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(Note:  Everything in black is from Master D. K.)
So, we now are aware that we are enfolded within the Plan, and herein may be found a clue to the difficult problem of "free will".  It might be said that within the limits of the intelligent direction of the intelligent man, there is free will, as far as activity in the human kingdom is concerned.  Where no mind activity is present and where there is no power to discriminate, to analyze and to choose, there is no free will.
(Note:  Everything in Blue is From Margaret Mary)
MF - RESPONSE I am repeating the above paragraph because it is so true and so frightening when we realize that our present dilemma is putting us in a similar situation - if our freedoms are curtailed and removed in every area within our nation, then we are allowing "no free will"therefore, we will no longer be able to discriminate, analyze and to choose - thus, we will rapidly begin to decline and become stuck in neandethal mind-set.  Instead of progressing onward and upward on our evolutionary journey of the soul, we will be delayed, waylaid and eventually destroyed by those who belong to the Black Lodge, who are the liars and the lie,  who do not want mankind to become elevated in consciousness, and are working just as hard as the Hierarchy in turning mankind away from their spiritual goals, by embedding them within the material world by keeping them in fear; and by curtailing their freedoms to the point that they no longer have free will. -mf

(6)  A vision of the Plan, nebulous as it must necessarily be, confers a sense of proportion and also a stability.  It leads to a much needed readjustment of values, indicating as it does, that there is purpose and objective behind all the difficult happenings of daily life.  It broadens and widens and expands the consciousnss, as we study the great volume of the planetary life, embracing as it does the detail and the fininshed structure, the item man, and the entire life of the planet, with their relation to the greater Whole.  This is of far more importance than the minute detail of the human being's individual capacity to grasp his own immediate place within the larger picture.

Well, it is really up to us, as individuals and sons and daughters of the most High God, to readjust our thinking, our values and at the same time it will expand our consciousness to the point where we have a knowing, at the deepest level of being, that we are lock, stock and barrel, part of a greater Plan, when we look, really look at ourselves as a grain of sand, among the billions  that make up humanity - yet, realizing at the same time, that God has his finger on the pulse of each and every one of us - that we are embedded within the body of the Planetary Logos along with all of mankind, plus the subhuman as well as the superhuman beings dwelling at various planes of matter - all of us moving within the heart and mind of the Solar Logos - even the planet is all a part of the design, the architecture of our Father, Sanat Kumara, the Ancient of Days, who as one of the original sons of God, holds each and every one of us and our planet within His Divine Plan.  

 I think that once we are aware that there is a greater design and future for ourselves and our planet than this material world that draws our immediate attention, we can relax in the knowledge that we are here for a Divine Purpose, that all that we experience - whether it be the good times as well as the bad, there's a greater Good, that forces us to "Let Go and Let God sit in the drivers seat", while we meditate upon reaching the goal that was set for each of us long before our birth- mf

(7) Objectives of the Plan: The new Plan of the Great Ones is, in the last analysis simply an extension of the Plan as it has always existed.  No changes in the basic idea are involved. ....  The immediate objectives of the Plan might be stated as follows:
1.  To raise the level of human consciousness, so that intelligent thinking men and women will be consciously in touch with the world of ideas and the realm of intuitive perception.  This means that they will be oriented towards reality.
Average men and women will then be led definitely to shift their attention from the world of the emotions in which they have hitherto lived, and will begin to live more in their mental natures, and to think clearly and wisely.  As a direct result of a growing awareness of the two above mentioned groups, the masses, as a whole, will be definitely benefited.  They will find their living conditions so amerliorated and wisely ordered, that the present state of fear and of intense compretitive struggle for existence, will be superseded by a  real measure of stability and security.  A more leisured life will consequently be possi- ble, and will enable men to unfold their powers - mental and spiritual - normally.

This is no picture of an immediate Utopia.  The modification of the present situation, even in a small measure, is a Herculean task, and will strain the resources of the New Group of World Servers to the utmost. 

There's a lot to take in here, especially concerning shifting gradually from an emotionally oriented being to a mentally/intuitively human that can think clearly and wisely.  The Hierarchy are counting on the intelligent men and women who will be getting in touch with the world of ideas and also delving into more intuitive awareness.  This can actually happen if this particular group begin right now to meditate upon their Solar Angel or Soul on a daily basis - upon awakening each and every day.  It will set a pattern and build a light body connection between the physical plane and the higher mental plane - as they progress along this particular path, they will eliminate connecting with the emotional body, which will gradually become under the control of the "Will to Good" which usually occurs when stability replaces fear and competitiveness (which is still and will still occur within the masses). 
The Master clearly states that a Utopia will not occur immediately; but when enough of mankind adopt the higher path of the Mental/Spiritual and Intuitive life path; eventually, the rest of mankind will follow suit kind of like the Monkey Theory. - mf

The New Group of World Servers are all those students of the Arcane School and anyone who works with  the Hierarchy at the present time.  As we are now much farther along the path then when His book was written, we, as World Servitors are feeling the "burn" and the "burden" of bridging the light between humanity and Hierarchy.-mf

Here's A Morning Meditation
That I do Which will Bridge
the  Higher Self; the Soul and the Physical Body

The Symbol of the Holy Spirit

I AM one with my group brothers, and all that I have is theirs,
May the love which is in my soul pour forth to them
May the strength which is in me lift and aid them,
May the thoughts  which my soul creates reach and encourage them.
The Maha Chohan holds the Offie of the Holy Spirit

Daily Invocation To the Holy Spirit
Beloved Jesus

by Margaret Mary

In the name of my Higher Self, I AM THAT I AM,

I call to you Beloved Holy Spirit to come into my heart today.
I ask that you take dominion over my thoughts words and deeds
that you will correct my path and shorten my days.

Beloved Jesus, Elder Brother, I ask that you show
me the Way, the Truth and the Life.
and that through daily atonement 
I will expect miracles
I ask that you, Beloved Jesus and Holy Spirit
Take my hand and guide my path
Out of the "Valley of the Shadow of Death"
Into the unity with the Holy Spirit,
Our Father who art in heaven and the entire
spirit of the Heavenly Realms.

Meanwhile, I promise you, Beloved Jesus, that I will be
An extension of the light which you have cast upon me, so that I can act on your
behalf, to heal my brothers and sisters and in so doing - heal myself.
This will insure and guarantee that we can raise ourselves together
Until this Universe is so filled with light that it will disappear.
I like to think of life as a two-way street, with traffic moving both ways.  As we are humans and have to live here on Earth than we need to know how to move in and out of traffic in such a way that we do not get out of balance, causing stress, misalignment and accidents.

Some of us go through life like "An accident looking for a place to happen". We're constantly out of step with the flow of life and I am teaching these classes so that we can 'go with the flow' and move a step above the crowd.

COME APART AND BE A SEPARATE PEOPLE! Is the command of our Father.  "Cleave unto Me for We are ONE" should be your mantra from now on.

Believe it or not the "path to enlightenment" also moves with the flow; but only if you've got the right keys to unlock all the doorways - and these doorways are designed to open only when you're in the Presence of the Solar Angel

Bridging the Light Opens the Doorways of Chakras

Every day in every way you and I need to allow God into the driver's seat and let Him/Her take command of our four lower bodies.  Alone, we will flounder, like a ship without a rudder.  Alone, we tend to wander adrift moving under a cloud of our own choosing, and alone we get caught up in the eddy of mass consciousness and find there is never enough time to get serious about our role as students rather, drifting into the easy wide highway that leads us farther and farther away from I AM.


2.   The second objective of Those who are working out the Plan, is the clarifying of the international situation.  It is necessary that each nation should realize two things:

FIRST:  the importance of attending to its own business and its own internal problems, which are those of beautifying the national life, by the production of order, stabilization, and above all, FREEDOM.  Each nation must internally adjust itself to PEACE.  This must be done, not by armed force of some powerful group, but by the wise consideration of the needs of the entire people, excepting no part of the national life.

Okay, although we would like to think globally; of Brotherhood, Peace and Freedom for all nations - I guess we have to get our own act together - we have such problems as racism, religious intolerance, gun control, bigotry and separateness - all clogging up the path towards social order, peace and freedom for everyone within the boundaries of our nation.  This same plan must also apply to all other nations, in order for there to be"peace on earth and goodwill to all men".  Again, it all goes back to reaching out within our own communities, states and nation; and then joining some humanitarian group that is focused upon bringing education, unity, peace and freedom to all nations.  One can realize almost immediately that if we follow this plan, we'd be working along the lines of the Divine Plan that Hierarchy is projecting for us at the present time .  

What I see from reading and studying various Humanitarian Groups, is that their main objective is to meet the needs of each and every nation that they are working in - even those who are at war*, these groups are right there working, bringing supplies, medicine, education and especially teaching people how to become more productive.  This has allowed people in "third world countries" to find employment by joining companies established to present their products  internationally so that they can become independent, while at the same time climbing out of  poverty and starvation. - mf
* "In Syria on today's news, we have a American Doctor, who alone is trying to save the lives of the many wounded, without help from anyone, she said that it is the least she can do to perform her humanitarian duty".

SECOND:  the prime importance of each nation realizing its responsibility to all other nations, and the interrelation of all parts of the life of our world.  This realization will bring about a reciprocal interplay in the field of economics, for this is the most important field at this time. Practically all world problems and differences are based upon an economic situation.  It is, therefore, more important in the solultion of the presesent world problem than are the political rivalries and the selfish, individual, natinal ambitions.
Remember, as we move steadily along the higher mental spiritual path while at the same time expanding our consciousness to the point wherein we will be receiving information directly from Hierarchy, then and only then will we begin to see a global interrelation opening up before our eyes - the internet, wireless and Skype will contribute greatly towards interaction between nations.  We'll notice this will occur more rapidly with the incoming sixth and seventh root races coming into the planet, with their high mental/spiritual/intuitive personalities shining forth, they will be instrumental in bringing about peace, freedom and brotherhood, as they are all Aquarians, who are more highly developed than we of the fifth root race.  
Providing of adequate food, raiment and housing facilities to the unthinking masses everywhere, will bring about a changed world psychology, which will be constructive and sound, and which will usher in the deeply desired era of peace and plenty.  That the problem involved is difficult, no one denies, and for this, man's selfishness and greed is responsible.  It is, in reality, relatively simple, if not complicated by too much statistical deduction and the opposed selfishness of national and monied interests.  The term "monied interests' is here used to designate no one class in particular, for the transition of money out of one set of hands into another, provides no solution.  Whoever possesses the money at any particular time, wields power, and this is true, whether it is the present capitalistic class, or an enriched proletariat, or a grasping government.
Well, we can certainly see clearly what the Master has put forth as our main problem - Greed! Selfishness! and Power!  If we look at the world today and note the many conflicts within each nation, then we see clearly that all of the above misuse of God's energy is the cause and effect of those who are Not aligned with the Lightbearers, who are continually working toward power,  destruction, warfare because they want to rule - a good example of this is those who are head of communistic regimes, wherein their original doctrine promised equal rights, equal opportunities, and freedom for everyone.  When in fact, as you look at those countries under communist rule, you can only find that the leaders are all billionaires, while the people still live in poverty, without benefit of free will, without benefit of their religious beliefs; without benefit of healthcare; without the benefit of freedom, peace and prosperity.  We've also seen countries in the Western Hemisphere willing to contribute to these countries whenever there is a disaster - yet, the common man never receives these benefits because the leaders always grab everything leaving the masses to struggle or die. 
End of Lesson - 4/5/18

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