Sunday, February 10, 2019

Tarot Reading For USA and World 2019

FIRST CARD - The Number 19/10/1 - THE SUN - A Major Arcana -Time Period 3-6 Months....

The Sun - Number 19

The number 19 is quite relevant here as it is always a "Major Initiation" the Initiation of the Sun in our personal lives is at the age of 19 years - this is where many young people about to become adults, meet their karma - either through a relationship, loss of someone they loved and or loss financially as well as loss of status.  As the first card bears this number this will have substantial
importance upon we the people - as there's a major initiation coming up that will involve each and everyone of us and will at the same time change the course of history, simply because this is a World Reading for the year 2019, (which is the number 12/3 meaning a crucifixion, a crushing event as well as Major changes are now dually noted)..  Normally when the Sun shows up in a reading we can all give a sigh of relief; but not in the year beginning 1/1/ 2019; because it
Shows  that 1 + 1 + 2  + 1 + 9 = 14/5 - The Number Gemini also the number of these United States, now the 1 + 1 =2 has already passed;  but the 2 +0 +1 + 9 + 12/3 will be with us all year long.  When I see the number of  crucifixion vibrating throughout the entire year, it bodes major changes and initiations coupled with the Sun, it shows that things that were done in the shadows and undercover are now going to be exposed through the "Light of the Sun".

The Sun represents also the coming together of two opposing forces for the good of all - as this is for the USA then we could say that our two parties will finally put away their own agendas in order to come together for the Nation.  Also, the two opposing forces represents the Independent Counsel, Mr. Mueller vs Mr. Donald J. Trump (Dumph), which is coming Into its final conclusions and will be presented to the public during the next few weeks along with some further inditements.

As the year 2019 begins, the Sun is casting away any and all the shadows, secrets and mysteries that the citizens of the USA have felt weighing them down.

The Sun is the protector, "the Great Spirit", the revealer, casting its light into every dark corner while revealing the Truth!  All those acts done in secret are now coming to light under the intensity of the Sun; and we are going to be enlightened and will be finding a sense of relief that the "Liar & Chief" has been exposed.

Harmony and Peace abound and also the realization that we have been betrayed - our 
Country has been betrayed especially as we see the Sun continually exposing all that has been hidden.  We also cannot forget that the Number 19//1 represents revelation after initiation - a new beginning with eyes wide open, no longer can we allow ourselves to be fooled by the Fool -  Now is the time for discernment, determination and discrimination - "the three "D's. We must be determined that we never allow this darkness to overshadow our country ever again.

One other force comes to mind as I meditate upon this card, the Sun, we need to 
be aware of "opposing forces abroad" and what their new games will be for the 2020 Election - also, we must look for someone that will represent all people, all races, all religions - in other words, we the people; but at the same time renew our long-term friendships with our allies, therefore, the three "D's" will apply for all
Americans who are seeking Liberty, Brotherhood and Freedom to find that  very candidate who can bring about Peace and Goodwill for all.

The Empress - Number 3

Card Two - The #3 - The Empress - A Major Arcana -Time - 4-6 Months

If you go back and read my 2017 Reading, you will soon realize that even back then, women would be playing a major role in the coming changes.  They would be marching and getting into politics, well here we go again. 

Let us first of all look at the Number Value of the #3. The number three is the number of creation also peace and harmony - It also represents the coming together of 2 forces (the #1 and 2 = 3, is duality which creates a "third". The
combination of these 2 forces equals the creation of a new life, a new birth, and new ideas to name a few.  While 1 stands alone, the 2 adds dimension and these two forces equal 3 which adds the extension of space.  Now, when we combine the Number 3 to a Major Arcana, the
Empress while realizing at the same time that this is not a personal reading but a World Reading, then we begin to see how powerful and spiritual, how nurturing and intuitive the Empress is and how she represents the Universe and women in particular. 

When I gave you the 2017 World Reading, it was very clear at that time January 27th, that women would be playing a special role in politics, in education and in bringing intelligent and advanced ideas on what needs to change within our government.  From 2017 to the present time, women have marched, interned and entered politics at all levels of government throughout the entire USA.  They have put
their energies to work and have won even in the Red states.  Their new ideas and policies will make for the many changes needed in a system that runs on lobbyists favors and self interest rather than patriotic endeavors.  Watch and see how the Empress along with all the Archii (female archangels) are working behind the scene to bring women to their rightful roles as equal in all areas whether in business, politics or at home. 

The Aquarian Age is the age of Equality, Fraternity and Liberty for all -  people of all races, religions and all relationships - this will not only be happening here but eventually it will be equality of women and men in
all countries - we won't see this tomorrow or next year; but
with the powerful incoming Seven Rays from the Buddhic
Plane penetrating all four kingdoms, those who are still
clinging to the Piscean Age will be forced to either adopt
the New Aquarian energy or be ousted from their positions
of power, prestige very quickly and without any warning.

The Fool Number 0

Card Three - The Number 0 - The Fool - A Major Arcana
Time Period - 6 Months to 1-1/2 years
All three Cards are Major Arcana cards which means that 
great changes are coming in all areas of our government
effecting us at home and abroad.

This is again, the card representing the  leadership in our country, the man who with his cohorts worked with the enemy to  insure that he was elected President.  The fool is also seen as a buffoon, who ignores the intelligence briefings while airing all of his problems to his enemies.  Remember the Sun is also shining into his activities
and all his secret dealings will be revealed.  While  Pluto and Saturn will play havoc with extreme transformation and bitter lessons, combined with the Sun there will be an exposure of his secret dealings with Russia, China, North Korea, Saudi Arabia  (none of these leaders are his friends).

Talk about transformation (Pluto) and lessons (Saturn) plus  the three Major Arcana cards and the FOOL in particular, we have here the "Liar and the Liars"- not only is he the Liar but all of his cohorts are also known liars and cheaters.  This is the time in our history when the ugliness must come to the light in order to be exposed - and how convenient that it's all happening at the end of the Piscean Cycle.

The Empress falling in the middle between the Sun and the Fool will definitely bring about "major decisions" that will change the very course of our history. At this time especially when adding the SUN to the mix, there's no way that this "Fool"  can get away with things done covertly - not only money dealings, the many meetings with the enemy, the
cyber war that is still going on - all the actors and participants will have their day in court.  I never saw him as King but I definitely saw him as a dictator; he will be going down, his days of glory are done and he just might not have a financial future just like the rest of his ilk.

Every one of his cabinet members (those who he bragged were the best and most intelligent) have all bit the dust  and I'm afraid that when the dust clears we'll begin to see his kingship crumble and his so-called power and glory will disintegrate.

Again, it will be the women in politics like the Speaker of the House of Representatives and those newly elected young ladies who will be his undoing - they will expose and defy, derail and deny him and his cabinet their aiding and abetting the rich and famous, the enemy of the people.  No longer can they shred and destroy our freedoms -not on these ladies' watch. 


CARD 1 -Represents the self - Number 2 of Pentacles
Time period Present to next three months
The Two of Pentacles
In  Cabala the Number  2 resides in the "upper Triangle on the right side with our Father God - it represents relationships, partnership and duality.

Two represents the cycle of change in the World that is imminent.  Lots of news - communication, movement much to
do with business, money, material things. New developments
which change the course of events - manipulation of the "rules of Law" and strides to attain financial and political
gain.  The balance of material resources is now having to
be dealt with.  

The Number 2 of Pentacles is an uneasy figure, causing fear
and anger among the masses, like the seesaw, our economy is at stake.

There's a separation of families due to financial difficulties,
like the "Fool", the leader has misused funds belonging to
others and now not only is the economy out of balance;
but he is also trying to keep it all together - even his family
 questions whether to leave or stay in the Whitehouse.

The Number 2 of Pentacles represents the sacred Lemniscate (the symbol of "as above so below")
The Lemniscate
The Symbol of "As Above So Below"

This means the balance between dark and light, good and
evil, positive and negative forces.  This sacred image 
represents the Universe and this figure represents the leader and all of his cronies misusing and snuffing out the light of a great nation.  Their interference with the Universe causes the imbalance and chaos in the lives of the people.
The Same Image disrupted
Causing Chaos and Imbalance

As the Number 2 represents the Economy and the Sign of
the Pentacles represents our finances as a nation -  this
card depicts what happens when our leaders choose to
force a tax bill upon the people  that only benefits the rich
and famous and has increased our national debt.
This also shows the stockpiling of money.  The misuse of funds and again, doing business as usual for self-gain - and
please note this includes the entire family).

With the Sun's great light now exposing things done in the shadows, there will be a great revelation concerning the
"movement of money, the laundering of money and the
exposure of shady dealings not only of the President; but his family and even many in our government (congress and
senate) as well as the NRA, taking money from foreign 
governments our enemies - not only Russia but also Saudi
Arabia and others.

Card 2 - Crossing Our Paths - the Queen of Cups

This card represents wives and daughters and because it
is a World Reading, it would be referring to our leader's
wife and/or daughter or both.It also represents women in
leadership roles like our Speaker of the House.

Again, the Queen like the Empress represents women and
their creative power, as  the 2 of Pentacles represents the leader, the Queen of Cups represents a woman or women
of power.  The first one who comes to mind is the leader
of the House of Representatives, Speaker of the House, Nancy Palosi.  Although she appears to be fragile and
soft-spoken, like the "steel magnolias" she wields her authority and in this particular role, she has come to the rescue of the people.  It's like she was sent by the Universe to bring our government and our country back into balance.
This is why she's "crossing the path" of the 2 of Pentacles,
who represents our leader.  He's misappropriated the
funds of the people, he's lied and cheated and colluded
and obstructed as well as had innocent people fired in order to stay seated on his throne of power.

The United States stands for "liberty, freedom and Justice" and day by day he has torn down all of our freedoms - he has turned his back on our long-term allies and embraced our 
enemies.  He's self-serving instead of selfless!

Not only has Nancy Palosi moved into her role as the Speaker (third in line for leading this country); but she now has the backing of women from all walks of life, all races and 
religions all now representing every part of our country in the
House of Representatives and they are standing right behind
her.  These women are the new generation of Americans who have seen the chaos and lack of respect for women, for
all of the races and especially for our country; and they have
made the decision that it is time to stand up for our values, our freedoms and to stop the leader from destroying all that we hold dear.

The Queen of Cups also represents the leader's wife and daughters - they hold a certain place within his narrow boundaries, as he trusts no one.  He depend upon family to stand with him.  As a "want- to- be" dictator, there's little they can say that can influence his chaotic thinking.  They are his props.  While the Speaker of the house has come in as a rescuer for the peoples' rights and freedoms, we see
his family has accepted his bullying and abuse because of the money and unlike the speaker, they will cling to the
one who holds  the power and the money.

As we follow the money the Sun will reveal the extent of betrayal not only by him but also his family and many of
his cabinet members (who have already been exposed).

Card 3 -  Passing Away, the King of Cups Reversed -
               Time period about 2-3 months ago until the 
               present and a little beyond.
This Card is Reversed
and "Passing Away"

When we see this card sitting in the "Passing Away"
position, I see a very unbalanced person. Add to this
the fact that the King is reversed and/or upside down.
This is person who is self serving and has a tremendous 
ego - money is his God (2 of Pentacles) he'll do anything to gain all the material wealth, even if it's illegal.
Once he reaches a certain point his quest for wealth changes and now he wants power, prestige and status; but he has not
been honest and forthright in his dealings to get to the
top and has had to seek his fortune through dark and nefarious people.  Anything for a deal is his motto.  While slipping and sliding through the sewers of the World he made deals with the enemy and of course, the enemy wants 
something in return.  So, plotting and planning began - why not run for President, the most powerful position in the World and the enemy will help him gain that position of power through nefarious means (cyber hacking and misinformation)
he would get what he wants and the enemy will get to destroy the freedoms and liberties as well as get rid of the
sanctions and whatever else they want in return for their
secret dealings with hacking into our government and 
interfering with our elections.

Normally, when we encounter the King of Cups in the
upright position, he is a counselor, a nurturer, a very kind
and patriotic leader; but as one can see, in the reversed
position, we see the authoritarian self-serving dictator, do
not be fooled by his wanting to make America Great again,
the only "great" that he's working towards is his own
power and authority.

Remember, Russia, China and Saudi Arabia and North
Korea are NOT his friends - they all have the same
agenda - to rule their kingdoms and some among them
want to rule the  world.

The Elephant in the Room is Dumbo and  their chosen
dupe; but they didn't realize that this country is "for the 
people, run by the people and now the many that have
voted for our leader have now turned their backs on him
and have helped vote in these new women patriots who
are really understanding what it means to represent the
people who put them into office - this is the difference
between these United States and the enemy.

Now, we can begin to see his power-play crumbling and
his hold on his party loosening, while his cohorts are
already exposed, guilty and will begin serving time - all
falling under the pressure of Divine Justice.

Remember, it's because of his very actions that all of
these people have been arrested, exposed (by the Sun)
and now will spend the rest of their lives as felons.  Let
us not forget for a second the wonderful Mr. Mueller and
his powerful attorneys, who are specialists in all areas
of finance, money laundering and shady dealings.  Even
under attack from the leader, they have maintained
silence and continued to do their work as patriots and
upstanding citizens, who kept their mouths shut and
continued to work under the most strenuous conditions.

Card 4 - Coming Towards Us - Number 6 of Pentacles
Time frame two to four months ahead of the present time.

The Six of Pentacles

In an economy with a tremendous "National Debt" our
leader has already increased this debt by giving away
the peoples' money to the Rich with his tax bill and
forcing the shrinking middle class to pay for the bill.
Remember when he told his followers continually,
while running for President, that he was going to
build a wall all the way across our southern borders
and the MEXICANS were going to pay for it.
That didn't happen, and so now, he's demanding
that we, the people pay for his wall.  Since the beginning
of the year, he has closed down the entire government
to get his way, the longest close-down in our history. Now
even though both Houses have given him what they
have agreed is a fair bill, he not only took the monies
that was given by both houses; but than turned around
and declared a "National Emergency" so that he could
take money that was put aside for any national emergency,
like tornadoes, earthquakes, floods and fires.  The
repair and reinforcement of our infrastructures (bridges,
dams, railroads, highways, overpasses, and etc) as well
as reinforcing our military structures - all of the above and yet 
in a public speech he said he didn't really need the money; 
but he wanted it out of the way before the upcoming election.
So, the Six of Pentacles represents the card in a World
Reading of Helping those in dire situations, the poor, not 
only here in the USA but also abroad when disasters occur.

This card in our future shows that he has no intention of
helping anyone except himself, to prove that he'll get his
way on building a wall that we already know anyone 
wanting to get into the country just begins digging a tunnel
under the wall extending way beyond the border protrol
we've seen these tunnels on TV and they have lights and
extend for miles beneath any structure.  So what we really
need is high tech equipment that indicates that we are 
being invaded underground.  
We also know that 99% of drugs coming into the country
are through our ports and the rest come in through our
main borders where we have our border patrol.

Card 5 - Overhead Number 18 the Moon Reversed  
Time Period - 4-6 months.

The Moon Reversed
(Upside Down)

The Moon Reversed with the Number value of 18/9 indicates
that there's going to be a major meltdown in the next 4 to
6 months, involving the rats in the sewer that came in to
clean up the swamp.

Whenever a Major Arcana Card is involved  we're looking
at big happenings in the coming months especially when
the Major Arcana (the Moon) is reversed.  In the upright
position, it shows that one has overcome great trials and
initiations and has avoided the nipping hounds and the
claws of the crab; but when reversed, it means that the
hounds have caught him and the crab is clamping his
claws around him so that he's trapped by his own 
actions - not only him but a great many others will be
exposed .  Deeds done in darkness will be brought into
the light - nothing will be hidden and great loss of 
power, wealth and security will be torn asunder.
Remember that the Moon represents the water element 
and when it's reversed, there will be a purification by
water - (like the ancient flood, the water will come in and
drown everything and everyone who is not upright, 
truthful and a lover of this land and its people).  In
the arcane knowledge, this is called "the dark night of
the soul" because water represents the ebb and flow of
the element of water putting out the fires of deception.  It
is the soul of the people crying out for justice that brings
about the action.

This is a savage place to be - finally his great ego has
submerged into the murk and it will plunge him even
deeper into depression, no one is there to aide and abet
him because he has, through his own actions, isolated
himself and he is now imprisoned in the watery sub-
consciousness - no guiding star illuminates his sky.
This is the bleakest moment of his journey.

The howling beasts standing under the Moon at the waters
edge represent his own karma returning swiftly to await
his attempts to regain his seat of power.

The two towers represent the two major foreign powers
that have helped him in the past; but are now in the
shadows across the waters, no longer willing to give
him a helping hand.

Card 6 - The Answer to One Question - Number 3
               of Swords - Time Period 5-8 Months
The Three of Swords
As Bette Davis said her famous film "All About Eve":
   "Fasten your seatbelt, it's going to be a bumpy ride".

In Cabala, we now move to Binah, the place of Saturn
(which is coming to conjoin Pluto in the near future).  Pluto
(the Transformer) will conjoin itself and opposes Mars (War)
unrest, revolution - Pluto will oppose the Sun in Cancer, 
which represents the USA - Cancer in the 2nd house of
finance will involve global money. Pluto opposing our
Mercury and Uranus (sudden unexpected changes) in  the
6th house can also mean sudden changes in health (6th
house of USA chart). 
As we explained before, Number Value of the #3. The number three is the number of creation also peace and harmony - It also represents the coming together of 2 forces (the #1 and 2 = 3, is duality which creates a "third". The
combination of these 2 forces equals the creation of a new life, a new birth, and new ideas to name a few.  While 1 stands alone, the 2 adds dimension and these two forces equal 3 which adds the extension of space- so we can
ponder on  these cards together and we will realize that
out of the chaos of  the present administration, we will
begin anew, with the creation of new ideas, new life, a
rebirth which extends the space and allows us to open
up what was closed to us - to regain our liberties, our
freedoms and to acknowledge that the United States of
America was created to bring all races, religions and
all ideas into one melting pot; and the only way this can
come about is through exposure of those still clinging
to the Piscean Age, the authoritarian dictator, the male
leadership - the power is now rapidly changing - with
equal rights for women, for equal rights for everyone
in business, the community and our nations as a whole.
This is the real quality of the Number Three.  
Instead of breaking the heart of the people as in the 3
of Swords; we needed to open the heart and allow the
blood to flow freely without obstruction throughout our
country, bringing peace and goodwill to everyone who
resides within our borders as well as all those who are
asking to enter our country, whether for  their own
survival or because they want to become part of our
great nation.

Sometimes the  3 of Swords shows up in order for us
to suffer a little for our complacency, for our not caring
enough about who is representing us in our government,
for allowing our enemy to sit in and govern through our
president.  So pain will continue to force us to look
at our situation and acknowledge that we played a
part in our current situation - now we must fix it! And
we must move quickly in order to rescue all that we
hold dear. It  won't be easy as the following card will
definitely bring about the opportunity for each of us
to pay more attention to who we want as our 
representatives in all the positions within our Federal

Card 1 - Relates to the First Card of Celtic Cross
               Number 20 - Judgement, a Major Arcana
               Time period - 4 months to 1-1/2 years
Number 20 - Judgement
(Relates to 2 of Pentacles, first card)

Lo! I tell you a mystery. We shall not all sleep
but we shall all be changed, in a moment, in the
twinkling of an eye, at the first trumpet.  For the
trumpet will sound, and the dead will be raised
imperishable, and we shall be changed.  For this
perishable nature must put on the imperishable, 
and this mortal nature must put on immortality.
1 Corinthians

In  Cabala the Number  resides in the "upper Triangle on the right side with our Father God - it represents relationships, partnership and duality.

Two represents the cycle of change in the World that is imminent.  Lots of news - communication, movement much to
do with business, money, material things. New developments
which change the course of events - manipulation of the "rules of Law" and strides to attain financial and political
gain.  The balance of material resources is now having to
be dealt with. This is what the number 2 represent, now
multiply this by the power of 10 and you will begin to see
that there will be major changes that will come about
without warning - changes that can bring about chaos
and destruction; but all this must come to pass in order
to form a more perfect union.  We must get rid of the
dross, while allowing the forces for Good (God) to
Judge those whose names are not written in the book - 
those who are known as the "liars and the cheaters" who
must now come to Judgment in order for us to navigate
through the mire in order to bring about the necessary
changes that will bring this country back into balance.

This Judgement will not bring the just into immortality;
but it will awaken us to our own faults and how we
let our country down by not paying attention to what
was really happening when the Russians hacked into
our elections, our government and through cyber war,
have placed  their puppet in the position of power in
order to run our country through him.  He has had no
allegiance to these United States, no allegiance to 
the people of this great nations and no allegiance to
anyone but himself.  

Have we learned anything from all that has happened?
Are we now ready to participate more fully in our 
upcoming elections, are we willing to spend the time
checking out the backgrounds, and habits of those
who are up for election and/or re-election?  If, in the
past we have heard "it's time for a change" it is now
definitely that time for change in every area of 
government, including the electoral college, this has
been established in those rural states that have
through gerrymandering  made it possible for anyone
winning those states to beat someone who has actually
received more votes from the people - this happened to both
Al Gore and Hilliary Clinton.

With the Judgement card aligned with the 2 of Pentacles,
we not only have court cases involving money but also
the laundering and the receiving of foreign monies for
the election - plus the continuing to do business as
usual while in the office of the President - this also
includes the entire family of our leader.

Although the Judgment is difficult because it will be a
direct hit to our finances in a personal sense; but it is
also the sign of a rebirth - the renewal of life as it
should be after much chaos and confusion.

The Judgement Card is as Jung calls it "irrational functions.'
Because it involves sensation- the five senses plus 
intuition - the sixth sense, this is how we perceive the
world - both the inner and outer experiences.

Like the Tower, there will be a lightening bolt arriving at
those who govern our world - it will hit so directly that
no one sees it coming.  It will be such a judgement and
such a ruling that there will be no way that they can
deny or defend their actions, because time has run out
for dirty dealing and everyone else is ready to move on.

Card 2 -  King of Swords- Relates to those that guide               
                and direct (Liberty, Justice and Freedom)
                Time period - any time during the next 4-6 months.
The King of Swords

This card connects with the Judgement Card and those who represent the Law, the Rule of Law and because this is a World Reading, it also signifies that the Independent Counsel
and every lawyer working with him  will be part of that
Judgement.  After a lifetime of getting away with crime,
the time has come when there must be an accounting.
Every "jot and tiddle" must now be paid back to all those
who were cheated, lied to, and especially the American
people who were betrayed and manipulated  so that
this leader could gain his power- not on his own merits; but
through the hacking and infiltration of our elections by our
enemies (Russia and China). 

So , if you look at his prospects for the future, he no longer
dwells under his "lucky star" - it has up and left him to his
own Judgement and that of his family, his cabinet members,
and even some among the Senate and House of Represent-
atives.  There will be a cleansing, a sweeping away of the
dross, while at the same time a welcoming of fresh new
faces, eager young people, and one in particular that will
through valid election practices become our next president.
The King of Swords (Mr. Mueller) has had to put up with all kinds of dirt and false accusations and has been threatened many times by our so-called leader - Have you ever wondered why he fired so many people who might of found something regarding collusion with the Russians???

Card 3 - Ace of Wands - Answers the Final Question -
              Time period 5 to 7 months.

The Ace of Wands

The Ace of Wands also equals the Number Value of 1 and so
we know that if it is a one then it means "new beginnings" a
rebirth; but because it is also the suite of Wands then it gives
us the actions that we are about to undertake new adventures
because its energies, better than any other, can break through
the obstacles of inertia.

Again, the Number 1 resides in the upper right triangle, in
Keter. where divine energy first enters the Tree of Life - We 
also see the enormous hand which depicts the "Hand of
God".  Please note, that The Father always represents
action, movement, creation "Let there be light"! Therefore,
this combination indicates there there will be the "Hand of
God" playing here and that He has come to take action
against those who have usurped our liberties while aligning
themselves with the enemy against Freedom; and at the
same time destroying the very fiber of our nation by
the act of separation, bigotry and racism.   In other words
He has heard the prayers of the faithful and now He's taking
the necessary "action" that will bring us back into peace,
harmony and goodwill for all who reside and those who
will reside here in the future.

God, the Creator of all also maintains each of us in every
kingdom through His life force, you see the small yods
clinging and surrounding  the tree branch, these are the
yods sent by the Father to renew and maintain the life-force
after much damage and destruction.
Remember, this is the card of male energy and it will be
the action of the males under the divine energy of God, who
will win the day in the very near future.

Card 4 - The Outcome of the Reading - Two of Swords
                Time period - 4 months to 1 1/2 years (could be
                sooner or longer) as there is no  time and space
                in the Etheric Plane.

The Two of Swords

The Number Two placed on the Tree of Life in Cabala is
Chochma, the place of relationships. Two  of Swords is 
one of the most difficult of the suit.
In this seferah we see isolation. Note that the figure is
blindfolded and holds the two swords across the body
which not only depicts self-isolation; but also an
unwillingness to see the real picture, this figure
refuses to listen and seek any advice that is given and
the waters behind the figure indicate that although the
swords represents the mental plane, because of the
very actions of the figure, the emotional body is now
involved and also puts the person at great risk of
emotional and mental disruption.  So it's because the figure's
own actions  that they have come to the place of
mental and emotional distress as well as isolation.

The Two of Swords indicates that the person portraying
this card is out of balance -this person needs to balance
the intellect with the rest of their consciousness.  This
person is in a dilemma and has placed themselves there
by their own actions; and now through their own
willfullness, refuses to take counseling, advice and allow
others to guide and direct and channel the forces driving
them to the edge where they are immobilized.
The blindfold indicates that there is something they do not
want to see, and therefore, they turn a "blind eye" to any
situation that comes up that doesn't suit their selfish goals.

This card indicates that the person sitting at the edge of
the ocean blindfolded, refuses to see the many problems
that they have created, yet the swords indicated that they
will bully their way and obstruct anyone or anything 
that gets in their way of sitting on the throne of power.
The twos also represent duality, and therefore we see again
the opposing forces , the separation, the great divide through-
out our country - as it is a card of relationships, then we
realize that again, by the very actions of the figure in
the Two of Swords, they have created a great gulf between
the people, between the races, between the politics and also
between light and darkness, good and evil, and positive and
negative forces.  Unlike the 2 of Pentacles  that deals with
the imbalance with our finances, this card deals directly
with hate and hate creation, partnership with the enemy in
bringing separation, unrest and strife throughout our

No wonder the "Hand of God" will descend with the
Archangel Michael and bring quick and swift Judgement.

These Cards Can Fall Anywhere
within the time allocated to the reading

Card 1 - Knight of Pentacles Reversed, 
The Knight of Pentacles

Anytime you receive the Knight of Pentacles into a reading,
you are looking at someone who is working in the field of
finance; and/or working to find out about what someone
has done with their finances.  As he's depicted as a warrior,
he's going to war with whomever he's set his sights on; and
he isn't one to dash hither and yon in order to meet his
quest - oh no, he's sitting in contemplation, calmly looking
over the situation, following the trail that will lead him to
victory.  This card represent those lawyers who have 
specialized their service in the field of finance.  They have
 years of experience and have honed all of their efforts into
following the money.  They will go down every avenue, cross
every ocean and dig deeply into the path of where and who
and why this money was hidden.  
This card indicates  that there's a search going on that has to
do with money - not only who owns the money; but all of
those who moved it in many directions.  There are many
involved, and the money has connections to foreign powers,
to banks, and to those who have laundered, manipulated and
hidden large amounts of currency from one country to 
another, from one bank to another, from one person to 
another - and with the Sun exposing all that has been hidden
the Knight will be aided in his quest for the truth and as he
is also the messenger sitting upon his horse, he'll be ready
to take action when he's gathered all that is necessary to
apprehend those who were involved - let  the game begin!

Card 2 -  Number 9- The Hermit Reversed
The Hermit - Number 9

The number 9  has mysterious qualities for it always returns to itself.  For example 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9=45. the sum of
these digits is 9.  Similarly, 9 + 9 +18 which equals 9 and 9
multiplied by each digit from 1 through 9 produces a result 
that reduces to 9.  This is why the number is always 
associated with initiation, because it symbolizes the initiate's own journey into self-realization.  In whatever circumstances the initiate begins his journey, and whatever experiences he may encounter 
along the way, he also must, in the end, return to himself (like
the figure 9).  

While the number 9 is depicted as beginnings
and endings we need to also remember that in this particular
suit it is the Hermit who is affiliated with the number 9, and
to top if off, he's a Major Arcana and reversed.

The upright Hermit represents our guides, our angels and 
our teachers - those who have passed all their initiations and
stand ready to aid us in passing ours.  But, when the Hermit
is reversed, then it tells a different story, instead of illumine-
nation and enlightenment, we are faced with no fixed path,
no guiding light and therefore we must seek our own
path, our own self-realization because we have no one at
the top to guide and direct us - lead and protect us - our
leaders have reversed all that we hold dear and now it is
up to us to right the situation, to end this chaos and utter
separateness by finding our center, our own inner guidance
that will bring us out of the mire of modern civilization
and into our own enlightenment. 

We, this nation, the people can no longer depend on authority figures at the top to supply illumination usable by all. Each of us must find some way to strike his own spark.  At the present time, we the people have sat helpless before our TV screens watching,
appalled, as real-life sagas of corruption and defeat, lying
and cheating overflowing all social, political and national boundaries, invading our living rooms to touch our 
consciousness and awaken our spirits.   While, in the mean
time, the Hermit is standing in the wings awaiting his turn
to step forward to guide us from this utter darkness into
the light.  This is the time spoken of as "the dark night of
the soul" and each of us must discover his own inner light.
Possibly we had to suffer because of our lack of enlighten-
meant that has led to our handing over our freedoms, our
liberty and our innate understanding of real "brotherhood" 
to some Big Baffoon/Fool of a political leader - we have
lost ourselves, our cultural identity and our very humanity.

Card 3 - The Number 1 - The Magician - Major Arcana

The Magician - Number 1 - Major Arcana

The Number 1 as quoted by Dorn:
"Out of other things thou will never make the One,
until thou hast first become One thyself."

Earlier we encountered the Fool who acts like the Baffoon,
artless, selfish, footloose and fancy-free with boundless
energy, restless and without any specific goal, except to
fill his own pockets and his own selfish needs - he looks
back over his shoulder at the Magician who appears
throughout  the reading as his nemesis, his opposing
force of intelligence, grace and quiet determination. The
Magician has conquered all of his faults, has passed all of 
his initiations (note the Lemniscate) sitting above his head.
He has a specific task that he must complete and he has
brought forth all of his tools in order to attain his goal -
the Baton in his hand, calls upon the Judgement which he
is part of, the Coin (Pentacle) lying on the table is secondary
and therefore he has designated others to follow the money.
The Cup is upright on the table, and the Cup symbolizes
Love - Love of God, Love of Country, Love of Family and
the unconditional love that can overcome every obstacle,
break down even barrier through the power of love.  Unlike
the Fool who only loves himself, the Magician has all of
the attributes of love and patience and charity towards all, and
it is part and parcel of his magic, his ability to stand against
adversity, be patient against false accusations while at the
same time like a battering ram, he pushes through all 
obstruction, defamation and reaches his goal of truth and
following the "rule of law" to the letter. (Can you guess
who the Magician is at this point?)

He also has the Law and/or the Sword - Justice stands 
behind him and will wield the Sword of Justice while at
the same time bring the Nation back into balance through
Her scales while meting out the Justice that the Magician
calls forth on behalf of the people.
Every Card in this reading points to the very near future
and what lies ahead for those who have bent the law in
their favor and also for others of their ilk; but like all
that is cast in darkness, the rising Sun will expose and
cleanse, eradicate and illuminate the Truth that shall
set us all free, to live and love and to renew our faith
in each other and especially in those who will lead us.
End 3/3/2019


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