also the reaction it might and did evoke from illogical people. I have, however, been pleased at the small amount of antagonism it brought out; and I intend at this time, to discuss this subject with you in the interest of clarity and in order to evoke your cooperation.

Let me deal first of all with the few antagonistic comments which my earlier handling of the matter called forth, because in so doing I am, in reality, dealing with the subject as I want to deal with it.  I will enumerate these comments but I will not deal with them at any length for they are relatively unimportant and come from people who have no understanding of money or of its significance and  have very little money themselves upon which to live or with which to work  Their opinion is consequently both biased and unimportant.

1.  The first comment was that spiritual people must not be occupied with money and must lay no emphasis upon it.  What they really mean - in this meaningless generalization - is that the spiritually minded man must have no selfish interest in money. Those who say this are, nevertheless, definitely interested (for instance) in the size of their salary and in the acquiring of the necessary funds so as to live according to their station in the world; such interest is thus both right and reasonable.  Why they should not be interested in money in relation to their spiritual status (as they think it is) on the physical plane remains to many of onlooking Hierarchy one of the mysteries of glamour or of illusion.  Because of this glamour, they have permitted the esoteric work on behalf of humanity to be neglected and often left undone.  If I am right in my constantly enunciated premise that the divine life includes the physical plane, and the word "spiritual" can be used in relation to all activity that is rightly motivated, then their position is unreasonable and is definitely hindering the spread of the Ancient Wisdom.  These immature thinkers shut away vast sums of money and a whole areas of creative activity ( of which money is the symbol and the active energy) because of an initial premise which is false to start with .  They have been, however, perfectly willing to see countless billions (I said billions and not millions, brother of mine) go into the fields of film-making (a perfectly legitimate business), cigarette smoking, liquor drinking and candy eating without a qualm or a protest and yet all the time the work of saving and helping humanity under hierarchical impulse is blocked and hindered by lack of funds.

None of this expression of financial expenditure and of creativity is wrong in itself, it is the misuse to them and the selfish emphasis which is wrong, as mankind evolves there will be less and less demand for the strictly physical pleasures and satisfactions; today the proportion of the expenditure is at fault; it is to this I would call the attention of the people who regard money as lying outside the interest of spiritual people.  I would be interested to have those people -sincere and earnest as I well know-who have expressed their refusal to substantiate their disapproval with sound arguments.  It would be helpful to them and useful to us.  Many, when asked to do so, simply reply that they "just feel that way".   There is a possibility that their feeling is a part of the glamour of the astral-feeling plane, or that it indicates an illusion which they would hate to lose because-all unconsciously to themselves-it gives them a sense of superiority to money.
2.  Another reaction is that the Christ and His disciples (and the Buddha and His followers) never stressed money or made it apparent that material interests should play any part in the life of a true disciple  May I remind you that both these great Exponents of the Divine Wisdom with Their conditioning philosophies and their world-saving destiny (at no time more potent than today) lived in Oriental countries where the needs of the time are small indeed, where there was little required or to be bought beyond food and clothing, therefore money played only a small part in the life of the masses.

D.K. has a lot more to say about the misuse of money and the misconception on most spiritual peoples attitudes regarding money.  At the end of this article the Tibetan wrote regarding the energy and right-use of money He gives us several questions for the world aspirants, esotericists and disciples; He states:  "We ask their help in clearing away the difficultly in presenting the point of view for the new and coming era, in preparing men for the return of the Christ into recognition, and in the spiritualizing of that crystallized energy to which the name of money is given.  The following questions are, therefore, in order:

1.  To whom else can we turn?  Money is needed in the modern world to carry on our work on the outer plane.

2.  What is wrong in asking you to think clearly about this world problem?  Is it one you do not want to face?

3.  What reason or reasons can you give that would hinder you in the effort to deflect money into spiritual channels for the service of the Christ?

4.  If you feel free to pray, for the wherewithal to meet the physical needs of suffering humanity and to work unselfishly in the raising of funds for the Red Cross, or for food for starving Europe, what argument can you produce which will prevent you praying for the needed money to carry on our work and so meet the deepest need of mankind and that for which they are starving - the teaching which has meant so much to you?

5.  Is there any sound reason why there should not be a group in the world today (or many groups for that matter !) who can be trusted to be the custodians of money for the use of the work of the Christ and of his disciples?

6.  Have you yourself never prayed for something you felt you MUST have if life is to go on and thus enable you to fulfill your daily task and meet your unavoidable obligations?

7.  Can you not switch that same impulse and power into the field of humanity's needs  and into the Hierarchy's reserves for help?

8.  Can you not talk about this needed re-direction of money and its new uses in implementing the spiritual work of the world and thus do your little part in changing mankind's approach to money?  Or are you afraid of what people will say?

9.  Do you love your little prejudices against millionaires and capitalists more than you love your fellowmen?  Or will you remember that those capitalists are struggling human beings, just as you are, and that many of them - if released from the glamours which you have helped to create -would prove more efficient servers of the Hierarchy than you are, because of their training and their understanding of money?

NOTE:  In the World Service we pray for the "redistribution of the wealth of the world so that all of mankind can benefit not just the few.  We will now need to add and especially for supporting the coming Christ and His disciples and the spiritual workers who are facilitating their reappearance on Earth." - mf

Adaptation to the Present-Day Crisis World-Wide by Margaret Mary

At the time of the writing of "Problems of Humanity" by the Tibetan through Alice A. Bailey, (1947) Hierarchy felt that mankind was in a better place, they had experienced first-hand evil incarnate, especially in Europe and to a lesser degree the Far East.  Japan forced the hand of the United States to enter the war after the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

Since the late 1950's we've managed to see wars break out in Korea; Vietnam, the Jewish/Palestinian conflict in the 60's, which has continued to the present day, and the Cold War that continued until the mid-1980's.  In the  1990's we entered Iraq but even during this period there were terror attacks on airlines, ships at sea and civil wars within Nations that seemed to always call upon the United states and NATO Forces for aide.  The terrorist attack on September 11, 2001 brought home to all Americans' the realization that we had to become more pro-active and alert to our surroundings - it suddenly changed the feeling of freedom into one of constant alert - it was our wake-up call to become more responsible as citizens.

The second Iraqi war as the result of the terrorist attack on New York City put troops on the ground in both Iraq and Afghanistan - this conflict is still on-going even though we've pulled many of our troops out of Iraq - meanwhile, we have strife occurring in almost every Middle Eastern country.  Leaders who acted as dictators were suddenly being removed from power and although this entire area is still pretty much unsettled, there's a determination among the people of these areas to fight for their individual and national freedoms - this is not always accomplished as we'd like to expect; but much of what should occur during the shifting from one two thousand years cycle to another is now happening and making history as we observe the chaos that abounds in every area of the planet.

The old Piscean Age with all of its devotion to rulership and leadership is now dissolving into the Aquarian Age of Freedom for everyone and everyone participating in maintaining those freedoms.

We're seeing Africa, Syria, Egypt, Yemen, Libya and many other nations at war - much of the Problems that are making it difficult for these countries to put down their arms is because of the various clans, religious sects, and military leaders who still want to "run everything like a dictatorship".  Until those who are ready to enjoy their freedoms after being restricted for years, begin to realize  that  they must come together and meet with advisors from NATO or other countries that they can trust, and people of "good will who have no political or personal gain" as their hidden agenda, to help them navigate through the difficulties that must be ironed out in order for them to move forward - this can only be done through peaceful negotiations and communication with giving a little here and getting something in return so that everyone's issues are addressed and resolved.  Added to all the conflicts we have ISIS now present in the midst of all these changes.  ISIS is a break-away group splintered from al Queda and fiercely fanatical they have formed their own Independent State of Iraq and of Syria.  These militants have brought themselves international attention through their violent acts of terror to young people, journalists and especially Christians and Jews.  To date they have beheaded several individuals from Europe, Japan, the United States and Jordan - now they are attacking Christian schools and crucifying children- this crisis makes it even more difficult for Humanitarian groups to aid the people caught in the cross-fires.  Again, this is evil raising its head against their own people and they are using the media and websites to contact people in other countries who are unbalanced enough to want to join forces with them.  
We see the clouds of war gathering over Russia and the Ukraine.  again, it's always about gain, greed and the acquisition of territory.  The Ukraine has appealed to other countries including the United States to help them and the Russians are rattling their swords and flashing a warning to all who participate in helping Ukraine that they will go to war with anyone who interferes in this so-called civil strife.  Mr. Putin was KGB and most of his cabinet are ex-KGB members (again we have the dictator Piscean type of leadership) still using strong-arm pressure.

Finally on this subject of war, we have North Korea with its very unstable leader.  There are economic, political and humanitarian problems all stacking up against his poor leadership abilities - there's rumors of a possible military uprising.  Then we also have China who is currently having economic problems but who has become an ally of Russia over the production and distribution of oil resources - this could also mean that they would back Russia against anyone interfering in the current highly tense situation. We have to remember that we owe trillions to China and any day now they could call in their markers especially if their economic situation worsens.

The most glaring problem we have in other areas is of course the economic meltdown that caused the "house of cards" to collapse around the world.  Greed was the main culprit and it was centered right here within the USA - in 2008 Lehman Brothers and the Bankers brought our nation to the brink of the "Crash of 1929".  Rumor had it that some of the foreign banks called in their markers and we were completely unprepared to pay bank - Although it was from five other banks in the United States that reluctantly helped us stabilize the situation at the time.  Even with all the promises people still did not get any help from the mortgage brokers and banks which was where most of the money was supposed to go.  Instead, the banks and mortgage and financial brokers gave out bonuses to their people - they were never brought up on criminal charges even  though it sent a ripple effect around  the world and as a result Ireland, Greece, Italy and Spain were hardest hit as their economies were already in trouble and about to collapse, while the rest of the world reeled from Europe to Asia.

Now, seven years later we see that people are not spending as they did before the meltdown.  Box stores are closing across America.  Such names as Sears, Radio Shack, J .C. Penny's and many others are closing stores.  The first wave closed down all specialty shops. If stores are not closing they are choosing to close a few here and there across the country.  People are cautious and many are  worried about sending their children to college - meanwhile, tuition has been raised at the college level and we have students blocking the roads and highways in protest - many will have to leave college and find work.  As we've seen over and over again, the paycheck hasn't increased among the middle classes for years, while becoming a billionaire seems quite common - millionaires are considered now a higher middle class.  Mortgage and Rents are way out of range for the average worker.  Both parents have to being in a salary in order to meet the monthly payments.

Many people lost their homes and jobs during the past seven years.  Some have found jobs that pay half of what they were earning and there are no benefits or retirement as part of the salary.  Working longer hours for less pay and we seem to be the only country that doesn't give vacation or paid leave of absence.  Most people are signing up for ObamaCare in order to provide insurance for their families.

The other glaring problem looming on the horizon is the lack of food and soon more areas are going to experience the lack of water.  It is year number five for our location in California. This particular area produces much of the fruit and vegetables of the entire country yet many local famers have had to let fields go fallow as there isn't enough water in the area.

Scientists looking at the growing food and water problems have introduced cloning of certain crops and added GMO"s to the seedlings.  These GMO's contain a chemical used in bug sprays so that the plant is more resistant to bugs and insects.   People are getting sick and can't understand what's happening  Most of the GMO's are in corn products, wheat products most of the cloning is spliced into  the seeds of fruits - these fruits usually last much longer than the real mccoy and they have no taste and lack vitamins, minerals and nourishment.  The fight right now is to force companies using GMO's to reveal the ingredients on  their labels.

Lack of food is the largest crisis the world is seeing today.  In many areas of the world, the water element is missing and without it, there is little chance of growing vegetables and fruits that keep people healthy. The United States and many countries now are keeping the food banks supplied throughout  these stricken areas; but with the scientists now predicting that we are in for a much longer drought than they expected, there will probably be less and less food available to feed the  World's hungry.  Many of these areas especially in Africa and the Middle East  are run by rebels and militants who make it difficult and sometimes impossible to get food and medicine to the people in need.

The Children
Children are our future and our hope for tomorrow. Yet, we see many young teens today committing suicide or joining gangs or worse still, planning to get back at someone by entering the school and killing as many as they can.  There are certain video games that children are allowed to play that involve shooting anyone coming at them.  This type of video game is dangerous and creates a reactionary response to eye/hand contact that makes it easy for them to react in the same manner when they feel threatened by anyone including their peers in school.

Solution - Is there One?  What the World Needs Now is Love Sweet Love....
that song is so apropos as to what the world needs today is those focused souls of light, who can illuminate the way out of the "valley of the shadow of death into life everlasting...".  This involves consecration and concentration upon the point of accomplishment, by truly understanding that we must do "group work" acting as   one soul, one unit, one light -bearer- a group that mediates between Hierarchy and Humanity in the working out of the Divine Plan.

No one said it was easy to reach the goal of liberation yet when we look around us, we see that there is much work to be done in all areas of human relations - in dealing with the Problems of Humanity.  We are no longer living in the Western Hemisphere; we are living in a Global Community and it will be through the process of communication, the will to good, the media and telecommunications that we can reach the men and women of good will in every country.  No other time in history have we had the opportunity presented to us first of all by Hierarchy, to share with them, the working out of the Plan, to trust the New Group of World Servers to carry out Their ideas and to use the entire Group along with the "Men and Women of Goodwill" in every country to fill this planet and all thereon with the light of Their presences while at the same time, using modern technology to become globally active - to envision our Souls carrying out the bridging of all kingdoms as we march ever forward without leaving one soul behind.

Let us now call to our Soul OM
Let us now visualize a beam of light reaching from all the World Servers and the Men and Women of Goodwill throughout the planet sending that beam of light into Hierarchy, to the Center of Love, the Christ, to the Great Ashram of Sanat Kumara, and on to Shambala - meditate upon all life on this Planet and the Love we have for Hierarchy.
Now see Shabala aligning itself with Hierarchy, the Christ, the New Group of World Servers, the Men and Women of Good Will
The Race of Men,
The Animal, Plant and Mineral and Elemental Kingdoms

Now thinking of all the problems that are occurring in the World concentrate upon the words of  the "Great Invocation"

From the Point of Light within the Mind of God,
Let Light stream forth into the Minds of Men,
May light descend to Earth.

From the Point of Love within the Heart of God,
Let Love stream forth into the hearts of Men,
May Christ return to Earth,

From the Center which we call the Will of God,
Let Purpose guide the little wills of men,
The Purpose which the Masters know and serve.

From the Center which we case the Race of Men,
Let the Plan of Love and Light work out;
And may is seal the door where evil dwells.
Let Light and Love and Power
Restore the Pan on Earth

OM       OM        OM

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