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The last two lessons were about Capitalism and Labor; how they came into being; and the Mahatma's solution to our dilemma - what is needed to be done:

"Human unity, human understanding, human relationships, human fair-play and the essential oneness of all men - these are the only concepts upon which to bring to construct the new world"...

He also had a request for all of us throughout the world concerning how to make the changes necessary in order to bring about a balance in a broken system:

" I would ask all  workers for goodwill to attempt to reach labor in all countries with these ideas, correctly presented".

This week He continues to enlighten us concerning the "problems with humanity" and how it is the responsibility of all of us who are humanitarian and want all mankind to be dealt with equality, love and a desire to bring Peace and Goodwill to everyone on planet earth - Let's hear what His observations on one of the biggest problems facing many of mankind  throughout the world and how we need to deal with these problems if there is ever to be a world without war, hunger, starvation and lack of the basic necessities that make life bearable.

(1) When there is freedom from want one of the major causes of war, will disappear.  Where there is uneven distribution of the world's riches, and where there is a situation in which some nations have or take everything, and other nations lack the necessities of life, it is obvious that there is a trouble-breeding factor there, and that something must be done.  Therefore we should deal with world UNITY and PEACE primarily from the angle of the  economic problem.

FYI, remember that this Mahatma lived in Tibet in  a remote area because He was preparing for His ascension; but because He was living as a Christed being, dwelling within the Soul rather than the physical body; He had reached a stage upon the path of initiation that He was privy to observing entire nations and because of His attainment, He was also working directly with Hierarchy, who are known as the "Masters of Wisdom" those who have recently ascended but rather than move on in their evolutionary path, have decided to stay and guide mankind out of the shadows into the light" - Together, they were and still are dedicated to bringing humanity out of the darkness and illusion into the light. 

It is because we are emerged in this physical realm that we are not always aware of how we are being used; but these "Great Souls" were far above us in their knowledge and the veils of ignorance had been torn away from Them and They have reached such a state of enlightenment that all doors are open  to Them - therefore, They have dedicated Their lives and attainment to opening our eyes to what is actually happening from the realm of spirit that sees all and knows all - the Mahatma Djwal Khul was their instrument, He was Fourth Root Race and from a much older race, and therefore much farther along the path of attainment than we of the Fifth Root Race and it's sub-races. 

So when He observed the misuse of God's energy, resources, abundance that should have been evenly distributed to all God's people, as a World Teacher He had to speak out and educate us, relating what He saw so that as sons and daughters of Light, we could in turn, correct what was happening in order to bring about a balance before Mother Earth awakened us from our complacency.  He knew He had but a few more years here on Earth and therefore He gave out this information so that at some time all mankind would read and understand His words. 

Alice Bailey was chosen by His teacher, the Master of Wisdom Kuthumi, to be the instrument to bring His teachings into the Western Hemisphere.  She was trained telepathically by Him to receive over 30 books that released over a period of twenty to twenty- five years.  These books are not always easy to read or comprehend as we are all supposed to be much farther along the Path of Initiation at this point in time and therefore He was addressing those who had reached a certain attainment and could already at a soul level read and understand what He prophesied:

(2) The Keynote to good health, esoterically speaking, is sharing or distribution,  just as it is the keynote to the general well-being of humanity.  The economic ills of mankind, closely correspond to disease in the individual.  There is lack of a free flow of the necessities of life to the points of distribution ; these points of distribution are idle; the direction of the distribution is faulty, and only through a sound and worldwide grasp of the New Age principle of sharing will human ills be cured; only by the right distribution of energy will the ills of the physical body of individual man also be cured.  This is a fundamental - I would say the fundamental principle - of all spiritual healing.

Again, the Tibetan is explaining that the keynote to good health esoterically (spiritually) speaking, is sharing or distribution it is the key also to the general health and well-being of humanity.

So, if we refuse to share our wealth, our resources our ideas with those who have little, it creates a blockage unseen; but very real in that much of our disease can be traced to selfishness and the unwillingness to aide or lend a helping hand to those who are in need, the idea of sharing is the same as the idea of serving others; it is all part of being sons and daughters of the most High God; At the level of Hierarchy, they see us only as Sons and Daughters; there is no separation - we are all equal in the eyes of Hierarchy; and therefore, we, must educate ourselves and our children- it should be part of the curriculum in every school, to teach our children to work at a Global level with their brothers and sisters throughout the world - many of the humanitarian groups have already begun to make our young people aware of the growing need in the poorer countries for school supplies and many of the young people are now sending their used computers  to young people who because they have to pay to go to school, can't afford to go. 

When the humanitarian groups were made aware of this problem they met with the educational board of some schools and  explained the problem - the teachers made it a project and some among the young people even began to teach those in other countries how to use their computers to "tune into" the classrooms.  This was all  set up by these humanitarian groups.  There was a problem in certain African communities with children not having any desks and they had to sit on the floors - Lawrence O'Donnell an MSNBC anchorman, began to go every Christmas and find out where there was a need for desks, he asked everyone who was listening to him on MSNBC if they would like to contribute towards the desks.  He found people in the area who were willing to make the desks and for the past several years, he has brought and made thousands of desks for the African children through the good hearts and sharing of people and their children here in America.  This is what the Tibetan was talking about, it may begin with these humanitarian organizations; but once people catch on, they begin to realize how wonderful it feels to share with those who are in need.

This is also a way of esoterically unblocking the free flow of healing.

(3) Sound common sense can solve (the world economic problem).  There are adequate resources for the sustenance of human life, and these sciences can increase and develop.  The mineral wealth of the world, the oil, the produce of the fields, the contribution of the animal kingdom, the riches of the sea. and the fruits and the flowers are all offering themselves to humanity.  Man is the controller of it all and they belong to everyone, and are the property of no one group, nation or race.  It is solely due to man's selfishness that, in these days of rapid transportation, thousands are starving whilst food is rotting or destroyed, it is solely due to the grasping schemes and financial injustices of man's making that the resources of the planet are not universally available under some wise system of distribution.  There is no justifiable excuse for the lack argues short-sighted policy and the blocking of the free circulation of necessities for some reason or other.  All these deplorable conditions are based on some national or group selfishness, and on the failure to work out some wise impartial scheme for the supplying of human need throughout the world.

We are brought home to the sad truth that we as a nation as well as other countries that have plenty do not share our abundance  with those poorer nations that are suffering from starvation, disease and extreme poverty.  With the airplanes that can transport food and water, scientists and humanitarians who not only distribute the much needed food, medicine, clothing but also can teach the individuals how to grow their own food even under extreme conditions; there are scientists who can convert ocean water into regular drinking water, doctors without borders are already working in all areas of the world - humanitarian groups are sending food, medicine and supplies to even the remotest areas of the world; but with our recent pandemic that is still occurring; vegetables, fruit, and fuel are not being used because of the sheltering in required by all states to curve the pandemic - much can be done at this time to aid these poorer countries with the supplies necessary to maintain life during this global pandemic.

To Be Continued:

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