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Planet Earth Emanating Energy

Energy Emanating From Our Planet Earth
Energy Entering and Emitting From Man

In the past lessons we've talked about the various energies existing throughout all life down to the atomic and subatomic levels. What we'd like to impart  at this time is how energy manifests and controls life's rhythms.

The Master Djwal Khul instructs on how energy manifests throughout the Universe as well as within and through mankind.  Energy controls mankind's Life Rhythms:

The Atom Is Part of a Greater Whole 
Energy Penetrating

Man Down To the Atomic and Subatomic Levels

(1) "Every atom is part of a greater whole, even the solar atom (our solar system) is not a separated Life; but a fragment of an immensity of existence beyond the ken of man.

  All nature holds together, and the life of any scheme, globe, kingdom, or atom, becomes in turn the animating principle of another state of flux, as is with everything in the universe, and the vital energy circulates, as the blood of the nervous energy of the body circulates,  throughout the entire system.  This is the basis of the occult fact that all in nature for instance will be, is, or has been through the human kingdom.

Our Universe

Man Connected to Our Universe

All in Nature will be, is, or has been through the human kingdom!

(It should be noted that this rotary activity is of a spiral-cyclic nature and it is from this ever present spiral tendency that the forward and upward movement arises, which in turn is responsible for all evolultionary processes). Note:  (We mention time and again that we are moving both inward and upward in a spiral-cyclic nature - mf)

Example of Man Walking Through Spiral as He Moves Forward and Upward On His Path of Evolution
The Rotary Activity is of a Spiral-Cyclic Nature.

(2)    It is not safe for students with limited vision to dogmatise anent this question of cycles.  Apart from the cyclic impulses continually going forth, overlapping and superseding, and intermingling with each other, there are many which we might call lesser impulses (The cycle of 100 years to which H. P. B. refers, is but one of the lesser impulses.  There is a 1,000 year cycle of greater moment).  There are vaster cycles of  2,500 years, of 7,000 year, of 9,000 years, of 15,000 years, and many others which only advanced initiates know of or can follow, these can break in upon any of the lesser impulses, and can be seen appearing unexpectedly as far as an average man's knowledge is concerned, and yet they are but the returning impulses set in cyclic motion perhaps thousands of years ago.
Streams of Energetic Force Which Effect the Pilgrim
(3)  (There are many cosmic and planetary streams of energetic force which affect the Pilgrim on his Path of Evolution.  They are of a most vast and complex nature, and totally beyond the comprehension of the human mind).  All these vibratory emanations, pass through the sphere cyclically; they come and go, and according to their presence or their non-presence, and according to the stage of evolution of the emanating Existence, will depend the phenomenal character of all life, will depend the nature of any specific period, and the quality of the manifesting Monads (I AM Presence or Higher Selves-mf). 
Energy Waves Appearing and Disappearing in Space

  1.  It is the appearance or disappearance of these waves of life-force - planetary, inter-planetary systemic, cosmic and inter-cosmic - which sweeps into incarnation the divine pilgrims; . . . it is this, which causes also the dissolution of a scheme, and its reappearance, and is responsible for the transportation of the life seeds from one scheme to another, or from one solar system to another.
In this great tide of forces, the Monads are swept along
The Higher Selves or Monads Are Swept Into
The Rhythmic Waves Along With Solar Systems 
And Universes

This Energy Works Within All Life and Not
Only the Monads but all the Chakras or Sacred
Centers Are Sending and Receiving Enegy
Moment to Moment

As the Monads are swept along; their aggregate is termed the "force of evolution", and the life and persistence of the initiatory Being sets the term for their duration. 
(Note:  Herein we see the Guide of initiatory Being setting the terms for the duration of these Evolutionary Waves that not only seed all life; but force the Pilgrim ever forward towards their completion of their evolution on the Planet - mf). 
So, be aware that we as humans are the playthings of the forces which gather him up and carry him on, just as the atom in the human frame is but the obedient servant of the man's imposing direction; yet within limits man is the controller of his destiny; and controls lesser centers of energy, and as time slips away, his radius of control becomes ever more extensive.
(I might also add here that although these rhythmatic forces continually move mankind forward, yet mankind themselves, through the gift of "free-will", have continually delayed the whole evolutionary process to the point that both our Planet Earth and its people, are now sadly way behind the rest of our Solar System in reaching the goals set by Alpha and Omega and the Planetary Logus, Sanat Kumara.  What is now occurring both within our Planet and within mankind, themselves, is a tremendous surge of energy coming from the Buddhic (the highest plane) Plane, it is now bombarding our planet to the point that there has been sightings in Russia, Texas, Michigan of Brilliant Blue Lights.  At the present time our sun is in it's minimal state which means that very little solar activity is supposed to be happening; but scientists now can't explain the tremendous amount of solar flares that are comng from the sun of our system and bombarding our planet to the very core.  This is actually the  increased activity by Hierarchy in sending forth this increased energy and vibration.  Many people within the areas mentioned above are hearing and seeing great lights as well as tremendous booming sounds (like sonic booms) and then the entire skies turning a brilliant electric blue in the dead of night.  This increased activity is part of the shift that must now occur in order to get Planet Earth and her people ready for a great evolutionary shift both of the axis as well as the planet.  Within the human one can expect to feel quite unpleasant aches and pains along the spine, within the joints and a feeling of disorientation at times.  Remember, this is all part of the process that we are now going through in order to "catch up" to our neighboring planets who have already completed their evolutionary cycle -   I will also mention here that there is also now an increase in Earthquake Activity along the Ring of Fire from Alaska to the tip of India.  We all need to pay attention, especially those living in California, Oregon, and Texas all the way up to Canada of increased Earthquake activity, causing the crust of the Earth to separate, in turn, making these areas more vulnerable to Earthquake and Volcanic Activity. -mf). 

The Ebb and Flow of Tides

Diagram of The Ebb and Flow of Tides

(4)  There is an ebb and flow in all nature, and in the tides of the ocean we have a wonderful picturing of an eternal law.  As the aspirant adjusts himself to the tides of the soul life, he begins to realize  that there is ever a flowing in, a vitalizing and a stimulating, which is followed by a flowing out as sure and as inevitable as the imutable laws of force. This ebb and flow can be seen functioning in the processes of death and incarnation.  It can be seen also over the entire process of a man's lives, for some lives can be seen to be appraently static and uneventful, slow and inert from the angle of the soul's experience, whilst others are vibrant, full of experience and of growth.
Note:  A good example of the ebb and flow in our lives, how many of you have experienced one tragedy or "great event" in your lives while others seem to move smoothly along, with no apparent crisis overshadowing them.  One explanation for this seemingly unfair diversity is that we are all moving along the path of evolution and some among us are moving along the "Path of Initiation" wherein, all the karma from past lives as well as present conditions must be faced, overcome in order to move ever forward and upward towards ascension.  Those who have encountered such testing, had voluteered to complete certain karmic relationships, habits, affiliations, that have kept us from accomplishing our goal of completing our evolutionary journey.  Although we, in our physical bodies do not remember our sacred promise to make the necessary changes, our souls are not only aware but are working with the rhythmic energy that forces us ever forward and upward.- mf)

This should be remembered by all of you who are workers when you are working to help others to live right.  Are they on the ebb or are they being subjected to the flow of the soul energy !  Are they passing through a period of temporary quiescence, preparatory to greater impulse or effort, so that the work to be done must be that of strengthening and stabilizing in order to enable them to "stand in spiritual being" or are they being subjected to the cyclic inflow of forces?  In this case the worker must seek to aid in the direction and utilization of the energy which - if misdirected - will eventuate in wrecked lives, but which when wisely utilized, will produce a full and fruitful service.
 Recently, I had a family contact me concerning their son, who is twenty seven years old and at the present time is being counseled in a home in another state.  Although both his mother and grandmother are both teachers, he was born with severe learning disabilities.  He has had issues with anger and at times violence because of his problems.  His mother is distraught and the grandmother cannot have him living with them any longer, as he is just too disruptive for her to cope with his continual erratic behavior.

As I looked at his energy, I could see that the problem began at birth and was never corrected or dealt with (and of course, not everyone knows how to deal with children with these severe learning disabilities).  At birth, certain medications cause damage to the two lobes within the brain, that researhers now understand are at the root of most of  these disorders.  What often occurs with children born with these learning disorders is that they become, upset and then angry when they begin to realize that they are not quite the same as their peers, when it comes to cognitive learning; and as a result they are victimized by their classmates, which in turn, causes the child to "fight back".  Today, we're dealing with learning disabilities immediately when a child enters his first grade.
But what do you do with someone who is now heading towards thirty years and cannot hold a job, nor a relationship, and is continually in trouble?  We could blame both the mother and grandmother, as they should have taken the steps necessary to combat the problem by placing the child in "special education classes" ( they did not have these classes available in their state at that time.  These classes  were not always available in certain states as they are today) where the teachers are trained in bringing the child through the process of special education that enables them to actually re-learn through a series of exercises and hard work that will teach them by re-training their minds to find the path that fits  their particular dysfunction.
As this young man is way past the early learning curve, and the family has lost all patience  and are exhausted, there is only one way in which he can be rehabilitated and that's through these special clinics that actually bring him through a very similar process as the children being trained in "special education".  
But there's also a spiritual dysfunction that I've noticed with people that I have been working with over the years; and this is where they become a problem.  Unless one lives or works with these individuals, one has no idea how difficult it is for the individual as well as the entire family who have to put up with the anger, resentment and even violence when help wasn't given at an early age.

As I told the family, they have to "let Go and let God" take over at this point.  Tough love and lots of prayer will ensure that he's continually surrounded by his guides and angels and especially the healing angels. Any one who is reading this should understand that under the Sacred Seven Rays there is one in particular that works with healing - it is known as the Fifth Ray - the Color of the Ray is Emerald Green.  Those working upon this Ray in Hierarchy are Teachers, Researchers and Healers.
The particular Hierarchy that work upon this Ray are The Mother Mary, Her Son, Jesus the Christ, Archangel Raphael, who is the complement of Mother Mary and the Apostle, St. Paul.  When working with someone who has a severe dysfunctional problem, one should first of all, ask permission from his/her Higher Self, before attempting to work with the Healing of anyone.  Once you receive permission, then you do the following:
In the name of my Higher Self, I ask permission of the Higher Self of ______________ (say the person's name) and ask permission of his/her guides and guardian angels that I may work with all those upon the Fifth Ray of Healing, in order to help align and balance his/her four lower bodies.  I call to you Beloved Jesus the Christ, to stand at his/her head, and I call to you, Mother Mary, to stand on the left side while I call to Archangel Raphael to stand on the right side and finally St. Paul (Hilarion) to stand at the foot of ______________(say the person's name again).  I call for the healing angels to form a circle around____________(say the person's name).  I call to the Mighty Elohim of the Fifth Ray,  Vista and Crystal to release the Emerald Ray of Healing to Beloved Jesus  the Christ, that He in turn, will send the Ray through_________(person's name) Crown Chakra and down through the Third Eye Chakra, Throat Chakra, and into the Heart Chakra, where it will spread to every cell and atom within the physical body and fill each chakra to spread into every organ surrounding that chakra.  I call to Mother Mary, Archangel Raphael, and St. Paul (Hilarion) to send  the Emerald Ray into the Left, Right and up through the Feet, to fill the entire body with the Healing Emerald Ray.  We will hold our attention upon the  person until the energy is complete.  
We thank all of the Hierarchy and healing angels who have gathered with us this day, and we ask that Archangel Michael will take him/her to the healing temples this night and every night until we come together once again to heal them.  In the light of the Christ.  We thank God for this opportunity to serve. - mf)
To be continued:

End of Lesson Twelve

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