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LESSON 160 - The Externalization of Hierarchy - Section Two - The General World Picture

Alice A. Bailey, March 1934

Section Two - The General World Picture
The Hidden Source of Outer Turmoil - January 1939 - pgs. 71-79

(NOTE) All printing in Black are the writings by the Tibetan through Alice Bailey. All printing in Blue are comments by MMF

Another angle from which the world situation can be viewed with profit is to look for the hidden source of the outer turmoil. This is seldom what men think it is, for the source lies in the realm of energies and forces. As I explained elsewhere (The Destiny of the Nations, pages 3-47), there are three great streams of energy working powerfully in the world at this time and two others are also struggling for expression, making the five that-together-will determine the trend of world affairs. To repeat briefly:

1. The first and the most powerful force is that pouring into the world from Shamballa, the planetary center where the Will of God is known. Only twice in our planetary history has this Shamballa energy made its presence felt directly: the first time, when the great human crisis occurred at the individualization of man in ancient Lemuria; the second time, in Atlantean days in the great struggle between the Lord of Light and the Lords of Material Form, also called the Dark Forces. Today, this force streams out from the Holy Center; it embodies the Will aspect of the present world crisis and its two subsidiary effects or qualities are: pgs. 71-72

Note here: The first Ray was also brought into the atmosphere of Earth to end WWII; as mankind was about to be destroyed by the forces of darkness that were working with Hitler and his forces who planned to take over the whole world while killing off all peoples who they felt were inferior (racial hatred) and destroying all literature and history of anything spiritual.

a. The destruction of that which is undesirable and hindering in the present world forms (in government, religion and society). pg. 72

Again, what was said above is still apparent in all countries, racial, religious and hat and hate creation manifesting politically, religiously and in society itself - we're experiencing racial hatred and political separation here in the United States.

b. The synthesizing force which binds together that which has hitherto been separated. pg. 72

Once the destruction aspect of the First Ray is concluded than the second aspect of the synthesizing force comes into effect that once again binds that which has been separated.

The Shamballa force is so new and so unrecognized that it is hard for humanity to know it for what it is-the demonstration of the beneficent Will of God in new and potent livingness. pg. 72

All of us know from deep within our souls that we are subject to the Will of God, and we are especially cognizant of when we disobey through willfulness when working against God's holy will. Within the New Age, we will be aligned with those of Hierarchy and will be working and living under the beneficent Will of God

2. The second major force which is potently making itself felt today is that of the spiritual Hierarchy, the planetary center where the Love of God holds sway, as it swings into one of its major cyclic approaches to the earth. The problem before the Hierarchy at this time is so to direct and control all five of the powerful energies that the Divine Plan can materialize, and the close of this century see the Purpose of God for humanity assuming right direction and proportion. pg. 72

As mankind has evolved and the brain centers have expanded, mankind has also been and are still being initialed under this powerful Second Ray of Love/Wisdom to open the hearts of mankind through the expansion of their consciousness, bringing about the Wisdom through the illumination of their minds. This is the most difficult task as mankind has been allowed to gather material things of this world for quite a long time with the understanding that at some point they would recognize that material gathering does not and will not satisfy and/or substitute for the Love of God and the recognition of their own Godliness. This is what the Divine Plan for mankind is bringing about at the present cycle.

3. Humanity itself is the third major planetary center through which one of the three divine aspects, Intelligence, is expressing itself, producing its world effects. pg. 72

Remember up until recent times, mankind was under the great energy force of "Devotion, the Sixth Ray" working out through the Piscean Age and this is now fading out while the new energy forces are manifesting themselves i.e. The will of God, the Seventh Ray of Ceremonial Order, while those cyclic Rays will continue to play out the Second and Third Rays of Love/Wisdom and Active Intelligence which predominantly plays an important role in our initiations at the present time.

As we've discussed before, it is through intelligence that we have made giant leaps in technology, science, medicine and in our personal behavior and interaction with others.

These three centers are closely interrelated and must be thought of as expressions of divine livingness, as embodying three stages in the unfoldment of God's Plan, and as constituting the three major centers-Head, Heart, Throat-in the body of the One in Whom we live and move and have our being. Students can relate these three centers to the three solar systems, referred to in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire. In the first solar system, the center which is Humanity was prepared and the principle of intelligence came into manifestation. In the second solar system, the Hierarchy of Love made its appearance and must come into full manifestation, thereby enabling the love of God to be seen. In the next solar system, the center which we today call Shamballa, will manifest the Will aspect of Deity intelligently through love. It is interesting to note that it is only through human beings, that these three centers ever come into true functioning activity; and likewise that the three major ideologies (the totalitarian, the democratic, the communistic) may be the response-distorted and yet responsive-to the forces playing from the two higher centers on to the human. This we discussed earlier (The Destiny of the Nations, page 22) pgs. 72-73

Notice here that "the three ideologies" the totalitarian is erroneous but clear-cut response to the Shamballa influence of Will (1st Ray); while the ideology behind the "democratic" constitutes a similar response to the universality which the LOVE (2nd Ray) of the Hierarchy prompts it to express; while that of communism is of human origin, embodying that ideology which humanity has formulated in tis own right - believe it or not, all ideologies prompted by these three different centers are all equally divine in their essential natures and in their essences - PONDER ON THIS! (from D. K.'s explanations on pg. 22 The Destiny of the Nations).

Those of you who are seeking to serve humanity and to join in the Hierarchical effort to bring healing to a world in pain, must learn to penetrate behind appearances, behind the methods and schemes, the results and effects on the physical plane nd endeavor to contact the forces of Shamballa or of the Hierarchy, plus the human need which has produced these modes of expression and thus see them for what they are-not worn out systems and childish efforts at improvement but embryonic plans whereby, eventually, may come release and the culture and civilization of the New Age. If you are seeking to bring illumination into dark places of the earth (which means into the minds of men), then you must yourselves see clearly and relate the abstract and the concrete in such a manner that, in your own lives, a working idealism may be seen; only so can a working idealism of a national, racial and human nature also be seen. the head as well as the heart must be used, and this many earnest people are apt to forget. Can you possibly work at high tension in this endeavor-a tension produced by the interrelation of the head and the heart, working out creatively through the throat center, esoterically understood? In this last sentence I have expressed for disciples the nature of the effort they need to make.

It is in the recognition of what is happening to mankind as a whole and behind the scenes, that the thinkers of the world and the new group of world servers can best serve; it is the unfoldment of the human consciousness in response to the presented conditions in any country or countries that is of moment; the "human state of mind" is just beginning to focus itself on the things that matter and to express itself in a living fashion. The thinkers and servers must learn to concentrate upon the awakening consciousness and not upon the superficial movements. This awakening goes on apace and, my brothers, satisfactorily. The form or forms may suffer but the intrinsic awareness of man is becoming, during this century, expressively divine. pgs. 73-74

The request that D. K. asks of all his students is that we do not get into old patterns of behavior; but to learn to see beyond the human drama and begin to work with Hierarchy and Shamballa to really begin to use the mind and heart while letting it work out through the throat. This takes mental and heartfelt commitment to the Plan, while expressing through the throat what needs to be done, asking Hierarchy and Shamballa for help in bringing about the awakening of the consciousness of mankind - also to finding the ways and means to awaken humanity to the unfoldment of the human consciousness concerning the real facts and present happenings occurring right here on earth at the present time.

The two other forces which tend to increase the already prevalent tension in the world are:

4. The forces of materialism, streaming out into the three worlds from the so-called "Dark Forces" or Black Lodge, and from those groups of lives and workers which are the antithesis of the Great White Lodge. pg. 74

This is not new information as we've discussed this and are now realizing that our greatest initiation under the 2nd Ray is materialism vs spiritualism that all mankind is being initiated under. We need to put the "I" away and begin to look at the reason we are here and that if we want our children and grandchildren to live upon this earth, we'd better shift our attention to serving mankind with love and idealism.

5. The force emanating from that section of humanity which is found in every part of the world and which we call the Jewish people. What I say here has no specific reference to any individual; I am considering the world problem, centering around the Jews as a whole.

These two forces greatly complicate the problem by which humanity and the Hierarchy are faced, but it should be remembered that they also produce that balancing which is ever needed for the production of right conditions.

There is little that I can tell you about the Dark Forces. They are not the problems of humanity but that of the Hierarchy. The task of these Forces is the preservation of the form life and the working out of methods and aims which are inherent in the processes of manifestation. The black Lodge, so-called, is occupied with the form aspect of manifestation; the White Lodge, with the consciousness aspect. It might, therefore, be stated that:

1. Shamballa is occupied with the life aspect in its graded impulses. pgs. 74-75

Life is working under the Will of God for the Good of all.

2. The Hierarchy is occupied with the consciousness aspect in its graded series of expansions. pg. 75

Hierarchy continually works on mankind through the expansion of consciousness moving them along the Path of Illumination, while continually and cyclically opening the centers within the brain and the chakras to bring about the Christ Consciousness.

3. The Black Lodge is occupied with the matter aspect in its multiplicity of forms. pg. 75

The Black Lodge continually entices mankind into clinging to everything in the material world of illusion and works through the desire body to keep mankind's attention in the world of illusion.

Again, light may come to you, if you relate this triple statement to the three solar systems and to the three aspects of divinity. Evil or wrong, therefore, exists only when the emphasis is retained in the wrong aspect from the point of view of the unfoldment attained or when that which has been used and developed to the necessary point, holds the life or consciousness too long. Hence, my brothers, the beneficent nature of death. pg. 75

If you stop and think for a moment of all the desires we have, to have this, to have fame and fortune, the best that money can buy. True evil is the control and hate and destruction of others for self-gain. This is the darkest side of mankind - the ability to control and use others for their own desires.

The Forces of Darkness are powerful energies, working to preserve that which is ancient and material; hence they are pre-eminently the forces of crystallization, of form preservation, of the attractiveness of matter, and of the lure of that which is existent in the form life of the three worlds. They consequently block deliberately the inflow of that which is new and life-giving; they work to prevent the understanding of that which is of the New Age; they endeavor to preserve that which is familiar and old, to counteract the effects of the oncoming culture and civilization, to bring blindness to the peoples and to feed steadily the existing fires of hate, of separateness, of criticism and of cruelty. These forces, as far as the intelligent peoples of the world are concerned, work insidiously and cloak their effort in fair words, leading even disciples to express hatred of persons and ideologies, fostering the hidden seeds of hatred found in many human beings. They fan to fury the fear and hate of the world in an effort to preserve that which is old and make the unknown appear undesirable, and they hold back the forces of evolution and of progress for their own ends. These ends are inscrutable to you as are the plans of the Ruler of Shamballa. pgs. 75-76

D. K. gives an even more explicit explanation of the energies of darkness spread throughout the earth, keeping mankind continually bound to the wheel of rebirth, coming in over and over to repeat the patterns of misbehavior, greed, hate, separateness, criticism, cruelty and control of others. They continually work to keep mankind in the material plane of illusion and will fight tooth and nail to keep humanity from climbing out of the world of illusion and into the realm of spirit. This is where we are at the present time, where we have to make the decision and commitment to moving mankind forward into the New Age of living and moving and having our beings connected to Hierarchy, working with angelic, devic and elementals to preserve and revere all life upon this dear earth.

These are forces which it is well for you to recognize as existing, but there is little that you, as individuals or as groups, can do about them beyond seeing to it that there is nothing in you which could make you-unimportant as you are-a focal point for their efforts or an agent for the distribution of their peculiar type of energy-the energy of focused and directed hate, of separation, of fear and pride. With them we who are connected directly with Hierarchy have to deal, but you can aid more than you know through the regulation of thoughts and ideas, through the cultivation of a loving spirit and through the general use of the Great Invocation. pg. 76

I don't have much to add to this except that it must be a daily commitment to say the Great Invocation at Sunrise, High Noon and Sunset everyday, to work towards letting go of things that no longer serve you, while trying every day in every way to make commitment to loving all life free and by serving God and raising up all those who are in pain and suffering.

We come now, for a brief moment, to a consideration of the Jewish question. Remember that it is an interesting fact that the Jews are found in every land without exception, that their influence is potent and widespread (far more so than they themselves are willing to recognize), and that they wield most potently that peculiar concretization of energy which we call money. They constitute, in a strange manner, a unique and distinctly separated world center of energy. The reason for this is that they represent the energy and the life of the previous solar system. You have often been told how, at the close of this solar system, a certain percentage of the human family will fail to make the grade and will then be held in pralaya, or in solution, until the time for the manifestation of the next and third solar system come around. Then they will constitute the advancement guard and the symbol of the coming humanity of that system. The same thing occurred in the system before this one and those whom we now call the Jews (a purely modern name and distinction, as I tried to show in the last few pages of A Treatise on the Seven Rays, Vol. I, Esoteric Psychology), are the descendants of that earlier group which was held in pralaya between the first and second solar systems. If you remember that the third ray governed that system and also governs the Jewish race, if you bear in mind that that system was occupied with the divine aspect of matter only and with external conditions, and that the Jews were the highest product of that system you can come to an understanding of the Jew, his separateness, his desire for racial purity and his interest in that which is commercial and tangible. The Jew, down the ages, has insisted upon being separated from all other races but he brought over from the previous system the knowledge (necessary then but obsolete now) that his race was the "chosen people." The "Wandering Jew" has wandered from System One to this where he must learn the lesson of absorption and cease his wandering. He has insisted upon racial purity, for that was his major problem in early Lemurian times when the race came into a world that had in it no human beings, for it was before the coming of the Lords of Flame; this insistence has been carried down the ages and has governed the rules of marriage and the preparation of food instead of being dropped (as it should have been) thousands of years ago. It is these facts (unknown to the modern Jew) which has militated against him down the years and made it possible for the forces of separativeness and of hate, to use the Jewish race to stir up world difficulty, and thus bring to a crisis the basic human problem of separation. When humanity has solved the Jewish problem (with the understanding cooperation of the Jew) and overcome ancient antipathies and hatreds, it will do so by fusing the problem in one vast humanitarian situation. When that happens, the problem will be rapidly solved and one of the major difficulties will disappear off the face of the earth. Racial fusion will then be possible. Our earth humanity and the group of human beings who are far more ancient in their origin than we are will form one humanity and then there will be peace on earth. pgs. 76-77

 Again, we are seeing here an ancient race from between the first and second solar systems before ours, who came into Lemuria as the first civilization carrying with them their Third Ray aspects which are now obsolete like their rules of marriage, the preparation of food that should now have been dropped and their insistence of separation which will not be allowed in the New Age of Brotherhood and Goodwill towards all men. These aspects plus their Third Ray ability to work within the materialistic world and function very successfully has made them a target for those who hate and always use the Jewish race to stir up world difficulty and thus bring to a crisis the basic human problem of separation. This problem must be solved with the full cooperation of the Jewish people, so that they will become fused with the rest of humanity and then there will be peace on earth.

Why our planet and this solar system should have been constituted the nursery for the seeds of separativeness and why this remnant of humanity, far more advanced than ours, should have been destined to work out its future on our earth, is hid in the knowledge of the Lord of Shamballa, and is unattainable knowledge for you and, indeed, for many in the Hierarchy. It is simply a fact to be accepted by you. The solution will come, as I said, when the races regard the Jewish problem as a humanitarian problem but also when the Jew does his share of understanding, love and right action. This he does not yet do, speaking racially. He must let go of his own separative tendencies and of his deep sense of persecution. He will do this latter with great facility, when he grasps, as a race, the significance and inevitability of the Law of Karma, and from a close study of the Old Testament and of the acts and deeds there claimed by him as his racial acts and deeds (conquest, terrorism and cruelty), realizes that the law is working out and incidentally releasing him for a greater future. There must, at the same time, be a realization by the Jew and Gentile of equal responsibility and equal liability for the present world difficulty. Pgs. 77-78

Much is still hidden of why this race who is much more ancient than the rest of us, must work out their karma on our earth. This information is not even attainable by many in the Hierarchy, only the Lord of Shamballa. the solution will eventually come when all races accept the Jewish problem as a humanitarian problem but the Jew must do his share of understanding, love and right action, which at the present time he still does not do - first he must align himself with the rest of humanity an drop the wanting to be separate and let go of his feeling of persecution (although, after Hitler killed millions of Jews, this must be even a bigger challenge for anyone of the Jewish faith). It seems that the Old Testament holds much of the information concerning his present karma especially the acts committed by his ancestors in conquest, terrorism and cruelty - today the law of Karma is working out and by his understanding and willingness to move forward he will be released from this karma and able to more forward to a greater future. Both the Jew and Gentile hold equal responsibility and equal liability for the present world difficulty.

The two forces to which I have been referring must, therefore, be taken into account by all disciples as they seek to serve in this critical cycle; these two forces must also be taken into your calculations as you start this new group work or your wrong idealisms and thoughts may hinder the group work. You must recognize theoretically the five forces (three major and two minor) which meet and clash in the human family at this time. It has been necessary for me to bring these facts to your attention. If disciples are to do group work together on mental levels, they must clear their minds of prejudice, hatreds and any tendency to superiority and criticism. You cannot work, as a group, if these ideas and thoughts are present, and I am preparing now to teach you some of the first stages of group work and usefulness. It would not have been necessary for me to deal with these world problems if you had been immune from emotional reactions to them, but very few of you have your minds clear from prejudice and free from hatred. Those few make the work possible and it is also possible for the rest of you to detach your minds from undue influence and wrong ideas. pg. 78

The warning here is for the New Group of World Servers to recognize the five forces at work (3 major and 2 minor) - that there can be no prejudice, hate, criticism and feelings of superiority of any kind. You are to clear your minds of all the above and open your hearts and consciousness to healing and working from the soul level of awareness. There can be no emotional reactions - remember that there are very few who have their minds clear from hatred, so our first and foremost exercise is to cleanse all negativity from our minds and hearts each and every day, giving over our entire thoughts to our soul, letting us work from the soul in group formation, this will detach the mind from undue influence and wrong ideas.

I ask you, in this work, to concentrate upon the Shamballa and the Hierarchical forces. I ask you to regard yourselves as pure and unclogged channels and to seek only to be linked with the soul of each and all, whose nature is pure love, realized synthesis and divine potency. 

It is essential, however, in spite of the work to which I have called these groups and which-as you know-is intended to lay the basis for the work of the esoteric schools of the future, that the members of all the groups realize that exoteric group work must also be undertaken. Too many in these groups are satisfied with the significance of their own group work and permit it to usurp the place of objective service. pgs. 78-79

Again, D.K. wants us to align ourselves with Shamballa and the Hierarchy in all the work that you do. He also asks that we regard ourselves as "pure and unclogged channels" and to seek to be linked with the soul of each and all, whose nature is pure love, when we fuse with one another at the soul level it brings about a divine potency - we are actually doing this in the Triangles and Twelves work, but He insists that we also realize that once we've synthesized together we then must put our efforts into the exoteric group work of World Service, in other words, working on the problems of humanity while receiving instruction from both Shamballa and the Hierarchy of where to serve humanity best.

If it is so hard, my brothers, to arouse aspirants, such as yourselves, to urgent service and a full  sense of responsibility; if men and women with all the information that you possess cannot be aroused to sacrificing effort, you can gain some idea of the magnitude of the task with which the Hierarchy is confronted at this time. You can realize, perhaps, the sense almost of frustration which could sweep over me (if I were limited by any time concept) when, for instance, those to whom I look for cooperation, are preoccupied with their own affairs, have not sense of immediacy and prefer to concentrate upon their own development, their own families, their own problems, rather than achieve the larger world view which would lead to full cooperation. The averting of a world debacle is the aim of our effort and towards this aim I have asked your help. pg. 79

I think we're all guilty of getting caught up in our own problems; yet, we signed up for this very moment in world history. Hierarchy works 24/7 for all life, while we fritter away the opportunity to be of service - think about it. It takes so few minutes a day to do the work required of us. I think more than ever before we are all aware of the urgency of the hour, the time is running out, and yet we still procrastinate and find other things that seem more important. My thought for all of us is that we set apart certain times or one time during each day to give service to life, to go into the silence and ask those Great ones in Shamballa and any of the Hierarchy what one can do to better serve humanity and then listen with all of our hearts to Their instructions - then take immediate action and if necessary call upon your fellow group to work out a plan of action. It is the least we can do for all those Who have sacrificed Their own plans for the saving of all of mankind and this planet as well.

End of Lesson

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