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Lesson 163 - The Externalization of Hierarchy - Part II - Conflict Between Forces of Ancient Origin


Alice A. Bailey, March 1934

Section Two - The General World Picture
Conflict Between Forces of Ancient Origin - August 1939 - pgs. 90-105
Part II

This lesson covers Pages 90-105. Click on the link below to read the lesson.

Pages 90-91

Pages 92-105

The Seed Groups that started back in the early 40's, were brought forth to establish the Growth of the Kingdom of God upon the earth. In other words this kingdom would be the "fifth kingdom in nature" establishing the new science, politics, economics, philosophy, religion and psychology that would be a tangible Kingdom of God upon the Earth. pg. 90

Master D.K. gives us the Chart of the various Kingdoms and where mankind fits in and responds to both the solar Logos as well as our Beloved Sanat Kumara, the Planetary Logos, which again brings us to aligning ourselves within all three centers, the Heart, the Throat and the Crown centers. He warns us that our Planet is constantly in flux and therefore, from one moment to the next, we are changing and shifting our consciousness. The most important thing that I can take away from His lesson is that we all need to stay connected to our souls as a Group so that we can keep a sense of balance and adhere to the subtle forces that are continually sending forth Light, Vibration and Energy for the expansion of our consciousness.

The Solar Logos is working along the Cosmic path towards the Great Central Sun; while the Planetary Logos is working on the Systemic Path towards "the Heart of the Sun"; and the human family is working their way towards "the Way of the Sun".  Also are the forces that are coming in with the New Age of Aquarius and the outgoing energy of the Age of Pisces.

Added to the above are the incoming Seven Rays working through the Seven Ray types of humans at this time forming the "seed groups" for the incoming Kingdom of God. These groups will work in the "nine major fields of expression". pg. 94

There are several groups of this type coming in all over the world, started at the same time as Master D.K.'s seed groups, the question in His mind is will these groups be able to carry forth the God qualities of vision, cohesion, love, impersonality, sacrifice, persistency and creative ability? These groups main responsibilities are to relate Hierarchy and what it stands for to Humanity so that eventually these two centers will be fused bringing about the Kingdom of God upon Earth.

In all the groups the fusion of the four lower bodies with the mind and then the Soul to the Higher Self is the ultimate goal for every student - this must be done through invocation, meditation and dedication along with service to mankind.

The Master points out the opportunity for these groups small in number, who will be the key to accomplishing the goal that Hierarchy has set forth for them. when you look at the Plan in Their eyes you see a great worldwide activity that involves dedication, persistency and the ability to balance the material plane with the spiritual plane on a daily basis.

One thing important to remember here is that we need to look back over our lives and see where there were occasions of crisis and the coming to a crossroad wherein decisions must be made; these were actually the opportunities for us to move forward along the path of initiation as it is through these cycles of crisis that we gain the most momentum - it would benefit all of us to look back and see how we handled various crisis in our lives. Did we move forward upon a higher ground or did we fail to see the opportunity and lost the chance to gain another rung upon the ladder of attainment?

In allegory the ancient writings refer to the expansion of consciousness in mankind through the lotus within especially the center of the lotuses, as here the reference is actually to the flower or lotus of the heart with the three-fold flame connecting to the flower or lotus in the crown which opens all the centers including the throat center which then expands man's consciousness so that he is now through the first five centers connecting with Shamballa, Hierarchy and Humanity - this is allegorically expressing the evolutionary path of all mankind. pg. 91

The three points to consider here are the Soul, the Illumined Mind and the Personality. We must also not forget the consecrated and awakened heart - this awakened heart is full of love, compassion and understanding of which we must keep in mind certain factors:

  1. The dedicated oriented man - the personality
  2. The overshadowing, spiritual man - the soul
  3. The illumined mind - the medium of relation
  4. The consecrated, loving heart - the expression of these three - ponder on this!

So, today not only is the individual able to become trained as a disciple but humanity is also given the same opportunities. Let's look at the higher possibilities Hierarchy was occupied with at that time and most likely are still occupied with today:

  1. The intellectual center, Humanity, receptive, ready and expectant.
  2. The spiritual center, the Hierarchy, positive, deliberate and munificent* - ready and waiting to bestow that which is desired, reached for and claimed.
  3. The New Group of World Servers - They are the more advanced members of the human family, sensitive to hierarchical inspiration and to human need and to spiritual unfoldment as a determining factor in world affairs.
  4. Small groups which correspond to the illumined minds of the individuals - intuitional and acting as a cohesive element and a fusing factor between humanity and the Hierarchy. They are gathered out of the New Group of World Servers (NGWS).
*Munificent means those (Hierarchy in this case) who are bestowers of gifts.

So, those who are intelligent and sensitive to Hierarchy are ready and able to comply. While the man who has connected to his soul is receiving clear and precise information. The illumined mind is always the individual who is making contact through the centers within the brain. Add to this the consecrated loving heart - you get the picture that this is the individual who is not only aware of the Plan but is working directly with Hierarchy to reach mankind - through the heart and mind. And don't forget about those who are part of the NGWS but have emerged out of it to formulate small groups throughout the world. They are responsible for bringing about the fusion that Hierarchy hopes will eventually catch on throughout the world in order to bring in the New Kingdom.

D.K. is telling us here that He expects all of his students to begin to become part of this Divine Plan for humanity to bring about eventual world fusion. This would bring about the "crisis of love" which He had spoken often.

Remember that this fusion doesn't happen overnight. Hierarchy is very patient (you can appreciate Their tolerance when one realizes that at that time it was over four hundred years since They began working with humanity) and to this day are still patiently awaiting the awakening of much of mankind. At this time there was the "first stage" of the fusion, if mankind awakened as hoped through the tensions of the times, then there would be a rapid widespread goodwill and world understanding; and/or They didn't fuse and therefore, postponement with sad results to the human family that would result in much real suffering and widespread disaster - which history has recorded during WWII from 1942-1945. pg. 97

When talking about the "seed groups" Hierarchy started with the implanting into the fourth kingdom of "animal man" -  the "seed of the sons of God" eventually produced the human family that was intellectual and a self-conscious, self-directed man. It can be seen today in the more advanced and cultured thinking people and in those who are in any sense of the word personalities.

The three "methods employed" were; the gift of mind to the more advanced among the animal-men in a majority of cases, the stimulation of the instinctual faculty in others, and the third Method was the leaving of a minority to the ordinary course of evolution. These latter today constitute the least developed and the most backward of the races upon the Earth. They are in fact, a very small number. pg 98 

Today's "seed groups" are mostly the advanced intellectuals and soul-infused individuals, who are fusing and blending in humanity - they constituted the nucleus of the "fifth kingdom," the result of their ability to intuit with the Hierarchy. This intuition is a blend of two divine qualities of buddhi-manas or intuitive spiritual understanding. - which means that both can interpret and understand what is being conveyed to them through their own intuition. They work at a much lower level of awareness than the Hierarchy but are still part of the Divine Plan as it affects the three worlds. So, from our aspect, we are only seeing a small part of God's Divine Plan, which is all-embracing; and His purpose is all-inclusive of all forms of life and their relationships. It's important for us as students to work from the heart and mind (love/wisdom) Second Ray. At this time the world of illusion must be cancelled, and the world of spirit must come forth. This can only be accomplished through not placing an emotional hit on anything that is occurring at any given time - this will be our own initiation. In other words, get out of the solar-plexus and stay connected to the heart and mind. No prejudice, criticism while remaining silent, which is healing - for it is this silence that brings the individual to that awareness of that which must be loved. pg. 99

To acquire Wisdom, means that we must keep both the intellect, the higher as well as the lower aspects of the mind under strict control. To acquire Wisdom one must blend the intuition, spiritual perception and cooperation with the plan, while at the same time having an appreciation for Hierarchy and a loving heart that encompasses all. Remember all of this must be accomplished before the Second Initiation can be taken. Through meditation and contemplation we can and will eventually understand the esoteric sense, and through contemplation we can explain its processes and evidences by invoking the higher sensibilities.

Let's look at the Methods employed in creating these seed groups. First of all, they were presented with the more advanced ideas to their receptive minds. Next came the vision which produces more amazing results. Ponder on this! They were introduced to the concept of the self, of the lower integrated self and its correlated inner implications of self-centeredness and self-direction. What occurred here is that these individuals selected for the seed groups were introduced to the moving away from the self-centered to the "larger Whole" - this must be their mission, the self must dedicate its life, love and light. This must be the gifts the Fourth Kingdom must give to the planet in order to salvage planetary life. pg. 100

The above presentation to these individuals has had a dual effect; First, this presentation brought about the forming of the NGWS; and secondly, it brought about the formation of the line of the seven rays throughout the world of small groups (within the NGWS) who were dedicated, brought about the synthesis and the blended innate subjective fusion and a dedicated consciousness. These groups will eventually be responsible for the manifestation of the Kingdom of God on earth. The two methods of these groups must be vision and organization. Part of the initiation of these groups is the individual in each group has to sense, sought and discover individuality by each member. This will eventually lead to the organization of the group life and relation of the life and purpose of the Whole.

The whole concept of this Plan is the synthesis of the individuals within each group to envision and convey to the group his vision, which then becomes the "visioning group: to the kingdom of God as it exists on the subtler planes - their ultimate plan is to bring about the externalization of Hierarchy, which would then make their vision a "fact". The three key words here are vision, activity and precipitation.

Finally, as the Master D.K. outlines the Divine Plan according to His status as an initiate of a certain degree, He realized from His standpoint and His awareness of they cycle the world was in at the time what could happen to mankind as well as the planet. As He made His students aware of the Plan as much as could be revealed at that time; and He was grateful for the positive response He received from the students - yet He also realized that the students did not get the subtler vision of the Plan as it was not part of your life at this particular time.

The whole idea stems from His introducing group work, group relationships and group objectives - and especially of group fusion on a worldwide basis. His vision still could see that eventually when the mental equipment was expanded and sufficient groups thus actuated then the Kingdom of God will function objectively upon the earth.

You do notice that D. K. verifies that it is "group fusion" that brings about the unfoldment and expansion of consciousness. It also brings union and at-one-ment that is both protective and essential of the 5th kingdom - it is both the heart of all seed groups as well as it brings about the vision and understanding of the heart which all Disciples must have in order to have usable equipment. pg. 102

It will not be expected of these seed groups to be forceful and hurried but rather that their influence be pervasive but not dynamic, because this work will proceed along the lines of a constant pervasive pressure and steady spreading of group influence that will win the day.

As this is a long-range plan two factors will make this happen: the power of the seed groups in connecting with the subtle planes of thought and desire (the Hierarchy; and finally upon the egoic levels, that will become more potent as time goes by).

Secondly, the key groups who will be interacting with the other seed groups that will form groups of nine, seven or five - this will eventually spread throughout the world. Just think about the above sentences written so many years go and now look at what's happening in our groups; The World Service, Triangles, Twelves and NGWS who are now moving around the world in almost every country including the USA and South America - and it will continually expand and expand until the light penetrates every dark area bringing all into light, illumination and love forever - after all this is God's Plan for our dear planet and her people. pg. 102

It's the unity of purpose and thinking that these new groups will have their greatest influence. This can be further demonstrated by their characteristics of non-criticism, sensitivity and especially love. The need is for group purpose with visualization (a Vision so clear to the individuals within the group that it becomes a fact). Remember, it is visualization upon that which the subtle planes have projected to the individuals within each group that must be brought forth creatively into the material world. This is why the cohesive of the group through their love and interrelationship that will facilitate Hierarchy's ability to bring about that which needs to come into the material world. pg. 103

Depending how closely aligned each individual is with the other members of the group and then aligned with the other groups, will either bring about rapid results and/or not so rapid if they are not in sync in all areas but especially the soul. This whole work is called the "science of occultism" because it is an organized scientific experiment between Hierarchy and the NGWS, i.e. these seed groups. In fact, it's all about energy and how we handle it will like any experiment give forth its results. It's the dealing of energy in all three worlds and the result of its impact upon forces.

Today we know that this world is full of conflict as it was back then and it's up to us the Disciples who have been chosen to carry on this "seed group scientific experiment" and through love, service and persistence on a daily basis - working as One Group Soul, with our vision from the subtler planes consistently attuned, organized and functioning correctly.

Hierarchy is teaching us through this group medium how to work as the One Group Soul and to stay committed through close interrelationships with one another. They have demonstrated and ask us to mirror Their actions - the cohesiveness of a loving heart, realization and subsequent visualization of what Hierarchy is presenting to us, and the ability to create or manifest into the material world those impressions. Hierarchy wants to fill the world of striving forces with points of spiritual energy distributed everywhere through the linked cooperation of other like-minded NGWS around the world. This is the visualization we must adopt and adhere to until the force of our endeavors penetrates the minds and hearts of mankind - bringing with it peace, goodwill and better lives everywhere. pg. 105

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