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LESSON 159 - The Externalization of Hierarchy - Section Two-The General World Picture


Alice A. Bailey, March 1934

The Cause of the World Difficulty - September 1938 - pgs. 69-71
Part I
(NOTE)  All printing in Black are the writings by the Tibetan through Alice Bailey. All printing in Blue are comments by MMF

In giving these Instructions I am anxious for you clearly to comprehend the end I have in view.  Sincere students and disciples must hold ever before them the idea of Service; in connection with our present theme this is political service-along the line of world planning and world government.  This teaching will carry to all the general public some idea of the trend of human destiny where nations and larger groups are concerned, and should give a conviction of hierarchical potency and a sense of illumination.  It will, however, do this far more easily if the ideas I attempt to convey are backed by the understanding thought, and the intelligent mental cooperation of a group of people who have pondered deeply on the theme. pg. 69

As we follow the Master D. K. and His instructions, we see here in the above paragraph His expectations from all of His sincere students and disciples - the idea of Service. Not only is His objective clear that we, as His students and disciples, must give service but, in particular, He's talking about political world service concerning the future planning for the new age and the world government that must be in place at that time.  He makes sure that we understand that these ideas are for all mankind, in every nation.  His theme also wants his students and disciples to "spread the word" that Hierarchy is backing this plan and will also be there to enlighten mankind and at the same time make everyone concerned of Their potency, force and vibration through Their Light.

His last thought makes sense, He also needs a group of intelligent cooperative people who are thinking deeply about the world and will be those He will wish to contact through His students and disciples.

What is our theme?  A study and an analysis, from the esoteric angle, of the social organization of humanity.  I seek to have you grasp some of the universal implications which the signs of the times portray and not be entirely engrossed with the immediate situation or dilemma; too close a perception and too near a point of view does not tend to true understanding.  It fails, for one thing, to indicate the particular place in the general world picture which the immediate happenings outline. pg. 69

Remember, the Master D. K. is the representative of the Hierarchy on Earth at this time before WWII, and as Their representative, He is cognizant of the potential for a great War.  From the esoteric angle, the Hierarchy sees all, knows much, and because we all have "free will" cannot predict what will be the consequences of Hitler's actions at this particular date. This is why He warns his students to not fall into what's happening "in the immediate situation or dilemma" for we cannot see the entire picture and therefore He rather the students seek "the universal implications which the signs of the times portray"....

It is a platitude and a truism to state that humanity is today passing though a crisis of immense proportions.  The causes of this crisis must be sought in many factors.  They lie in the past; in the growth, through evolution, of certain basic tendencies in man; in past mistakes, present opportunities, and the powerful activity of the Hierarchy of Love.  The future is of great promise, provided man can learn the lessons of the present which have been closely presented to him; he must accept them and understand clearly the nature of his problem and of the crisis with its many ramifications and various implications. pgs. 69-70

The economic troubles of the 1930s were worldwide in scope and effect. Economic instability led to political instability in many parts of the world. Political chaos, in turn, gave rise to dictatorial regimes such as Adolf Hitler's in Germany and the military's in Japan. (Totalitarian regimes in the Soviet Union and Italy predated the depression.) These regimes pushed the world ever-closer to war in the 1930s. When world war finally broke out in both Europe and Asia, the United States tried to avoid being drawn into the conflict. But so powerful and influential a nation as the United States could scarcely avoid involvement for long.

When Japan attacked the U.S. Naval base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, on December 7, 1941, the United States found itself in the war it had sought to avoid for more than two years. Mobilizing the economy for world war finally cured the depression. Millions of men and women joined the armed forces, and even larger numbers went to work in well-paying defense jobs. World War Two affected the world and the United States profoundly; it continues to influence us even today., (U S.  Library of Congress..... "US History Source of Timeline).

We see here some of the conflicts Master D. K. was talking about and when He mentioned ..."They stem from the past", we have only to look at the Stock Market Crash in 1928 followed by the Great Depression in the beginning of the 1930's to see its effects had the makings of a worldwide disaster. When He also mentions "the certain basic tendencies in man", we can equate it to man's selfishness and greediness that is the major cause of worldwide hunger and poverty for the masses, that was occurring during the 1929 Crash resulting in the Great Depression.

The seething turmoil in which the masses of the people are now living and the emergence of one or two key people in every nation have a close relationship.  These key people make their voices heard and evoke attention; their ideas are followed, rightly or wrongly, with attention, appreciation or distrust.  The slow and careful formation of the New Group of World Servers is indicative of the crisis.  They are overseeing or ushering in the New Age, and are present at the birth pangs of the new civilization, and the coming into manifestation of a new race, a new culture and a new world outlook.  The work is necessarily slow and those of you who are immersed in the problems and the pains find it hard to view the future with assurance or to interpret the present with clarity. pg. 70

Now we all can equate to what the New Group of  World Servers were feeling under such pressure as Hitler, Japan and even Italy's involvement in a "takeover" of most of Europe and Asia during this economic disaster caused by men who were only interested in gaining wealth for themselves - this put the entire world into a depression where "soup kitchens" were a necessity in ever city, town and country here in these United States.  It was during this weakened state that these authoritarians began to take control spewing their false platitudes that eventually harnessed many people who were desperate for change and finding themselves caught in a worldwide plot to control and force the populations to their bidding.

Today, we unfortunately still have these same dictators in Russia, North Korea, China, and various other countries including Cuba on this side of the pond.   While here in our own USA, we are seeing the low-bread types come out of the woodwork around the United States (not that these white supremacists didn't exist before; but they were always kept in the shadows), it wasn't until recently that they tried a USA takeover on January 6th right here in the Capital, in Washington, D. C.  The ugly Americans came out of the shadows and are now even running for office in certain states.  When Master D. K. spoke of  man's tendencies, these are the low-life sorts that haven't got much light in the upper stories, and are still working from the reptilian brain - this is putting everyone's freedoms at risk.  We can see the gradual shifting of our freedoms already happening with the placing of certain people who will do their bidding in every office, the redistricting of almost every state, the blocking of the freedom to vote for people of color, the radio stations that only promote authoritarian propaganda - all this is happening right before our eyes and half our representatives in Washington are backing them up - so what have we learned in the past 84-85 years?  

Still, while this is playing out on a national scale, we are seeing a tremendous shift in the minds of the people; most people are sick and tired of hate and hate creation, they are ready and willing to look and find a more spiritual atmosphere; and as they seek so shall they find.  This is where the New Group of World Servers continue to serve the Hierarchy, using social media, the written word and conferences etc. to get the word out that 2025 is soon approaching and that there is a "New Earth coming along with the Coming One with His disciples".  So, even amid the chaos that is happening everywhere on our planet, the GOOD NEWS! is that the day is coming and soon is wherein all that is happening in the present world will be just like a bad dream that fades away in the light of the Living Son, Who has promised to come again.

I have listed some of the reasons for the present world unrest in another book (Education in the New Age pp. 116-125)* reminding you that some of the causes lie in so a remote past that history knows nothing of them. You would find it useful to re-read those few pages at this point, for in them I sought to give some insight into the essential situation which confronts mankind due to certain evolutionary developments: pg. 70

*-See "Education in the New Age Pages 116-125 as attachment to Lesson 159 for your perusal and study" - MF

1.  The point reached by humanity itself  pg.70
The Following is from "Education in the New Age PP. 116-125 "

Man is now at the point where the principle of intelligence is so strongly awakened within him that nothing can arrest his progress into knowledge which would be dangerously misused and selfishly applied if nothing were done to call a halt and thus safeguard him from himself-even at the cost of temporary pain. He must be taught to react to a higher and better sense of value

Mankind has reached a point on his evolutionary path where his intelligence is so strongly awakened within him that nothing can now stop his progress.  In fact, this can be a danger to himself and others by misusing of this new-found principle if nothing were done at all to halt and thus safeguard him from himself – even at the cost of temporary pain. (Sometimes when one is given a “free range” and jump- starts his awakening intelligence, he can use it for self-gain and selfish acts)

2.  The emergence of the new racial type pg. 70
The Following is from The Education in the New Age pp. 119-125

Second, the emerging of a new racial type. The subjective outlines of this type can already clearly be seen.  So glamoured are we by the form side that many claims are made today that the new race is to be found in America.  The new race is forming in every land, but primarily in those lands where the fifth or Caucasian races are to be found.  Among the fourth race peoples, however, a few such as those to be found among the Chinese and the Japanese, are being discovered by the Hierarchy and are making their real and esoteric contribution to the whole.

Many of us have made the mistake in thinking that the “new race that was and is forming” should be different in form, color and intelligence; yet Master D. K. makes it very clear that the new race will be found in every land, not only in America (as many prophesized).  Remember the fourth race is primarily Chinese and Japanese, East Indian and American Indian and many of the Island people.

Let me also make one definite statement at this point which may cause some surprise.  The fifth kingdom in nature, the spiritual, will emerge out of the fifth root race.  Such is the esoteric control of the Law of Correspondence.  I would remind you nevertheless that the only fourth root race people to be found upon our planet are the Chinese, the Japanese, the various Mongoloid races in Central Asia (and they are somewhat intermixed with the Caucasian race) and the hybrid groups found in the many islands in the southern waters in both oceans and hemispheres, as well as the descendants of the races which a million years ago made the South American continent famous for its civilization.  I am necessarily widely generalizing.

Note very carefully here what is said above, that it will be the fifth kingdom in nature that will be brought into existence by the Fifth Root Race.  As you know, the Fifth Kingdom is a highly spiritual kingdom coming into existence at the present time and will continue to expand as we move into the New Age of Aquarius. Note also, that "in South America millions of years ago, the people were highly civilized."

The new racial type is far more a state of consciousness than a physical form; it is a state of mind more than a peculiarly designed body.  In time, however, any developed state of consciousness invariable conditions and determines the body nature and produces finally certain physical characteristics.  The outstanding type of awareness of the coming new race will be the widespread recognition of the fact of the mystical perception.  Its primary quality will be the intuitive understanding and control of energy; its contribution to the development of humanity is the transmutation of selfish desire into group love.  This can be seen working out noticeably even today in the attitudes of great national leaders who are not, as a rule, animated at all by selfish ambition, but are controlled by love of their nation and thus by some definite form of idealism-hence the great emerging ideologies.  Ponder on this point, get a wider picture of the goal of the new and coming educational system.

In the beginning, we will only recognize them by their “state of consciousness” which will be highly superior to the common man.  This state of consciousness will eventually formulate the body and certain physical characteristics, plus the fact that they will have mystical perception and an intuitive understanding and control of energy.  They will be the advocates of transmuting selfish desire into group love. (Presently, we are seeing these groups cropping up all over the world – people wanting to give back to the planet and raise the consciousness of mankind).  These groups will be working from the “soul level” and the heart is much involved as love is the key to their group work, their group cohesiveness, and their group relationships. They are the free-thinkers, the patriots, the spiritual idealists who want to make the earth and all there on a better, loving place to be living on. Many of our current leaders are real patriots, who love their countries and want the best for their people; while others stilling in the Piscean Age, refuse to move forward, refuse to love all life free, and refuse to open their minds and hearts to the great awakening of the souls of mankind.

3. The ending of the Piscean Age pg. 70
The Following is from The Education in the New Age pp.119-125

Third, the ending of the Piscean Age, which has brought to the point of crystallization (and therefore of death) all those forms through which the Piscean ideals have been molded.  They have served their purpose and done a great and needed work.  It might be asked here: What are the major Piscean ideals?
The idea of authority.  This has led to the imposition of the different forms of paternalism upon the race – political, educational, social and religious paternalism. This may be either the kindly paternalism of the privileged classes, seeking to ameliorate* the condition of their dependents (and there has been much of this); or the paternalism of the churches, the religions of the world, expressing itself as ecclesiastical authority; or the paternalism of an educational process.

*Synonym for ameliorate: to better help and improve….dictionary
The authoritarians are on their way out along with the Piscean Age, but they won’t go out without kicking and screaming all the way out the door.  They also realize that their day is done and they want to take as many souls with them as possible.  They still want to control and keep people in fear. Now is the time that individuals have to come together as a group and vote them out, oust them out and rethink how they want to be governed in the future.  This will be forced upon them as time passes because these authoritarian types will step up their control and fear tactics until their countrymen say “enough” and make plans as a group to oust them out of their seats of power.

Liberty’s Temple is right above the statue of Liberty on Staten Island, N.Y.   Liberty is what all immigrants are looking for when they enter these United States and Liberty opens Her heart to all those who pass by Her as they enter our shores.  The God of Freedom, the Seventh Ray Chohan, St. Germain also has His Retreat over Washington,  D. C.  Our forefathers fought for our freedoms through, blood, sweat and tears, they fought against the English Monarchy and won their freedom- and we nearly lost much of our freedoms only recently.  The biggest challenge for those entering the New Age is to recognize that we are all part of God, that we are all the Brotherhood of man; and the sooner we all realize this fact, the faster we can move forward towards the New Jerusalem, towards the new civilization and towards the Coming One and His Disciples as they descend and come among us. 

2.  The idea of the value of sorrow and of pain.  In the process of teaching the race the necessary quality of detachment, in order that its desire and plans shall no longer be oriented to form the living, the Guides of the race have emphasized the idea of the virtues of sorrow and the educational value of pain.  These virtues are real, but the emphasis has been overdone by the lesser teachers of the race, so that the racial attitude today is one of sorrowful and fearful expectancy and a feeble hope that some reward (in a desirable and usually material form, such as the heaven of the various world religions) may eventuate after death, and thus compensate for all that has been undergone during life. The races today are steeped in misery and an unhappy psychological acquiescence in sorrow and pain.  The clear light of love must sweep away all this and joy will be the keynote of the coming new age.

Eighty some odd years have passed since this book was published and still people of color are suffering – people of color are not given equal rights, voting rights, the right to live in certain neighborhoods, the right to walk and/or drive down a street without being pulled over and mistreated by those in authority.  When Master D. K. says the idea of the virtues of sorrow are overdone, I’m going to add that they’ve been completely burned to the socket- it’s a sorry state when our motto is “Liberty, Freedom and Justice for all (except if you are a person of color) then how can we expect to move forward on our evolutionary path when we allow this to happen for our fellow men and women?  It is up to us to rewrite history, it is up to us to stand up for the rights of man.  It is up to us to realize that they are our Brothers who are crying out for their very lives - parents fear each day their child leaves the home that they might not come back.

Love and Joy are the keynotes that will make major changes happen for our brothers and sisters and prayers for their safety and right action towards their equal rights.

3.  The above thought must be coupled with the idea of self-sacrifice.  This idea has lately shifted from the individual and his sacrifice to the group presentation.  The good of the whole is now held theoretically to be of such paramount importance that the group must gladly sacrifice the individual or group of individuals.  Such idealists are apt to forget that the only true sacrifice is that which is self-initiated, and that when it is an enforced sacrifice (imposed by the more powerful and superior person or group) it is apt to be in the last analysis, the coercion of the individual and his enforced submission to a stronger will.

This is of paramount importance especially when both Hierarchy and humanity are now forming seed groups and spiritual groups of brotherhood, love and goodwill to all.  Let us not get caught up into someone wishing to control and/or lead the group.  This would be taking a step backwards into the Piscean Age – forward thinking man has now reached that stage of integration of the soul, the brain and the heart that love, wisdom and power will follow only if the group does not fall back into old authoritarian principles.  There must always be love in the mix and a willingness to share and exchange ideas without separateness.

4.   The idea of the satisfaction of desire. Above everything else, the Piscean Age has been the age of material production and of commercial expansion, of the salesmanship of the products of human skill which the general public is educated to believe are essential to happiness.  The old simplicity and the true values have been temporarily relegated to the background. This was permitted to continue without arrest for a long period of time because the Hierarchy of Wisdom sought to bring the people to the point of satiety.  The world situation is eloquent today of the fact that possession and the multiplication of material goods constitute a handicap and are no indications that humanity has found the true road to happiness. The lesson is being learnt very rapidly and the revolt in the direction of simplicity is also rapidly gaining ground.  The spirit of which commercialism is the indication is doomed, though not yet ended.  This spirit of possession and the aggressive taking of that which is desired has proven widely inclusive and distinguishes the attitude of nations and of races as well as individuals.  Aggression, in order to possess, has been the keynote of our civilization during the past fifteen hundred years.

We do not have to look very hard to find that this is the “great initiation” of the entire planet at this time.  As we come to the close of the Piscean Era and gain a foothold into the New Age of Aquarius, many have come to the realization that financial gain and the gathering of material things of this world doesn’t make for true happiness.  As we move deeper into the New Age, we will and are being tested on the balance between our material world of illusion and our spiritual world of eternity.  The sands are running out in the hour-glass as we approach 2025; and we all need to take a closer look at our values and how we can simplify our lifestyles.  It is not always easy but learning to simplify our lives is like dropping a heavy load of “things” that we need now to share with others who are in real need-look at this as an opportunity to do something from the heart to your brothers and sisters who are in need and you’ll find that there is suddenly a wonderful warm and cozy feeling surrounding your hearts.

4.  The coming in of the Aquarian Age. pg. 70
The Following is from The Education in the New Age pp.116-125

Fourth, the coming into manifestation of the Aquarian Age. This fact should provide the grounds for a profound and convinced optimism; nothing can stop the effect-growing, stabilizing and final-of the new, incoming influences.  These will inevitably condition the future, determine the type of culture and civilization, indicate the form of government and produce an effect upon humanity, as has the Piscean or Christian Age, or the earlier period governed by Aries, the Ram or Goat.  Upon these steadily emerging influences the Hierarchy counts with assurance, and the disciples of the world must likewise learn to depend upon them.  The consciousness of universal relationship, of subjective integration and of a proven and experienced unity will be the climaxing gift of the period ahead of us.

All the many changes that are occurring right now in our world are at times overwhelming but at the same time we are being carried along on a swift current of vibrant energy towards our spiritual goals.  This is a time to say “LET GO AND LET GOD” in all things and remember above all else to be the observer and not get involved in this illusionary world that is rapidly fading into the mists of time along with all those who have kept us bound to the Wheel of karma and rebirth.  It’s now time for a major change not only within our spiritual connection but within our hearts, minds and souls all connecting us to other souls in group formation and ultimately connecting us to our beloved Elder Brothers who are always there for us.

What is the synthesis which will later be thus produced?  Permit me to list a few factors without elaboration. 
1.  The infusion of man’s differentiated spiritual aspirations as expressed today in many world religions, into the new world religion.  This newer religion will take the form of a conscious unified group approach to the world of spiritual values, evoking in its turn reciprocal action from Those Who are the citizens of that world-the planetary Hierarchy and affiliated groups.

The New World Religion is coming upon us and as we join the various like-minded souls willing and able to give their light and love while acting as mediators between Hierarchy and Humanity, the seed groups that were planted many years ago have now come into flower and many are now turning away from the world of illusion into the world of the group soul working as one unit in spreading the light in all directions – this is why we are here, this is our raison d’etre at this moment and from now on until the earth is filled and overflowing with the Light of God that never fails – it will be this same light that will dissolve all darkness and therefore we are not to judge anyone but just do our work and send love into this tired and broken planet so that it is nourished and reborn into  the New Jerusalem. 

2.   The fusion of a vast number of men into various idealistic groups.  These will form in every realm of human thought and they in turn will gradually be absorbed into ever larger synthesis.  I would call your attention to the fact that if the various educational groups found in the world today, in every country, were to be listed, certain underlying and analogous trends would appear:  their wide diversification, their basic foundation upon some idea of human betterment and their unity of goal.  Their many ramifications and subsidiary groups constitute a vast interlocking network throughout the world which is indicative of two things:
a.    The steadily growing power of the man in the street to think in terms of ideals which are founded upon certain ideas and which have been put forward by some great intuitive.

It will be the ideas and the ideals of the educators and those learned individuals that will be responsible for the giant leap forward in the thinking and willingness by the many to make the changes that are necessary happen and because it is a group effort, it will happen with sudden changes that will improve, uplift and enlighten those who are brothers.

b.    The gradual upward shift of man’s aspirational consciousness by fellow men and his consequent training in the spirit of inclusiveness.

I think the “key word here is inclusiveness”  everyone wants to be part of something, and as man’s consciousness expands into the higher frequencies, his willingness to participate in becoming one of the New Group of World Servers will be part of his onward homeward journey.

This growing trend towards idealism and inclusiveness is, in the last analysis, a trend towards love-wisdom (2nd Ray)The fact that men today misapply these ideals, lower the vision and distort the true picture of the desired goal, and prostitute the early grasp of beauty to the satisfaction of selfish desire, should not prevent the realization that the spirit of idealism is growing in the world and is not, as in the past, confined to a few advanced groups or one or two great Intuitives.  The discussions of the man in the street today, are connected with some political, social or religious philosophy, based on some school of idealism.  From the standpoint of Those Who are responsible for man’s evolutionary development, a great step forward has been made in the last two hundred years.  What were the themes of the intellectuals and the philosophers in the middle ages are today the points for animated discussion in restaurants, railway carriages, or wherever people consort, argue and talk.  This is apt to be forgotten, and I would ask you to ponder on its implications and to inquire what is liable to be the final outcome of this widespread ability of the human mind to think in terms of the larger Whole and not only in terms of personal interest, and to apply forms of idealistic philosophy to the life of practical affairs.  Today, man does both these things.

We could also say that two hundred years ago except for a very few intellectuals, most of mankind were still in some form of “animal-man” working and slaving for others.  Due to the Great Ones who have assisted man by sparking him with light within the brain, mankind has moved rapidly forward on their evolutionary path. Anyone who has an interest in history can quickly understand how rapidly man has advanced in the last 100 years; and in the last 50 years mankind has taken giant leaps into the light of their beings.  It is this factor that would be discussed in every local establishment as even in my lifetime I cannot believe how in two generations so much has changed, so many hi-tech instruments have been invented, man has landed on the moon and now people are taking space ships for joy rides into space.  Think about all this and then you can begin to realize how quickly we’ve become enlightened in every area, in every field of endeavor and are still striding forward into the unknown.  At the same time as all of this is occurring, we have those among us who have made giant strides towards their own enlightenment.  Masters and men agree that rather than working under one individual, teacher, minister or preacher, it makes more sense to work as a group united at the soul-level, working within the heart for the uplifting of all mankind and the planet.  None of this could have come about without the assistance and forcing of change within our very beings.  This was due to those Great Ones who realized that we could move rapidly forward if we worked as a group, not only on the planet and her people; but in all areas of our lives, financial, religious, educational, political, healing, telepathic, observing, planetary healers, working with the five lower kingdoms – all this is causing the light to fill the entire earth and all thereon.

What, therefore, does this indicate?  It signifies a trend in the consciousness of humanity towards the fusion of the individual with the whole, without his losing, at the same time, his sense of individuality  Whether he joins a political party, or upholds some form of welfare work, or joins some of the many groups occupied with forms of esoteric philosophy, or becomes a member of some prevalent ism or cult, he is increasingly aware of an expansion of consciousness and of a willingness of identifying his personal interests with those of a group which has for its basic objective the materializing of some ideal.  Through this process it is believed that the conditions of human living will be bettered or some need will be met.

There is the answer – it’s the fusion of the individual with the whole, while still maintaining his own individuality. It doesn’t matter where he puts his energy, he is increasingly aware of the expansion of consciousness but also his willingness to identify with a group in order to bring forth into the material world some great idea and/or ideal for the betterment of all mankind.  This is what makes the New Age a different place to dwell in and it is this connection directly to Hierarchy and the five lower kingdoms that expands and opens the heart, the head and the soul in the work of the Divine Plan for our Earth. 

This process is going on today in every nation and in all parts of the world, and a census of the world educational groups and the world religious groups (to mention only two out of many possible categories) would prove the staggering number of such bodies and affiliations.  It would indicate the differentiation of thought, and at the same time substantiate my conclusion that men are everywhere turning towards synthesis, fusion, blending and mutual cooperation for certain visioned and specific ends.  It is, for mankind, a new field of expression and of enterprise.  Hence the frequent misapplications of the newer truths, the distortion of the values sensed and the perversion of the truth to suit individual aims and ends.  But as man gropes his way along these lines, and as the many ideas and the various ideologies present to him points of choice and indicate emerging standards of living and of relationship, he will gradually learn to think with greater clarity, to recognize the differing aspects of truth as expressions of a basic subjective reality, and -relinquishing no part of the truth which has set him of his group free-he will learn also to include his brother’s truth along with his own.

We’ve said it and the Master D. K. makes it very clear that what is already happening in every area of the Ten objectives for the Seed Groups everything is working out according to the Plan.  Especially in the field of education and the working with religion all over the world.  We have definitely come a long way towards the goals set by Hierarchy many years ago and now the fruits of their planning and labor are coming to fruition as we are seeing the synthesis, blending and full cooperation of groups around the world working out and incorporating those ideas and ideals that the Seed groups planted many years ago. 

When this attitude has been developed in the field of practical education, we shall find nations and individuals developing the ideas which seem to suit the national or personal psychology, yet recognizing the reality, potency and usefulness of the point of view of other individuals and nations. When, for instance, the ideas contained in the teaching on the seven rays are of general recognition, we shall find the growth of psychological understanding and the nations and the world religions will arrive at mutual understanding.

One thing that we tend to forget about is that each and every country has  their own culture and reality; this has also been taken into consideration and much discussion over the years have resulted in the raising of whole areas out of poverty into more wholesome communities with education and religion being their first concern.  This spirit of cooperation must factor into any and all group endeavors otherwise it is not going to succeed – everyone wants to be involved, everyone wants to be part of the great movement that is occurring everywhere on the planet.

Wait until  the Seven Rays are taught and individuals begin to realize that they really are a part of God’s plan on earth.  Once they understand their role in the great play of this manvantara; they will begin to work on their particular God Quality – this will move everyone involved along the path of return more rapidly than ever before.

In the coming world state, the individual citizen-gladly and deliberately and with full consciousness of all that he is doing-will subordinate his personality to the good of the whole.  The growth of organized brotherhoods, and fraternities, of parties and of groups, dedicated to some cause or idea, is another indication of the activity of the coming forces.  The interesting thing to note is that they are all expressive of some grasped idea more than of some specific person’s determined and imposed plan.  The Piscean type of man is an idealist along some line of human development.  The Aquarian type will take the new deals and the emerging ideas and-in group activity-materialize them.  It is with this concept that the education of the future will work.  The idealism of the Piscean type and his life upon the physical plane were like two separate expressions of the man.  They were often widely separated and were seldom fused and blended.  The Aquarian man will bring into manifestation great ideal, because the channel of contact between soul and brain, via the mind, will be steadily established through right understanding and the mind will be used increasingly in its dual activity-as the penetrator into the world of ideas and as the illuminator of life upon the physical plane.  This will ultimately produce a synthesis of human endeavor and an expression of the truer values and of the spiritual realities such as the world has never yet seen.  Such again is the goal of the education of the future.

The coming New Age is what we’ve all been waiting for.  As we outgrew all the old Piscean restrictions in every area of our lives; we can now look forward to working in concert with our fellowmen and women all over the world – as one brotherhood, working from the heart the soul and the Higher Self; we are excited to finally be doing something positive, beautiful for our planet and all the kingdoms residing there.  No matter your background, religion, or philosophy, you are first of all a Light Bearer, this means that you allow the light from Hierarchy to enter your hearts and then in turn, we send the light into those hearts and areas of the planet that need light and love and power.  All life responds to love because our Father/Mother is Love and therefore, we are Their love being played out in all the kingdoms and hearts of the people of earth.  What a wonderful time to be alive and be part of the fellowship of Hierarchy.
We barely touched upon the fourth point and I am not enlarging at length upon it here either, fascinating as speculation might be, because I am anxious to have its major characteristics-those of unity and synthesis-stand out with clarity in your minds.  It gives the clue to all that is happening today in the world of politics and international governments, and accounts for the trend toward synthesis, amalgamation and affiliation.

 The remaining four causes which we will consider later might be enumerated as follows:
5. The time of the end. The judgement of people. This period of judgement is a group interlude to the full emergence of the New Age influences.
6. The leveling of all classes and distinctions so that the spiritual values may appear and the spiritual Hierarchy manifest on earth.
7. The fact of the Approach of the Hierarchy towards external contact with humanity. I would suggest that you read my earlier writings on the Great Approaches.*
8. The power and significance, politically considered, of the Great Invocation. pgs. 70-71
End of Lesson

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