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58-2017 -5th Ray - Archangel Raphael & Mary

Archangel Raphael

Archangel Raphael and Tobias

Russian Icon of Mother Mary

Our Love To Beloved Raphael

Hark to the glorious Archangel
Singing in Earth's atmosphere-
Listen! It's beautiful Raphael
Flooding His light far and near.
See!  In its radiant splendor
Naught but Perfection can live,
Hear! As He speaks thru each heartbeat
"FEEL Love's great mercy - FORGIVE"

(Response - (Softly with deep feeling)

"Consecrate me to Earth's great Victory!
Light her strain and her stress
By light's great happiness!
Every heart sings as our Raphael brings
Healing in His great wings.!

Give all your world to our Raphael.
All who would Heaven regain,
He'll flood His power of love thru you,
Lifting, discomfort and pain.
Call to this glorious Archangel
Hold yourself quiet within -
Wait for His current of blessing -
In you new life will begin.

Raphael, our glorious Archangel,
Make us Your beauty and peace,
Bring us Your heavenly Legions
Let mankind's struggle now cease!
Loving and blessing You all ways,
Raphael, to God's heart we call-
Flood forth great oceans of glory
To Raphael and Archangels all."

Final Chorus

"Consecrate me to Earth's great Victory!
Lift her strain and her stress.
By light's great happiness!
Every heart sings and accepts as He brings
Healing in His great wings."

Note:  Hymn can be sung to  "Whispering Hope"

Archangel Raphael's Complement
Mother Mary

The Magnificat
These are the words of Praise to God when Mother Mary encountered her Cousin Elizabeth after Archangel Gabriel announced that she was to carry the Christ child, Emmual (Jesus).
My Soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord,
My spirit sings to God, my saving God,
Who on this day above all others favored me
And raised me up, a light for all to see.

Through me great deeds will God make manifest,
And all the earth will come to call me blest.
Unbounded love and mercy sure will I proclaim
For all who know and praise God's holy name.

God's mighty arm, protector of the just,
Will guard the weak and raise them from the dust.
But mighty kings will swiftly fall from thrones corrupt
The strong brought low, the lowly lifted up.

Soon will the poor and hungry of the earth
Be richly blest, be given greater worth.
And Israel, as once foretold to Abraham,
Will live in peace through-out the promised land.

All glory be to God, Creator Blest,
To Jesus Christ, God's love made manifest,
And to the Holy Spirit, gentle Comforter,
All glory be, both now and evermore.

The Fifth Ray is very powerful and Mary and I have come forth this day to give instruction along with the Holy Spirit to give you an opportunity to learn to heal yourselves.  You are living in a world of stress and unless you begin at once to make certain changes within yourselves, you will be sucked into the chaos that surrounds you twenty-four hours a day.

Many of you live in cities and realize how difficult it is to find a peaceful place that you can relax and let go into the Silence.  Others find themselves alone and unable to communicate their fears and worries — ofttimes falling victims to alcohol and drugs as a result.

We have come to help you and more importantly, to make you aware that you are not alone.  You can always communicate anything that is stressing you to the Holy Spirit, my Beloved Mary and Myself and through concentration in the form of meditation you can meet with the Holy Spirit and Us right where you are.  

First of all, you need to turn off the noise whether it's the television or the radio and take a break from the unreal world so that you may enter ours.

The Fifth Ray is the Ray of Healing, Truth, Concentration and Consecration.  The color of the Ray is Emerald Green (picture your Christmas green lights) .

The Holy Spirit

(As Represented in the Bible)

When working with the Holy Spirit you will need to concentrate on "breathing".  He is a great teacher and insists that what is wrong with mankind today is  they are not breathing correctly.  He explains that deep breathing makes all the difference in the health within as well  as filling every cell within the body with prana as well as air.  The gift that He gives to you this day is the correct exercise in breathing in order to animate and heal the entire body:

The Holy Spirit is on the Third Ray of
Love, Adoration

Breathe in to the count of 8
Breathe out to the count of 8
Hold to the count of 8

Start this exercise three times in the morning and 

three times again in the evening.
When inhaling breathe all the way into the lower stomach (this opens the lungs and allows the entire body and its organs to receive oxygen).  Slowly build up to doing the exercise 10 times in the morning and ten times at night (a period of six weeks would be sufficient and you need the time in order to feel comfortable doing this exercise.

The Seven Chakras

CONSECRATION:  As you concentrate upon Us, We, in turn, shall pour forth into the chalice of your hearts the Emerald Green Healing Ray - let it flood all of your being — be still and allow the Emerald Green Ray to pass through your First Chakra, the Crown, filling all of your head, your brain; and say the following mantra:    
Crown Chakra

                My Crown Chakra is a Chakra of Emerald Fire
                My Crown Chakra is the Purity God desires!  (15x's)

Then pour the Emerald Healing Ray into the Second Chakra, the Third Eye, (located between the brows at the center of your forehead); the optic nerves, your eyes, your face, relax your jaws, let them hang loose (this begins to release the tension) bathe your face in the Green Ray; and say the following mantra:
Third Eye Chakra

                My Third Eye Chakra is a Chakra of Emerald Fire
                My Third Eye Chakra is the Purity God desires! (15x's)

 While you are concentrating upon filling your head with the Emerald Light, please, Consecrate yourselves to the living God, Who allows Us to administer and pour forth His Fifth Ray to each of you through the Love of the Holy Spirit.  Visualize that light flowing freely from the heart of the Universe, animating every one of your organs, your inner bodies, your Third Chakra, the Throat Chakra, let the Emerald Light fill your entire neck, glands, esophagus, thyroid, shoulders, nape and upper back; and say the following mantra:

Throat Chakra

             My Throat Chakra is a Chakra of Emerald Fire
             My Throat Chakra is  the Purity God desires! (15x's)

 Then move the Green Light downward to the Fourth Chakra, the Heart  (fill the entire heart, lungs and diaphragm with the Emerald Light).  It's the Heart that takes the greatest amount of stress - mostly through the emotional body and partly because of hard-heartedness (unwilling to expand the heart towards the good of all by giving one's love and service to the Earth and all thereon).  Again,
say the following mantra for the heart thanking it for beating twenty- four hours a day as your central life-force.
Heart Chakra
           My Heart Chakra is  a Chakra of Emerald Fire
           My Heart Chakra is the Purity God desires.(15x's)

Next, you move the Emerald Light downward to the Fifth Chakra, the Solar Plexus - now this is the doorway to your emotional bodies and you need to bathe this chakra (located just below the Heart Chakra at the top of the ribs between the pancreas and the spleen).  This entire area including the stomach, gall bladder, need to be bathed in the Emerald Healing Light, go slowly, take your time and allow each organ and the Chakra to be filled with the light of healing (see early lessons on Chakras for color petals and location within the Etheric Vehicle that project into the physical body). Most of the stress from the cacophony of noise that surrounds everyone at the present time, settles either upon the  forehead; the nape of the neck and in many cases within the Solar Plexus Chakra, affecting  the Heart as well as all of the organs surrounding each of your Chakras; but especially the emotional body.  The three D's apply here:  Dis-ease; Deterioration and Death.  Dis-ease manifests because you are not in tune with the Universe and have allowed the unreal world to bombard your peace and sanity. Whenever you stray away from your Higher Self and the Positive Light of your True Self, deterioration begins to take place and like a cancer it eats away at the physical body causing it to become weak, feeble and all of your Chakras turn inward and you're breathing becomes shallow. If this is allowed to continue over a period of time there is a danger that you will pass the point of no return and death will soon claim you.  Understand Us, this is not necessary, especially in so many young people today, who should be living a full healthy and hearty lifespan.  We are seeing more and more young people giving up on life — not wanting to move forward -  We say to each of you "YOU ARE  A SON/DAUGHTER OF GOD THE FATHER".  He has placed His trust in your abilities, your talents, your spirit to live and move and love abundantly.  He has sent Us forth to remind you of who you are and that you have the power if you so Will to do so, to accomplish anything that you set out to do. Again, we will say the following mantra:

Solar Plexus Chakra

             My Solar Plexus Chakra is a Chakra of Emerald Fire 
             My Solar Plexus Chakra is the Purity God desires! (15x's)

We will complete this exercise in healing and then We will give you the formula for bringing Light, Love and the Energy of God into your hearts and minds.
To continue, You will now bring the Green Emerald Light down into the Sixth Chakra, the Seat of the Soul  (located at the navel).  This Chakra encompasses your Small Intestine, Large Intestine, Kidneys, Adrenals, and Liver - not letting go of anger — the holding on to prejudice, bigotry, seeking Revenge and Retaliation because you have not learned to forgive will also manifest in the physical body and affect the organs mentioned here.  We will give the following mantra to heal and open this Chakra and heal the organs surrounding it.  

Seat of the Soul Chakra

            My Seat of the Soul Chakra is a Chakra of Emerald Fire
            My Seat of the Soul Chakra is the Purity God desires! (15x's)

The following prayer should become a daily mantra, it helps if you meditate upon your day before sleep to recall if you thought, or voiced, or acted in any way to harm any part of life and then do the prayer of forgiveness given to us by the great Chohan of the Seventh Ray, St. Germain.

By Master St. Germain

Father please forgive me for separating from you and the Kingdom and for all misuse of your Energy.
I ask forgiveness for  any harm that I may have done to any part of life, whether consciously or subconsciously, whether in thought, word or deed, whether in this lifetime or any other lifetime, all the way back  to the separation from your kingdom.

I also forgive all those who have ever harmed me of the light for which I stands, whether consciously or subconsciously, whether in thought, word or deed, whether in this lifetime or any other lifetime, all the way back to the separation from your Kingdom.

And so it is, And so it is, And so it is.


The above prayer should become part of your daily prayers as it is most powerful in erasing old karma from past lives as well as the misuse of your energy in this life. MF

Kundalini Chakra

The Seventh Chakra, the Kundalini, is located at the Base of the Spine and is also known as the White Cube. (There are two serpents curled within the cube; and when one has passed several initiations, the serpents will be released from the White Cube and they will weave their way up both sides of the spinal cord forming the Caduceus that is used by all doctors of medicine.  When the two serpents reach the Crown Chakra, all doors are opened to the disciple, and he is handed the keys to the kingdom.)  This is referred to in the bible as in the "keeping the wicks trimmed in preparation for the bridegroom ....who knows the hour of his coming — for when he comes he comes quickly..."  The experience is like a rushing freight train of fire racing up the spine into the head — a tremendous victory over death and limitation.  Once the Kundalini meets the Crown the initiate becomes the Mahatma, the Christed One, the All-Seeing, the Light of the World.
Remember it is this chakra that is connected to the sexual organs and until one can control the sexual urges and hold them in abeyance, one will continue to experience pain, suffering and eventual death and will continue upon the wheel of rebirth.  Remember, all of you will continue to enjoy life and all it encompasses here on Earth until such a time in the future when you no longer have reason to incarnate again - that will be the time that you'll accelerate along the Path to Attainment on your Soul's Journey Homeward .

Finally, bring the Emerald Green Light into the White Cube at the base of the spine and fill it with the healing Ray energy _ ask that your genitals be bathed in this powerful healing light; and those of you who are in your child-bearing years and would love to have a family; you can actually ask for the perfect child that will bless your lives as well as others (you can also ask for this child just before conception — when both parents pray for a child it is even more powerful).  We do want to mention that the endocrine glands are also located here and for the male, it is important that he brings the Emerald Green Light into the prostate gland as much stress today has caused many problems for the male.  Be aware also, that alcohol leeches calcium from the prostate gland .  The final mantra:

          My Kundalini Chakra is a Chakra of Emerald Fire
          My Kundalini Chakra is the Purity God desires! (15x's)

Now let us begin to heal by consecration:
Visualize that light flowing freely from the heart of the Universe, animating every one of your inner bodies down to the cellular and atomic structures within each cell:
Now consciously consecrate -
Your minds and bodies to receive the Divine ideas of the Father.
Your feelings to radiate that which is helpful constructive and good!
Your etheric body to record only perfection.
Your garment of flesh to manifest health and harmony.
Your eyes, through which God Himself may see Perfection and you, as individuals may see opportunity to call forth the Law and bless all life.
Your ears, to hear the harmonies of the Inner Light, the voice of the Master, and the call for assistance from your fellowman;
Your lips, to form the words that carry the hope and faith and consciousness of Heaven into the consciousness that are bound;
Your hands to heal;
Your feet to walk upon the path as directed by the Universal God that made you;
Your heart to be the Chalice of the Sacred Fire and your whole being consecrated and dedicated to God's service.  This is My activity and My service to life.

Now say the beautiful prayer to Archangel Raphael (see lyrics above-mf).

We enjoy great happiness and joy in our service to God and to His children and all life.

I am the Archangel of Consecration and Dedication.  It is My specific service to the Universe to stand at the Head of a glorious Legion of Beings who direct the Ray of Immortal God into those lifestreams who consecrate their life energies to a specific humanitarian service to bless the masses.  My Flame and Ray in this action is one with the great Chohan, Hilarion, and it's color is a lovely emerald green.

Every doctor, nurse, every priest, nun, minister, rabbi, every student initiate who voluntarily dedicates his or her energies to serving life comes under My particular blessing, radiation and care.

Archangel Michael - Protector and Defender

Each of the Seven Archangels pour forth Their particular Ray force whether it's Michael with His First Ray of Protection working with the Chohan El Morya - He's known as the Archangel of Protection - Our great Prince and Lord, the Guardian and Protector of Angels and of men and the Guardian of all the Children of Light.

Archangel Jophiel

Teacher of Angels and Men

Archangel Jophiel with His Second Ray of Illumination working with the Chohan Beloved Lord Lanto - Archangel Jophiel is the teacher of angels and men. Beloved Jophiel comes when a Great Master or presiding individual directs, into the outer consciousness of the audience through the spoken word, the purpose of the service or the words which illumine the consciousness.  He works with all teachers, writers, financiers, public speakers and businessmen and women. 

Archangel Chamuel

Works at the level of the Holy Christ Self with
Every Incarnating Soul on Adoration of the I AM THAT I AM
Archangel Chamuel with His Third Ray of Adoration working with both the Maha Chohan (the office of the Holy Spirit) and the Chohan Paul the Venetian - His service and outpouring is Adoration to God, to His Messengers, His angels, the Devas and all the powers who minister to mankind.

Archangel Gabriel

Archangel of Annunciation

Archangel Gabriel with His Fourth Ray of Visitation working with the Chohan Serapis Bey, Whom you have known as "the Announcer" He directs into your consciousness, as He did to that of Mary, the Immaculate Concept of your own Godhood-that-which you should externalize and be!

Archangel Raphael
Archangel of Healing, Consecration and Concentration

Archangel Raphael with My Fifth Ray of Consecration And Concentration working with the Chohan Hilarion (St. Paul the Apostle) on Research, Truth, Healing and pouring forth the Fifth Ray into all those among mankind who work in a humanitarian capacity. Those who dedicate their lives and consecrate their hearts to the World Service have my complete attention.
Archangel Uriel
The Archangel of Peace and Ministration

Archangel Uriel with His Sixth Ray of Ministration and Peace; working with the Chohan Ascended Lady  Master Nada _ He pours forth His blessings of the ministering power unto all mankind. Uriel and Lady Nada send forth a benediction to all who pray to Them and His cherubs bring forth the Healing Vials to all the Hospitals, convalescent homes, mental institutions and war zones and He is over all of the Guardian Angels assigned to each lifestream upon Earth.

Archangel Zadkiel
Archangel of Invocation and Freedom

Archangel Zadkiel with His Seventh Ray of Invocation working with the Chohan St. Germain, the Seventh Angel in Revelations.  He pours forth his Seventh Ray of Violet Flame for the Aquarian Age into the Heart of Freedom in these United States of America and into the hearts of all mankind _ He works behind the scenes with St. Germain blessing groups who are rendering service to mankind and particularly those who are invoking through mantras and prayers for Peace and Freedom throughout the World.

You all see what momentum is and the response of the Violet Flame in invocation, how powerfully it is felt and how tremendously it is anchored through those calls. That is the momentum which has made you,individually and collectively, "the hope of the world". 

We are the Archangels Raphael and Mary and WE can ASSURE YOU  We shall be much closer to the people of Earth in the future, because of your own alertness, and because of your calls.

Thank you for your patience!  Thank you for this opportunity, and thank you for your love !

Archangel Raphael and Mary

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