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The Incoming Seventh Ray
These Lessons are from "Prophecies" by the
Tibetan Master Djwal Khul
Note:  Everything written in Blue is comments and clari-
fication by M.F. 
While everything written in Black is the actual lesson
being given by  the Tibetan Master, Djwal Khul in his
book of "Prophecies".

In the last lesson (22) we became familiar with the Three
Cosmic Beings - Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, who are
not only the "original Sons of God; but are responsible 
for the entire mahamanvantara through the Three
Original Rays, wherein through Rotation, Cyclic Spiral-
ing and Force, manipulate the entire history of our
Existence - all working through the God Star Sirius, 
the Great Bear or Ursa Major in the Big Dipper and its 
seven stars, along with the constellations that are rotated and
driven by the Rishis or Seven Rays, which also manifest and
penetrate all the kingdoms of the earth.

The Threefold Flame Within Our 
Hearts - This Flame in ordinary
Man is about 1/16th of an Inch High
Before the Separation From Our Higher Selves
This Threefold Flame Covered Our Entire Bodies

It is our responsibility in order to "Know Thyself" to study
and meditate upon these Rays, not only the Three Major
Rays; but also the Four Minor Rays because each of us
have a major Ray that we embodied with as well as several
minor Rays that aid in our evolutionary journey.  
It is only through meditation and contemplation that we 
begin to open the doorways (chakras) that allow us to enter
 the higher planes as our consciousness expands.

The Doorways and/or Chakras that
Expand our Consciousness and allow us to
Reach the Higher Planes

Although each of the Seven Chakras are Colored and
Numbered this doesn't in any way make them part of
the Rays - although the Threefold Flames within our
4th Chakra The Heart, are directly connected to the 
Primary Rays One, Two and Three and/or Love, Wisdom
and Power; but what we need to understand here is that
the more we are in  touch with our 7th Chakra, the
Crown Chakra combined with the 4th Chakra, the Heart,
the faster we will expand our consciousness; and it is
this "speed-up" of our cellular and circulatory systems 
that will eventually bring about through the Law of
Attraction the Seven Rays - all of the above are the 
tools needed to bring us into our "Fire Bodies".

For instance, to become a Christed Being, the Threefold
Flame must expand to the point that it surrounds the
entire body - changing it from a body finite into a body
infinite.  Two things occur simultaneously, the Seven
Rays now enfold the body while the Wheels or Chakras
are spinning causing the entire physical vehicle to
increase in vibration from the cellular down to the
atomic level of being.  This is what a "Great Soul or
Mahatma" manifests as a living Christ upon the Earth.

A Mahatma or Great Soul

The Mahatma Will Also Be Enfolded
In All Seven Rays From His Physical
Emotional, Etheric, Mental and Spiritual Bodies

The Prayer of Kuntuzangpo,
The Primordial Buddha Samantabhadra
The Following Prayer if done every day
will also bring one to Self-Realization

The Prayer of Kuntuzangpo
There are many ways to Expand Your
Consciousness and the following 
prayer will also aid in opening
up and expanding your consciousness
if you do  this prayer daily - mf

The Prayer of Kuntuzangpo, The Primordial Buddha Samantabhadra
Ho! Everything - appearance and existence, samsara and nirvana, has a single ground, yet two paths and two fruitions, and magically displays as awareness or unawareness.
Through Kuntuzangpo's prayer, may all beings become Buddhas, completely perfected in the abode of the dharmadhatu. The ground of all is uncompounded, and the self-arising great expanse, beyond expression, has neither the name samsara nor nirvana. Realizing just this you are a Buddha;
not realizing this you are a being wandering in samsara.
I pray that all you beings of the three realms may realize the true meaning of the inexpressible ground.
I, Kuntuzangpo, have realized the truth of this ground, free from cause and condition, which is just this self-arising awareness. It is unstained by outer expression and inner thought, affirmation or denial and is not defiled by the darkness of unmindfulness. Thus this self-manifesting display is free from defects.
I, Kuntuzangpo, abide as intrinsic awareness. Even though the three realms were to be destroyed, there is no fear. There is no attachment to the five desirable qualities of sense objects. In self-arising consciousness,
free of thoughts, there is neither solid form nor the five poisons.

In the unceasing clarity of awareness, singular in essence, there yet
arises the display of the five wisdoms. From the ripening of these five wisdoms, the five original Buddha families emerge, and through the expanse of their wisdom, the 42 peaceful Buddhas appear. Through the arising power of the five wisdoms, the 60 wrathful Herukas manifest. Thus the ground awareness is never mistaken or wrong.

I, Kuntuzangpo, am the original Buddha of all, and through this prayer
of mine, may all you beings who wander in the three realms of samsara realize this self-arising awareness, and may your great wisdom spontaneously increase.

My emanations will continuously manifest in billions of unimaginable
ways, appearing in forms to help you beings who can be trained. From the beginning you beings are deluded because you do not recognize the awareness of the ground.

Being thus unmindful of what occurs is delusion - the very state of unawareness and the cause of going astray. From this delusive state comes a sudden fainting away and then a subtle consciousness of wavering fear.
From that wavering there arises a separation of self and the perception of others as enemies. Gradually the tendency of separation strengthens, and from this the circle of samsara begins.
Then the emotions of the five poisons develop - the actions of these
emotions are endless. You beings lack awareness because you are unmindful, and this is the basis of your going astray.
Through my prayer, may all you beings recognize your intrinsic
awareness! Innate unawareness means unmindfulness and distraction. Imputing unawareness means dualistic thoughts towards self and others. Both kinds of unawareness are the basis for the delusion of all beings.

Through Kuntuzangpo's prayer, may all you beings wandering in samsara clear away the dark fog of unmindfulness, clear away the clinging thoughts of duality!
May you recognize your own intrinsic awareness! Dualistic thoughts create doubt, from subtle attachment to this dualistic turn of mind
dualistic tendencies become stronger and thicker. Food, wealth, clothes, home and friends, the five objects of the senses and your beloved family - all these things cause torment by creating longing and desire. These are all worldly delusions; the activities of grasping and clinging are endless. When the fruition of attachment ripens, you are born as a hungry ghost, tormented by coveting and desiring, miserable, starving and thirsty.

Through Kuntuzangpo's prayer, may all you desirous and lustful beings who have attachments, neither reject longing desire, nor accept attachment to desires. Let your consciousness relax in its own natural state, then your awareness will be able to hold its own. May you achieve the wisdom of perfect discernment! When external objects appear, the subtle consciousness of fear will arise. From this fear, the habit of anger becomes stronger and stronger. Finally, hostility comes, causing violence and murder. When the fruition of this anger ripens, you will suffer in hell by boiling and

Through Kuntuzangpo's prayer, you beings of the six realms, when strong anger arises for you, neither reject nor accept it. Instead relax in the
natural state and achieve the wisdom of clarity!

When your mind becomes full of pride there will arise thoughts of competition and humiliation. As this pride becomes stronger and stronger, you will experience the suffering of quarrels and abuse. When the fruition of this karma ripens, you will be reborn in the god realms and experience the suffering of change and falling to the lower rebirths.
Through Kuntuzangpo's prayer, may you beings who developed pride let your consciousness relax in the natural state. Then your awareness will be able to hold its own. May you achieve the wisdom of equanimity! By increasing the habit of duality, by praising yourself and denigrating
others, your competitive mind will lead you to jealousy and fighting, and you will be reborn in the jealous god realm, where there is much killing and injury. From the result of that killing, you will fall into the hell realm.
Through Kuntuzangpo's prayer, when jealousy and competitive thoughts arise, do not grasp them as enemies. Just relax in ease, then consciousness can hold its natural state. May you achieve the wisdom of unobstructed
action! By being distracted, careless and unmindful, you beings will become dull, foggy and forgetful.
By being unconscious and lazy, you will increase your ignorance and the fruition of this ignorance will be to wander helplessly in the animal realm. Through Kuntuzangpo's prayer, may you beings who have fallen into the dark pit of ignorance shine the light of mindfulness and thereby achieve wisdom free from thought.
All you beings of the three realms are actually identical to Buddhas,
the ground of all. But your misunderstanding of the ground causes you to go astray, so you act without aim. The six karmic actions are delusion like a dream. I am the primordial Buddha here to train the six kinds of beings through all my manifestations.

Through Kuntuzangpo's prayer may all you beings without exception attain enlightenment in the state of dharmadhatu.
Ah Ho! Hereafter whenever a very powerful yogin with his or her awareness radiant and free from delusion recites this very powerful prayer, then all who hear it will achieve enlightenment within three lifetimes.
During a solar or lunar eclipse, during an earthquake or when the earth rumbles, at the solstices or the New Year you should visualize Kuntuzangpo. And if you pray loudly so all can hear, then beings of the three realms will
be gradually liberated from suffering, through the prayer of the yogin and will finally achieve enlightenment. 

Note:  You can also go to "" and write in:  The Prayer of Kuntuzangpo music and
you can hear the Tibetan Monks singing this entire mantra and it has the english translation - mf

Let's go to today's lesson and meditate upon what Djwal
Khul is conveying concerning the Seventh Ray.
(6) It would be wise if students would ponder the significance of 
the incoming Seventh Ray of Ceremonial Law or Magic. 
It is the ray that deals with
the building forces of nature, that concerns itself
with the utilization of the form intelligently by the 
life aspect.  It is largely the ray of executive work,
with the object of building, coordinating and pro-
ducing cohesion in the four lower kingdoms of

Angel Devas

As we pass from the Piscean Age into the Aquarian Age
or from the Sixth Ray into the Seventh Ray, we are 
becoming more aware of the "other kingdoms" besides
the human kingdom.  As the vibrations and frequencies
increase within all four kingdoms we will begin to
acknowledge the presence of the devas as well as the
elementals, who are the real caretakers of our planet.    
We will also be acutely aware of our Four Lower Bodies
and how they interconnect and interact with all life.
This will bring about an awareness of all life within
all kingdoms above and below our level of awareness
at the present time.

Undine of Water Elemental
 Fiery Salamanda Elemental

Fairy Earth Elemental

Sylphs of the Air Elemental

This is only one aspect of the incoming Seventh Ray,
and as we move further within this Ray, we will be
fulfilling the prediction of the Hierarchy that during
this period we will not only be working with the angels 
and Archangels as well as the angel devas, 
and those of the elemental kingdom i.e. The Undines
of Water; the Slyphs of the Air; The Firey Salamandas
 and the Gnomes, Fairies, Naiads  and Elves who bring
forth all our trees, plants, fruits and vegetables and
especially the herbs for our medicines.
Another aspect of this incoming Ray is the methods of
organization which are demonstrated in all civilized communities, such as in the world of commerce and
finance, and the great business organizations, every-
where to be seen.  Above all, its interest lies for us in the fact that it is the Ray which brings opportunity to the occidental races, and through the medium of the 'life
force of executive organization, of government by rule and order, by rhythm and by ritual, will come the time wherein the occidental races -with their active
concrete mind, and their vast business capacity - can take initiation,
People of the Occident

People of the Orient

So it looks like this Ray will benefit the Western Hemisphere and/or all of us that
live in the "occident" rather than the "orient".   As the orientals have for
thousands of years adopted the ritual of organization, coordination with the nature
kingdom and have been working within the world of commerce and finance far
longer than we Westerners, who are rapidly catching up and even in many cases
surpassing the orientals especially in the world of commerce and finance.  We are
definitely coming to the conclusion that our politics (2 party) is really worn out and passé - we are now witnessing people becoming more involved in making themselves
heard and are now marching and voicing their displeasure with those who 
represent us - demanding that these representatives get to work and begin to
listen to those who put them into office or they will be out of a job in the next
election.  This will eventually bring about a government by rule and order, by
rhythm and by ritual - it will most likely become a "Republic for which we stand" rather than a Democracy.         

Gautama the Buddha
Lord of the Worled

(7) The Seventh Ray - now coming into power, provides for the occidental, what has long been the privilege of the oriental.  Great is the day of opportunity; and in
the sweeping onward of this seventh force comes the needed impetus that may - if rightly grasped - drive to the Feet of the Lord of the World, the dweller in  the occident.

We must remember that the oriental is mostly of the Fourth Root Race while the
occidental Westerner are all part of the Fifth Root Race - therefore, the oriental is a much older race and have been embodied far longer than the Westerners.  So (the Tibetan forecasts that because of the incoming seventh ray, and the effects that may be looked for from its influence - it may be possible to state in broad outline the coming developments, and to tabulate the results to be expected.  Suggestions only are possible.

(8)  (a) - - - Development of Etheric Vision Universally.  This will be due to two

Depiction of The Etheric Plane

 1.  The scientific recognition of the existence of the etheric levels,
                  thereby freeing people from the onus of adverse public
                  opinion, and enabling them to reveal what they have indivi-
                  dually long realized.  Etheric vision is comparatively common
                  even now; but comment concerning it is rare, owing to the fear
                  of criticism.
            2.   The increased activity of the devas of the ethers, which throws
                  the matter of the etheric levels into more active, vibration, with
                  consequent reflex action on the eye of man. 

Pictures of the Third Eye in Man

These Pictures are Actual Symbols
of the Opening of the Third Eye
Whereas if you look at the statues of Buddhas
They all have the Third Eye Open
This happens when meditating over a long period of time

Notice the Light Emanating From the Buddha
and also notice that the 1,000 Petal  Lotus Flame that
is on His Crown Chakra is completely open
with all 1000 Petals open as well - mf

This Buddha has a Light Placed in
the Third Eye Area depicting the Opened Third Eye Chakra
Note, both the Crown Chakra as well as the Pineal Gland
must be opened in order to open the Third Eye

This Picture depicts A Yogi in Deep Meditatoin
and it shows the radio waves that are
activated during the expansion of consciousness
At this point all of His chakras are opened
and He is experiencing His Fire Body
As science continues to investigate they will eventually recognize  the
existence of the etheric plane - we can also note how many people
today are working with people on the other side in order to help
clarify things that were hidden - many of these clairvoyants will
reveal things that only someone who knew the person while alive would
understand -sometimes it could be an item, jewelry they wore, or an
expression they used that only the family would know about.  As these
shows air on TV, many people will be more accepting of the possibility
that these clairvoyants are really reaching the etheric plane and that
these entities they are in contact with, are usually relatives that have

The Angel Devas

As far as the increased activity of the devas of the ethers are concerned,
this is what will become apparent as we move further into the Seventh
Ray influence.  These devas will becomes visible to us as will the
elementals of Air, Earth, Water and Fire - You will notice that the
Tibetan not only talks about the devas but also the increase in vibration.
This book was released  concerning things that He predicted in the 
1920's ; 30's; and '40's and even before that.

     -(b)-  Increased mental activity and  the spread of education - of the
              concrete mental kind - everywhere.  This will result in:
              1.  Increased competition between units and between groups.

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Global Education
International issues and diverse cultures are increasingly
becoming global citizens, learning 21st Century Skills

"Global education is a set of ideas taught to enhance one's perception of the world. It is taught within the curriculum where teachers integrate multiple dimensions, perspectives, and citizenships into everyday lessons."Wikipedia

Definitely our educational system needs a complete overhaul - with the
aid of the internet and the various media i.e. Facebook, twitter, utube we
are now on the brink of global expansion - bringing third-world people
up to our standards in education.  Also, children today, through the
use of computers and the internet; are working in coordination with
high-tech engineers; sitting in with medical doctors, research facilities
and participating during their university and college years in the
very fields that they have chosen as their career fields.  For example,
those entering the field of economics have opportunities worldwide while
still in school to spend a semester overseas learning from the experts in
various organizations throughout the world and this is also true in the field 
of medicine, nursing, humanities and those who will participate in
humanitarian endeavors.        

              2.  The organization of business on lines hitherto undreamt of.
As you can see, we are now moving into outer space and finding out
where there are universes like ours that have planets similar to Earth -
this plus the increase in finding through worm holes, black holes that
space travel can reach distant planets in very short periods of time.  We
are even now looking at traveling around our own cities and country in vehicles
either electric and/or powered by air - like miniature space ships.
In medicine, the laser hasn't been utilized to its fullest capacity now has
nuclear medicine - there will be giant steps in the cure of cancer, heart,
down syndrome,  diabetes, artificial organs, legs, arms, hands etc.          
              3.  The foundation of groups and aggregations of groups, whose
                   sole purpose will be to synthesize all the lines of human
                   endeavor, and thus to bring about unification of effort and
                  economy of force, in the scientific, business, philosophic, 
                  educational, and religious worlds.

Here, we have already made headway in third world countries through groups
like the United Nations, Red Cross, Red Cresent, and many, many more
Humanitarian organizations that are working together to educate, feed,
and mainly give the citizens the tools necessary to not only produce their
own foods; but also to organize and produce their own businesses so they
are self-reliant.  Science has progressed to  the point where countries
suffering from drought are now producing drinking water by converting
sea water into drinking water.  These humanitarian organizations are working in all areas of life in every country.  The United States has been

working with many countries in scientific endeavors not only in the

field of medicine and science but also in cooperation with other countries in 

space.  There will be more interaction between countries through communi-

cation, trade, education and religion.  For example, cars are now produced

in one country while parts for cars will be produced in another country - this 

sharing of business will become a partnership between all countries in the
     4.  The foundation of schools of mediciine along new lines, whose
          purpose will be to study the etheric body, and its function as the                
          receiver, storer, and transmitter of the vital fluids of the system.

There's two mantras that we do in the World Service  having to do

with the purifying and erasing  the Cause, Effect, Record and Memory
of all past destructive records that we've been carrying from lifetime
to lifetime as far back as the separation from the kingdom of Heaven.

The first mantra is given to us by Mother Mary:

Beloved Mother Mary

By Beloved Mother mary

"I come to give you my feeling of the Kingdom of Harmony!  Will
you accept iti?  YES!
Oh, Thou beloved Holy Christ Self of each and every one, I charge
you in the name of My beloved Son, the Ascended Jesus Christ,
to command the emotional bodies, the mental bodies, the
etheric and the physical bodies this day, with the vibratory action
of the Ascended Masters' uninterruptedd harmony!
Relieve and release the pressure of all outer tension.  Give
conviction to Our presence and reality.  Help them to realize
the moment Our names are spoken and their attention is
placed on one of Us that very moment We respond!
Oh, beloved Infinite God "I AM" who has given Me life, I
thank You for the privilege of acting in this physical
appearance world, speaking to the hearts and minds
of the faithful, using them as radiating centers by which
My gifts may flow to all mankind"
Beloved Elohims Crystal and Astrea, and Beloved Archangel
Michael, send your light rays and blue lightning protection spiraling
through my Etheric Body to erase the cause, effect, record and
memory of all wounds and scars within and replace them with
deep violet fire.

Now picture the Etheric Body like a Balloon
half filled with water surrounding you from
your feet all the way to the Holy Christ
Self Filled with Violet Fire



    5.  The foundation of the new Church, which will be no longer along
         devotional and idealistic lines, but which will be an outgrowth of
         the old idealism, demonstrating through mental forms.  It will
         have for its basis the scientific recognition of the unseen world,
         and its due appreciation and apprehension by means of accurate
         scientific ceremonial.  This ceremonial of the universal church -
         being founded on the mental unity of all peoples - will not be
         ceremonial as it is now understood, as it will be the guarded, 
         guided, scientific utilization of sound and color, to bring about
         certain desired ends, such as:
The Master D. J. gives us a preview of what Hierarchy expects to happen
within the Aquarian Age as the Seventh Ray penetrates deeper and 
deeper within all life here on earth.  The increase in vibration and frequency
(radio activity) will put mankind in touch with the Angel Devas and at the
same time begin opening the Third Eye as our finite bodies become more
purified - this "universal church" will be directy connected to Hierarchy and
through the utiliation of sound and color will bring about certain ends:

            The aligning of the Ego.
The aligning of all four lower bodies to the Higher Self or Ego, as you
meditate and study the above lesson and understand what it involves by 
becoming a Mahatma or Christed Being during this Aquarian Age as 
well as the  final stages of this Mahamanvantara before going into 
Prelaya (the eight million years of hibernation or sleep) by being drawn
back into the physical sun and then the great central sun with our Father/Mother God.
            The influencing of groups,
It is not by our words alone that we become the Teachers of Humanity -
no, it is by becoming the Bridge between Humanity and  Hierarchy at
the present time that by those very actions we are the conduits that 
bring humanity out of darkness into the light; and once they are moving
in the right direction, they will quickly  become self-realized.
            The making of contact with the Occult Hierarchy.
The Externalization of the Hierarchy is already beginning with many
of the high disciples, and some of Hierarchy stepping through the veil.  As
we expand in consciousness, we will come face to face with these great
beings who have sacrificed Their  own homeward journey in order that
mankind can have their freedom as well. 
              The co-operation with the devas, in order to further the
              constructive ends of evolution, and many other objects
              which will grow out of the scientific comprehension of the
              constitution of man, the nature of vibration or
              radio-activity, and the demonstrated reality of the hitherto
              metaphysical hypothesis and religious dogma of the unseen
              world of thought and of spiritual existence.

Needless to say, we will be working with the angels, archangels, angel
devas and all elemental life in order to bring about the positive and
constructive ends of evolution -many scientific, philosophical, and
metaphysical as well as the religious dogma of Hierarchy of thought
and spiritual existence will be revealed at that time.
              Increased facility in approaching the Path.  This will be based
              upon the fact that so many of the then existent humanity will 
              have personal knowledge of the ruling powers and forces,
             will perhaps be on the Probationary Path, or will be initiates
             of the first degree.  Thus the present skepticism will become
             non-existent.  The dangers then will be along other lines -
             those incident of the very influence of this Ray itself:  the
             dangers of crystallization into form, so that the true spiritual
             devotee may become rare, and the scientific aspriant will
             take his place.
Here, the Master explains that at some point as we move deeper 
into the influence of this Seventh Ray, it will be quite easy for
humanity to comprehend what is happening as they continue
to increase in vibration and frequency -  their understanding of
who is really in charge of all life here on Earth and at that point,
they will be able to enter the Probationary Path as their finite
bodies are now open and their consciousness has expanded 
to the point where the present doubt and fear will be replaced
by their eagerness to become initiates of the first degree.
The negative side of this future will be all those who because
they still have "free will" will crystallize in their Sixth Ray
thinking as devotees rather than as scientific aspirants 
who will move both Heaven and Earth in its final evolutionary stage.
                 The true occultist is a scientist and a deveotee, and where
                  these two are not merged, we have the mystic and
                 the man in danger of black magic, being governed by
                 the intellect and not by selflessness; there are dangers
                 incident also upon contact with the deva evolution, and
                 the knowledge of the powers and forces made available
                 through their agency.
Again, we are coming quickly to the understanding that to be in
balance with Hierarchy, not only must one be a devotee but also
a scientist (most of those who are embodying at the present time
are Seventh Ray) but what the Master is pointing out here is that
many, many Sixth Ray people will still be on the planet; and 
because they are more concerned with devotion rather  than
expansion of consciousness, they can easily fall into old
patterns of selfishness rather than selflessness; becoming
victims of the deva kingdom, rather than teachers and scientists
who will need to be in control of these elementals and their own
four lower bodies.
The coming into incarnation of numbers of "old magicians and occultists"
and the rapid growth therefore of recognied psychic powers among the people.  This psychism, being tinged with mentality, and not being
of purely astral quality, will be even more dangerous than in
Atlanean days, for back of it will be some degree of will, conscious
purpose, and intellectual apprehension, and unless this is 
paralleled by the growth of spiritual realization, and by the steady
grip of the Ego upon the lower personality, a period of real danger
may ensue.  Hence the need of pointing out and realizing the menace
so that the truth of the inner life and the need of serving the race
as an essential to advancement, may be proclaimed far and wide.
Well here we are, remember that the old "Sixth Ray" or Piscean Age
will still be prevalent and potent during this difficult period living
between two great Ages, and therefore at the end of any Manvantara,
all those who have lived in past ages whether they are the common man
and/or those Black Magicians and occultists that chose to be psychics
rather than Initiates have also one more opportunity to reverse their
old patterns and adopt the new.  Remember that the Black Magicians
and psychics were under the influence of the "Black Lodge" and 
therefore were more interested in power, greed and the control of
others than in serving mankind - now they will embody once again
and like all of us, have the same opportunities open to them and
a final chance to make a difference by using their powers to serve
mankind and Hierarchy and by letting go of their selfishness, they
can move quickly along the path of initiation; but there will always
by those who once more, want to be in control and may cause
real danger to others who do not realize they are the "false teachers".

Paralleling this incoming of the large band of Seventh Ray magicians -
some linked to the Brotherhood and some to the purely (mental)
groups - is the proposed advent of certain members of the Hierarchy
- initiates below the fourth Initiation - and of certain disciples and
probatioiners, all on the Seventh Ray, and all true psychics, who
hope through their endeavors to offset  the vibrations, and ward off
the menace incident to the advent of the other group.  The arrang-
ing of this, and the preparing of the way for them in the different
countries, specially in Europe and North America, is occupying the
attention at this of the Master R - and the Master H.
So we're going to experience a large band of Seventh Ray Magicians
both from the "White Lodge" as well as the "Black Lodge" - along 
with  certain members of Hierarchy - Third Initiation Initiates, who are
far along the path of initiation as well as certain disciples and probe-
tioners, all of them from the Seventh Ray and all of them having their
chakras open, their third eye open making them powerful psychics
who through their own endeavors have come in specifically to offset through their unique powers, the menace that can be initiated by
 the "Black Magicians and their ilk.  The Members of Hierarchy who are arranging for these Seventh Ray groups to embody in different 
countries, especially Europe and North America are the Master R, 
who is also known as the Great Divine Director as well as the 
Master H, the Master Hilarion who was St. Paul in a past life.

        The Great Diviine Director
In the works authored by Alice A. BaileySaint Germain is called Master Rakóczi or the Master R. (In the Ascended Master Teachings, the Master Rakoczi [ otherwise known as the Great Divine Director ] is regarded as Saint Germain's teacher in the Great White Brotherhood of Ascended Masters.)
                                                         The Master St. Germain
                                                               Also Known as the Master R because
                                                          the Great Divine Director was Count 
                                      Rakoczi and St. Germain
                              was His Son

The Master H - Beloved Hilarion who was
the Apostle St. Paul in a former lifetime

(f )  A  group of scientists will come into incarnation on the physical plane
      during the next seventy-five years (written about 1923) around 1998
      they should all be here at this time (2018) they will be the medium for
     the revelation of the next three truths concerning electrical phenomena...
       All that we have here considered, covers the time till the coming in of
     of the new sub race (The Sixth Race) who have been coming in
     since the 40's, the emphasis will not be so much on the development
     of mind,as it will be on the utilization of the concrete mind, and its
     acquired faculty, for the development of the powers of abstract
     thought.  Perhaps too much importance has been attached to the
     statement of some occult writers, that the sixth sub race will be
    intuitive.  The intuition will be awakening, and will be more
    prominent  than now, but the outstanding characteristic will be the 
    abiity of the units of the sixth subrace to think, in abstract terms,
    and to use the abstract mind.  Their function will be to perfect - 
    as far as may be in this round - the group antahkarana, or the
    link between the mental and the buddhic.  This bridge will be of
    usaable nature during the sixth rootrace, in which the intuition will 
    show signs here and there of real intuition, having built the 
    necessary bridge in their individual selves.  In the sixth rootrace,
    small groups will be intuitive.
    Here, the Master D. K. gives a pretty clear picture of the incoming
scientists who will be dealing with the next three truths concerning
electrical phenomena (the radio active energy that is and will be
increasing dramatically during the incoming Seventh Ray).  IN 
other words, He states that their ability to deal with this phenomena
is because they have developed the "abstract mind" while the 
rest of us are using the concrete mind and/or the physical mind (as
there are five to six planes within the mental plane - the Buddhic
being the highest jiva, than we can equate that they have all
reached the Buddhic plane and/or jiva and can easily facilitate
the abstract mind in bringing forth the revelation concerning
electrical stated before most of them should
have incarnated at the present time.

(9)  Another effect of the coming in of this (seventh) ray, is one that 
may at first repel - it will cause a great destruction in the animal 
kingdom.  During the next few hundred years, many of the old 
animal forms will die out and become extinct.  To suppy the wants
of man, through disease, and through causes latent in the animal
kingdom itself, much destruction will be brought about.  It must
ever be borne in mind, that a building force is likewise a destroying 
one, and new forms for the aniimal evolution are, at this time,
one of the recognied needs.  The immense slaughter in
America, is part of the working out of the Plan.  The inner life
of fire which animates the animal groups, and which is the life
expression of an Entity, will, under this seventh ray influence,
blaze up and burn out the old, and permit the escape of the
life to newer and better forms.
As part of the evolutionary plan that all life moves forward and 
upward along the evolutionary path; the animal kingdom will
bear the brunt - the cause being the great destruction caused
by man hunting these animals especially in America; while at
the same time many animals will just die out and become
extinct.  If we stop and think for a moment, we can see the
effect of civilizations throughout  the world building housing
cities, towns and villages that usurp the homes of wild
animals, whose normal habitat can be estimated at around
300 miles.  The bobcat, wildcat, bear, deer all have established
trails that they follow year after year, lifetime after lifetime -
but mankind is continually developing new communities,
commercial and industrial parks that usurp and take over
what was once their homes - between the hunting of these
animals and the brutality that we've seen of household
pets,  and the killing of animals just to remove some
organ for the pleasure of some people to enhance their
sexuality, leaving the poor beast to a slow and painful
death; no wonder the animal kingdom has lost so many
of its inhabitants.  
Hierarchy is looking at the old animal
forms dying out while new forms will eventually replace them 
as part of the evolutionary path, at this time, it is one of the
recognized needs.  Again, the immense slaughter in America
is part of the working out of the Plan.  The inner life of fire which
animates the animal groups, and which is the life expresson of
an Entity, will, under the seventh ray influence, blaze up and
burn out the old, and permit the escape of the life to newer
and better forms.
As mankind has gone from Homo Sapiens to Homo Erectus
Neanderthral and Cro-Magnum each species were replaced
over and over again as the planet went through the various
Ray, cyclic spiraling and rotation, causing the extinction of
one species and the introduction to a new life form - all species 
in every kingdom experienced extinction whenever an old
Ray was ebbing and a new ray was moving and driving all
life, all species whether plant, animal and/or human along
their evolutionary path until the present Kali Yug when
all kingdoms will reach their highest potential from the
sub-atomic to the buddhic plane.

(10)  Disasters:  Cataclysms of a worldwide nature will occur 
during the next one thousand years; continents will be 
shaken; lands will be raised and submerged culminating
in  the profound material disaster which will overtake the
world towards the close of the fourth-branch race  of the
sixth subrace.  This will usher in the infant sixth root racers
Again, the Master D.K. speaks of worldwide cataclysms
throughout the world - continents will be shaken - land
will rise and submerge this is in its infancy at the present
time 2018; but already we've seen severe changes in our
climate; volcanos erupting in many areas of the globe;
while earthquakes have caused much destruction and
hurricanes are becoming category 5 storms rather than
the category 1 and 2  - not to mention tornadoes that
are arriving at greater frequency and much more 
destructive leaving a wide path of debris wherever
they land - and now tornadoes are showing up in
areas that have never experienced one before on
a regular basis - and yet, many people are being 
led to believe that this happens periodically, which
does happen cyclically but not with such frequency
and potency as we've begun to realize just in the past
few years.  All of these phenomena are happening at
the same time as the close of the Fourth branch race
of the sixth root race. This will usher in the infant
sixth root race.(So not only the animals are leaving
the planet but the Fourth Root Race is now leaving
allowing the Fifth with all sub rootraces, as well as
the arrival of the Sixth Root Race - all of these
coming and going upon Jacob's Ladder are happen-
ing over a gradual period of time.

(11)  "When the light of the seven Rays is blended with that 
of the Seventh Ray, then light supernal can be known."
.....The significances which are implicit in this point may
be clearer if I paraphrase  the statement, and thus give
you a sense of significance which will give you understanding:
When the energy of this light of all the Rays can express
themselves  through the medium of the Seventh Ray, then
the highest aspect of the divine light can penetrate down into
the physical plane. This must be obviously a most difficult
statement for you to grasp,but it is also a statement of
fundamental truth.....

So when the Seventh Ray blends with the light of all Seven
Rays, remember these Rays are all coming from the Three
Cosmic Beings, the Rishis, and the Planetary Logis, through
the Big Dipper, Ursa Major and the Great Bear made up of
the Seven Stars within the Big Dipper; and because they
are all spontaneously sending forth their electrical phen-
omena into the Planet the Earth and all thereon will be
receiving the "highest aspect of the divine light that can
penetrate down into the Physical Plane.
   These seven energies have ever, unitedly, created the "light
supernal" upon the highest levels of divine expression....Such
a manifestation inevitably takes place in moments of planet-
ary crisis, when the Seventh Ray is active, and when the Sun
is in Aquarius.  Such a combination of relationships is being
established now, for the Seventh Ray is rapidly coming into
manifestation, and the Sun is in Aquarius, for the Aquarian
Age is just beginning.  The objective of this combination is
to bring about illumination and the establishment of order
upon the Earth.

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