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57-2017 -4th Ray - Archangel Gabriel and Hope

Archangel Gabriel


HAIL, CHILDREN OF THE KING OF KINGS!   I have waited thousands of years to say those words.  Not since the time of my appearance before young Mary over two thousands years ago have I come before mankind as the messenger from the most high God.

As His messenger, I have come to remind you of your Divine Self.  You have truly been in the dark far too long.

I live in the realm of light, while you still dwell in the realm of darkness — a darkness  that is being penetrated by our celestial rays in order to quicken your progress along your homeward journey.  I have been given the task of resurrecting you into the light of God.  I come directly from the Great Central Sun which is also known as the Sun behind the Sun of your physical system.  I stood before your Father and Mother the Great I AM THAT I AM  and now I bring Their message to you.  "It is now time to BE STILL AND KNOW THAT GOD LIES WITHIN YOU, DEEP WITHIN YOUR HEART.  I SPEAK DIRECTLY TO THAT SPARK THAT LIES WITHIN EACH OF YOU.  It is now time for  each of you to enter your heart and awaken the 'spark' that lies deep within".  This tiny triune flame is an exact replica of the triune flame of your Divine Parents.  This tiny flame is made up of the THREE MAJOR RAYS - The Father God Ray of Blue which is the First Ray and the  Son/Christ Ray which is the Second Ray of Gold; and The Mother Ray/Holy Spirit, which is the Third Ray of Pink.
These Three Flames/Rays separate you from all other beings within your kingdom, your planet Earth. This is the reason you are so special because you truly are the Sons and Daughters of the Most High God.  YOU ARE THE WORD that took flesh and wandered far from the Source.  Now, as the Prodigal Son you must journey back to your home and to the hearth of your Divine Parents.  Yes, indeed, a banquet is being prepared for your arrival and a crown will be placed upon your head — a rainbow crown of all seven rays that you have earned lifetime after lifetime that has been stored in heaven awaiting your return.

I have come to remind you!  I have come to awaken you!  I have come to announce to you that "now is the hour" for you to resurrect this spark of divinity into a living flame!   Now is the hour of your opportunity to journey homeward!  Now is the time to grow up and become responsible!  Now is the time to prepare for the changes coming to your planet!  Now is the time to take responsibility for your planet!  Now is the time to raise your consciousness to the fifth plane!

How long must the "guardian spirits' of you planet wait for their freedom?  How long must the spirits of the Earth hold you up?  How long do they have to keep the elements of the earth together so that you can walk upon your planet; breathe  purified air, drink the waters for survival and feel the warmth from the Great Central Sun within the Earth?  Millions and millions of years they have faithfully served you and I now ask you, what have you given back to the nature spirits within the elemental kingdom?  For eons  they have provided the very air you breathe, the water that you drink, the food for your sustenance and provide the fuel for your warmth as well as provide transportation on the earth, in the air as well as in an on the seas.

Mankind has forgotten their sacred promise to the Eternal Father to "Take dominion over all of the Earth".  Today these blessed devas can hardly lift  their heads because the weight of this planet is so heavy.  When they can no longer hold fast to certain areas around the globe then they "shake off" the burden like a giant stone on their backs — and the results of those actions manifest as "earthquakes" "volcanos" "hurricanes" and "tidal waves — most every severe weather pattern is attributed to the elementals — the frigid ice storms, the enormous tides that are growing in intensity each year — the melting of the ice caps — the increase of violent storms, fires, floods,  tornadoes — all as a result of man's complete disregard for the Kingdom of nature.  If you're wondering why certain areas of the planet have deserts it's because the nature kingdom has completely abandoned the area because of the misuse of the elements — usually through war, bombing and the blood of the victims soaking into the soil — with these hazards you'll see an increase in disease because the nature kingdom is no longer available to absorb the chemicals, garbage and debris left by man.  
Did you know that there are enormous spirits that nurture your forests, (certain of your forests balance the whole ecosystem for your planet) that are in charge of the winds, that control the tides?  Did you know that these devas have been with you since the beginning and have seen man destroy all that was created for him through his continual misuse of  God's energy?  Let me explain.  ALL LIFE IS ENERGY - There is a spark of the Divine Eternal in every living thing upon your planet — remember your catechism "Where is God"?  Answer "God is everywhere."  If the spark of the life of God is in every living thing upon your planet, vibrating at various frequencies then the above question and answer is absolutely correct.  Like every sphere created within your Universe and the Galaxies, everything that has been created has a vibration, frequency, harmony, number, color and purpose for being; and because it was created, it belongs to the most High God.  Your responsibility as His Word, His Sons and Daughters was and is to be the caretakers of this planet, not the destroyers.

I will give you a more explicit lesson.  Everything that was created during this Manvantara of twenty-three plus billions of years was under the equation 31415.
The numbers of the Hierarchies - the Dhyani Chohans are as follows:
The number for the Archangels, Angels and Devas (Nature Spirits) equals 3 (three) the 1 (one), the 4 (four), the 1 (one), the 5 (five) = equals the Dhyani Chohans or various orders occupying the inner circumscribed world.
And the sparks of the seven 7 are subject to the first (1st), second (2nd), fourth (4th), fifth (5th), sixth (6th) and 7th of the seven (7).  These sparks are called 


THIS refers to the mystery of sound and speech.  Next cosmic matter scattering and forming itself into the elements. Grouped into the Mystic Four (4)  within the Fifth (5th) Element - Ether,  the lining of Akasha, the Anima Mundi or of Cosmos.

Thus, we see an inherent Law not only in the primordial but also in manifested matter of our phenomenal plane by which nature correlates her geometrical forms; and later, also her compound elements and in which there is no place for accident or chance.  It is a fundamental Law in Occultism that there is no rest or cessation or of motion or in nature.  That which seems at rest is only the change of one form to another _ the change of substance going hand and hand with that of form. 

The "Fury" or Wind is actually Cosmic Dust, which follows magnetically the directing thought of the Creative Forces (Great Devas).  Yet, the Cosmic Dust is something more for every action in the Universe has a potentiality of self-consciousness in it and is like the Monads (I AM THAT) a universe in itself.  It is an atom and an angel.
In order to become a divine, fully conscious God, even the highest intelligences must pass through the human stage and we are not just talking humans we are talking humans of ANY WORLD.
I am quoting from the ancient stanzas that were taught in Lemuria and Atlantis and are still found in that ancient language Sanscrit in India and Tibet;  that were taught to man for his/her understanding and responsibility for God's creation — only those who study the ancient sanscrit have the opportunity to study these stanzas.

As far as the number 7 is concerned, this is the lesson under Stanza IV

The Physical Sun in your system under the guidance of Helios and Vesta is surrounded by 9 planets.  Each planet has 7 bodies equaling 63 bodies.  When I refer to the Earth planet and mankind I am speaking of the Earth and it's 7 bodies and mankind with their 7 bodies.  Both have been undergoing changes along the evolutionary lines that were set up in the beginning of this Manvantara. The first stages for the planet were the fire element in the first plane as for mankind they resided in a vaporous body at that time and from out of Fohat or Sparks, the Word was brought forth in a duality of being connected at the six triune flames.  These Spirits were initiated within the aura of Helios and Vesta, their lessons were taught by spending time upon each of the Seven Rays that Crown the Physical Sun.  Some chose to stay within the Ray of their choice while others moved through all Seven Rays and graduated ready to bring their knowledge and expression of their particular ray into the atmosphere of Earth.  During the many Yugs and eons of time both the Earth as  well as mankind have moved very slowly through the planes.  Presently you are at the lowest level —  the Third Dimension which is why it is so difficult for most of mankind to understand the many changes that are now rapidly invading your planet.

I have come to enlighten you and inform you that you are now approaching a transition period from your present density to the higher plane or Fifth Dimension (this is referred to in your bible as "...the first and second worlds will pass away..." — you are now at that time and space and your Earth is moving even more rapidly.  Thus, it is another reason for my entering your atmosphere at this precise time.  You know even your children are aware that time is speeding up — when Christmas seems to arrive even earlier than last year.  The clocks must be reset every year at New Years to adjust the time.

By the way, your 7 bodies consist of your physical, emotional, mental, etheric, forming the lower bodies the Solar Angel or Holy Christ Self, Causal Body, Higher Self make up the Higher Triad.   If you look at your bodies from your Higher Selves you all see that by moving into the fifth dimension you would be moving into the realm of the Solar Angel while the Earth will be moving into the Field (as the Scientists like to name it).  The good news is that at this point in your evolutionary path, you will be quickly brought into alignment with your Higher Selves and thus the dissolving of separateness; hatred, sin, lack of spirit _ all will melt away upon enter deeper into the fifth dimension _ this plane is aligned with about 36,000 to 45,000 feet above you in what you call Heaven and we call the Etheric Plane.  This is where all of Hierarchy abides that refused to move forward and  made the  "great sacrifice" of not ascending into their final destiny until mankind has an opportunity to also ascend back to God.  You might want to remember these great beings and give thanks for their great love of mankind in your daily prayers.  

This phenomena will not happen to all of mankind because most are not even ready for this transition.  The primary reason is that most of mankind are not open and flexible to understanding and accepting what's occurring all around them.   While a vast majority of mankind will still remain content to follow the leader and allow themselves to be led away from their own opportunity to be free.  

Many will  turn to the light as it enters and infiltrates into the planet; and we will keep all doors open so that as many as are willing can also have the opportunity to gain their eternal freedom.  I am asking those of you who are aware and are light bearers to pray for your brothers and sisters still dwelling in darkness to come forth into the light of the Presence.  Rather than critersize and chastise them learn to become more positive in your thinking and welcome the challenge of sending light and love to every soul no matter where they are on Jacob's Ladder.

Nowhere else in your Galaxy even your Universe have we seen such pollution.  It seems that mankind now as always is on a self-destructive road. The very air you breathe is polluted.  The beautiful rivers, lakes and even the oceans are now filled with chemical, waste and debris.  All the lifeforms that were given to you by the Father from the tiniest amoeba, fish to the great whales and dolphins are now suffering and dying off.  The whales are sentient beings from another system of worlds.  They volunteered to come to Earth to help lift the vibration.  Their keynote is JOY and they move across the planet throughout the ocean bringing their particular JOY to all the areas they pass through.  They are not going to be here much longer so enjoy them while you are privileged to have them among you.

When we look upon the vast areas of Earth where mankind resides, we see the same pattern of destruction everywhere.  The Earth has become a dumpsite for chemicals, nuclear waste and debris scattered throughout the Earth.  Now, we are beginning to see debris and waste in the atmosphere above the Earth - this has caused much unrest among the inhabitants of other planets and they have now placed a "belt" around your Earth's atmosphere that prevents any further pollution to our sacred space.  I will warn you here that mankind must make the effort to clean up the planet or there will be dire consequences.

Thank the Father for there is still time to work with these beautiful beings and already, some among mankind have realized how serious this situation has become.  There's a new energy moving across the planet and they call it "going green" _ we call it a miracle.
Finally some among mankind began to realize that the planet is in dire need of repair.  Man has been selfishly polluting the air, the water, the earth to the extent that they are in danger of losing their planet.

In order for mankind to continue to exist on planet Earth, they must have pure water, pure food, pure air _ you will not exist long if you continue to ignore the use of chemicals in all of the above elements.   Man was created to eat the pure herbs, grasses and vegetables from nature; and breathe in the pure air; and drink the pure water _ what we are observing at the present time is the increase in life-threatening diseases that are the result of chemicals and the leeching of vitamins from the foods that are eaten.

There is no evil in making money as long as you do not take advantage of others or harm any part of life.  But when intelligent beings set about destroying this planet for selfish gain, then they are destroying your chance to live, to love, to pursue your dreams.

We have come to tell you  and the next generation that while there is still yet time and you are willing _ it is your responsibility to right these wrongs.  It will be upon your shoulders to pick up the torch and RUN (do not walk) to the goal post!  That goal post _ going green in every area of your lives.

Demand pure water and stand up for those communities that are not getting theirs.  Demand chemical-free food! Demand purified air!

You are the majority on Earth therefore you need to wake up before it's too late, and turn this situation around!

You need to take control of your planet.  You need to become responsible caretakers and  take dominion while there's still time.

Many of you will say "How can I, just one person make a difference? And I say to you - by your example, by forming a group within your schools, colleges, universities, churches, temples, mosques _ make up a neighborhood watch, form groups within your community, clubs and especially in your homes.

Keep your neighborhoods free of pollutants, starting with your own homes.  Clear out all the synthetics that cannot be dissolved like styrofoam, plastics - those articles made from fuels.  Use biodegradable items, pure cottons, linens, silks, organic clothing, organic food and purified water, ride your bicycles it's stops the use of fuel and at the same time is good exercise for your bodies and helps maintain pure air _ walk whenever possible.

As going GREEN is the most important vocation anyone can have at this late date; you might just want to think green when looking at your future.  In what areas would you or your children be interested in finding a career that would make you happy; while at the same time is beneficial to the rest of mankind and the planet?

I AM GABRIEL, I AM DEVOTED TO THE FLAME OF RESURRECTION WITHIN YOUR HEART (the Yellow/Gold Flame).   I am asking you to resurrect your planet which while there is still time; because, Dear Hearts, if you do  not move into action now, there will be no planet for your children and their children.

There's a thread that runs through all of you, unseen by human eyes but at some level you are aware.  This thread was woven by the Eternal Mother, who sees all of mankind as her children,no matter the race, color or religion _ wherever you live on this planet, you are all Her beloved children.  I come as a Messenger from Her throne to make you aware of this fact.  I am here to also tell you that this thread runs through all Kingdoms on Earth _ from the tiniest atom to the great forests, from a trickle of water to the great oceans, from the small ant hill to the greatest mountains and plains, from the smallest animal to the largest elephants - this thread connects all life.  If you destroy or harm any part of this life, whether by  killing, polluting, warring and the worst scenario, bombing, it reverberates throughout all the kingdoms, through this thread and all life suffers.

Think about it, even an innocent but careless act, like throwing a soda bottle or papers from your car onto the highway _ it becomes part of the "TRASH".  Multiply this times millions and you begin to see how quickly we can build a junkyard on the planet.

Under the right conditions, when the sun strikes its rays upon a bottle among the trash and if there per chance happens to be a swift breeze, it can ignite and suddenly you have an inferno, wiping out whole forests,  destroying homes,  and chasing wildlife from their habitats.

So, I say  to you think before you act, and when you rise each morning, thank God for all that you have and resolve each day to be a better citizen, to help maintain the planet by being mindful of your actions.

I have said enough for now and I have barely begun to enlighten you; but I hope I have planted a  seed in your hearts that will begin right now today to LOVE ALL LIFE FREE!

Pray to my Complement, HOPE for what you need that will fulfill your dreams and at the same time make the Earth a better place to live.

I Bow Before Your Higher Selves,


Archangel Gabriel and Hope
4th Ray of Purity, Resurrection and Ascension


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