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48-2016 -THE LIGHT OF THE SOUL, Vol. Part 2 2016/4/10

We will now continue to talk about Light, Love and Soul, of course all contained within the heart of the Father.

"And God said:  Let there beLight, and there was Light."

None of the following information are my words; but they are the most sacred sayings recorded concerning Light which is the Soul or Holy Christ Self - keep in mind as you read these quotes that the reference is always concerning the radiating light that makes us truly "Sons and Daughters of the Most High God".  You'll also want to ponder on some of these writings as they indeed will magnify the soul light towards your heart because whenever you concentrate upon the light you draw it ever nigh to your seven sacred centers.

The following quotes are a compilation of various sources contained within a volume by Franz Hartmann, M.D. -mf

If we take up any of the ancient books of Wisdom:  be it the Vedas of the Hindus, the books of Hermes, the Egyptian, the Dhammapada of the Buddhist, the Cabala of the Jews, the Christian Bible, or any of the secret doctrines from Zoroaster and Confucius down to the Rosicrucian of the Middle Ages; down to the most recent expositions made by H. P. Blavatsky, we find it stated most positively that the fundamental principle of creation, that out of which everything was made, and which is the very foundation of the existence of everything, of humanity as well as the gods, is LIGHT.  Not that light which belongs to external nature, and which we are capable of perceiving with our physical sense, but a higher kind of light, of which the light in external nature is only a reflection, comparable to an image in a mirror, a light such as can be perceived only by the senses belonging to the spiritual organization of the regenerated man. 

In the ancient Vedas this light is described as Daiviprakriti, the Light of the Logos (The Word, Our Father, Sanat Kumara, one of the original Holy Kumaras, the original sons of God the Father -mf).

The center from which this spiritual Light emanates is the Divine Logos:  the Iswara of the Hindus, the Jesus of the Christians, the universal Christ, Savior and Redeemer from darkness and death. There can be no salvation from death except by the attainment of the true life. 
So here we encounter a statement of fact - that fact being that unless we move steadily towards the LIGHT of SOUL we will continually experience darkness and death.  The good news here is that yes, eventually we will make the decision to live and move and have our beings drawn within that spiritual light of the Soul, as this process occurs, we become infiltrated with the Divine Light of the Soul because It is drawn to us by Divine Love, for it is only through Love that we get the Soul's attention.  This is not an easy journey for the one who makes the decision to be drawn into the Spiritual Center or become the Christ Consciousness, must shun the "things of this world". 

 In the past the disciple became a monk or nun and moved away from temptation by leading a contemplative life, filled with prayer, service and meditation.  In today's world these monastic dwellings and even churches are disappearing and many re-incarnating souls who, in the past spent their lives in contemplation, prayer and devotion, find themselves  living in the modern world, a world that is filled with chaos and the frenetic accumulation of wealth, greed and avarice have become the status quo.  This is certainly not the place for monastic living and many among us have left the frenzy of modern living and have moved to the hills in order to find peace and time to nurture their Souls - to become that Soul and to strive to attain the True Life. - mf

 There can be no refuge from wrath except within the power of Divine Love.  Being the cause of all consciousness in the world it cannot be an unconscious force.  Being the source of all wisdom, it must be Divine Wisdom itself; for the low cannot generate the high; ignorance cannot manifest itself as knowledge; death cannot produce life. Wherever a principle manifests its presence, there that principle must be, before its presence can become manifest.  To believed otherwise would be irrational, irreligious and unscientific.

In the Bhagavad Gita this Logos, speaking through the mouth of Krishna says:  "The Whole of the Cosmos is pervaded by me in my unmanifested form.  I am thus the support of all manifested existences; but I am not supported by them....There is nothing superior to Me, and all this hangs on Me as a row of gems with a string running through them...The Mahatmas (great souls who have attained their Christ Consciousness - mf) devoted to Daiviprakriti (see above) and knowing as the imperishable cause of all things, worship Me with their minds concentrated on Me... I am the source of all things; the whole universe proceeds from Me.  Thinking thus, the wise who share My nature, worship Me."

Again, the Logos, or the original Son of God the Father, produces all that is.  Fohat exists everywhere in its unmanifested form like billions of tiny lights flashing everywhere; and from it all that is manifest that exists everywhere is part of Him.  I have heard that the Planetary Logos (the WORD), has all life wrapped within His aura that He has sacrificed Himself by hanging upon the Cosmic Cross continually calling the AUM for His children.  We, mankind, His Sons and Daughters are the Prodical Sons who have wandered far away from the SOURCE (the Father) and now as He begins to rein in all planets towards our Sun, He is also calling us home.  We, are like the cells within His planetary body and our initiation is to find our way back to Him, the Source of All LOVE.  We are being initiated from the Heart Chakra (LOVE) to the Solar Angel or Holy Christ Self, while He is being initiated from the Solar Angel to the Logic Plane (the Highest Plane of existence - while pulling all of us along in His wake).  

You realize, of course, that the Christ and His disciples will arrive upon the planet well in advance of this event, so we have plenty of time to get our acts together.  Meanwhile, it is the present that concerns us and we should be preparing for His (the Christ's) Reappearance. - mf

End of Lesson - 2016/4/10

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