Wednesday, January 17, 2018

98-UPDATE - 89-2018-Tarot Reading For the World -UPDATE APRIL, 2018

I have taken the January Celtic Cross Reading and have added the UPDATE in Blue so that you can see what has been happening since January.  Also, I have included two important articles from the newspapers that pertain to what was predicted.  Note:  the  Syrian Crisis is also involved.

Time Period Three to Six Months

Card 1:  Represents the People of USA
#5 is a number of Air and represents Gemini, the twins also the number of the USA as well as the number for our President. This is the number of the mind, that is fluid, quick and expresses duality (an open opinion as well as a hidden agenda).
Swords also represents the Mind.  The Five of Swords depicts scattered energy.  The Five of Swords also represents the force of change. We’ll see disruptive uprisings, challenging outlooks to other peoples, countries and enemies.
The Five also represents change and as we’re talking about our country, we’ll see certain actions and events  - marches on Washington, D.C.; invasion of both houses, the House of Representatives as well as the Senate by the citizens of this Nation.  These actions raise an urgent feeling of fear for the future of our country.  People are suddenly conscious of their freedoms disappearing .  Change will definitely occur during 2018 with many among the Republican Party still clinging to their agenda while denying that they have aided and abetted a despot; who does not have the interests of the American people but rather a desire to create a dictatorship with himself at the controls.
The positive side of this Card is there will be some politicians and those within the judicial system, who will take on those who are pushing for radical changes and will go after those who would destroy our freedoms and especially those who betrayed the American people by collusion
with the enemy.

Competition will be at the Razor’s Edge between the two parties as will daily repercussions by angry citizens.  Conflict will result because there’s a feeling by the people that their interests are not being served.

UPDATE - April 2018
4 Months have gone by and as we look at the Celtic Cross Reading we see all that was predicted coming to pass, not only are people coming out and marching for healthcare, taxes, gun violence but now we're seeing children who actually experienced what it is like to face a gunman with an AK47 repeater firing at them for 6 full minutes march across our land and even into the NRA Head Office in Florida.
As far as the parties are concerned - over 70+ have deserted their cabinet positions, while over 40 Republican Reps have given notice or have left the House even some Senators are leaving the Republican Senate.  As the EPA is torn asunder and Womens' rights are being challenged, farmers in the Middle and Southwest that produce ginseng, soy and corn for export are now conscious that they'll be taxed by China & Russia, are finding it very difficult to like what is happening to their exports.  We now know that the Mexicans are not paying for the"WALL" and so the burden will be put on the taxpayers.  As everyone begins to realize  that the very persons that were elected to protect our environment and our rights and our educational programs are the very persons who faught against them for years - Sessions, deregulating everything that Obama put into law to preserve our country, while Pruitt was made head of the EPA and he's known for hating the EPA and had 14 lawsuits with the EPA while protecting the oilmen and refineries - he's joyfully getting rid of our environmental protection in order to pollute our precious waterways, and put oil wells on parklands - while Bettsy DeVos has changed public schools into "gentry schools"- by lottery, lowering  the standards of education.  Wilbur Ross has some shady background concerning  Cyprus Bank, the Russians, and laundering of money - is now our Economic Chief, while the Hawk or Warmonger, John Bolton  will take McMaster's place as another Cabinet Member hits the dust.  The increase in taxes on all items being imported have certainly fired up our European and Asian exporters - to the point where no one wants to do any trading with USA - meanwhile there's a Trade Way raging as we speak.

Crossing the Path
Card 2:  (First of the Year)
THE PAGE OF CUPS represents the children of our leader, acting as part of his Cabinet, as well as taking on the responsibility of vast financial holdings.  Of course, any other President would be accused of Nepotism; but this President has a total disregard for ‘rules of law’, especially when it comes to his children.

Eager to please, these children are willing to do anything to please their Father.  And with the Five of Swords lying under the Page of Cups, we should have a concern for their actions. Things that will be exposed under both Pluto the revealer and Saturn, the teacher – the two cards signify that much will be revealed within the next three to six months concerning the children and their affiliation with the Russians, both with the 2016 Elections as well as financial laundering and secret meetings and conversations that have been going on long before the 2016 election.
Up until a year ago, the United States was considered the greatest power in the world; yet, for the past twelve months we’ve seen deregulations, racism, separateness and continual revelations of interference by the Russians in our voting, secret meetings between  the children of our President and the Russians – meetings and actions to destroy the opposing candidate, Hillary Clinton.  These children are now under investigation and so is their Father, who continues to cater to Putin while ignoring our allies – England, Germany and most of Europe.
As each day passes, we're finding out more and more concerning Trump's children - especially Jared Kushner, who with Donald Trump, Jr. were very much involved in manipulating the 2016 elections.  They were in contact with Cambridge Analytical and had several meetings with them.  We also found that the Delegate from Japan who wanted to meet with Trump as soon as he was inaugurated, met instead with both Jared and his father - buying a building that has remained unoccupied in Brooklyn,  was sold to the Japanese by the Kursners and when the Saudi's arrived, they again approached them wanting them to invest with them - this is all going on which is entirely against the law - doing business while supposedly running the country.  Jared is guilty of lying over 100 times concerning his connections with the Russians.  Remember it was Jared who wanted the private line put into the Russian Embassy so that he could talk directly with Putin - even the Russian Ambassador was embarrassed.  But, there's more to come out in the future and you'll find that the Trump boys have been wheeling and dealing and meeting with Dad who is instructing them while at the same time running our country.  Trump, Sr. has raised all the prices in his hotels as well as Mara Largo - people have to pay to see him.

2-4 Months Ago
#10 of Pentacles, also known as the Wish Card
For the record the #10 means New Beginnings with Abundance and Success
The recent Tax Bill certainly gave the individual citizens a “SMALL” pittance in their paycheck; and while this is an added bonus, it doesn’t even cover the rent or mortgage payments.  Compared to this tiny raise let’s look at what the Corporations and the Wealthy will get back.  The compensation for the Corporations is so great that the Republicans bragged that the “trickledown” will eventually benefit the employees of these corporations.  Yet, when over 100 Corporate CEO’s met and were asked if they were planning on “trickle down” benefits to the employees, only five (5) raised their hands, the rest just sat there with no intention of trickling anything down to their employees.  What about the Commercial Realtors and Builders? Wasn’t it Trump who stated I’m not getting a cent from this Tax Bill – yet at the last minute, he certainly got a big cut of the monies being distributed to the wealthy.
This Card is supposed to give a “pay raise” promotion and a chance to share in Corporate Profits – looks like this is not to be.  Again, one more reason for the Citizens of the USA to become disgruntled, disappointed and up-in-arms against he who would “Make America Great Again”.

Fortune Magazine wrote the following article that shows what will really happen with Trump's new Tax plan see the following:

On Nov. 2, Republicans in Congress finally released the details for their tax plan. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is a massive overhaul of the tax code and spending priorities—and nothing short of a boon to the very wealthy at the expense of everyone else.
I’m old enough to remember way back to Nov. 1, when CBS released a poll showing most Americans wanted to see the wealthiest households and biggest corporations pay more, not less, in taxes. This is in sync with poll data from Gallup, collected year after year since 1992, that shows a solid majority of Americans believe the wealthy pay too little in taxes.
Given such overwhelming support for raising, not cutting, taxes on the wealthy, it makes sense that President Donald Trump and his allies in Congress would present their tax plan as benefiting the middle class rather than the rich. It’s about “people who are low- and middle-income,” says House Speaker Paul Ryan, “not about people who are really high-income earners getting a break.” Trump has even claimed “the rich will not be gaining at all with this plan.”
a levy paid only by the wealthiest households in the country—it only kicks 
on estates worth over $5.5 million for individuals and $11 million for couples.
It also eliminates the alternative minimum tax, which exclusively benefits households with incomes over $200,000. And it drops corporate tax rates to 20%, the overwhelming benefit of which goes to the very wealthy and—contrary to what the president might say—will not create jobs, as a study by my Institute for Policy Studies colleague Sarah Anderson found earlier this year.
The tax plan includes eliminating tax deductions that benefit many middle-class Americans as well. On the chopping block are the state and local tax deduction and the student loan interest deduction, among others.
It was just a week ago that House Republicans passed a budget proposal that paved the way for this tax cut plan. That budget included nearly $6 trillion in cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, education, and other public services.
Make no mistake, this will hurt. To understand just how much, consider the opportunity cost. The tax plan includes adding $1.5 trillion over 10 years to the national debt, or $150 billion a year that’s not accounted for by increasing revenue elsewhere or cutting spending.
The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities calculated that $150 billion would cover doubling Pell Grants for low- and middle-income college students, doubling cancer research funding at the National Institutes of Health, providing child care assistance to six million children, providing opioid addiction treatment to 300,000 people, funding the full backlog of needed maintenance at the National Park Service, and training 3.5 million workers for in-demand jobs—combined.
Given such tradeoffs, it’s a wonder this plan has seen the light of day, much less has a significant chance of becoming law. The more we learn about this proposal, the more there is not to like, which is an incentive for Republicans in Congress to pass it before the public understands what’s going on.
Don’t get caught sleeping on the biggest wealth grab in modern history.
Josh Hoxie is director of the Project on Opportunity and Taxation at the Institute for Policy Studies and co-editor of
Four – Six – Eight Months
The #3 represents the creative energy of the people of America – the position of the Empress is significant, in that it is sitting in the Etheric Plane (about 38,000 feet above our Physical Plane), waiting to drop into the Physical Plane within the next four to six months.  Usually, it’s our guides that tell us of the Empress (Venus) coming – she will be a powerful influence in the coming year.  Remember, Venus is the complement of our Planetary Logus, the Ancient of Days, Sanat Kumara.  She is the Regent of the Planet Venus and it is through Their love for the people of Earth that this planet is still in existence.  She not only represents unconditional Love; but Major Choices – and she will be dealing with the upper crust of America – the Elite, who through their choices, will be the biggest recipients of the abundance that will be doled out through the mechanizations behind the Tax Bill.  Will they enjoy the fruits of these choices?  Wait and see!
If you've been paying attention  to the news, then you must be aware by now that Trump placed all his billionaire friends into positions within his cabinet.  None of them have told the truth and have used the taxpayers money to take military and private jets, buy expensive furniture, take their staff to Morroco, while taking their wives to see the Mint via military planes all paid for by us, the taxpayers - several of them have already been fired, while many of them have been called before the Federal Grand Jury.  Some among them, are going to jail, while others will lose quite a bit of their fortunes - All of those named above have had dealings with the Russians and you wonder why.  Most of these people belong to the NRA, who by the way, is also affiliated with the Russians.  When I said that the Russians are sitting in the President's Chair, well, he certainly has a love affair going on with Trump, no matter what he does, poisoning people in England, and trying the strong-arm every country he has practiced his Cyber Wars on - and yet, nary a chastisement from Mr. Trump - 

Choice brings many actions when the Empress is overhead.  The choice of women to make their own decisions concerning their bodies, especially when Hierarchy has confirmed that it is not until the (7th) Seventh Month that the incoming Soul becomes seated within the womb.  Up until then, they flutter around the Mother; but do not occupy the womb.  Hierarchy does recommend taking precautions in order to prevent pregnancy if one is not inclined to assume the role of Motherhood.

A great WIN for Planned Parenthood and it was all due to the current President of Planned Parenthood  Cecile Richards :

Cecile Richards

"Over the past decade, we‘ve faced down challenges that once seemed impossible and found new ways to speak our truth. Most importantly, we’ve helped Planned Parenthood patients get the care they needed — and that won’t change".  -Cecile Richards                                

Women will choose to play a greater role within the political arena and watch and see them stand up and be counted over and over again.  This is the beginning of the Changing of the Guard from the Piscean Era into the Aquarian Age where both Women and Men will share equal rights as well as equal responsibility in all areas of life – let the games begin!

Again, we have just heard  that there are 307 women signed up to run for office since January 2018.  Both Democrat and Republican Women are seeking election to various offices that have opened up both in the House as well as the Senate - some are working at the state level working as local representatives.  And it's just beginning!!!

The Major Arcana always are the Keys to the entire reading – they are the revealers and judges of the people of Earth.

Individually, people will be making many choices this year regarding their future – many will be physically moving while others will be leaving the planet – all will be making their own choices in the weeks and months to come.  There will be some who choose at this time to get in touch with those they have not connected with in years mostly to complete their karma with them while others will choose to isolate themselves in order to get in touch with and align with the Soul.  All is in flux at this time, as we walk the tightrope between the two great Ages.  The Empress reminds us that we have “free will” it is our choice – our decision – no one else can choose for us.

People are on the move - whether it's because of a change in their career and/or they are retiring, they are looking for places that are less expensive to live in as well as realizing that everyone is living longer, therefore there has to be an adjustment in planning their future.  Again, it's all a matter of choice.  Several people that I'm acquainted with have passed away, while others are planning on retiring and moving to other states.  I'm sure if you look around you, you will find that this is true whereever you live as well. 

Time Period 4 Months
Whenever the #4 comes into play we think of the foundation, the builder, the working class people.  We also must remember that the Pulse for 1-1-2018 =13/4 which will be playing a major role throughout the entire 12 Twelve month period. (See Numerology for 2018 for interpretation).
The Four of Wands definitely refers to the Middle and Lower Classes in the entire country.  And the fact that the Four of Wands is Reversed indicates that people in these classes are having a very difficult time.  They are hardly getting by and can barely make their house payments.  What we’re seeing here is that although both parents are working, they cannot meet the payments – while they received a meager pittance from the government, their rents and mortgages continually rise in cost and now they will be losing their insurance because it will be too expensive for them to afford especially for an entire family.  Many will lose their homes or just move away and try and find better opportunities elsewhere – STRESS will be bringing many to their knees and although the figures show that employment is gaining – most of the jobs pay minimum wage and corporations will not be allowing the “trickle down” sharing with employees that was boasted about when they sold the American a rotten “bill of goods”.  Many of these same hard-working people voted for the present administration, thinking that what the “salesman was preaching would actually come true” – Well here we are!
And they are not through with destroying the American Way because there are still choices coming up that will leave millions without health care, our natural habitats riddled with oil wells, our rivers filled and once more polluted and our women barefoot and pregnant – “Let’s Make America Great Again!”  Oh yes! Right back where we started while our hard-won freedoms are disappearing on a daily basis.
At this point, we're all praying for "Let;s Make America Change Back the Clock!"  Because most of my friends and acquaintances are struggling to keep their head above water - everything is going up, up, up!  The good news is that most everyone is planning way ahead - even the younger people are putting together plans that will take approximately 10 years or more  to fulfill - yet they're on the right track, if they want to have any kind of income that will support them when they retire.  Somehow, this shift in our economy has awakened many up to the fact that they'd better be prepared for whatever their future holds for them - and that's a good plan.
PLEASE NOTE:  The NY Times just reported in Sunday's paper that there's a tremendous loss of homes through foreclosures in the East Coast - it's already starting. See next paragraph where I say "Families will be uprooted, having to leave their homes, their neighborhoods........"

Choices will eventually bring about protests, riots, revolutions and civil unrest – Women will be standing up for our rights and freedoms.  Families will be uprooted, having to leave their homes, their neighborhoods, while their very lives are at risk, especially those who are Middle and Lower Classes.  Many from South of our borders will be sent back to their countries – some were born here and will be strangers in a strange land.

I must mention here how racist this group occupying the white house really are; and it becomes more prevalent every day.  This has caused protests, marching in the street and speeches by people of color, who are fed up with being treated like a third-world citizen. There have been remarks made during a meeting among the Republicans that were blatently racist and no apology was given - it just adds coal to the fire of a building resentment towards this president and his cabinet.

But no one will get off scot-free.  Those who betrayed the American people who were dealing with the Russians in secret will be exposed and judgment will be metered out – What was that old saying:  “The First shall be last and the last will be First?”  The Empress will have her day in court and with unconditional love she will bring the Laws of God into play – Right Action will take place and those who are not named in the courts of Heaven will be judged and found wanting.
As I stated above, the good news is that there are those among the Republicans, as well as the judicial and Democratic Parties who are holding court.  And because it a Federal Grand Jury, they will be brought before the Independent Counsellor and if they're not telling the truth, they will be placed in jail, no matter whether they are billionaires or the common man, whoever was a traitor of our country and knowingly committed acts of treason, they will be punished.  

Time Period -4-6 Months
Card 1 - #3 of Wands Reversed (This Card is directly related to the First Card, the #5 of Swords beginning of Celtic Cross) Both Cards are connected in that the #3 Wands Reversed represents the #5 Swords actions, decisions and choices further on during the year
We see here that the #3 of Wands is not only blocked by the Reversed position but also by the #5 of Swords  - War and rumors of War (#5 of Swords) put a check on bringing about certain decision-making and plans that would normally be driven through the two houses at this time.  Think about it, here we have a President who has not only the House but the Senate and the Judicial systems in the majority – everything should be a piece of cake – right?  Well, not with the Empress sitting overhead and these two cards pushing all his buttons.  These cards represents Trade agreements with other countries, only we’re not getting along with any of our allies – no one feels that the USA is stable enough to enter into any type of agreement.  What about the companies coming back into our country .

Well, one thing is clear, we are now in the midst of a Trade War with China and soon will be with Russia as well as any country that Trump decides isn't paying enough taxes.  The only problem with this philosophy is that they are responding by raising taxes on any and all goods exported from the USA.  Many farmers this week are up in arms!  They, in most cases voted for Mr. Trump, and now are receiving the boom-a-rang effect of his Trade War.  Also, Trump continues to shake his sword and  at the same time, still aggravating the North Koreans, the Chinese and now Putin has joined in very aggressively responding to our USA sanctions (not on the parat of Trump), because he was overridden by  the house and senate in retaliation for the poisoning of several people in England.  As Trump continues to favor  Putin over any of our allies, they in turn, want nothing to do with him whether it's trade or participating or negotiating with them against our enemies - they just do not trust him.

Again, a lot talk, a lot of bragging; but all of our allies are turned off and companies are not so willing to take a chance on coming back at this time.  Again, timing is everything, as long as our allies feel they are dealing with a dictator, a buffoon, someone who would rather get cozy with the Russians, plus it comes back to choices – choices to threaten another despot in North Korea with ‘who’s button is the largest and who’s military armament is the largest’, while at the same time stirring up the Middle East by declaring Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital – he’s caused chaos, uprisings, killings and now the Arab Foreign Ministers will be meeting to decide on what steps to take against our President.  Meanwhile, he’s planning to undermine America’s involvement in the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action by “decertifying” Iranian compliance. Even his own advisors disagree with his decision.  Secretary of Defense James Mattis told Congress that he believed it was in the U .S. national interest to remain in the deal, which will undermine or end U.S. participation in the nuclear deal and reduce the constraints on Iran’s nuclear program and reduce American global credibility as well as split us from our European allies.  And remember the International Atomic Energy Agency has already declared that Iran is already complying – so what’s Trump's agenda???
Everything I have stated above applies to this card as well -no one likes Mr. Trump, no one trusts Mr. Trump and no one wants to do business with Mr. Trump.

No wonder everything is Reversed and topsy-turvy – no wonder there will be civil unrest and fear for our future. This is what happens to a nation when the people are asleep – this is America’s “wake-up call”!  Somehow this guy got into office “by hook or by crook” we allowed it!
Remember the movie:  “The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming!”  Well folks! They’re already here, sitting in the driver’s seat; running our affairs from cyberspace   - and somehow we let them in!
Now there will be a reckoning not only for all those who were complicit in carrying on secret negotiations, plots and plans to obstruct our elections; but for us who allowed such a catastrophic upheaval to occur to begin with right in front of us – AND it’s still going on, they’ve just discovered that the Republicans were trying to remove more of our civil liberties; but had to comply with the law in asking the American people to either approve or disapprove of the upcoming deregulations.  They were overwhelmed with the massive amount of positive votes they received back in response to their inquiry.  It was so overwhelming according to the numbers of people who responded that the government decided to investigate and found thousand of dead people as well as thousands of Russian addresses were making up the majority of so-called American citizens – again, is Putin and his henchmen aiding and abetting Mr. Trump to make sure he gets everything he wants enacted into law? Now, here’s something to think about, the President gathered a committee to investigate our 2016 elections, yet, his entire group were secretly negotiating with the Russians, who were hacking into the Democratic Party’s emails.  Now, we find that aiding and abetting is OK when the Russians are helping the Republicans even with their poling!  So who’s really the cheat and who’s really spreading FAKE news???
Since my reading of 1/1.2018, a lot has been revealed - especially when the "Whistleblower" Christopher Wylie from Cambridge Analytica exposed all those who aided and abetted Cambridge and their Russian counterparts in hacking and giving "false news and ads" through Facebook and other media - he claims that 87 million Americans data was stolen and could be stored anywhere in the World - especially since the Russian Professor was in charge of the data there's a pretty good possibility that Russia now has all of these Facebook subscribers' data - also, Gray who was aide to Manaford has come over to the Federal Grand Jury and is willing to give evidence on what was really going on with the whole gang of conspirators - talk about false news, these are the biggest phonies that have ever come in to office since George Washinton - and we're having two major elections coming up - one in June and another in November - Have the USA high techs figured out how to block and protect our upcoming elections???

Card 2 - #15/6 – THE DEVIL, REVERSED – This Card Represents  Those Who Guide And Direct Our Nation:
Liberty, , Freedom and Justice.
#15/6 is a Karmic Number and when combined with the Major Arcana the Devil, we can pretty well see who’s at work here – as was given before, the number 6 always represents Service to Others, to Our Nation and to the World.  It also represents Love again, Love of Family, Community, Nation and the Planet. BUT when it is Reversed and attached to the Devil, there is only Self-Service and Lust For Power and Control – The working through the mind rather than the Heart – not at all what makes America Great Again.
In a Tarot Reading, when one receives the Devil, either upright or reversed, there is never good news for the querant.  Yet, we need to understand that these Major Arcana cards are Archetypes of who and what is going on at this particular time.  Whenever the Devil shows up in a reading, the first thing I ask myself is what were the motives that drove one to make certain choices and/or decisions that brought about the current situation.   As I meditate upon this card and it’s reversed position (representing our guides), we can easily see that no one was listening to the guides – no one was really interested in whether we continue to live in Liberty, Justice, Brotherhood and Freedom, because everybody who voted to make America Great Again, saw only “dollar signs” a rich salesman; a front-man, for his Russian Thug, who somehow made a lot of Americans believe that if you have money and power, you can have a trophy wife and homes in every part of the globe.  No, NO, NO only the one percent get to have those THINGS. The Reversed Card represents warped -thinking, resulting in self-defeat because the reality is IT AIN’T GOING TO HAPPEN TO YOU!   WHY??  Because money and power and things cannot give us Liberty, Freedom, Justice and God-Government – these are the ingredients that “MAKE AMERICA GREAT ALREADY AND ALWAYS HAS BEEN!”  Probably as we look back on the swamp our leaders are creating we’ll begin to understand why the DEVIL shows up precisely because of Poor Choices, which is what this card represents.  Usually it’s all about greed, avarice lust for money and power.  Just stop and think for a minute about how this Administration came into office.  Was it through honest effort on the part of the candidate and his people? Or was it brought about by collusion, hacking into our election, the door was opened by our candidate who willingly let our enemies enter; not as a service to our country; but as an act of war – the enemy has entered our government, not through guns, missiles and nuclear threats but by the back door, by slipping into our government offices, into our internet services – placing ADS against the Democrats while extracting thousands of emails that Mr. Trump seemed to know were about to be released.  There’s an old saying:  “Birds of a feather gather together”.  When you choose the Devil than everyone that you associate with is in some way connected.
What do we think of when we see the Devil Card?  What are the characteristics that gave him his name?
The lack of light!  The lack of love!  The lack of empathy!  The lack of honor!  The lack of justice!  The lack of completeness!  The lack of compassion!  The lack of mercy!  The lack of wisdom!  The lack of peace! The lack of Truth!  And the lack of Freedom!  To name a few.
nd Power and Who’s days are numbered.  They are all being exposed, the dictators, the perverts, the liars and their ilk.  As the Earth turns on Her axis, as the light from the Great Central Sun and the Sun of our system increases in velocity and frequency, their day is done for they cannot live in the greater light that is now entering our planet and penetrating our four lower bodies down to the Atomic Level of Being.

There was a choice to make in this past year, having to do with our souls and our free will.  Did we choose liberty, freedom, and justice for all.  Did we come together as one, all equal, no matter the race, color or religion?  Did we get to know those we chose to represent us?  Did we study the backgrounds of our potential leaders?  Did we see through the lies and the false promises?  Did we understand that the projection of fear as a platform for leadership lessens our own freedoms and liberties?  Do we now understand why the Devil resides with us and must be usurped as quickly as possible?  We are now looking at the Liar and the lie, the one conspirator who is intent on snuffing out the light of these United States of America while bringing separateness, fear, bigotry, fascism and the lust for power and control.  Think about it, as of this reading 20 republicans are leaving the house and 70+ of Trumps cabinet and close circle of advisors have either left or were ousted from their positions within his inner circle and his first year isn’t even completed.

Card 3 - #4 PENTACLES REVERSED – Again, the 4 represent the foundation, the MIDDLE AND LOWER CLASSES – This card reversed says we have to save, we cannot spend unwisely, the tightening of the belt, making sure that all the bills are paid, with fear of not having enough.  For many, it will mean, that they have to move back with parents and/or share a home with others, there’s no privacy because survival is the predominate factor therefore, no excessive spending.  There’s a nagging dissatisfaction with the status quo; which results in a fear of letting go of personal attachments.

The reversed #4 of Pentacles always represents fear and the lesson here is to let go and let God; the need here is to move with the flow – there’s a value shift in which material things become less important as one learns that there are greater concerns than material things and so the letting go finds one realizing that they are less important than ones health, ones family and learning to live within ones means.
Overall, when this card appears for the nation, it means that people will be concerned about their security and well-being and are taking some tentative steps towards laying down foundations, but in order to achieve their goals the need to get better organized and make more practical plans will play a major role.

Recent news has an alarming signal that things are changing rapidly,  the most recent use of poisonous gas on the innnocents of Syria by either Iran, Russia and/or Syria, has finally caught the President's attention and he is now giving us a 24 hour warning that he will retaliate whether its Iran, Russia or Syria - he has stepped up  our National Defense who are meeting and pouring over the recent information relayed to the USA by those we are working with in Syria.  This is putting us in a dangerous position, not that he shouldn't take action but we're looking down the nose of missiles both from Russia and Iran and they have little compunction to find peace at this point in time. 

These are the people who run as a pack who’s God is Money a
 Again, the Devil sitting in the midst of these three reversed cards is playing upon the fears and insecurities of the people,
And they bought into this Administration’s pitch to “Make America Great Again”; and now realize that the only way they are going to make America great again, is through electing someone who is honest, truthful and willing to actually represent all of the people, not just the billionaires, corporations and those who use the government as a means to line their own pockets, rather than for the better good of all people – this will be the hardest lesson for the American people in the next year and hopefully the “wake-up” call will resound throughout America to oust the whole gang of self-servers out and elect those people who are dedicated to representing everyone, no matter their status, their religion,  their color, their race or their origins.

Many people will be, through their own creative initiative (3 x 3 x 3=9)
Will create their own businesses and/or work in an environment that is non-threatening and creative.
Because the Devil sits in the midst of the Arm, we see that all 3 cards are reversed, i.e. the #3 of Wands Reversed; # 15/6 -The Devil Reversed; and the #9 of Pentacles Reversed.  This trio of negativity having to deal with merchants and their goods; and certain monies that should be put away for retirement – all three cards force the individual to become independent when it comes to making a living.  The outcome here is not as good as expected.  Having your own business is great but what about insurance, car payments, mortgage or rental, fuel, food, clothing – cost of living at a premium, most people will either have to move to another state in order to survive or work at several jobs in order to support their families.
Again, we're in dangerous times, and much depends upon how our economy will survive this excess spending and the give-away of our tax dollars to the wealthy - now, there's less chance of companies coming back into our country, and we have to face the facts that the trade-war will not gain us any trust.  Our allies are ignoring any plans for trade at the present time; and because our President has isolated us against our former allies, we're now declaring war and retaliation in the Middle East and we are not sure that we will have anyone supporting us with military troops and other support - even NATO forces have been insulted and we'll have to pay close attention to who will respond to the President's plea for aide in his response to the Syrian crisis.

Any Time During the Next 3 – 6 Months
Card 1 – THE STAR - #17/8 – MAJOR ARCANA
The Star represents the great flow of energy from the Seven Sacred Rays that enter the Earth through its Seven Sacred Centers; and enters mankind through their Seven Sacred Centers.  The Star brings an increase in vibration and frequency within the Earth as well as within mankind at this juncture.  This increase in energy is released from the highest plane in order to shift our world from darkness into light.  This energy contains all Seven Rays:  Ray  1 – The Will to Good; Ray 2 – Love and Wisdom; Ray 3 – Intuition; Ray 4 – Inspiration; Ray 5 – Truth/Healing; Ray 6 – Peace and Goodwill; Ray 7 – Freedom & Brotherhood – to live and move and create what the individual is inspired to bring forth.
The Star also represents Water and Earth, Intuition – the Solar Plexus; the emotional body;  thus we see the Women  who personifies all of the above attributes, who will shine forth like the Evening Star.  It will be women who guide and protect us, nurture and direct us through the shoals and tsunamis of 2018.
The Star signals that although things seem dark and our futures unsure, the Star will guide us and shine through, clearing our minds and hearts for the New Day – The Aquarian Age.
Women are standing up in all levels of government and are running for various offices; while many of the women in the House and Senate have stood up over and over again against some of the misuse of power both in the House and Senate. They are very brave ladies and we need to keep them in our prayers.  We need to pray for a complete overhaul of both Houses and therefore one thing we can do as citizens is to get out and vote.  I will be at the polls again this year.

Card 2 - #8 of Pentacles
As the next 12 months lie ahead of us, the #13/4 is the sign of Death and Rebirth, Beginnings and Endings.  Karma is the effect of that which was caused and now must be paid back.  The #8 has to do with finances; and when combined with the 13/4; we see the 12/3 as a result of misuse of funds; something done in secret; a movement of money secretly; the unlawful acquisition of funds funneled through secret negotiations with our adversaries that now must be brought forth into the light and exposed.
As the Frederal Grand Jury continues its probe into following the money during the 2016 and before that date, they are finding that money-laundering and thea buying and selling of property, plus the aiding and abetting the oligarchs from Russia by many of the people and banks (Deutche and Cyprus Banks to name a few) who were moving money in and out plus the buying of large properties as well as commercial properties are now being investigated by some of the experts under the Mueller investigation.

Remember the #8 also means balance, the bringing into balance what is not serving the people; mainly the loss of liberty, freedom and justice will be the focus during the next twelve months.  A focus on allowing the “Dreamers” their rights.  Allowing the women their rights.  Allowing the freedom of speech to keep the people informed of nefarious acts will be a focus in the next twelve months.
Pay close attention to the group called Sinclair see  the following article concerning this company buying up all the small radio and tv stations around the country - the plan is to have one "government station" like the Russians, and their message is always the same every other media has "fake news".  We all know that if there's anything fake going on it has to do with this gang we have running our government at the present time:

nationwide, that went viral

Facing a firestorm of criticism, Sinclair Broadcast Group spent last week defending a controversial on-air promotion in which its TV anchors across the country read identical scripts decrying “fake” news.

A video montage produced by website Deadspin, which shows anchors at local news stations warning of biased and false news on social media and in traditional outlets, went viral and sparked a backlash.
Critics say the TV stations
centralized message, required to be read on air, further reinforces the notion that right-leaning Sinclair wants to consolidate the local news industry and spread politicized “propaganda” through control and ownership of more stations than any other broadcaster.
Opponents of Sinclair’s proposed $3.9 billion takeover of Tribune Media, which would give it control of 233 television stations that reach 72 percent of U.S. households, see the anchor announcements as ominous signs of more to come from the company. They worry about conservative messaging being fed to local communities, especially when the latest echoes phrasing used by President Donald Trump when criticizing mainstream news organizations. 

Because of the increase of stress, it will be important for people to take care of their health.  By planning a healthy diet and exercise routine.  There are other vibrations associated with this card that show “motives” of people who do not go along with the peoples’ wishes and will block their way.  Many will be required to find their way around while at the same time keeping the balance (#8). 

For the past year, the American people have had nothing but bad news, rumors of war, scandal, secret meetings with the enemy.  The #3 of Swords Reversed reveals the trauma that has overshadowed our world. Chaos and drama seem to be broadcast on a daily basis.
But the main focus here is for those Dreamers and Haitians who have suffered conflict while the government plays “hard ball” with their lives, their futures.  After years of residing in the United States, they must now return to a country unfamiliar to them.

Relationships with our allies have also deteriorated substantially.  Relationship with people of color has become strained.  Separateness, bigotry and racist remarks have become familiar words, alienating the people of color while at the same time creating a loss of freedom.
Again, I don't want to be redundant but when we have leadership that continually rattles the sabers and there's a continual rumor of WAR and Rumors of WAR - this does not make for a peaceful nations - rather, it makes people even more stressed then even their anxiety about the economy and their healthcare, their homes and jobs.  

Again, we are seeing what happens to a country when the leaders no longer represent the people; but are establishing a dictatorship that has nothing to do with our liberties freedom and justice.

The good news concerning the #3 of Swords reversed is that this dictator will be ousted by the people, for the people  and indicates that we are finally moving away from all the Karma and Drama back into what our forefathers established for us in the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution.
This won't happen as soon as we'd like; but there's every indication that this administration will not make it to the next election - people have finally awakened and are up in arms and ready to "Make America Great Again by Voting Someone Else Into the Office of Presidend".  
End of Reading 

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