Sunday, December 29, 2019

118 - Lesson 38 - The Heart of Giving

We are approaching and are now in the midst of our most "sacred season" - the remembrance of the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

This is the Image of the Christ Child That Hung
In Our Bedroom When We Were Children

Even as a child I could see the sadness in His eyes
This Holy Child came into the earth in order to give His life for us - and so it is so important for us to also carry on His work in His name by giving service to all life not only during this Holy Season but also throughout the entire year.

As the year 2019 draws to a close, many among us have had a pretty difficult time over the past few months - some have lost their jobs; some have lose their freedoms to live and more in their physical bodies - some have lost financially while others have lost friends and  family.  Always when the Number 19 shows up in our lives we are under the initiation of the Sun, this is one of our major initiations and sometimes difficult to pass - my first 19 initiation was when I was 19 years old I got married, not only was I under the great initiation of the Sun but I married on the day that was exactly opposite my Sun sign of Sagittarius - the 30th day - I married on the 30th day of May which is in complete opposition to my birth date.

On a National level we have seen many of our freedoms taken away, we've viewed 44 massed killings with 210 people killed and many more injured (this is minus the perpetrators).
There is an increase in separation, racist and bigotry; hate and hate creation against other races and religions.  This feeling of separateness is not only applicable to the USA alone, there are many other countries that are harboring the same closing off of contacts with others in third world countries especially those in war zones - we are now watching the impeachment of our president - it seems that not only are we all feeling the stress and despair for our futures; but it seems like a worldwide drama is being played out on the stage of life right before our eyes.

Yet, with everything negative that's been happening, there are also events and individual people that are not in the news, who do not get the national attention that's always ready to report the next drama - these are the unsung heros, the every-day people who work unceasingly to help others, whether here in the USA or abroad - they are the true humanitarians and  they range in age from the teens to all into their eighties; all of them can be found either in the rural areas or in the urban cities.  Let us not forget about the "Doctors Without Borders" and their nurses who travel the globe working  without pay and working in some areas with fatal diseases and also working in the war zones - all giving of their time and energy in trying to make a better place - how about the chef that turned his kitchen over to making food bank for the disasters happening in Florida and Puerto Rico (when even our own government did little to aid in supporting these people who are American citizens. The firemen who bring presents to the children and the food banks that make sure that every citizen has food on their tables not just during this particular season of giving but continually throughout the year.  How many doctors here help those from other countries who come for special care and many times it is free of charge.  Then there are those citizens who make sure the elderly are taken care of and that they have rides to the doctors, pharmacy and physical therapy.

In our weekly World Service which is 29 pages long( if you want a copy of World Service, go to we continually pray for the "reappearance of the Christ" as He promised us that He would soon be returning to Earth to finish what He had started over 2000 years ago.

Over the past few weeks I have received three different signs in the sky and/or images of the figure of Christ - I take this as the "signs and wonders" talked about in Revelations; and that He is giving us
a sign of his coming into the atmosphere of Earth.  Below are the three images that I received and I want to share them with everyone so that they can have them as a reminder of His promise in 1945 when He recited "The Great Invocation" *in front of the Holy Council of Hierarchy and declared His intention to re=enter the Earth at that time.

This Image Was Sent to Me From Lily
Right After Thanksgiving

This Image Was Sent to Me From My Sister, June
Taken by Her Son in Upstate New York

When I Sent These Two Images Out in Mid-December
I Received the One From Sylvia Ortiz That
Comes to  Us From Argentina

I don't know how you all  feel about the above pictures; but I can tell you that after praying for quite awhile for the reappearance of the Christ and praying every day that He would have a safe place to come into; these pictures are speaking to me that He's letting us know that His intentions are clear and that He's keeping His promise to us that He will come again just as Lord Maitrya is coming for those awaiting Him in the East.

I think that these pictures also garner hope within the hearts of all of us that our prayers are being answered and that He will enter the atmosphere of Earth in the very near future.

Here's wishing you a very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Years - let's see what  2020 has in store for us.
Loe and Light,
Margaret Mary

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