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Lesson 166 - The Externalization of Hierarchy - Preparation for World Goodwill


Alice A. Bailey, March 1934

Section Two - The World Crisis - Preparation for World Goodwill - pgs. 137-143
Text in BLUE is by Margaret Mary Flynn, Text in BLACK is by D.K.

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Preparation for World Goodwill 

We are still learning about cause and effect and how current events are directly related to actions taken or not taken in ancient times. Master D. K. is giving us this information from two ancient exoteric records – one being the exoteric records of all nations and the other from the esoteric records of the Hierarchy; and it seems that humanity was still carrying these same traits that led humanity into WWII.  One factor He gives us is that “All are conscious of and observers of the war within their own natures, between personality selfishness and the selflessness of the soul, are aware of the implications and the correspondences…” p. 188

The above statement is important because Master D. K. is giving us a brief explanation of what can be done about our past and present karma.  He immediately states that really nothing exoterically can be done about the present conditions – it’s outcome will depend upon the attitude and actions all nations will take in the future.  Although this seems to be a fruitless task as we’d like to see the end of this continual hate and aggression mixed with aggression and selfishness as far back in history as the written word. BUT, at the same time He offers us something all of us can do to prepare the world for the new incoming civilization. This He will explain to us so that as He predicts “the Forces of Light are victorious and are already holding things steady”- I think we do not quite understand how important the spirit of “goodwill” and “sympathetic understanding” among people of all nations was and still is very significant in turning the tide. All of this is due to people of all nations not reacting with hate during the period from 1914 up until the time of this writing which was around 1939.  No one among mankind could predict that just this “God Quality” of compassion from many nations would be the key to dissolving old patterns of hate and hate creation – thus a victory of the Forces of Light and the hope of Hierarchy that this change of attitude could be the key to moving forward in our attitudes and behavior for the betterment of all mankind. This attitude must be adhered to no matter what evil persists in the present war; and by so doing, mankind would rid the world of these ancient patterns of aggression and begin to build new awareness of brotherhood among all nations – thus preparing the way for the inflowing light and spirit that is necessary for mankind to move forward into the new age of Aquarius. -  P.139

Mankind was and is still in its adolescent stage at the time of WWII; and therefore it was almost a Herculean task to swing both their astral and emotional bodies, (which make up the astral body of humanity as a whole) into the spirit of brotherly love and goodwill to all – as their emotional bodies were still very much connected to the ancient hatreds, selfish attitudes which continued to bring about these acts of aggression. This emotional state of circumstances exhibited by mankind was even more complicated as their “mental state” was also still very much in the world of acquisition and illusion. Thank God, there were those among mankind at that time who were adopting a spirit of goodwill, peace and brotherhood and were very much active in trying to bring about right human relations through right actions – this attitude was very much being broadcasted through networking to educate the masses into a more peaceful attitude of goodwill and peace on a permanent basis.

The hope of Hierarchy for mankind at that time was for a world-wide recognition of a Day of Forgetfulness, of Forgiveness and of Fulfilment of the Biblical injunction to “forget the things which lie behind and to press forward” pg. 139 (see “A Treatise on the Seven Rays, Vol. II – Esoteric Psychology) page 647). Stop and meditate upon these powerful words and suggestions by Hierarchy, because within them is the solution to the dissolving of our ancient attitudes that are carried over to the present time. By Forgetfulness, we “Let Go and Let God” and remove our karma by the “Law of Forgiveness.” Forgiveness is an act that is required by all of us on our Journey of the Soul. The following is a prayer given to us by our 7th Ray Master and the Avatar of the Aquarian Age, our Beloved St. Germain – He explained that under the 7th Ray, Forgiveness is the key to entering the kingdom, and it is through this violet fire energy, that we can accelerate our homeward journey.




Father please forgive us for separating from you and the Kingdom and for all misuse of your Energy, and


We ask forgiveness for any harm that we may have done to any part of life, whether, consciously or subconsciously, whether in thought, word, or deed, whether in this lifetime or any other lifetime, all the way back to the separation from Your Kingdom.


We also forgive all those who have ever harmed us or the Light for which we stand, whether consciously or subconsciously, whether in thought, word, or deed, whether in this lifetime or any other lifetime, all the way back to the separation from Your Kingdom.

And so it is, and so it is, and so it is.




‘Forget the things which lie behind and to press forward’ – even in the bible mankind was given the same advice by Hierarchy, because all of us need to “leave those things that lie behind us” (our ancient hatreds, our selfishness, our illusions)- only by letting go of these negative and dangerous qualities that have been carried forward down the ages can we ever be free to move forward on our evolutionary path.  Whenever, you have something that you know is a negative reaction towards a person, situation or circumstance, sit for a few moments each and every day and give those feelings over to God – “LET GO AND LET GOD” take that burden and instead began the mantra “Bring them (or it) into Light, Illumination and Love forever” – with this change of attitude you can change your life, lighten your spirit and immediately release your own patterns of negativity that will keep you from gaining your freedom.

If we all began immediately to change our attitudes the results would be so positive that it would bring about the end of wars, the adoption of an attitude of peace and goodwill for all mankind, and it would bring about a profound loving fusion of nations that would eventually bring about the “brotherhood” we have all been dreaming about.  This will not happen in a day, a week, a month or even years; but if enough of us begin to change our attitudes, we could and will change our lives and the lives of all mankind upon the planet.  What a wonderful event this would and could be – that at last, everyone everywhere upon our planet is living and thriving and moving forward into the new civilization.  This should be the attitude of all humanity and especially the attitude of all the New Group of World Servers – after all, we are the representatives of Hierarchy who form the Bridge between our Elder Brothers and Humanity.  It is with this understanding of the task ahead that we can and will make a difference that could change the world.            

How can we bring this tremendous task into a reality?  By joining with those groups who are making a difference in every field of endeavor – by getting certain measures on the ballot for elections – demanding that our educational system involves all the above God qualities – teaching our children that Peace, Goodwill, Compassion and Understanding, when dealing with other nations, will win the day, and, at the same time, it will bring about a greater understanding of other nations and their needs.   Only through communication, education and negotiation will we, as a nation, begin to make deep inroads into understanding what other nations expect in order to move forward along the lines of brotherhood - by listening to their problems, needs and ideas can and will gain their friendship and respect – by these standards, we can then begin to build the new civilization.

Master D. K. tried for over seven years to bring about much of what was written in the above paragraph; but with little and very poor results.  At that time the Hierarchy was expecting the spiritual man, the Churches and men and women of goodwill everywhere to pick up the gauntlet and help Hierarchy move forward. This did not happen as Hierarchy hoped - for mankind, the churches and men and women of goodwill were still not in sync with what was expected of them, and this inertia brought about a postponement of what could have changed the entire arena of WWII. This inertia and self-serving attitude were more important to those chosen by Hierarchy than doing service for the World. The call was not answered at this time; and as a result only suffering, war and death went on until 1945 when the war ended.  Again, mankind must step up to the plate and take on the responsibility that is their dharma during these world crises, otherwise there’s more than a possibility that this planet and her people will not survive.

Even though, mankind had disappointed Hierarchy in the past, Master D. K. still saw an opportunity for mankind to move forward – this opportunity would not be happening until after the conflict (WWII ended in 1945). P 141

The following is the renewed opportunity proposed through definite areas of work and activity:

1.To explain clearly to all people the cause which produces the opportunity; and which is dedicated to the ending of the present state of affairs.

2.To engineer come dramatic and universal event which will serve as the inspiration and the inauguration of the new era of goodwill and of right human relations.

Secondly, to keep up a steady process of right thought, right interpretation of current events and a right preparation whilst the war lasts, so that any weakening of the gained spirit of goodwill can be immediately offset, and so that understanding can grow in potency and not suffer obscuration.  In order to bring this about, the following activities are suggested beginning with those which concern the individual worker. Pg. 141

So, we see that even though mankind didn’t step up to the plate over the past 7 years, Hierarchy still came up with a plan – notice that They wanted mankind to understand that this was all happening because of their own ancient actions – by explaining this, mankind just might bring about an end to the present conflict.  He also wanted the people of goodwill to somehow bring about some great and dramatic event that would spark a new opportunity for the actions of goodwill and right human relations.  He further gives a more detailed account of the approach to bringing all of these actions about.

1. A close personal watch over every word said or written, so that nothing said or written by any of you will have in it hate or bias of the wrong kind and your minds, and hearts will be kept clear of all undesirable reactions.  This is the personal and practical thing to do and the difficult task set before each of you who read my words-. D.K. pg.141

These instructions given over 80 years ago are universal principles that have defined the light worker, the disciple and aspirant as the workers in the field of light and love.  He is advising all of His students to abide by the universal law of right speech, right thought, right action, and especially right reactions. By so-doing, they are living in harmlessness, forgetfulness and working in a positive world of light and love which is not easy. This is the only path open to all mankind in order to rid themselves of those age-old patterns of destructive and negative behavior - this is true today as back then; but we are seeing these same hatreds and acts of aggression cropping up in every nation. It’s time for all lightworkers to apply these truths to themselves.

2. Study and apprehend clearly the issues which lie behind this conflict, so that there is no inner wavering as to the rightness of the side on which you interest lie-the side of the Forces of Light. Parallel this with an understanding appreciation of the problem of those who are bewildered by the emphasis and the dynamic activities of those through whom the forces of materialism are working. At the same time, also, kill out all hateful criticism in your minds. Pg. 141

Master D.K. also advises each of His students not to jump to any conclusion until they get a clear picture of what is actually going on behind the scenes. Many times public opinion can influence the way we interpret what we think is the cause, therefore, it would be wise to meditate upon the situation asking for divine guidance, before taking any action. This can also apply to all of us today as we look upon any current situation that needs to be brought forth into the light. We can take any situation and ask about what brought it about and how we need to deal with it into our daily meditation, and/or our World Service, if it involves the entire world, or we can meditate upon the problem and bring it forth into the group and work upon it from the “group soul” point of view. The one thing the Master makes clear is that things are not always what they seem to be, and, therefore, we all need to step back and really look at what is behind the situation, while at the same time, asking for guidance from our Higher Selves, our guides and our Souls. Once we are satisfied with our findings, we can then move forward – always aware that there are others who are working with the forces of materialism that will have an opposing viewpoint – He really made a point of his students not getting into criticism of anyone who opposes their point of view, as it puts them right back into the ancient attitudes that Hierarchy is trying to help mankind erase from their consciousness.

3. D. K. gives us a mantra that was used back in Atlantean day during their conflict and in which the present conflict is the effect. It’s almost like He is telling some of the students that this mantram is like a remembrance of the soul:  It should be printed off and memorized so that we use it on a daily basis to effect change in ourselves and those who are still asleep.

“The sons of men are one and I am one with them.

I seek to love not hate.

I seek to serve and not exact due service.

I seek to heal, not hurt.”


“Let pain bring due reward of light and love.

Let the soul control the outer form and life and all events,

And bring to light the love which underlies the happenings of the time.

Let vision come and insight: let the future stand revealed.

Let inner union demonstrate and outer cleavages be gone.

Let love prevail.

Let all men love”.

In the World Service, we have a similar longer version of this ancient prayer that we say just before we do the Great Invocation, we also do this during Triangles and Twelves. I will give it to you as it is a very powerful mantra when done with understanding and power, with your whole heart and mind it can work miracles:




We Call to our Mighty I AM Presence and the I AM Presence of all Light-Bearers and People of Goodwill. Realize that we are an energy center, a center of Light, linked with all points and centers of Light within the human kingdom. Mentally extend a path of Lighted Energy towards the spiritual Hierarchy, the planetary heart center; to the Christ, the heart of Love within the Hierarchy; and towards Shamballa, where the Will of God is known. Hold the mind focused for a few moments in contemplation of the nature of our planetary Life, Love.


Meditate on the seed thought: Let the soul control the outer form and life and all events. Let Love prevail; let all men and women Love.


Sound the affirmation: In the center of all Love we stand; From that center we, the group soul, will outward move; From that center we, the ones who serve, will work. May the Love of the Divine Self be shed abroad in our hearts - through our group - and throughout the world. Visualize the precipitation of the will-to-good, essential Love, throughout the planet, from Shamballa through the planetary heart, Hierarchy; through the Christ; the new group of world servers; through all men and women of goodwill everywhere in the world; and finally, through the hearts and minds of the whole human family. As the Great Invocation is sounded, visualize the irradiation of human consciousness with Light and Love and Power.


From the Arcane School


This mantra produces a powerful effect both upon the individual(s) who invoke(s) this mantra; but at the same time will affect the environment and the world – this is why it is the first mantra that we say when beginning the World Service – and we had no idea of how powerful it was but knew it was supposed to be first even before the Great Invocation. D. K. also states according to these mantras “that if you spread the word concerning the formula of this mantra it will change attitudes, enlighten the vision and lead the aspirant to fuller service and to a wider cooperation based upon sacrifice – He goes on to say ‘my Brothers, you cannot evade the sacrifice in the long run, even if you have evaded it until now’”.


4.  Then apply yourselves to the spreading of the use of the Great Invocation and help to carry forward the plan for distribution. The Great Invocation, as you will see is the next article which I am writing for your information, a potent solar instrument designed to bring about change and needed readjustments. It is so powerful that when it was suggested for general use in the world of men some opposition was evoked among the members of the Hierarchy because They feared its potent effects upon the unready and undeveloped people. Its use has however, been justified and it is desired that its usefulness should be very greatly increased, and its use far more widely spread.




From the Point of Light within the Mind of God

Let Light stream forth into the minds of men

Let Light descend on Earth.


From the point of Love within the Heart of God

Let Love stream forth into the hearts of men.

May Christ return to Earth.


From the center where the Will of God is known

Let purpose guide the little wills of men

The purpose which the Masters know and serve.


From the center which we call the race of men

Let the Plan of Love and Light work out.

And may it seal the door where evil dwells


Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth


Isn’t it wonderful that we who do the World Service on a weekly basis, have put these two mantras at the very beginning of our World prayers? In fact, we begin the World Service with the mantra “Group Radiation of Energy,” which the very core to this formula originated in Atlantis, given to those who were in the light to work against the Dark Forces. Pay attention to the words at the end of this first mantra:

“As the Great Invocation is sounded, visualize the irradiation of human consciousness with Light and Love and Power..” are the last words of the Group Radiation of Energy. What this entire chapter is telling me is that the World Service is another way of reaching the hearts and minds of mankind and sending that light from these two very powerful mantras out into the world. It can “move mountains” in changing the minds and hearts of all people everywhere on the planet. Just for your information, Eleanor Roosevelt recited The Great Invocation after WWII.

"On World Invocation Day, 1952, Eleanor Roosevelt, a pioneering force in the passage of the Declaration of Human Rights at the United ...”

Eleanor Roosevelt Reads the Great Invocation - Click Here to Watch

Here again, we see how our patriots are tuned in to Hierarchy. Eleanor Roosevelt was unique and a light in a world filled with darkness. Her steadfast heart was more powerful than President Roosevelt and everyone at the time knew it. When Eleanor had something to say, everyone listened. She recites the Great Invocation before the United Nations exactly as we say it today – as you know she was working diligently for the freedom of all mankind and recited the Great Invocation so that all mankind would know the words and act upon them from their hearts.  If you go to YouTube you can actually hear her recite the Great Invocation and you can tell that she was inspired and greatly moved by this prayer.

Master D. K. also asked that His students spread the word through their churches, groups and organizations in the following paragraph:

5.  I would have you in your own way prepare for a major spiritual effort which is to take place when this conflict has worn itself out and some measure of peace and calm has come about.  Each of you has your own sphere of influence and of contacts and each of you is in touch with similarly minded or enquiring people, with groups and churches, clubs, organizations, and societies which are pledged to some form of effort towards human betterment, of goodwill effort, and of endeavor of some kind towards human welfare.  Now is the time for much work to be done with the leaders and senior workers in such groups and with people who can be prepared by each of you for active effort when the right time comes.  To this task I call each of you.  Later you can swing these people into active goodwill and fusion.  You can with them bring about the healing of the wounds of humanity which will be greatly needed and for which you can now prepare.  You can get in touch with such people, keep records of names and addresses and systematize your work that when the call goes out (as it did in 1936) there will be found available to the organizers a wealth of ready contacts and interested and prepared people who will then work intelligently to establish the new order. Pg. 143

It was 1952 when Eleanor Roosevelt recited The Great Invocation in front of the United Nations - a time of peace after the great war. Eleanor was a great advocate of Right Human Relations and was tireless in her efforts towards bringing goodwill and aide to all people in all nations affected by WWII, who needed the healing of their spirits as well are the repairing of their nations from the mass destruction of this major conflict. Imagine, how the Hierarchy must have felt when Eleanor, the wife of our President Roosevelt, stood there and gave the very prayer that gives such a healing, such love of mankind, such power to pick up the pieces of their lives and begin anew to build the new civilization. As Master D. K. wrote this particular article at the end of 1939, He had no idea at that moment of how powerful His words and the work of His students brought about this ancient and powerful invocation spoken by such a powerful and influential person to the world in need of these encouraging words.

When He mentions that the last time the call went forth was in 1936, the response by those spiritually minded was not given the energy and love that Hierarchy expected – if they had but invoked the power and love that Eleanor gave in 1952, the second world war would have been avoided.

The Master gave specific instructions and expected His students to comply with His directions – i.e., for the second call that would be happening at the close of hostilities (1945).

6.  The instructions in my earlier pamphlets remain as before and should be carefully followed in preparation for a campaign at the close of hostilities.  Mailing lists can be gradually brought alive by judicious correspondence and new lists can be compiled; the Great Invocation can be increasingly used if the method outlined by me is studied and rightly organized by each of you, and so the goodwill already present in the world can be brought to a point of dynamic livingness ready for later use.  But, my brothers, nothing can be done unless you do it!

Here again, we can see how the Master and Hierarchy worked so closely with the spiritual intelligentsia at that time.  Hierarchy had already outlined through the Master D. K., the path towards the fulfillment of Hierarchy’s plan for healing the nations. They did not want mankind to miss another opportunity that was given to them after WWII.  Can you imagine Their joy when Eleanor stepped up to the microphone in 1952 and gave the Great Invocation to the World.  What better way for Their call to humanity to be accomplished than by Eleanor, who with all of her heart answered the call.

Finally, the call has now been given once again for mankind to step up to the plate and deliver. “The call compels the answer”- this time it is us that need to answer the call – for the year 2025 is fast approaching and much needs to be accomplished between now and then.  Mainly, we need to do these two mantras on a daily basis; we need to get the word out to as many as we can reach, about the Externalization of Hierarchy, the Coming of the Christ and the lowering of the New Jerusalem into the atmosphere of Earth. Join the World Service, do your Triangles, and join the soul of all those doing Triangles and Twelves throughout the World.

Here is information on How to Join the groups I have mentioned:

Our Violet Fire Circle Group meets frequently for World Service, Triangle and Twelves work.

To join, email us at


The New Group of World Servers – read through the following websites and if you feel the inner calling, register on NGWS Inner Sanctum. (Planetary Light) (NGWS) (NGWS Inner Sanctum)


End of Lesson

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