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(1) TO BRING ABOUT HAPPIER CONDITIONS, one major adjustment must be made, and one fundamental change brought about.  Otherwise no hope of peace will be found on earth.  The relation between capital and labor, and between both of these groups and humanity as a whole, must be worked out.....

As we are now in a major economic recession, heading towards a universal depression, it might be good to point that this is the time for major adjustments within the global economic system.  The Seventh Ray disciples have embodied and have been, and still are under the Hierarchy's tutelage and what a perfect time to introduce their financial and economic systems to the world at large; as these "High Disciples of the Seventh Ray" are completely qualified to step into positions of power throughout the world and make the adjustments so necessary for the saving of this planet and its people from further disaster.  Too long we've been under the cloak of economists and financiers, who have used their system to control and manipulate the world's finances so that only the elite gain while the middle class and those of desperate need are left to suffer .  Now is the time when the world has suffered a major pandemic, a "wake up call" from hierarchy and Mother Earth,  that the old normal can no longer fit the equation required by Hierarchy in order for there to be "Peace on Earth".

FIRST OF ALL, it must be recognized that the cause of all world unrest, of the world wars which have wrecked humanity, and the widespread misery upon our planet, can largely be attributed to a selfish group with materialistic purposes, who have for centuries exploited the masses and used the labor of mankind for their selfish ends.  From the feudal barons of Europe and Great Britain in the Middle Ages, through the powerful business groups of the Victorian era, to the handful of capitalists -  national and international - who today control the world's resources, the capitalistic system has emerged and has wrecked the world.

THIS GROUP OF CAPITALISTS has cornered and exploited the world's resources and the staples required for civilized living; they have been able to do this because they have owned and controlled the world's wealth through their interlocking directorates, and have retained it in their own hands.  They have made possible the vast differences existing between the very rich and the very poor; they love money and the power which money gives; they have stood behind governments and politicians; they have controlled the electorate; they have made possible the narrow nationalistic aims of selfish politics; they have financed the world businesses and controlled oil, coal, power, light and transportation; they control publicly or sub rosa* the world's banking accounts.

These capitalists work twenty-four-seven to insure that all monies are filling their coffers; and not the people throughout the world.  This is a world organization that works sub rosa (behind the scenes and in secret) to maintain and regulate all of our markets, major businesses and corporations worldwide.  Again, as we've discussed in past lessons, these are the Piscean conquerers, who like the many dictators that cropped up here and there throughout the world, have reaped  the benefits of their labors, while the rest of humanity are in a constant struggle to live - paycheck to paycheck.
Have you noticed that now that our financial system is at a standstill how many times the word "paycheck to paycheck" comes up?  Have you also noticed that thousands of people are heading to the nearest Food Bank, just to get food to keep their families from starving during this dreadful time.

Also, you'll notice that "it's time to open the businesses up and get the financial machine operating again" even though many lives will be lost in the process".  As we are sending love and prayers to all who are on the front lines across the world, they are only interested in getting the machines of capitalism moving - a good example of this is the "Meat Packing Companies" with thousands of employees showing positive for coronavirus - the orders came down from the top of our government to keep theses plants open.
Also, the lack of concern for those living in convalescent homes, prisons, and factories.  According to the guidelines of the CDC, all states must make sure a 14 day period where there's a markedly reduced number of deaths and new cases of the virus - and that they should proceed with extreme caution county by county that are showing few signs of  the virus .  Yet, when we look at Georgia, 62,00 people entered Atlanta when the governor opened the state without thought to safety, and as a result, thousands jammed the streets without wearing masks, and now the news shows a marked spiking of the virus in the city of Atlanta.  We might also mention that  the President refused to wear a mask, and made sure that all those standing around him in close proximity, were not following the rules; surprise surprise that his valet and Pence's assistant came down with the virus - does it take a genius to figure it out?

Just imagine for a minute what is going to happen in the stock market, where they're all jammed together on the floor and the banks, restaurants, boutiques etc. Remember, money is their GOD and therefore, everything must get back to "their normal" - making money!!  I have a feeling that this virus is going to keep coming back, and will keep mutating - look what's happening to children and young people already, a whole new side affect of this dangerous and deadly disease.  Stay home! Stay safe! and began to think how we as brothers and sisters throughout the world can make changes so that we move forward rather than backwards in our evolutionary path - otherwise this will be the end of any hope hierarchy has for this planet and her people.  This is a wake up call that must be addressed and we, the people need to meditate on how we as individuals can began the difficult challenge to make everything right before it's too late for all of us.

THE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE WIDESPREAD MISERY  is to be found  today in every country in the world, lies predominately at the door of certain major interrelated groups of business men, organizations, and directors of huge corporations, who work for corporate or personal gain.  They are not interested in benefiting the public except in so far that the public demand for better living conditions will enable them - under the Law of Supply and Demand - to provide the goods, the transportation, light and power which will in the long run bring in heavier financial returns.  Exploitation of man power, the manipulation of the major planetary resources, and the promotion of war for private or business profit, are characteristic of their methods.

Please remember that the Tibetan Master D.K. ascended back to Hierarchy in 1951, therefore the writing that we are studying is over 50 years old; and just think how much He was aware of the world economic manipulation and control of manpower across the globe - and how much more power they have now, over 50 years later.  The raison d'etre for all spiritual students is to find our way out of this dilemma and the need for the hour is to pray to God and all the saints to help us find a solution and find it quickly for 50 years have gone by and we're even deeper in debt, for we certainly do "owe our souls to the company store".  Remember, these financial tycoons have no regard for the common man - only that they are ready, willing and able to perform and meet the requirements by their labor, for the sole benefit of their elitist bosses.

IN EVERY NATION, such men and organizations - responsible for the capitalistic system - are to be found.  The ramifications of their businesses and their financial grasp upon humanity were, prior to the war (WWII) active in every land and though they went underground during the war, they still exist.  They form an international group, closely interrelated, working in complete unity of idea and intention, and knowing and understanding each other.  These men belonged to both the Allied Nations and the Axis Powers; they have worked together before, and through the entire period of the war through interlocking directorates, under false names, and through deceptive organizations, aided by neutrals of their own way of thinking.  Today, in spite of the disaster which they have brought upon the world, they are again organized and renewing their methods; their goals remain unchanged; their international relationships remain unbroken; they constitute the greatest menace mankind faces today, they control politics; they buy prominent men in every nation; they insure silence through threat, cash and fear; they amass wealth and buy a spurious popularity through philanthropic enterprise;  their families live soft and easy lives, and seldom know the meaning of God--ordained work; they surround themselves with beauty, luxury and possessions, and shut their eyes to the poverty, stark unhappiness, lack of warmth and decent clothing, the starvation and ugliness of the lives of the millions by whom they are surrounded; they contribute to charities and church agencies as a salve to their consciences or to avoid income taxes; they provide work for countless thousands; but see to it that these thousands receive so small a wage that real comfort, leisure, culture and travel are impossible.

And don't forget, they send the children of these thousands off to war, as foot soldiers to be fodder for their mechinisations - so what if a few lives are lost in the gaining of power, control and riches from exploiting those whom they went to war in order to possess more and more. And you better believe that you won't see their children in the ranks and file of our armies, navies and marine corps.

THE ABOVE IS A TERRIBLE INDICTMENT. It can, however, be substantiated a thousand times over; it is breeding revolution and a growing spirit of unrest.  The masses of the people in every land are aroused and awakening and a new day is dawning.  A war is starting between the selfish monied interests and the mass of humanity, who demand fair play and a right share of the world's wealth.

As we've discussed before, it will be the humanitarian groups that will defend and uplift their fellowmen everywhere in the world.  Already, they are marching to the beat of their own Higher Selves, and are part of the Seed Groups created by Hierarchy to slowly but surely shift the balance of power from the elitists  to the mass of humanity who has suffered for centuries under their control.

THERE ARE THOSE however, within the capitalistic system who are aware of the danger with which the monied interests are faced, and whose natural tendency is to think along broader and more humanitarian lines.  These men and women fall into two main groups.

First:  Those who are real HUMANITARIANS, who seek the good of their fellowmen, and who have no desire to exploit the masses or to profit by the misery of others. They have risen to place and power through their sheer ability , or  through inherited business position, and they cannot avoid the responsibility of the disposal of the millions in their hands.  They are frequently rendered helpless by their fellow executives, and their hands are largely tied by the existing rules of the game, by their sense of responsibility to their stockholders, and by the realization that, no matter what they do - fight or resign -  the situation remains unchanged.  It is too big for the individual. They remain, therefore, relatively powerless.  They are fair and just, decent and kind, simple in  their way of life, and with a true sense of values, but there is little of a potent nature that they can do.

Second: Those who are clever enough to read the signs of the times, they realize that the capitalistic system cannot continue indefinitely in the face of humanity's rising demands, and the steady emerging of the spiritual values. They are beginning therefore to change their methods and to universalize their businesses, and to institute co-operative procedures with their employees.  Their inherent selfishness prompts the change, and the instinct of self-preservation determines their attitudes. . .

So, what we are seeing here is the First group are individuals who see the evil and really want to make changes; but alone, they are impotent, and unable to fight against such a solid group of powerful adversaries, who are really ruling not only the corporation but through interrelations rule everything internationally as well as nationally -therefore, although this individual is good and kind etc. He cannot fight these corporations alone.
Now, when we look at the Second Group, they realize  that capitalism cannot stand the changing times - people are more educated, and are ready and able to stand up and face off with their leaders.  They realize that capitalism can't continue indefinitely - not with the steady emerging of spiritual values. So they are now beginning to bend their old rules by giving back somewhat to their employees - this is not because they are humanitarian, not by a long short, it's their selfish interests that are still at stake, and self preservation is the determining factor. . .

It is the universal spirit of selfishness and the love of power with which we have to contend.  The war has, however, acted like a purge. (Again, He is speaking of WWII).  It has opened the eyes of men to the underlying cause of war - economic distress, based on the exploitation of the planet's resources by an international group of selfish and ambitious men.  The opportunity to change things is  now present.

Really?  Here it is the year 2020, and has anything really changed?  Has mankind finally caught on?  Right now with a major pandemic killing off the people by the thousands on a daily basis around the world,  and our leaders are pushing to get the money machine grinding again, even at the expense of the employees lives - and unless employees take a stand and make the decision that their lives matter, we will be "going back to what we presumed to be normal"

Did anyone watch Michael Moore's Doc? or the Harvard Professor's Doc - both are on Youtube and both are a must see, if you want an example about how we the people are being used.  Here's a comment from my dear friend WW.

"We watched the documentary. Sad.. I was disappointed but not shocked. As my earthly Guru, Harvey Pasch would have said, "What else is new?" We also watched another one that just somehow came on you tube afterward on surveillance  capitalism by Harvard Professor Shoshana Zuboff. This is a total minded blower and I highly recommend it. It deals with how our personal data is confiscated and used against us without our knowledge or permission. The extent of sophistication is dazzling and ties in with Planet of the Humans. Greed and disregard for others seems to be the theme that the world is insisting on. So good. 

My Cherokee friend told me Native American Indian prophesy says that Mother Earth will only take so much before she shakes people off like a dog shaking water off its back. So, it doesn't sound too outrageous to me that the elemental kingdoms decided that, since we are apparently to slow to catch on to the droughts, fires, floods, category 5 hurricanes, earthquakes, volcano eruptions and tsunamis, that perhaps a worldwide pandemic might do the trick. Seems fitting to me. The vote must have been unanimous. If we lose a few billion people, there might be some serious self-reflection, not to mention that there will be a lot more parking spaces available. 

A Zen Master brought his student to enlightenment by slapping him hard across the face with his sandal. The trick isn't the slap. It's knowing the precise moment to apply it to precisely the right person. Let us see how this all plays out as we remember to breathe".

This will be the end of our discussion on Capitalism - my next lesson will look at the opposing group - LABOR.

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