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Lesson 165 - The Externalization of Hierarchy - pgs. 117-137


Alice A. Bailey, March 1934

Section Two - The World Crisis - Ancient Karmic Events and The Modern Era - pgs. 117-137

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Black type is D.K. writings from text, Blue is Margaret Mary Flynn's commentary

Ancient Karmic Events

Master D. K. is talking about the Law of Cause and Effect in this chapter. Have you noticed how many “Cosmic Laws” He has revealed and that ninety-ninety percent (99%) of humanity are not aware of even now in 2022 – three years away from 2025.  This law is also known as “The Law of Retribution”.  In this chapter He explains that mankind is now going through their karma in its many aspects. For instance, He emphasis right from the start that there is good karma as well as bad karma.  He also wanted to reassure His students at that time that their souls were producing the good karma that was balancing all the evil present at that time (remember, He’s addressing His students at the end of the 1930’s).  He also explained that we always hear about how bad the situation is and not how at the same time our souls are producing much love and goodwill to balance all of the evil.  Here again, we are beginning to understand the rhythm of “materialism vs spiritual” working out during this particular crisis – WWII.

It was also very difficult for the Tibetan to give His students all the many details and history of the effects of mankind’s past karma dating back into the dark ages.  Because Hierarchy always keeps the records of all the history of mankind, They can open the books of Akasha, and give the history of all our good works as well as the malevolent works-in other words, the cause and effect of any present “return of karma”. The difficulty being that our present world doesn’t have a written history of the dawn of time.  Although in the future, mankind will have the mental apparatus that will prove to him that causes are more important than the effects. He also states that this state of consciousness can only be reached through pain, error and consequent price-paying, will this salutary stage be reached”. Whenever the Master D. K. speaks about mankind must go through pain, error and consequent price-paying, He’s reminding us of the fact that all of these evils are brought forth as the karma accrued way back in the day and now needs to be paid back – every “jot and tiddle” as the Bible reminds us.

It was the essential duality of man as well as “major lines of cleavage” -while at the same time a “growing sense of synthesis” - which the Shamballa force of energy was producing at that time.  What appears to be happening back in the dawn of time, was that mankind was infused with the implantation of light which brought about major changes within each individual. Although mankind was moving to a more human being, there was still animal-man dwelling within the psyche which would cause a cleavage as mankind was adapting to the new paradigm.  At the same time as man was experiencing growing pains as Shamballa energy was flowing into the planet, forcing major changes to occur as part of the Divine Plan.  All of these major changes in our ancient past are the cause; and are presenting themselves as “the effect” in the present worldwide crisis.

This infusion of light into animal-man, is still manifesting today as a duality that originated back in the day, causing major lines of cleavage– thus, we are now being initiated into becoming “soul-infused” while letting go of this world we have created – the world of illusion.  So, if anyone is wondering why we’re going through the present world crisis, we need to realize- and this is important, that this very initiation is teaching all of us to let go of materialism and illusion and step into our real selves, the soul.  Once we learn the lesson of becoming observers rather than falling back into the world of illusion, we will move rapidly forward and upward on the homeward journey.

It all started with those “sons of God” who found favor with the daughters of man -angelic beings who were spiritually self-conscious, that took on human forms which brought about the duality of man; but also that once they incarnated they worked with the negative aspect that brought about the effect of this aspect in today’s crisis.  Remember these spiritual angelic beings were sinless and lived a free state of existence; but the Law of Duality needed to come into activity at that time which is known to us as “the Fall of the angels.” They had to come into the earth plane in order to develop full divine awareness upon earth, through the process of incarnation and also the “use of the mind”.

But it wasn’t quite what we all thought when we read our bibles, as this was all part of the Divine Plan coming from the Mind of God Himself and through the act of His Will. Remember it was the “war in the heavens” when these divine angelic beings made the choice to incarnate in order to serve and so they made the response and answered the call- leaving the other sons of God, who didn’t respond and who stayed in the high state of being.

Christ bore witness to this truth in the story of the Prodigal Son who wandered far from the Father/Mother God, while the elder brother stayed within his Father’s home.  These above passages brings home how we can misinterpret the allegories of the Bible – all this time my understanding of the “fallen angels” were those who followed Satan, the Angel of the Dawn, who were thrown out of heaven by Archangel Michael, and the interpretation we have been presented gives a whole different aspect to our religious history.  According to the cuneiforms from Sumer translated in the 18th century, these same “fallen angels” were inhabiting our satellite the moon, and were invited to Enki’s wedding  (Enki came with the niphlim (those that came down – see genesis Chapter 6).  This is when “they found favor with the daughters of man”.  Also, these beings brought forth the “Titan Race” – the Race of Giants, who aligned themselves with the negative forces and caused much destruction and havoc wherever they settled – their behavior and choices were the cause of what must be worked out in the crisis we’ve been going through for quite some time.

Also, it is the Law of Evolution and the Law of Rebirth that can be the primary cause of what has been taking place for over a hundred years. Added to all these massive changes was the fact that the spiritual being and the animal man were in constant conflict – this continued all through the Lemurian history – and although mankind was slowly evolving, the spark remained quite dim and therefore, mankind was working from the physical aspect and the lower mind, rather than the soul aspect and the upper mind.  At the same time mankind was developing their physical organs and perfecting their physical vehicles with each incarnation.  But, we need to remember, mankind still had all the animal instincts and a very strong physical vehicle.  They were self-absorbed continually stimulating their animal tendencies, while the mind remained dim and only on rare occasions did they aspire towards a better existence.

We can’t contemplate how it was back in the Lemurian days; as man was still acting out working from the adrenal glands, which made him war-like, savage a real tough customer.  Yet, all along this long journey the lines of cleavage were closing and a small percentage of humanity began to shift their consciousness into the “desire body” or solar plexus wherein the desire for material things and emotional reaction was beginning to take place.  The Master tells us that also during this same time mankind's desire and instinct were identical – today we cannot even comprehend what that would be like.

By the time mankind evolved into the Atlantean period, the mind was opening up more (like today when our intuition is opening up) this brought about the beginning of acquisition and through the control of the purely animal nature, he could acquire anything he desired. So, we could say that it was during the Atlantean period that mankind was mentally capable of being self-centered and self-conscious and so he graduated from the instinctual animal to the acquisitive man. This unfoldment of the mental apparatus over a long period of time changed the mental perception to living in a more material world.  Prior to this period, mankind wandered, was nomadic and either followed the herd and/or worked at farming, but during the Atlantean period, they became more civilized gathering together, not only for their comfort but also for their protection, from this era they proceeded along the path of expanding their consciousness to involve urban living on a worldwide basis.

As we look at mankind today, we can also see that they have evolved into a civilization that congregates within the urban cities, leaving those in the countryside open to a more difficult existence, while at the same time, the urban situation creates pockets of extreme poverty, health situations and increasing crime. Now many of us have wondered why so many of the people we know have moved and are continuing to move for whatever reason, out of the larger cities and on into the countryside.  Many of my friends have moved in every direction- what we were not aware of is the Lords of evolution are forcing the breaking up of this rhythm of concentration and forcing it into the rhythm of dispersion.  Without our awareness, all of this movement has a purpose in that it will create a cohesiveness within humanity that will bring about new values to living.

As the urban existence began to develop in Atlantis, so did the increase of acquisition and material comfort; and because mankind still had the cleavage of animal vs spiritual duality; there was a tendency for the animal nature to bring about sexual activity which resulted in large families just like we see in the lower classes today- for it seems that the poverty- stricken areas and slums produce larger families.  At the same time as all of this was happening in Atlantis, we need to remember that there were “high initiates and disciples” also present, who were the guides of this infant humanity.  The Hierarchy was also present at that time and they were known as the “priest-kings” (like the Magi) who guided and protected humanity, while at the same time bringing into their auras, those who were slowly raising their consciousness – this brought about a closing slightly of the lines of cleavage. P. 121

As mankind, even on Atlantis, were still working mainly from the instinctual aspect, their spiritual ideas were quite different from what we perceive today – they aspired toward the hereafter and sensed through beauty their emotional completion.  This reaching for the stars so to speak, was their idea of heaven; and the Hierarchy at that time brought through various inventions and building great and beautiful cities, the remnants of which persist until today.  Today, mankind is still seeking to bring about structures and inventions; but none have reached the beauty and perfection of those built by Hierarchy back in Atlantean times. Both the Chaldean and the Babylonian remains are the remnants of such structures – what we see today as the modern skyscrapers in every city was in every city on Atlantis.  The difference being that Hierarchy as the Priest-Kings, had all the inventions and beautiful structures brought to the people; but the people themselves didn’t build them and didn’t invent anything it was all given to them – whereas today, we are working our way towards what those wonderful Masters built and invented back in the day. Remember, mankind’s mind was not developed enough to bring forth any of these beautiful buildings and inventions.

As time went on, the cleavage between the material man and the spiritual man grew further and further apart until at the close of the Atlantean Age it was such a gap between the two that a crisis occurred that brought about the “great war” between the Lords of Form and the Lords of Being – (anyone wanting to get more information on this particular history of Atlantis can go to The Secret Doctrine, Volume Two – Pages 275-466).  As we all know, this long war between the Forces of Matter and the Great White Lodge ended when the forces of Light caused what today is known as the “Great Flood” where hundreds of thousands of humans were wiped off the face of the earth and Atlantis sank beneath the waves.  There were survivors like Noah and his family in the Ark; there were also many of Hierarchy who went by boats to various parts of the world. The Aztecs who were the leaders in Atlantis did make it to the shores of South America where they still reside today. One area of interest is that although mankind was slowly rising above the animal man, he still had the ability to commune and control the lower kingdoms, especially the elemental kingdom.

As the evolutionary process continued, those who survived the Deluge, were told in Noah’s story of the Ark. Its inhabitants we now realize - that the remnants of Atlantis who are written about in the Old Testament - were the Jews who again survived first in Lemuria (the First Solar System) and then from Atlantis (the Second Solar System).

The Master makes two points here concerning the Atlantean destruction - the loss of all the beautiful cities and the advanced inventions, except for those few remnants still standing in Babylonia and the Chaldean areas.  The second point was the fact that Hierarchy withdrew from the earth plane, leaving us to figure our way out of the world of illusion and materialism which is what all of us are now faced with completing before the lowering of the New Jerusalem into the atmosphere of earth and the Age of Aquarius is firmly established all over the world. One of the main points He made here is that we must solve our own problems and it will be through negotiations and not by war.

The Modern Era

The thought the Master’s bringing up about the Ten Commandments is one part of our solution to the dilemma of cleavage between materialism and spiritualism – we also need to remember that at the time they were given to humanity, it was further back in history than we realize and mankind was still in the lower mental stage and therefore it was more dogmatic fitting that particular time in the past.

The second point Master D. K. makes is that Hierarchy also withdrew so that mankind could act through their own free will, and should not be ”spoon-fed by Hierarchy” as happened in Atlantis.  There was no free will in Atlantis. Although we think we have free will now, it only goes so far as God’s Will being the final factor - plus the fact that we are even now experiencing all of the great rays, their vibrations and potent frequencies, forcing individuals everywhere to move literally, consciously into new areas, new positions, even new countries. “Free will” as the Masters and high disciples understand it is entirely different because they understand the use of free will purely motivated by group good and the good of all (notice here that we as the NGWS are moving in this same direction at the present time).

The test we are still undergoing as of today is, whether or not we’ve developed the knowledge and mental and scientific awareness to work for the good of all under the Will of God, as a group soul; or are we still too selfish to give our energies, our hearts and minds to become the bridge between Hierarchy and Humanity?  We are now at the point with our mental apparatus working at high levels where we can expect higher levels of achievement and fusing with those on the higher planes – this shift of consciousness has now caused conflict with those who want to remain in control and it has reached a crisis point – the issues clearer and the groups clearly defined.

As we look upon the situation today, we can see that many among mankind have reached that point of development that brings them close to their final emancipation.  Yet, even as we celebrate our accomplishments, there are still those among the masses that are under control of others, and they remain unthinking and childlike – and although many are now formulating humanitarian response to many third-world countries, we cannot aide those under authoritarian rule.  These unthinking masses are not only controlled by these dictators; but obey their every command – thus we have the reincarnated direct descendants of ancient Atlantis, who are either working with the spiritual groups of souls or the others who are working with the dark forces who have millions of people working under their leadership. Again, we are now facing exactly the same conflict that happened in Atlantis and this time the intelligent, spiritual light workers are pitted against those selfish, materialistic beings whose ambition is acquisition.  We know now that at the time of this writing in the late thirties, the Hierarchy allowed a direct inflow of the Shamballa force with all of its risk to pour forth into the masses, to stimulate free will.  Although it did relatively much good, the negative side of the Shamballa force brought about Democracy vs Communism also Fascism – yet as this force brought about the ideologies and humanitarian agencies cropping up in all areas of the planet, it also brought about those dictators who still to this day control the masses, who are victims to their aggression.  The good news is that the Lords of Destiny are now working and availing themselves to end this ancient conflict in order for humanity to move on into the Aquarian Age – this is what is happening right now during this Transition Period.

Just think about it, all those Atlanteans have reincarnated once again are playing their various roles in the great drama.  Back in Atlantis it was the Forces of Darkness (Black Lodge) and the Forces of Light (the Great White Lodge) who were at war, the masses were the victims of the fight and of the situation.  Today there is no Black and White, we have a group of nations constantly at war – yet among each nations there are thousands who want peace and goodwill and right actions.  While in the same nations there are those who make no move to bring peace and goodwill, they rather remain in darkness and are not comprehending the real issues.  These individuals are overshadowed by Hierarchy Who will continually inspire and enlighten these individuals towards right action and goodwill. Meanwhile there are still those who incarnated carrying their ancient karma who are the descendants of the Lords of darkness, thus they continually work in the world of materialism.  These individuals are interested only in power in the material plane and their main focus is to hold back any endeavor towards evolution and the development of the human consciousness.  They are working on the most important aspect of our current situation – that is the expansion of consciousness and the moving forward along the evolutionary path which will eventually liberate the human spirit.  These dark forces want to imprison the human consciousness and restrict its free expression.

The warning Master D. K. gives to His students is to not widen the cleavage due to separateness, by taking sides i.e. the forces of light vs the forces of darkness. This doesn’t solve anything.  The main responsibility of all disciples is to express the will-to-good, the right to express human relationships, without barriers, to show love to all beings this will eventually stamp out all hate and separateness.  This also involves the groups working together to bring about peace with each nation and goodwill to all people everywhere. This is the time to rid the ideas of borders, barriers, bringing peace to neighboring nations rather than war. This must be the work of every nation – to bring protection to the little nations, to preserve the balance of power, to restore the original boundaries to find peace and goodwill through negotiation. The sad news here is that the hundreds of thousands of people still victims of dictators are being held back from moving forward on their evolutionary path and there are many people caught up in various nations that need the light from our group souls so that they can stand up for their freedom and make a move through right action.

Change has been taking place ever since D. K. wrote this book.  Mainly we see it in the humanities and organizations that work with third world countries – this fusing or blending of people and minorities formed new countries and have made radical changes everywhere. There will also be an altering of boundaries (this happened after WWII when the treaties were signed, certain countries and borders were altered) which resulted in radical changes in our maps of the world.

Three major methods of producing these changes came about after WWII Great Britain, the USA and the USSR will be dividing up the spoils of war – and many of us today have seen the results of (East Germany/West Germany) The Wall that finally came down around 1989. When you look at the three nations, you see Great Britain, its fusion was laid out in a long historical past and the USA, represents a fusion which is unfolding in the present which is a new experiment; as open and united in their governing while USSR represents a coming fusion of future synthesis.  We see the lower scale of evolution in these people who can only see acquisition and brutality, aggression and force as their weapons of mass destruction. Even today as we see what is happening to the Ukraine and the war against the innocent people, by tearing down the entire civilization to show their aggression and their wanting to acquire the large ports like Odessa. I don’t know how far into the future, this future synthesis will happen; but please God make it sooner than later.

Great Britain expresses the will-to-power but because of its age, its mellowed by justice and a more understanding of the needs of the people.

The United States expresses the “will-to-love”, which shows equal opportunity for all.  While the USSR expresses the will-to-create and to produce new conditions- although cruelty very often changed the original ideal-this was brought about by the proletariat with its inability to govern, to desire, to retaliate, and its ignorance of tradition and inherited procedures. In other words, the peasants took over Russia after the Tzar was murdered-when we look at the history of the “common man” we all understand that they are still not mentally equipped to govern as they were the peasants who took control of Russia but had no idea how to work with and for the people.

The Master D. K. prophesizes here concerning the future of Great Britain, as there’s a possibility that Great Britain will direct its interests in Asia that will bring about major changes on that continent.  It will also through successful demonstration of the principle of federation will effect major changes also in Europe (this will only happen if there is compliance through awakened insight, true justice and wise practice.)

The USA will have a similar responsibility for all the Americas, through a high order of statesmanship and a spirit of understanding. What I’m learning from His prophesy for the USA is that we will win the day through the love our people have for others and their willingness to bring aide, food, clothing, money and resources wherever there is a crisis happening anywhere in the world.  Plus, it’s through our policy of communicating with both our allies and our opponents while continually negotiating to bring about peaceful settlements in all areas of the globe.  Today, we’re finding that equality – bringing women into the arena as well as people of color and also those of various religious sects.  Also freedom, the freedom for all people of all races to live, work and participate in every part of our infrastructure – our government, economic, educational and religious traditions.  And finally, brotherhood, this area we are still working on- and it will be this area that will either bring us rapidly forward when we learn to “fuse” all races and religions into total acceptance – this is particularly difficult for those in the Southern areas where before the Civil War, the black American was a slave and considered by most of the majority of plantation owners as inferior and only fit for working in the fields – this particular problem still is alive and well as we speak, and it will take more than negotiations to resolve this problem. Fear not though, because the children of light are working at the soul level and sending love and light and power into all areas of the globe.  It will be this soul love that will break up and dissolve these old hatreds.  This is the power of the group soul, working as conduits for Hierarchy, allowing the light to enter our hearts and then sending the light where it is most needed throughout the world.

Added to the prophesies above, the Shamballa force is active through all three nations; and it produces both federation (group of states and/or nations coming together for the greater good) and syntheses (to synthesize is to bring things together in order to have a greater understanding). D. K. gives an excellent example of synthesis/fusion, when He explains how the “city states” that made up parts of both Italy and Germany, were fused together in the 18th and 19th centuries. Each of these city states were ruled by a powerful leader and over a long period of time there were continual warring back and forth between these leaders until it was resolved through syntheses.

It seems that this Shamballa Force was first introduced after the Centennial Conference of the Hierarchy of 1425 – this was when Hierarchy got permission to release the inflow of this great force, that altered the ancient policies of governing in such countries as France, Germany, Italy Spain and Portugal, even changing their forms of governing; and it also brought into the arena such powerful forces under the will-to-power and will-to-change as Napoleon, Hitler, Mussolini and Lenin – all of whom wrought dangerous and terrible wars but at the same time this same Shamballa force has brought significant changes in the characteristics in humanity – such as the development of the discriminating faculty and secondly, a tendency to dispersion with its consequences of diffusing civilized and cultural values.  So, what happened after the 1425 Council was that Hierarchy got permission to bring in an infusion of the Shamballa force which if we remember correctly brings in federation and synthesis- so at some point following this great Council meeting, this Shamballa Force began to take hold – if brought forth the peasants and poor people who infused through their leader Napoleon or Lenin, or Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin – all of these so-called negative forces brought about a federation of states, and syntheses of binding all factions into one federation; and although we see all of the above individuals as horrible people, we also can look at what has happened to these countries and their citizens today and realize that although they were ugly individuals and were working on the will-to-power, they did leave their countries and especially their people – the common man, in a better position – raising them from serfs in most cases to the well-educated individuals you see on any street in these nations. Go figure!

The overall picture I get from all of these historical happenings is that we can also attest to the fact that people have been and still are moving in all directions.  They are crossing borders and seas, rivers and airways in order to find a better life, greater opportunities and a chance for their children to become better educated and live a more productive life – we see it in every country and we also see it in our own country – those coming by air from the Middle East, the Far East, Europe and especially from South America – all becoming part of other nations, breaking down old borders and breaking free from oppression and control by authoritarian dictators and/or third-world countries that offer little hope to these individuals.

The result at the present time is that we are still in a state of flux, with people still immigrating and moving in and out of all states within our country -this is also happening in most other countries throughout the world – whether through war, opportunity or displacement – there is still a tremendous movement of people in all areas of the world.  The ultimate plan as it unfolds is for this syntheses and federation to happen everywhere.  Eventually, there will be no borders, no cleavage between races, religions and political affiliations – the ancient patterns of the clan and the tribe are fading into the sunset as people everywhere are following this great Shamballa Force of blending and fusing all races, religions and political affiliations in those countries who are predominately under this great Shamballa Force.

Why is this happening?  It gives the common man the opportunity to think, to consider, to plan, to choose and to discriminate even though in most cases he has little choice as he’s forced to make a move; but the results are what the Shamballa Force is all about; and although it causes war, disease, poverty and much personal loss, it also provides a drastic change in circumstances, with opportunities never possible before for all people everywhere.  This is all part of the evolutionary process and the expansion of consciousness.

All of the above happenings are the result of those great human beings in all areas of the globe who uses this Shamballa Force energy to promote change – whether that change is for self-serving results or because of some group influence, they are the ones who dominate the lives and bring about major changes as a result.  As Master D. K. reminds us: “Blame not the personalities involved or the men who produce these events before which we stand today bewildered and appalled.  They are only the produce of the past and the victims of the present.  At the same time, they are the agents of destiny, the creators of the new order and the initiators of the new civilization; they are the destroyers of what must be destroyed before humanity can go forward along the Lighted Way.  They are the embodiment of the personality or humanity.  Blame yourselves, therefore, for what is today transpiring and seek not to evade responsibility by placing it upon the shoulders of spectacular men or any statesmen dictator or upon any group. Look not to one person or to one group or persons and accuse them of causing the present world condition. Look not also to any one person or group to bring liberation or to find a solution of the world problems.  That is for humanity itself to do. Humanity must take action and will do so when the right time comes.  To recognize joint responsibility, joint mistakes, ancient errors of judgement, wrong attitudes and habits of thought, world-wide selfish purpose and intent, a universal spirit of aggression which down the ages, has influenced first one nation and then another, the tendency last century to crystalize, and become static, the reactionary forces on every hand-these are universal qualities, and no nation and no race is free of guilt or has entirely clean hands.  Also no one national group is purely wrong and evil or purely good and unselfish.  There are mixed motives everywhere.  Nationalism, aggression, selfishness and cruelty in all countries face a desire for world understanding, peaceful relations, and an unselfish and beneficent spirit also in all countries. The Forces of Light find their adherents and their workers in every country though some are subjected to greater handicaps in expression than others.  So, also do the Forces of Materialism. And in between these two great groups stand the masses – waiting for the emergence of fresh opportunity and new revelations”. Pp.135-36

It’s always wonderful to get the Hierarchies point of view on our history as they show how all of us are responsible for what has happened in our world – and yet, as we look at the greater picture seen from Hierarchy’s viewpoint, we get an entirely different outlook and realize that when the Master tells us not to judge and to remain harmless, selfless and filled with only love, we now definitely get the picture and I hope that you all print this above page off and keep it as a reminder of what is really happening to the Sons and Daughter of God as we continue our Journey of the Soul towards the Eternal Light. I think the most important information given to us in this particular chapter is that this crisis from 1917-1945 and up until the present day has been an opportunity for mankind through this “great initiation” to understand how these ancient controls have been with us from the time of Lemuria, through Atlantis and now through the inflowing force of the Shamballa will-to power and will-to-change, we can see and finally appreciate why and how these tragic and  earth-shaking events changed our whole world. We went from one of domination and control to one still in the infancy of equality, liberty and fraternity and of peace and goodwill everywhere on the planet – this is the goal we need to set in our World Service, Triangles, Twelves and for the NGWS everywhere in the world to take as their immediate goals.

Finally, it is the “pairs of opposites” that brought that conflict of WWII into existence – Master D. K. gives Hierarchy’s analysis as follows:  “the present conflict between the personality of humanity (expressing the material values as the dominating factor in life experience); and the soul of humanity (expressing  the spiritual values as the dominating factor in human affairs) is identical  with the conflict which takes place within a human being’s consciousness when he has reached the stage of discipleship and is faced with the problem of the pairs of opposites and can be expressed in many ways – it always reverts back between the battle between the form-side of life and the soul”.

I will again give you a further reference that Master D. K. explains concerning “The Dweller on the Threshold): “The battle is therefore on between the form side of life and the soul.  The Dweller on the Threshold (the threshold of divinity, my brothers) is humanity itself with its ancient habits of thought, its selfishness and greed.  Humanity today stands face to face with the Angel of the Presence – the SOUL Whose nature is “love and light” and inclusive understanding.  The great problem today is which of these two will emerge the victor out of the conflict, and which of these two great agencies of life will determine humanity’s future and indicate the way which humanity will decide.

The issues at stake are clear to all right-thinking people.  Intolerance and an intense national pride and self-satisfaction can blind men to the facts of the case today but there are enough people thinking clearly to make the future of right decision more probable than at any previous time in the history of the race”. P. 137

Here again, I would like to end this lesson with His powerful words – as He gives us the information we’ve all been seeking – why are we here?  Well, we’re here right now to finally work with Hierarchy, to stand in the light of the soul, not as an individual but as a “group soul” absolutely following the example of Hierarchy itself, always working as a group soul for the good of all mankind.  I printed out Master D. K.’s words so that we’d take them and meditate on all the information He’s given us – some of it, blows the mind, when you consider that these so-called powerful individuals who we considered to be evil, have come to destroy old patterns of ancient control and power; and to bring about drastic changes in the psyche of mankind as a result.  Therefore, again, He warns us that things are not always what they appear to be and sometimes it’s these very negative forces that have definitely brought about major leaps in mankind – especially those who were victims of ancient concepts that at this point in our evolution had to be destroyed in order for the New Civilization to come forth.

End of Lesson 

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