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59-2017 -6th Ray - Archangel Uriel and Donna Grace


Archangel Uriel and Donna Grace

Archangel Uriel & the Archii Donna Grace and  Their Legions
work with Hospitals, War Zones,  the Cherubim,
                                           Gaudian Angels and Angel Devas


Uriel! Uriel!  In Thy love let all dwell.
In the Father's Holy Name, bring us Ministration's Flame!
Take from Earth all that's wrong let her sing Love's sweet song!
Bathe our Earth from above in Christ blessings of love.

Uriel!  Uriel! With dear Jesus foretell
All the Freedom, Joy and Peace that is bringing Earth release.
With this dawning New Day - Hope of God's Seventh Ray;
Jesus' Sixth Ray above crowns dear Freedom with love.

Uriel!  Uriel! Whose mighty holy sound shall be heard the world around!
Freedom's reign is now real!  Freedom's bells do now peal
Filling space, angels sing-Earth's full freedom They bring.

Uriel!  Uriel! Freedom's friends love Thee well
Take the light and love we give, amplify them - make them live
In the souls of all men, raised to God's heart again
Now is Earth's Victory - setting Sanat Kumara free!

Archangel Uriel, time and harvest shall tell
All the powers of Freedom's might, 
To raise Earth to Heaven's height.
Let all men bless Thee now-every knee to Thee bow -
To Thy sweet Heart Flame too - all God's blessing to your!

Note: Melody "Lullaby" by Brahms - Key of E flat.

Archangel Uriel carrying the Ministration Flame of Healing

The following speech was given on May 6, 1954 at the Wesak Festival in Northern India to the Students of the Bridge of Freedom by Archangel Uriel:

"I AM the Spirit of Ministration!  I AM the Spirit of Peace!  I AM the Spirit of Grace!  I AM the servant of the One God and I stand before you each one, this day as your servant also.

Wherever the name of God is invoked, silently or audibly, THERE I AM ON THE INSTANT with  the fullness of the love, the blessings and the benediction, the healing the faith and the power of the Almighty.  According to the capacity to receive, is the blessing given.

I, Uriel, come into the atmosphere of this Earth at the invitation of Earth's people.  I stand in your midst, bringing with Me the fullness of the love of God.  I say to your consciousness, to your minds and to your bodies, In the name of the One Mighty God Peace be unto you!  Peace by unto your striving consciousness, your restless minds, your weary bodies - the peace of God that does surpass  the understanding of the outer mind."  Let it enter NOW into every cell and fiber of your being and you relax in the knowledge that you are immersed in the Presence of the Almighty! You live, move and  truly have your being within the living breathing intelligent body of the Universal God and no matter how far you strain throughout you can never leave the safety of His bosom. 

Ah, children of light, children of God, part of the Spirits of the Eternal!  Even now, this instant, are you within the heart of that Father!

Of all Angels that people the inner atmospheres around your planet Earth, the greatest legions are of Lord Michael, Our Prince, and of Myself.  We are the servants of God and it is Our Great opportunity and joy in the universal scheme, to minister unto the sons and daughters of God who have woven out of thought and feeling certain painful experiences and who, in their extremity sooner or later, invade the superior Power for assistance to extricate themselves.

The Guardian Angel
Each Individual is assigned a Guardian Angel 

The Angels of Ministration are the Messengers of the Most High.  They are those Who embody the mystic quality of "Grace."  The Complement (Twin Soul) to my lifestream is known at Inner Levels as "Donna Grace."  She is "The Lady full of Grace" in the Angelic Kingdom as the Beloved Mary is representative of Grace to the human kingdom at the present time.

The assistance that is rendered to the mankind of Earth by the Angelic Host is very little understood.  There is a Cosmic Law which is inexorable and unchanging which requires that the call must come from the octave in which the need is felt.  (The call compels the answer - mmf).  If this were to a self-evident truth, long since those of Us Who live in love and mercy would have lifted into light, mankind and all shadowed creation, but through self-conscious freewill, the lifestream and the consciousness within itself must apply for assistance!  Then on the return beam of that very energy comes the radiation, the presence and the power of the Cosmic Beings, the Ascended Masters, the Angelic Host, the Mighty Devas, according to the requirement of the hour.

Angelic Host  Watching over Large Cities

Bring Radiation to Supplicant
The great, brooding Presences that take up Their abode over large cities similar to the one in which you are presently living, are constantly watching for those beams, those flickers of light, which pass out of the soul and which signifies an "S.O.S" to the Heavenly Hosts for assistance!  These Beings then measuring the need, make the call to one of the Directors of members of the Angelic Host in Our Sphere.  That Director gives the mission to an Angel Who is developed sufficiently to hold within His feeling world the particular quality of radiation which is the answer to the prayer. That quality of radiation stimulates the Flame within the Heart and the soul of the supplicant and as the two meet, the supplicant himself is able to magnetize the answer.  The answer comes according to His acceptance!
The Cherub
6th Ray Cherubs are trained in Healing and Ministration
The beloved Angelic Host Who work with Us, start with the little, tiny Cherubim and Angels, Who embody the qualities of faith, happiness, hope and all of the Virtues and Who are able to retain, sometimes for no longer than an hour, the specific radiation of a quality which may be required  on Earth.  Needless to say, Their first endeavors to give assistance to the planet Earth are brief ones.  They hasten back into the safety of the Director from Whose arms and aura They have been sent forth to empty their little vial of faith, or confidence, into the Silver Cord of a lifestream of some despondent or despairing one.  Recording the victory of such a mission, the small being becomes more confident, more eager to learn and more desirous of maintaining the self-control required to sustain a Greater portion of a Virtue or quality in his next mission. 

The Angel Deva
Works with Animal and Elemental Kingdoms
The Seraphim
The Choir of Angels

It is thus by actual experience that the Angelic Host grow and develop and learn the joy that is within service.  They are allowed to witness the change in the consciousness of the mortal whom They bless with their benediction.  The happiness, the joy,  that shines within the eyes of these infants is indeed beautiful to behold when They see a stooped form straighten, and a hopeless consciousness again filled with faith.  They come back into the Temples charged with enthusiasm and a burning desire to return Earthward again and again, until none of mankind or the imprisoned elemental kingdom shall require assistance outside of the Flame that beats their own hearts!"
(End of quotation).

What are these virtues or God qualities that make up the personalities of these angels?  They are Faith, Hope, Charity, Peace, Protection, Good Will, Illumination, Wisdom, Joy, Freedom, Liberty, Service, and Ministration to name a few.  If we, as individuals could take one of these virtues and hold that thought- form for an entire day , calling on the Angels and Cosmic Beings Who radiate these very virtues and extending this virtue to everyone we come in contact with; can you imagine the mighty changes that would occur?  Multiply this times one thousand and the entire planet would be filled with light and much of the darkness (caused by negative thinking) would be dissolved within that light.  
Continuing with Archangel Uriel:

"One day we'll all be joining each other in working out the Divine Plan  so it is important that you began to hone in on some of these virtues in order to be "up to speed" with us when we enter your atmosphere in the future.  Let me say that you will be able to communicate directly with us and some among you will be able to see us.   It all depends upon how much you're willing to serve mankind in the meantime.  It takes very little energy to give kindness and any of the above virtues to those whom you love; but it's a different story when you give the same unconditional love and service to those who are strangers or those who you do not love - this is the test of your ability to see only the good in others even though they are acting out in a deplorable way.

Remember, we are looking for those upon the Earth who will be conscious channels of our radiation; and who will understand and accept the responsibility of caring for all life upon earth.  Eventually some among you will be so in tune with the angelic hosts that you will be able to give assistance to an entire city, an entire nation and an entire planet.  Many of you are now being trained on inner levels to become those very channels and my words are an outward reminder of your sacred promise to fulfill you Divine Plan.

We are Training You on Inner Levels
The light from our realm enters into your earth's atmosphere through  two great Rays.  The first is at Titicaca and the other is in the Himalayan Mountains, those two Great Rays focused there are Cosmic feeders of spiritual currents which sustain the light and the pulse-beat of the Earth.  At seven points through which the spiritual radiation is poured down from the Higher Octaves and then radiated out through the atmosphere of Earth.  These funnels or channels provide the lifeline through which the spiritual radiation flows that sustains the soul-life of mankind.  Without an open door from the Higher Octaves into the astral and psychic realms (the darkness that surrounds your atmosphere of earth) the spiritual selves of men could not have survived through the dark ages.  

This "drawing down" of the spiritual vitality and radiating of that vitality out into the astral and psychic realms is part  of our Sixth Ray activity - we dissolve and consume much of the darkness that is there.

Then you have those voluntary lifestreams who are known as created channels that draw in the radiation and tie it into the Earth.  They take the Ray into their bodies when coming into the Earth's atmosphere at birth and while living upon the Earth magnetize that Ray and tie it into Earth's 
Le Comte de St. Germain

Ascended Master St. Germain

Apollonius of Tyana

atmosphere.  One who you should know was the Master St. Germain who carried the Freedom Flame into the earth and tied it for all generations to come.  The other was Apollonius of Tyana who drew mighty "healing currents"  which would be used by him in his next life as Master Jesus.
Jesus the Christ

Lord Gautama Buddha
2nd Ray - Buddha of Illlumination 

Lord Budda also magnetized the nature of God and magnetized that nature in the locations where His physical body had Its pilgrimages. It was so powerful that even after he left His physical body, the radiation still pulsed a rhythm of the Ray to nourish his people.

I, Uriel also ministered to Master Jesus at Gethsemane

Uriel Ministering to Jesus at Gethsemane
While the Apostles Slept Uriel Comforted Jesus

and Jesus became Chohan of the Sixth Ray once he ascended.  It was in the late fifties that Jesus was raised to World Teacher along with Kuthumi and Dwal Khul and Ascended Lady Nada became Chohan of the Sixth Ray.

I would like to speak to you about healing and ministration through the Sixth Ray.  The Angels of Ministration work with the great Devas in all the hospitals in all the asylums, in all penal institutions and in all areas where there are sick of mind and body - even in the war zones. These Angels carry the spiritual grace and vitality and pour it forth from the Sixth Sphere and radiate it where ever acceptance and faith are present, the currents are poured into the lifestream and healings do occur.

You too, can assist in healing hundreds through by endeavoring nightly while out of the body and daily in your own thinking and feeling selves, to learn the key by which the combinations of energy and application will result in the perfect manifestation. You do not wish to have manifestations handed to you by an external, lest the inner cause again be set up and you find your self again in chains.  Do you see?

In your individual lives, I cannot emphasize too strongly the fact that personal application provides spiritual vitality and nourishment.  The rhythm of your personal application and the rhythm of your co-operative endeavors in groups draws into your spirit the nourishment that makes it strong. It makes you a greater magnetic power to draw good from the Universe, makes you a greater radiating individual center and makes you grow in spiritual stature. Never feel that religious worship is a duty.  It is a magnificent opportunity to expose the starved and shriveled soul to the nourishment of those vital currents that flow from God Himself and from the Angels of Ministration at congregational services. 

The time is coming and now is and the Law has decided that it is time that mankind come to a mature understanding that he has full freedom when with his own energy, obeying his own directions, in cooperation with the magnetized power of cosmic feelings and cosmic Beings, surges forth and does for him that which is the requirement of the moment.  Then if you were the only man left in America, you would then be as completely composed and free as if you were surrounded by thousands of friends.  It is to you, who stand on an island of separateness, and yet at one with all that is; it is to you that We shall look when the masses run hither and thither in fear and uncertainty; having not the wherewithal to clothe the bodies or feed themselves during times of world changes.  Is it not better to receive that attaining and become the master of that energy now, while there is time?  O, Yes! It truly is!  We are in  great days.  Magnificent activities are taking place at Inner levels.  I want you to think of your consciousness for a moment.  How truly there is no space!  Your consciousness is like a lovely mirror-a cosmic mirror, we will say - and We have used it quite freely recently. We have been able to flash pictures upon it and each of you enjoyed those pictures so much as if your physical body were present  at Inner Levels where the activities were taking place.  That is a great development, more than you know, because we have done it gradually as We have led you along like children. 

Over every church, in Europe, as well as here in the West, there is a Grail and into that Cup the Ministering Deva has drawn the prayers, hopes, aspirations, songs, masses and general services ever since that church was built.  Each one of these churches has a tremendous stockpile of spiritual vitality.  Those in Europe at Rheims and some of those old cathedrals have gathered a tremendous momentum of reverence.       

The Sangrael
Giving Service Through Ministering & Healing is Giving the Cup of Radiation
Your heart is the cup - your Grail, holding the mystery of your spiritual self, the triune flame.  I promise you that if you concentrate upon that triune flame of Pink, Gold and Blue deep within your heart, you will expand your consciousness and expand your auric field to the point that we can begin to download into your consciousness the radiation necessary to heal yourself as well as all those you you see needing healing.  Let us see now what you will do with your aura in the days just ahead.   Make it something We can use and Remember! Remember! Remember!
Uriel is no further from you than a call!  Just the silent thought of God will bring Me on the instant!  I am your friend!  I am your servant!  I am your companion in the light!  Uriel - the Messenger of the Most High!

Your Heart is The Cup - The Holy Grail

I thank you,

Uriel and Donna Grace

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